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The Polybius Mystery:

Polybius is an arcade cabinet described in an urban legend, which is said to have induced various psychological effects on players. The story describes players suffering from amnesia, night terrors, and a tendency to stop playing all video games. Around a month after its supposed release in 1981, Polybius is said to have disappeared without a trace. There is no evidence that such a game has ever existed.

The game has shown up in movies & tv shows like The Simpsons and Wreck it Ralph.

chaoticgamer8693  asked:

Why do you depict Chara as the villain here? In the game there is absolutely nothing to suggest that. Think about it. If they're really so bad then why did Chara reset the timeline so that you would be forced to go through again and most likely not kill everyone. Why would Sans be able to remember when Flowey can't and Flowey has the most determination seen in a monster. Oh wait, Chara warns him and communicates. They also do the dialogue. They translate froggits and make the thing easy.

Actually I think you may have missed a thing XD. It’s cool though. I shall explain best I can without giving away things-

This is actual Chara as depicted in this comic.

Chara doesn’t look a whole lot like this-

-red nightmare child, do they? However this  ^ 

Sure looks a whole lot like this kid we see here below. Like Frisk.

I have to be sorta vague for plot reason but just keep in mind in game Sans never sees Chara as we, the player, saw them. 

Better yet he never saw the player either, did he? >D

And where is he seeing this red kid?

In a nightmare.

But Chara, the leaf child with the locket, is nowhere near the villain of this story =U

Everyone keeps on saying Disney is taking a big risk with Le Fou being gay and I feel like people don’t understand what a risk is.

First of all, this is Disney you’re talking about. Last year, they had seven major blockbusters that killed it at the box office. Do you really think that a company that is making money in their sleep is in any danger? No really, do you really think Disney is any danger of losing money?

Secondly, taking a risk has to be…well risky. Le Fou being gay isn’t a risk because Le Fou is not a major player within the story of Beauty and the Beast. Hell, I don’t even think Le Fou showed up in Kingdom Hearts despite Beast and Belle playing a huge role in the game. So many people don’t even know who he is. A risk would be making the Beast a woman and having a lesbian romance. Or having Belle be a black woman and Beast be a Chinese man. Those are risks. There is nothing risky about the whole Le Fou thing.

Can people please stop acting like Disney is this tiny ass company that is trying their best? You don’t have to coddle them.

Barbarian Week: Fleshing out the Barbarian

Many times when making a character whose main focus is just being angry and hitting things (barbarian is as barbarian does), we tend to forget about what makes the character unique. We fall back on tropes like “Grog the barbarian likes his grog” and “Axenar has an ancestral axe that she carries with her” and “Buhbarry-An is a barbarian who likes sex, gambling, drinking, and killing.” Unfortunately, this is extremely boring and cliche to build an entire character around. Your character can enjoy those things, yes, but so can literally everyone else in the party! So I will try and offer some thoughts on how to make your barbarian truly a diamond in the rough… or at least a gold piece in a pile of bloodied corpses.

I plan to go more in-depth on characters and story over the next few weeks. Therefore I will go into the more superficial characteristics.


Just because your barbarian doesn’t wear armor doesn’t mean they are naked all the time! Although…

I guess nudity does have its merits.

Try to come up with an outfit that speaks to who your character is; what they like, how they act, what they are afraid of… show the character’s history through what they wear. Here are some examples.

  • You wear a thick leather vest. It used to have arms but one was damaged in a previous battle, so you tore the other one off to match.
  • Wolf leather shirt studded with polished wolf bones. You made it from the first creature you killed after your rite of passage into adulthood. You believe its power runs through you.
  • You cover yourself with a patchwork cloak made from creatures you have killed. During every battle that matters, you dramatically toss your cloak to your feet to bare your chest at your foes.
  • You have a high metal collar from a set of full plate that you wear over your leather armor. You were once struck a near-fatal wound to the neck, and are always wary to avoid another such blow.
  • You wear metal bracers padded with feathers from a Peryton that you saved a traveler from. You wear them as a reminder of what you’re fighting for.
  • You have a necklace of large scales were given by your parents, to remind you to return to your fishing village one day once you have enough wealth to save them all.
  • A helmet you wear is covered in spines of a manticore. You are afraid of manticores after one attacked your tribe when you were young. You wear the spines hoping to strike the same fear into your enemies.
  • You wear the fancy clothes of nobles you’ve killed to mock the ruling class, and the idea of society as a whole.
  • After befriending some dwarves and saving them from bandits, you were rewarded with lots of gemstones. You fitted your armor with them so the items appear magical.
  • You wear a pelt of a creature that was killed for sport by some stranger and left to die. You made use of the entire creature so its life wouldn’t be wasted.
  • You wear a ring left behind by a one-night-stand whom you fancied, but left who before you awoke. Should you ever find them again, you can give it back to them.
  • Your boots are in constant state of half-repair as you refuse to get new ones. Your constant travel by foot keeps wearing them out so you strap or tie new leather to them.

