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Outlast 2 spoilers discussing Val

I’m looking through Val’s tag considering they’re my favorite character from the game, and I think many players missed a vital part of her character. Many seem confused on Val’s gender, considering there are letter about Val that use male pronouns.

In her first journal entry, Val discusses having more than 40 orphans under her wing, they love her and she loves them. Val later goes on to say that she will never have children of her own, and this upsets her. This is the reason for Val’s transformation. To say that Val is a male because of past letters that refer to her as one is a mistake. There is literally a chapter called, “Val’s Rebirth”.

I wanted to discuss this because many were confused and focused on this. To make it completely clear, the big reason Val wanted to be rebirthed as a women was to be able to have children of her own.

Reunion - II.

It was late, well past midnight. Bell was leaning on the elaborately-wrought railing of a balcony, smoking, watching the moon trace silver onto the leaves of the garden below. The roses weren’t out yet–too early in the spring–but the banks of trailing arbutus twining through the moss below the bushes were eager, their perfume heady at night.

He’d left Tseren and Ketengeim not long ago, all of their words punctuated in yawns, eager as they were to catch up. Sleepless as ever, Bell had climbed the stairs and found his old rooms in the manor waiting for him, same as he’d left them: lofted and strangely shaped, jammed into a odd corner of the architecture where it abutted an extension. The room was too tall, narrow, with windows he couldn’t reach, and miserable drafts year round, but the balcony had always made it worthwhile. The fire escape, they’d used to joke. 

The house hadn’t changed at all, though none of them had seen any sign of the few servants that’d once roamed the halls with them. Had Solude dismissed them all? Somehow, the gardens remained tended, the pantries stocked (though they’d done much to denude those this evening). Another mystery for the master, they’d decided, should he deign to appear.

And his students, Bell thought. Also the same, yet changed beyond recognition. Tseren, who had never been greatly expressive, but open and sensitive. Now there was ice on all his words, and a hardness in his observations. Ketengeim, her beauty competing with the sharpness of her wit, but desperately, frantically. She had the lingering gazes of someone with a death sentence, and the immaculate manners of one gifted in deflection.

Bell smoked, and worried. Is this what it would have been like, had my family lived? Always fretting over the things we’ve missed?

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Don't you think when gamers see Cloud buying a flower from Aerith, entering into a non-variable romantic agreement with Aerith, his flashback in Aerith's house, a date in the park, Marlene favoring Aerith w/ Cloud, Shinra jail cell + Tifa jealously, Highwind moment, Cosmo Canyon, BOTH of Cait Sith's predictions, Gold Saucer date, the iconic & legendary death scene & the Promised Land scene, Clerith will become obvious yet again? Disc 1 is Clerith's strongest evidence & the best part of the game.

Clearly many players didnt see this way…
That is why Clotis exist. ┐(´д`)┌

Clotis dominate fanarts and fanfics in volume. So there are more Clotis statistically.

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my only issue with the "oh the 'player' doesnt exist as a character, everything is on frisk in genocide" is that the game is very specific about you not actually being Frisk, either. So if you're not frisk, and you're not chara, then you've got to be a third party, and you're obviously influencing the game somehow. How you're influencing it is definitely shady, but you ARE doing it somehow

You’ve picked an interesting person to make that argument to friend. I’ve actually given this issue a lot of thought, and I’m VERY firm in why I see the game the way I do. If you’re curious as to why my view is so different from yours, my reasons are down below.

 In Dishonored, the game is very specific about you not being Corvo. In the Witcher, the game is very specific about you not being Geralt.  In the Legend of Zelda, the game is very specific about you not being Link. They aren’t you. They were never you. They have their own families, friends, history and even secrets that we are not privy too until the game chooses to reveal it to us. But we understand that that doesn’t matter, because for the duration of the game, we step into their shoes, become them, and play their role. Undertale is no different.

 I understand the urge to go meta with this where you might not with those other titles, because Undertale is a VERY meta game. It plays with normally OOC concepts and makes them into real and important parts of the story. It makes a lot of sense to me why people would see this and assume the same to be true of other aspects of ‘reality,’ AKA, the player’s presence. But here’s the issue; SAVING and LOADING and resets are all explained in the game, as a function of determination. The fact that Flowey sees the world LIKE a game boils down to how LOADing and Resetting makes everything repeat, makes everything routine, takes a fleshed out and moving world and makes it predictable, boring, like a game you used to enjoy and kept playing over and over until you realized you weren’t having fun anymore.

