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To celebrate this occasion we are going to be doing something I’ve threatened I’d do for a long time… have a giveaway!


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  • 1 set of dice!
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  • A 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons DM’s Guide and Player’s Handbook!
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AKA, this is a game of “who the fuck are you.”

I wrote a guide for my characters because I’m trying to lead a campaign with 3D characters, and there was some interest in seeing it? So here it is. Of note: The main city in this campaign is led by a duchess, who in her youth slayed a dragon- the previous tyrant of the main city.

Choose a race and a class that provides an interesting story- one you want to be part of, one you’d be interested to read, one you’d be interested to play with. You’re going to be spending hopefully a lot of time with this character, make them someone you’d like to meet. This is not a combat-driven campaign, it’s a character driven campaign. If you don’t have an interesting characters, this campaign won’t work. Your character should be at least willing to work with others, but you don’t necessarily have to like or even trust one another to begin with. That can come later. On that note: I encourage you to have secrets. Your character should not be immediately discernible. If you’re playing a half-orc barbarian, that shouldn’t be the extent of your character. Why did you leave your barbarian group? Are you still on good terms with them? You are entirely welcome to hide your backstory behind traditional fantasy tropes though. No one’s liable to question the massive half orc who claims they’re a barbarian and carries a huge axe- even if the blade of the axe is simple tin hiding a magical core, and is secretly a wizard’s staff.

Also- You’re looking for work. I don’t know how or why you are looking for work, that’s something you can decide (you have  to pay off a debt, you’re a refugee trying to settle in the city after fleeing a plague/war, etc). All I know is- somehow you ended up in the main city of this continent looking for a job. (also, feel free to borrow some aspects of your character from a favourite book, TV show, movie, or game. If you want to use Mulan or Inigo Montoya or Captain Jack Sparrow as jumping off points for your character, go for it!):

What follows is a pair of sample characters and a breakdown of why I like them as characters to toss into a campaign. Example characters and starting points under the break. This got pretty long, sorry

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Markimoo Dictionary

Ghosty-Goo: (n.) Any non-corporeal creature that is encountered

Zom-Zom: (n.) Zombie

Counter Wumpus: (adj.) Contrary

Pupperschnupp: (n.) Dog, regardless of size or demeanor

Horsey-Hoo: (n.) Any rocking horse toy

Glowwy-Gloo: (n.) Any illuminated object, especially one that guides a player to their next objective.

Stumpy Wumpus: (n.) Any colossal, heavyweight monster that makes a lot of noise

Goody-Goody Gumdrops: (idiom) Phrase uttered to denote preparation for next objective

Wendiwoo: (n.) Wendigo

Dablit: (excl.) Dammit

Dablage: (n.) Damage

How to Avoid Losing Your Work
by sugarsuggests

Losing your roleplay replies, applications, or anything else you’ve decided to type up and has taken a considerable amount of time and effort? What if your browser crashes or you accidentally refresh the page or close the tab?

I’ve seen a lot of frustrated posts about this on my dash and decided to make a guide to avoid these things. It’s not foolproof, of course but hopefully it will help!

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No one’s done it yet I think so I have taken it upon myself to make the comprehensive Mario Kart 8 players guide; how to indenitfy and decide someone’s entire character and existence just from what character they pick in MK8.

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