These are just a few ideas but you can start to see how they hint at the rest of the character. Some show their fears, their flaws, their traits, their ideals, their bonds, and their story. Keep this in mind while describing your character.


Barbarians, like everyone, have quirks. They aren’t just piles of muscle for the party to use as a tool for lifting rocks and absorbing damage. Think hard about your quirks. You can try turning the barbarian trope on its head with an ironic quirk or else highlight your background and personality.

  • You collect a trophy from every kill, provided you dealt the killing blow.
  • You have no respect for the dead, and find the idea of memorials or burials ridiculous.
  • You have tremendous respect for the dead, especially those fallen in battle. You will bury and say a few words for anyone you have slain.
  • Despite being a barbarian, you have a mature concept of honor and will not fight in a one-sided fight, sometimes ending your rage early if someone isn’t putting up a good fight or lost their weapon.
  • Unlike most barbarians, you enjoy the idea of observing your enemy before rushing into combat. It gets your blood pumping and you share a kinship with rogues and assassins this way.
  • You have a comically small pet that you care for and will viciously protect from harm.
  • You leave a signature marking on every kill, drawn in the victim’s blood.
  • You are very hygenic, often stopping mid-adventure to clean off your weapon, hands, and face.
  • Your character has a thing for big ole’ cigars. You hold that cigar in your teeth until you meet a challenging foe, then you dramatically spit it out and tighten the grip on your weapon.
  • You love trying new things, especially exotic or weird food, even if it seems gross.
  • You keep a journal despite being unable to read/write. You instead doodle little images to remind you of what things happened that day. Your drawing skills are actually improving.
  • You thrive for excitement and danger. If there’s a choice between stairs and a ledge, you hop the ledge. You grab the Gorgon by the horns.


People often forget that even big strong burly barbarians have fears. Those fears and flaws should guide the way you roleplay and interact with other characters.

  • You have a gentle side that you keep hidden from others. You are afraid if others discovered this, you would lose your powerful presence.
  • Your race does not have darkvision and after living alone in the wilderness for so long, you have a cautious fear of the dark.
  • You have an irrational fear of a harmless and adorable creature.
  • You have a completely rational fear of a terrifying and deadly creature.
  • You do not trust magic, even magical forms of healing. You claim it’s because only weaklings use magic.
  • You dislike a particular race and have trouble interacting with them. You didn’t have the best upbringing. Through your adventures, though, you are learning to tolerate them.
  • You are afraid of harm befalling your friends. You lost someone once and don’t want it to happen again. This also makes it hard for you to get close to anyone.
  • You have a fear of not being remembered. You often take steps to preserve your memory and are nice to others so they will tell your tale.
  • You reject responsibility. You know that you have duties to fulfill, but you often avoid or run away from them. Your life of adventure started by running away from your old life. It often haunts you.
  • You are wary of religion or whatever higher power is out there. You respect clerics and clergy if only to save your soul. This sometimes affects how you make decisions even when no one is watching.
  • You have trouble talking to people you are attracted to, despite your great strength and combat ability.
  • You don’t trust society and assume the worst from people in authority positions. You often spin tall tales of conspiracy based on shreds of evidence.

So make your barbarian something special! I hope you all enjoyed barbarian week and took something away from it. Those Magic Items will always be an interesting add to any campaign, if anything. Next month I will assume the correct alphabetical order and do a Cleric week! Expect new deities/domains, more new items, and ways to use fantastic religions in your game!

I’ve always really appreciated whenever any form of media can tell a story, or at least part of one, without any sort of dialogue. One of my favorites comes from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the form of the rivalry between the Hunter and the Gore Magala. Most of the monsters in the series are little more than beasts to kill, even if some, like the Zinogre, do have a bit more personality, but there’s a bit more to 4U’s Gore Magala. It’s encountered multiple times in the single player story mode where the player is ill-equipped to deal with it before taking it on properly in quest literally called “Tipping the Scales”, which works both as a pun on the Magala using its scales to “see” and a way to show that the player is finally ready to take it on for real. After finally taking it down, it still isn’t done (even after doing the quest multiple times over to get a full armor set and weapon, but details), as through some means or another, it survives and sheds its black scales, becoming the “final boss”, the Shagaru Magala. When the final battle finally starts, the pre-battle cutscene really sets the mood, with the black clouded sky and the hunter and Shagaru Magala staring each other down showing that one way or the other, this is a final battle to the death, not between a hunter and monster, but between two rivals with a very real history. All of this is super badass and all done without a single word from either rival. One of the greatest moments in the entire series, if not the greatest.