 SAVING has an explanation. It has a history, has a precedent. Flowey could do it before Frisk/Chara could no problem, and there was no player to help them out. It is a function of determination, utilized in a certain way to allow for time travel. Everything is above board. Everything makes sense in respect to the game, in the game’s own rules.

 However, the game itself repeatedly rejects the concept of a domineering player. For instance, the roles that you would normally assume that a player fulfills, such as, say, manually loading, are openly within Frisk’s power to control.  We all know this line from the Asriel fight: 

              “You try to reach your save file. Nothing happened.”

 The narration seems surprised. As though Frisk has tried before and it worked. Because they have, every time WE reload. Yeah, Frisk doesn’t need to die to load. They just openly can do it on their own. They never needed our ‘help.’ The things that normally require a player’s input, the things that a player does … When they happen, that means that Frisk is doing it.

 While we’re on the subject of the Asriel fight, most interpretations I have heard assume pacifist is Frisk expressing their ‘true self.’ Okay, I don’t agree, and not the least because it’s actually self-contradicting. Let’s look at some of the options for the lost souls. Sans in particular. Let’s look at the text for <3 Judgment.

                “You tell the Lost Soul you’ll think about what you’ve done.”

 Huh. The implication there seems to be that Frisk is referring back to prior judgments, on, you know LESS HAPPY runs. The implication seems to be that Frisk is telling Sans that they will carefully consider how they hurt people and think about it. Frankly, if this is Frisks ‘true self,’ then Frisk’s ‘true self’ holds themselves responsible for things that happens in other runs. Which means they’re ALL Frisk.

 At the end of the Kill-All, people try to hem and haw and hedge about how the player sells Frisks’ soul on their behalf. No. Chara doesn’t want ‘that’ soul. They don’t want ‘this’ soul. They’re very specific about what they want out of the bargain. They want ‘Your’ soul. The soul they take is Frisks’. And in future Kill-All runs, if you try to squeak out of it again, they’ll say ‘you sold YOUR soul long ago.’ They’re talking to Frisk, which means that Frisk is the person who sold their soul, which means Frisk was the driving force behind the Kill-all.

 Let’s not forget the parallels that exist between the end of the kill-all and the talk with Asriel post-pacifist. Both Chara and Asriel renounce their old friends while standing literally over their dead bodies, and replace that friend with Frisk:

               “Maybe the truth is, Chara wasn’t the greatest person, while you, Frisk, are the kind of friend I always wanted.”

                “You’re a great partner. WE’LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER, WON’T WE?”

 And they even reiterate some of the same points, in VERY different contexts, making each ending a horrible, funhouse mirror of the other:

                “Frisk, you really ARE different from Chara.”

              “You and I are not the same.”

 The narrative treats the Kill-All monologue as a counterpart to the pacifist talk with Asriel, making it clear that both of them are speaking to Frisk. With that in mind both Frisk and Chara hold Frisk responsible for the actions they take, in pacifist, in neutral … and in Kill-All.

 In the original Metroid, we don’t realize that Samus is a girl until the end of the game. Does that mean that we weren’t playing Metroid, because we didn’t have her life story? Does that mean that we were some sort of invisible third party controlling her actions? No, and in fact, it’s pretty clear that that’s an insult to Samus. She is a space badass and the fact that we have the pleasure of playing her journey does not change the fact that she is the one who makes it.

 Frankly, the same is true of Frisk to me. Before I became so utterly confident that there WAS no player, when I first heard this theory and wasn’t sure whether or not it was true. I started hating Undertale. Actually HATING it. It made me sick. I felt sick, I felt gross, and I had only done pure pacifist. I felt sick because if the player was an entity, then the only agency Frisk had ever had throughout the adventure was whether or not pause before a puzzle explanation. It meant that the story of a child struggling to make friends and find the courage to do the right thing was REALLY the story of some marionette—because THAT is what the player as entity theory does to Frisk. You say they are their own person? Then you should agree that there is no player involved. Because if the player controls everything, they are reduced to a lifeless puppet avatar—dancing around at the whim of some eldritch entity. It makes the game cold, heartless and empty.

 It turns even a pure pacifist run into an artifice, where Frisk had no CHOICE about whether to spare or save or help anyone, because that was all up to the ‘Player.’ A Frisk in a world where the player is an entity has no independent ability to do good or evil. They are nothing. They didn’t spare a single monster. They didn’t SAVE a single one of their friends. There is no personal journey. There is no growth. There is no ‘Frisk.’ There is only the player playing house.

