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Good With Kids - Andrew Shaw - requested

Both Andrew Shaw and I have been discussing a huge step in our relationship lately. We’ve been dating since we were both 16, which means we’ve been in a relationship for six years. A couple of months ago, Andrew came home from a game acting strange. He wasn’t his usually self so I confronted him about his behavior. Right then and there, he blurted out, “Let’s get married.”

He claimed that he knew I was the one and didn’t want to waste anymore time calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend when we could be each others fiancée. I was beyond shocked and didn’t expect that to come out of his mouth for another couple of years. Yeah we’ve been dating for six years now, but we’re only 22 and still have so much time to get married and start a family. He seemed to want to rush into this all and I didn’t want him to regret his choice in the future by asking me, so I said no.

This resulted in a heated conversation and some tears, but than Andrew finally understood where I was coming from. He said he’d give me as much time as I needed and would stand by me no matter what my choice was.


“Babe?” Andrew called for me from the other side of the house. “Come here!”

I ran up the stairs into out room, “What is it Andrew?”

He walked up to me and kissed me on the lips before getting dressed, “Sharpy wants us to babysit his daughter tonight since he’s going out with Abby on a date. Would you like to come?”

I smiled really big and nodded my head, “of course I do, I love Madelyn so much. She’s adorable.”

“Okay good, because I haven’t seen her in so long and I want to be able to know how to handle kids,” he said out loud. He then muttered something under his breath that sounded like, “When we have our kids.”

I brushed it to the side since I knew he had been upset about the whole argument and my discussion two months ago.

“When do we need to be there at?” I said, pulling out my phone and checking the time.

He pulled his shirt over his head and brushed his hair so it was even and not all messy, “He’d like us to be there in 20 minutes if that’s fine with you.”

“Yeah that’s fine with me,” I smiled up at him. “Just lemme grab my purse and we can leave.” 


“[Y/N] is that you?” Patrick said as he came downstairs into his living room. “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

I laughed at Patrick’s reaction and embraced him in a huge hug,

“Hey Patrick. Sorry I’ve been so busy with school and what not. I promise I’ll come by more often, but only for Abby and Madelyn.”

I turned to look at Andrew who had made a weird noise. I turned my head back towards Patrick again and heard Andrew murmur under his breath, “She has no time for me either.”

I brushed off his little comments that he’s been throwing around all day and continued talking to Patrick before Abby came downstairs with Madelyn.

“Hey guys,” she said handing Madelyn off to Andrew and I. “She’s bathed and fed. All you’ll need to do is entertain her for an hour or so and then tuck her into bed. Sound simple?”

I kneeled down and picked up Madelyn, “Sounds like an easy babysit.” I said poking Madelyn’s stomach, causing her to giggle.

Abby looked up at Patrick before heading out the door, saying bye to everyone.

“So what do you want to do?” Andrew said, taking Madelyn out of my hands and bringing her towards the couch. She pointed towards the stairs and said, “Barbies.” with her cute little voice.

Andrew laughed and picked her up, leaving you alone in the living room, while taking her to play in her room. I followed them up the stairs a couple of minutes later to see Andrew laying on the floor on his stomach, with a Barbie in his right hand and a comb in his left hand.

I laughed at the sight before sitting down in the little circle, “Can I play?”

Madelyn grabbed a doll that was beside her and handed it to me, “yes.”

I awed at how cute she was and looked up at Andrew, who had been staring at me this whole time, “What are you looking at?”

He gave me a blank expression, “whoa what did I do? Why are you mad at me?”

I glared at him, “I’ve heard every single one of your stupid comments today and they’re really annoying. Like how I don’t spend enough time with you. Really Andrew? I’m going to school so I can have my own paying job so I don’t have you supporting me until the day I die. I’ll always put my education before my boyfriend. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.”

“It wasn’t even about that,” he raised his voice a little until he realized that Madelyn was still in the room. “It’s the fact that we discussed marriage and kids a couple of months ago and you said you’d think about it. It’s been two months already [y/n], have you made up your mind?”

I dropped the doll and got up from the floor, “clearly you aren’t patient enough. I told you I’d think about it because it a life changing decision that I just can’t decide over night. You’re just going to have to deal with it, or it’s relationship won’t work.”

He huffed out loud before replying, “fine.”

I rolled my eyes and started walking downstairs so I could sit down alone for a while. I wasn’t in the mood and I was beginning to get a headache from all this arguing.


An hour or so later, I woke up from a nap on the couch. It felt good to finally have some peace and quite for once, since you and Andrew haven’t been on the best of terms lately, especially after that little outburst. I stood up and made my way towards Madelyn’s room, where I last left her and Andrew. I heard no loud noises so I assumed that both Madelyn and Andrew fell asleep, until I walked up slowly towards the door frame. I looked towards the bed to see Madelyn in Andrews arms, looking up at him. This picture was so adorable and it was pretty awesome to see.

“Are you and [y/n] married like my mommy and daddy?” Madelyn questioned Andrew well playing with his chain on his neck.

Andrew hesitated with his answer, “No sweetie.”

“Why not, do you love her?” she said with a little sad face. She was so adorable and she literally didn’t have to try.

Andrew smiled down at her before responding, “of course I do. I love her more than I love hockey.”

“Good,” she smiled up at him. “I think you should have a baby, so I can have someone to play wit.”

Andrew laughed down at her cute little answer, “trust me Madelyn, I want one. Maybe soon okay?”

She nodded her head before laying her head down on the pillow and slowly falling asleep. Damn this child knocked out fast. Andrew slowly got up from the bed without waking Madelyn up. He picked up a blanket off of the chair and pulled it over her, so she was covered completely. He then leaned down to give her a kiss on the forehead before whispering something I couldn’t quite catch.

When he was finished tucking her in, he walked out of the room and closed the door lightly before turning around and jumping around, “Jeez babe, you scared me!” he said as he held onto his chest.

I didn’t laugh or anything, but just simply looked deep into his eyes. He looked confused so I left my train of thought. “You know, I didn’t know you were that good with children,” I said a little bit shocked. “I think I fell in love with you a little bit more.”

He smiled down at me before pulling me into a hug, “I’m pretty good with kids because Ive been practicing for my own someday. I still need more practice but I’m getting the hang of it.”

I stared into his eyes while he was still embracing me by the waist. He looked like he had been thinking a lot about something and it had been stressing him out dearly. I knew exactly what it was, and I could simply make all his stress go away with one simple word. So I decided to say it.


He turned his head to the side and looked at me like I was weird, “yes what?”

I leaned my mouth closer to him, “Yes I’ll marry you.”

His eyes popped out of his head and he picked me up, embracing me in a bigger hug than before, “what made you change your mind?”

I smiled up at him, “Because you seem so determined and ready for marriage. It’s nice to know that you actually really want it.”

His smile got much bigger. He grabbed my face and smashed his lips onto mine before whispering, “I love you.”

“I love you too!”

**i know it kind of sucks but I just wanted to post for you guys since I didn’t yesterday. I think tomorrow I’m going to start the Tyler Seguin one shot about him having cancer. It’s going to be so cute yet so sad. I’m probably going to cry :(

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