‘Perhaps you should move on, she’s over you, you know’
I stare at her sister in disbelief ‘How? I mean, she said I was the one, her forever’ My voice trembles a little.
Her sister looks up at me 'Well you screwed up then, prince charming’
I shake my head and run my fingers through my hair. This conversation is becoming very uncomfortable. I lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply, trying to ignore my conscience.
'I made mistakes, I get that, but she isn’t a saint either’ I’m getting annoyed by her sister blaming me for everything. I want to leave when I hear her sister say…

'She meant what she said, because at that time she thought you meant it too’

—  Regret

The most fascinating thing for me after TLJ teaser and first poster were released was the reaction it received from a certain infamous section of SW fandom. These people were genuinely shocked that Kylo Ren - son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, nephew of Luke Skywalker and grandson of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala - is going to be one of the central figures in new Episode. 

I mean… What did you expect?! For him to fade into the background? Being murdered off-screen? As much as these people deny it, Kylo is a significant presence in SW Universe and, judging by the promo material and all the merchandise he gets, LucasFilm and Disney decided that the reaction of the public and SW fandom in general was good enough to keep him as a central player in the story.

So for all of these people who can’t wait for Episode VIII to be a “happy-go-lucky story about precious cinnamon rolls from the Resistance killing bad guys (inculding that “emo boy”) under kind Uncle Luke’s guidance” I can only say this

How are you gonna tell me after we stop talking that you wanna take the time to be alone and get your shit together but you’re already talking to someone else… Oh okay
The night was young. She was wearing the long baby pink dress and the black pumps her sister had lent her and she was standing in the corner rubbing her bare arm. Her eyes scanned the room, hoping to eventually find him, even if he would be with another girl whose arms weren’t as fat as hers and whose hair wasn’t as thin as hers and whose smile would light up the room in an instant, unlike hers.
She just wanted to see him, and all that he was because he was her oxygen and she was slowly starting to suffocate without him. And then there he was, his hair gelled back in a way that made her heart thump in her chest and his hands casually draped around some girls waist but she wasn’t bothered, because his eyes were scanning the room just like hers and she had this wicked fantasy that he was looking for her.
But the beautiful girl by his side grabbed his face and placed her lips on his, and he closed his eyes and just like that, the air in her lungs was sucked out of them and her heart stopped beating because she used to have him and now he was gone, and she knew that she was nothing to him anymore.
She should’ve listened to her friends who had warned her about the guy with the breathtaking smile and the hazel eyes that could hypnotize you, because in the end this wasn’t a novel, he was still the player and she had been the game. A game he eventually got bored of.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #67

France nt: *better lighting than nyfw, 12 hr footage for every breath the players take, so hd you can see the pores on giroud’s face*

Italy nt: *couple of training pics, nb nb*

Spain nt: *pics taken from a phone but you can still distinguish the players*

Germany nt: *insta story darker than my asshole, glare bigger than my forehead, 2 players total the others presumed dead by a killer clown, big ass white text obscuring half the pic*
My Neighbor is Haunted - PurrtlePuff - Youtuber RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Youtuber RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Sean McLoughlin, Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes, Molly, (what even is molly’s last name), Felix Kjellberg, Ken Morrison, Suzy Berhow, JP Woodward
Series: Part 6 of The Supernatural Adventures of Jacksepticeye

Jack finds out the previous owner of his house, Wade, is looking to settle down. Good thing his neighbors just moved out!

Well, it was, until Mark finds out his best friend is in the house. Things start getting nuts from there. Jack is determined to help Mark move past this, but he might need to find out how Mark died to figure it out. Sometimes it’s better not knowing the answers.

I think I just broke a record for how many words I stick into one chapter, but since some of you have been waiting a year to know the juicy details, it’s justified :D

For those who haven’t read previous parts, Mark is a ghost and lives in Jack, Felix, and Ken’s house. So you’re going to need to know that to enjoy any of this. Everything else can be filled in by reading titles of previous parts (like no joke haha)

Anyway, grab your tissues now, because you’re going to need them :D

things like allowing dre and william to speak french, and having ika share her immigrant experence on bbcan are what really make me appreciate the canadain franchise