 I hope, reading that, you can understand why that theory repulses me. Frankly, it makes me almost as as angry as demon!chara, and THAT’S saying something.

 Now, Undertale knows that it’s a game. It wants to tell us a story. It wants to tell us about these characters. When Frisk reveals their true name to Asriel, it is no more a reveal than when Samus takes off her helmet and reveals her true gender. Games keep secrets from their players all the time, even when we play as their main characters. We get convenient flashbacks. We get terse ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ from PCs even as we walk them down the halls. We get subtext never elaborated on. That’s storytelling. And Undertale leans on the fourth wall, it jokes at its general direction, it looks into the camera likes it’s in the office. But any references that could address the player are either openly tutorials, oblique enough to retain plausible deniability or turn out to be referring to someone else entirely. (It seems like Flowey is asking US not to reset, but . . . it’s Chara they’re talking too, isn’t it?) And the fact that the game is telling the player a story doesn’t mean that the player is PART of that story, in the way so many seem to think the player is an entity.

 Then why are people convinced Undertale is different? The people around Frisk hold them responsible for the things they do. Chara holds them responsible for the things they do. Even Frisk holds themselves responsible. You have to stretch your interpretation of the game like taffy to make room for a player, you have to ignore things that the main characters have said and you have to discard the relevance of the main messages of the game.

 Is it so hard to believe that in this RPG, this role-playing game, you’re roleplaying and taking on the role of someone you’re not? Frisk isn’t us. They have their own history, their own life, their own name. Their own CHOICES. And frankly? If you believe that the player is an entity, you believe that Frisk is not their own person, that they are an avatar with no will or agency of their own.

tl;dr: Every character in the game holds Frisk responsible for the people they’ve hurt across, including Frisk. Why do people still feel the urge to ‘save’ them from the potential of being able to do bad things?

S4 Gruvia

S4: “I was singing very loudly and I didn’t know that my window was open and how long has that guy been standing there listening to me?”

this was a lot longer than I intended it to be

It’s 2:15, why is she still talking.

“And that class, is why the Nepalese flag is shaped like two triangles. Any questions?”

I saw Natsu’s hand lazily fly up, and I knew we were done for.

“Yes Mr. Dragneel?” Mrs. Donnely said begrudgingly, knowing very well what was coming next.

“Yeah, Nepal kind of sounds like nipple.”

And there you go ladies and gentlemen, the future generation that will stabilize the job market of America. Go ahead, cry. It won’t do any of us any good.

“Is that a question, or a statement?” Mrs. Donnely asked impatiently.

Fuck, the bell already rang, why am I still here?

“Neither. Just an observation.” Natsu said, followed by the giggles of his little posse of fangirls.

“Well, your observation was not appreciated. Class dismissed.”

Thank God. One more minute and I might’ve pulled out my crossbow.


Lucy. Just the person I did not want to talk to.

“Juvia, do you have extra tennis shoes? I locked mine in my gym locker by accident and the opening game is tonight!” She babbled, nearly in tears as she ambushed my locker.

“Why don’t you ask Erza?” I asked, kind of rudely because I loved Lucy but she could speak at forty miles an hour and for eight hours on end, and I was not about to miss my bus.

“She’ll kill me! It’s our first game, and if I’m the one to screw up she’ll make me do wall-sits for an eternity! Please Juvia, I beg for your mercy!” Lucy shook my shoulders and legitimately started sobbing.

“Look, look, look…I’ll bring my extra shoes before the game, ok?” I said, trying to make my voice sound as rushed as possible.

“Oh thank you Juvi!! I’ll bring you candy and I’ll make you a card, and I’ll write you a song-”

“Bye Lucy, see you tonight!” I kissed her on the cheek and bolted, hopefully fast enough to catch my bus.

Right, so tonight was our first team volleyball game of the season. It was my third year on the team, and Lucy’s second. I had made the team my freshmen year, and Lucy had been on the JV team her first year before she upgraded to Varsity her sophomore year.

Erza was our captain, she was a senior this year, and easily our best player. It was totally insane to watch her play, and she had taken out many opposing players with her hits.

But the best part was, everybody was afraid of Erza. People on our team, people on other teams, whatever. Everyone had a secret fear of Erza Scarlet somewhere in them, and if you didn’t, you’d find it at some point.

I was pretty confident we’d win this game, we were against Farmington and last year I made a girl cry on the Farmington team after I served her in the boobs.

I’ll deny that I did it on purpose.

