player: colby armstrong

As for Crosby’s habits on the road, Colby Armstrong Said his roomie likes to stretch a lot, usually goes to bed early–and talks in his sleep. ‘He does that quite a bit, talks about hockey,’ Armstrong said. 'The odd time he’ll spit something out, and I don’t even know what the heck it means. I try to keep it going, talking to him, but he doesn’t wake up.’
—  Colby Armstrong, as reported in Joe Starkey’s book “Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins Locker Room”

i miss the army/sid bromance SO much.

Hockey players are just over grown boys.

They get in fights

In which they get put in time out for

They have pillow fights

They get really excited over stuff

They call each other names

They play air guitar

They play childrens games

They laugh at everything

They do the cheesy smile ands winks

They get mad and pout when something doesnt go their way

They love to be center of attention

They want no ones help

They play hide and seek

they love to mess around with their boys

They make goofy faces when no one is looking

They always try to out do one another

They pull the charming face when they feel they might be in trouble

They think they’re so cool when they dance


Leafs try to play baseball