Shit, there’s my bus, it’s already started moving…

“Hey! Stop moving!” I shouted, waving over my bus driver who always smelt like pot and cheese. Luckily he recognized me and pulled over, preventing the string of buses behind him to come o a screeching halt.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, squeezing into the packed bus and almost punching myself in the face.

My bus was always full, and if I was even a minute late I would end up sitting next to some freak that ate his own eyelashes.

“Way to hold us up Juvia.”


“Way to blow up you chemistry experiment Fullbuster.

Gray motherfucking Fullbuster, king of the douchebags.

We had lived in the same neighborhood ever since I was born. When I was younger, I worshipped him and the ground he walked on. He used that to his advantage until I was fifteen, before I finally snapped and punched him right in his stupidly attractive face.

No regrets.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to sit on the floor, either that, or my lap.” He gestured to his legs, which were splayed wide open in a sexual manner. Why the fuck did god have to make him so hot, it would’ve been way easier to just knee him in the crotch if he looked like Gollum.

“Close your legs, slut.” I bit back, finally finding a seat next to this girl who was always watching anime on her phone.

“Only if you make me,” he sang.

Now here’s the reason why he’s such a sexual weirdo around me. The make-or-break moment in our relationship, when I was fifteen, I had told him that I really liked him in the most mortifying, stupid, fangirly way. And he flat out laughed at me.

Resulting in me getting supremely pissed off and giving him a black eye.

And now, he forever threw that back in my face by making a sex joke whenever possible in my presence.

Which was a lot, because our parents were great friends who insisted on doing everything together.

It’s actually a miracle I haven’t murdered him yet.

“I’ll make you dead, now put a lid on it before I staple your lips together.”

Sometimes, I think the reason my bus is so full is because people just want to see an afternoon Fullbuster vs. Lockser showdown.

Finally. The bus pulled to a stop in front of my neighborhood. I actually live really close to school, but in Minnesota it was -1999999999 degrees 24/7 and I didn’t feel like walking in the blistering cold with eighty feet of snow covering my ass.

I stood up at the speed of light and hopped out of the bus, waddling over the snow banks with deadly accuracy down to my house.

Fuck yes, the streets were finally snow-plowed, I could walk without getting snow up my vagina!

“Careful Lockser, you’ll trip on the ice,” Gray said, trailing me while walking slowly.

“Shut up Gray, I’d rather fall than talk to you,” I sneered, picking up my pace a bit and ignoring Gray’s weird way of giving me advice.

“Ouch, you know that hurts Juvia,” he mumbled, probably theatrically clutching his heart in agony.

“I hope it does.” I growled, wobbling onto my driveway, which, another happy surprise, was paved clean.

“Good luck at your game tonight,” he bid, walking past my house two doors down to his.


I hurried into my house, eager to get a snack and get my volleyball shit on. My parents wouldn’t get home until five, giving me two and a half hours of parent-less fun.

Damn, it was hot as hell in my house. My dad always turned up the heat to about eighty degrees because he claimed he was ‘too damn cold’. Fucking dad, it wasn’t even that cold out. It was actually ten degrees outside, a summer high!

I turned down the heat, along with opening a window. Damn, I hated to admit it but that cold Minnesota air felt good.

I ran into my kitchen and grabbed a Swiss Cake roll before bolting downstairs to my room. I had to be at actual volleyball practice at four, which was in about an hour. The game wasn’t until six, but Erza demanded that we practice a ton beforehand.

Anyways, I threw on my jersey and my spandex, along with my favorite sweatpants that I would put on over my shorts before I left. But for now, while my house was still boiling hot, I would sit around in my jersey and booty shorts.

“PICKLEESSS!” I moaned loudly, calling for my more-than-likely hiding under the table cat who I wanted to pet.

“Pickles, come here, I love you!” I called, but earning no cat in response.

“Asshole.” I grumbled, grabbing my phone and scrolling through my Spotify playlist. I need some tunes to keep my mind off of the game. And pickles. And Gray Fullbuster.

“Oooh, Megan Trainor…” I cranked the volume up all the way and sat down in my dad’s office chair. It was really soft and squishy, plus it spun around.

If your lips are movin…”

I actually hate this song. But it’s catchy as hell.

“IF YOUR LIPS ARE MOVIN,” I sang along, well, more like screeched. Not only was sing-screaming fun, but it was also an effective way to find my cat.

I continued singing while walking around my house, until I finally heard the skittering of a frightened cat’s paws against the hardwood floor of my kitchen.

“YOU CAN BUY ME DIAMOND EARRINGS AND DENY-NY-NY-NY-NY DENY-NY,” I sang, peeping my head under the table to grab Pickles, who was cowering in the corner.

“BUT I SMELL HER ON YOUR COLLAR SO GOODBYE-BYE-BYE, BYE-BYE-BYE,” I sang a little bit more on-key. Flipping pickles up and racing towards the office so pickles couldn’t escape my love.

“I KNOW YOU LIE!” I accused, setting Pickles down on the chair. He was only there for a moment before he jumped under the computer desk.

“CUZ YOUR LIPS ARE MOVING,” I sat down on the chair and spun a little.

Pickles meowed.

“TELL ME DO YOU THINK I’M DUMB?” I sang, twirling my hands in the air because sometimes I like to think that I can dance.

“I MIGHT BE YOUNG, BUT I AIN’T STUPID,” I kept singing, and Pickles gave me a look that said I beg to differ.


Suddenly, I felt goosebumps rise up my leg. Shit it was cold.


My window is still open.

I stared at Pickles for exactly four seconds before jumping into action, and soaring towards the window by my couch.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck gotta close it, gotta close it-

I reached for the window crank, ready to shut it, except one, teeny, tiny little detail that screwed me up.

Gray stupid, fuckfaced, panty-dropping, asstrain Fullbuster, was standing out fucking side, with his stupid German Shepard Java, laughing at me.

His stupid mouth was curved into a stupid smile, his dog sniffing my curb. How the fuck long had he been standing out there?

Oh shit, oh shit, he heard me singing…

It was enough to get me so fucking mad, I charged downstairs, whipped open my front door, ignored the butt-fucking cold so I could punch Gray in his penis.

“Hey, nice voice Lockser.” He said in between laughs.

“How long have you been standing there!?!?” I shrieked, grabbing him by his collar and shaking him. It didn’t do much though, my hands were so cold I could hardly grasp anything.

“…Long enough.” He answered testily.

“FUCK!” I screamed, hucking a non formed snowball at him.

“Yikes, wash your mouth out.” He said, still laughing like the asshole that he was.

“I hate you.” I mumbled, burying my face into my freezing cold hands and screaming.

“Hey, relax. I sing just about as good as you.” He reasoned, a crooked half smile resting on his face.

“Shut up Gray. You’re the world’s biggest asshole, you know?” I said, completely out of breath because I was so damn cold.

“C’mon Juvia, I’m not that bad. And put on some pants, for chrissakes, you’ll freeze to death.”

I looked down for a second at my numb legs, realizing immediately why they were so numb.

I was still wearing my spandex.

“Shit!” I squeaked, poking my thigh, only to discover that it had lost all feeling.

“Here, take mine.” He said with a suggestive smile, unbuttoning his jeans and-

“Stopstopstop! I’m going, I’m going…” I hobbled back up my driveway, still pissed off at Gray.

“I’ll see you at the game Lockser.” He said, leisurely turning back and continuing to walk his dog.

“I’ll see you in hell Gray!” I called back, my body halfway inside my house.

“Love you too!” he yelled back.

Bastard. I’m gonna light his house on fire, just you wait and see…

I was kind of surprised that I actually got some requests in like the first five minutes. anyways, this one was in the first two requests, so I got right on it and this was actually really easy to write.



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Kuro Fes Interview - Izuki Shun

With this, all interviews have been translated! Translating this one has kind of sapped my will to live so I’m gonna go lie down for a while. It seems that most of the major parts of the fanbook are now translated anyway,

Izuki Shun: Ain’t this reply ace!? [Trans: The Japanese pun is one of Izuki’s usuals: naisu janai ssu ka]

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i'm not sure if you've answered this already but, what are your thoughts on the 'sans is sparing you' part? i always wondered if when he is spared, is that chara's or frisk's doing (or just the player's but still!) cause it is hard to think after all that chara would give up on their goal, and also weird that frisk would randomly regain control of their actions

(undertale spoilers)

i’ve never actually thought about this and i’m shocked at myself. thanks for bringing up an excellent point! naturally, anything concerning this will be mostly down to speculation. 

i have a theory that frisk’s self, somewhere buried deep, could possibly be what gives the player the option to spare enemies, even in the genocide route. here’s why:

when frisk and the player have finally lost all remnants of control over frisk’s body, the mercy button is gone. it isn’t even shown to be broken. it just never appears for the asgore “fight”. considering the rest of chara’s actions, it suggests to me that chara never had any desire for mercy.

on the flipside, if it was chara’s will to spare sans, i imagine that it would only be because sans was eating up too much time. the average player will die many, many times before reaching the mercy part. sans takes TIME. chara, it seems, does not like wasting time. they are unhappy if the player completes a genocide route more than once, perhaps because there’s nothing to gain from it and it’s only a waste of time. they cannot understand why the player would remake the world only to destroy it.

my belief is that, while it is the player who chooses the all the provided options in the game, it is either frisk or chara who actually provides the options to choose from in the first place. so each option is something that either chara or frisk suggests. the player only tips the scales in either direction.

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As I look over the Planeswalker page of the Magic website, I am impressed with the wide cast you've made for the story. Will you start bringing back one-timers now? Or are brand new Planeswalkers still on the table? *long, difficult pause* PLEASE, bring back TAMIYO!!!

It depends on where the story takes us! I don’t think we’ve seen the last new planeswalker character, but we’ll also consider calling on existing characters if it makes sense for us to weave them into the story. Everybody’s on the table. It is a large and versatile table, like the kind you can expand out and put extra wood pieces in.

Tips for Beating FNAF 3

Okay I may just be relaying information people have already said but here’s what I’ve noticed while playing FNAF 3 (I’ve just beat the 5th night and am now onto Nightmare mode):

1) Balloon Boy’s voice is your friend- Yes the most hated noise in FNAF2 is now your best friend. Use the noise to lure him from room to room. I found making him literally go in circles was better if I was able to. also it made me chuckle to imagine this robot chasing this imaginary child from room to room. 

2) Don’t bother trying to find Springtrap initially- I’m not sure of where he starts but I’ve found trying to chase him through cams only wastes time and gives your equipment more chance to malfunction. Just call him to the room you want (Cam 9 seemed to be my “safe” room) and check back on it occasionally and eventually Springtrap will come to you.

3) Seal the vents- Immediately after using the noise seal the nearest or adjacent vent as Springtrap will usually follow the noise and jump into the nearest vent.

4) Come off cams occasionally- It helps to come off and check around the room. If you spend too much time on cams it will bring on a Foxy jumpscare (and tbh this is the one that got me most of all),

5) Don’t stare at Hallucinations- Been greeted by Balloon Boy’s face or the Marrionette standing in the room? Has Chica been starring in her own game? Or has Freddy been tap dancing his way across the main window? Don’t pay them any attention. Immediately switch to another cam because…

6) Hallucinations cause equipment malfunction- Nights 1-3 you will usually only get a ventillation malfuction. Not too bad really unless you hear Springtrap in the vents. Usually it takes 4 - 5 seconds to get it back working. On Nights 4 - 5 if you stare at a hallucination two will go down. Usually Cameras and Ventillation to get you into a blind panic but at the worst case it’ll be all 3. These can take up to 10 seconds to repair.

7) If your ventillation and cams DO go down lure Springtrap to a far off room-  I found that even if blind and hallucinating in game it’s still important to use BB’s voice to lure Springtrap away from me (usually Cam 9), seal off the vent THEN turn my attention to repairs.

8) Springtrap come a-knocking at your window/door?- Call him to Cam 1 if he’s at your door or Cam 2 if he’s in the window then keep calling him to lead him away from the office. Remember to seal the nearest vents so that he won’t be able to loop back around to you.

9) Listen to the noises in game- Seems simple, right? But I’ve seen so many Lets Players ignore this crucial part. There’s the thumpy-thump in the vents which reminds you to hurry and seal off Springtrap’s path but there is also the weird “spooky” ooooOOOOOO kinda noise which I think connects to the raised liklihood of there being Hallucinations appearing or that Hallucinations will start. Also there’s the ear splitting noise that Mangle makes which results in your audio being disabled. Quickly go fix it and call Springtrap to a far back room and seal off it’s vent. I’ve yet to determine the exact reason for any other noises in game but those were the main three I found useful.

10) Marrionette is essentially the Balloon Boy of this game- If you’ve stared at him for too long on cams he will make you unable to bring up your cams or repairs menu. I haven’t counted how long he dominates your screen exactly but I’m guessing about 10 seconds. This gives Springtrap enough time to make his way to you. Same as before lure him to a room (I prefer Cam 5’s room), seal off it’s vent then make repairs as needed.

I will add more if I think of anything else or notice anything else. These are just what I’ve noticed and work for me in my game and thought I’d share them. Please feel free to add anymore or let me know if I’ve got something mixed up. Happy gaming FNAFers <3
Megan Rapinoe says Spirit owner is homophobic. Spirit owner responds.
Bill Lynch: "We're absolutely inclusive. Anyone claiming we're not inclusive, it's silly."

Rapinoe was asked if being gay — and the fact the Spirit is one of a few NWSL teams that does not hold a Pride Night to celebrate the LGBT community, which forms a large base of league support — played into the team’s decision to undermine her anthem plans.

“I do. Yeah, I do,” she said. “I have had conversations with Spirit players current and past, the fact that they don’t have a Pride Night. They have gay players like everyone else [in the league]. They’ve made it pretty clear, at least internally, that that’s not a game they are interested in, which is homophobic to me. I don’t know if it was directly at me because I’m gay and it’s a protest I am making as a gay woman. Bit of a stretch, but yeah I do think that Bill Lynch is homophobic.”

On Thursday, Lynch responded by telling the Insider: “She probably got lost in the moment and blurted something out. I certainly don’t agree with the statement, by any stretch.” He said sexual orientation has never been an issue in assembling the squad or staff.

“We’re absolutely inclusive. Anyone claiming we’re not inclusive, it’s silly. [Sexuality] is not even something that gets discussed. We don’t make decisions based on race, gender or sexual preference. Unless someone is talking about it, I have no idea what their sexual preference is.”

Sources said there are mixed feelings within the organization about Lynch’s reluctance to hold Pride Night. Aside from several players, some staff members and many fans are part of the LGBT community.

But Lynch said he made a “conscious decision early on [in his ownership] not to promote any individual causes. I want to focus on women’s soccer and the game. Everyone is welcome to our games and to work in our organization.” He said he doesn’t foresee his policy about promoting causes at matches to change.

Lynch said he did not decide to alter the anthem schedule until late Wednesday afternoon and told only a few staff members. Not even NWSL Commissioner Jeff Plush, who attended the match, was informed. About an hour before the scheduled kickoff, he was engaged in conversation with Lynch on various soccer-related topics. Later, Plush told the Insider that, when he heard the anthem playing, he raced outside to see if Rapinoe and the other players were present.

The Spirit players learned of the anthem change from Coach Jim Gabarra in the locker room. Seattle players found out a moment later.

One Spirit employee was so upset about the anthem issue, she signed into the team’s Twitter account, posted a message in support of Rapinoe — it was soon deleted — and resigned.

Lynch said most of the feedback he has received has been positive.

Why I'm angry even though we keep winning.

Last night after the game my mother asked me why I was so angry even though we had won the game. I had to think about it for a second.

The short answer is simply that the United States isn’t playing like the team that has been a dominating force in the women’s game for the past decade.

The longer answer is explained very well by watching that game against Colombia last night. Yes, the game ended with two U.S. goals. But those goals weren’t scored by us. They were practically handed to us on a silver platter by Colombia, who played a dirty game. Alex Morgan did have a good game, and I think since she’s been back that our attack has improved exponentially. But I’m very doubtful that had Catalina Perez stayed in goal for Colombia, Morgan’s goal probably wouldn’t have been a goal. The Colombian goalkeeper who came in after that red card (which I’m not so sure was a red card, but that’s another story) DID get a hand on that ball. Not a strong one, but still a hand. Perez was having a great game before that, and she probably would have made that save. Our second goal? A penalty given to us once again for Colombia’s dirty play. The United States created minimal chances on goal ourselves.

Like Carli Lloyd said in her post-game interview, the first half we had against Colombia was probably the best first half we played all tournament. It felt like Cheney and Carli were finally working together to connect our backline and our forwards and they were feeding some okay balls forward and out to our wingers. But there’s no doubt that the main problem for the U.S. is finding a midfield/forward line combination that flows and connect and are a real attacking force. Part of the problem is that many players in this part of the field just seem sluggish, are making poor passes, and are just not playing well. A majority of the problem is Jill Ellis and her inability to observe the game and make positive influences on the field by 1. Coaching from the sideline. 2. Taking some of the talent we have on the bench and putting it to use on the field. She is insisting on a tactical plan that simply doesn’t work, and in order to somehow make up for her tactical flaws, plays players in positions that they don’t naturally play in and don’t perform well in. The midfield/forward lines, with the exception of a few players, aren’t performing at a World cup winning level.

While Rapinoe and Holiday’s yellow cards give Ellis a chance to make some changes in the line-up, it’s doubtful that she’ll put in anyone other than Morgan Brian and play Christen Press out of position once again, leaving impact players like Heather O'Reilly and Kelley O'Hara on the bench.

I will say that the only thing keeping the U.S. in the tournament right now is our backline. Those back 4 and Hope Solo have been simply phenomenal this whole tournament and have saved us more than once. Christie Rampone has said that, “If we score, we might win. If they never score, we can’t lose.” Which is true to a point. But with a front that isn’t producing any goals, keeping the other team out of our net will result in a 0-0 draw every time. And in this tournament, draws go to penalty kicks. And even with Hope Solo in the net, there’s no way we can win every one.


The Only “Hottest Football Players of the World Cup” List That Matters, Part 1

WIth so many suspicious footballer “hottie” lists flying around (I saw Dani Alves and Luis Suarez on one list and nearly bust a gut laughing), I felt it was high time to create one with the real hotties. No shoddy captions needed. The pictures say it all.

Dorian Pavus Feels

(cross posted from the BSN of all places)

I got to thinking about Dorian Pavus tonight. Mind, this is nothing new, but it was in relation also to negative things I’ve read about his character on Tumblr, on BSN, in various parts of the Internet, and then I read other people on BSN being lovely about Dorian and… I just suddenly got ALL THE FEELS.

This whole idea that so many people judge him solely as ‘the first gay man’ or, even more simply ‘a gay man’ and make that their only basis for their understanding of him… it makes me so incredibly frustrated and sad.

I think he was brilliantly written to be first and foremost a person and not a gay man. He was never intended to be ‘just’ a gay man, because no one is 'just’ a gay man in real life. They’re normal men who happen to enjoy the company of other men. His sexual orientation is, for him, just what it is for rest of us in that it is a facet of the jewel that is Dorian of House Pavus and not his defining characteristic like so many of his detractors want to make it out to be. He uses it to identify a part of himself, but it is not his whole self or, as in the screenshots thatgayredmage posted earlier, he’d go around introducing himself that way. And he doesn’t.

More than it being only a facet of him, his orientation also helps form a part of him that many of us do not have, a part that many gay (or other) players saw in themselves when playing DAI. His orientation was the facet which others in his life tried to crack and warp and shape into something he was not. It’s not his orientation that’s highlighted in the game, or a personal struggle with accepting it - it’s how it fit into the world he was shaped by that is the main source of conflict in his life. Subtle, but different than being 'hated for being gay’. And that is the subtlety Gaider brought to the character quite well, and that a lot of fans have failed to notice.

I love Dorian. I adore his romance, of course, but I love Dorian because he’s interesting, he’s opinionated, he’s not dull, and he truly, truly cares for the Inquisitor, man or woman (regardless of whether or not you’ve slept with him by the end of the game) if you follow the friendship path. And coming from someone like him, that affection is a devastatingly beautiful thing, which is why I love his character so much. It’s important that he’s gay, because we need diversity in games, but his brilliance as a character doesn’t derive from the fact that he is gay. And I really wish more people - especially those who criticize him 'for being gay’ - understood that about him. Because if they did, they’d realize that the same thing is true about real people, too.

Politics, Corruption and the Decline of Lithuanian Football

By Robert O'Connor

“Eversheds Saladžius, in cooperation with the Lithuania Football Federation, applied to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania in order to initiate the consideration of the issue of supplement of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania.”

The short wedge of legalese appeared on the website of the Lithuanian branch of international firm, Eversheds, on January 17th, citing “reasonable doubts” that current legal regulations are “sufficient for combating the practice of match fixing.” It marked the first tentative steps of a process towards clamping down on match-fixing in the Baltic republic; one that has turned the heads of both players and fans alike.

Barely two months earlier, VMFD Žalgiris had ended a 14 year wait for the A Lyga title, squeaking ahead of FK Atlantas by two points and interrupting the domestic dominance of FK Ekranas that had stretched back five seasons. With the monopoly broken, pupils dilated at the sight of a second photo-finish to the title race in as many seasons, and Lithuanian football took a moment to shiver in the afterglow left behind by an instant of raw competition; fickle, erratic, teasingly capricious. Quickly though, too soon if we’re being honest, the lights flickered and dimmed. By morning, football was coming to terms with a more sobering reality, lit up by the unforgiving daylight and a damning verdict delivered by Europe’s leading reformist NGO for corruption in sport. 

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Tips to organize an event in a roleplay

Had an anon a week or two ago asking about tips to organize an event in a roleplay and some ideas on what events someone could do. As someone who has been in a few roleplays where events have happened, been an admin of roleplays where tried to do events and witnessed other roleplays which I wasn’t in do events, I think I have an idea on how to best set one up. Please note some of the things said are my own personal opinion.

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