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It’s almost time for Pokemon21 lol but finally, my art for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, featuring the protagonists of the main games! 

I’ve replayed all the games with a friend over the year, and we gave the protags personalities and made subplots, hence the names. 

*A completed version with their starters will be done by the 21st anniv!



Kevin Atwater, Chicago P.D. (NBC) || Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Clive Babineaux, iZombie (CW) || Dr. Borden, Blindspot (NBC) || Spelman Boyle, Limitless (CBS) || Marcellus Gerard, The Originals (CW) || Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Vincent Griffith, The Originals (CW) || Rollie Guthrie, Code Black (CBS) || Tip Harrison, Blood & Oil (ABC) || Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Terence Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Andre Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Earl Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Mr. Johnson, The Player (NBC) || Nate Lahey, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Andre Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Hakeem Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Jamal Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Lucious Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Alphonso MacKenzie, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) || Brody Nelson, CSI: Cyber (CBS) || Edgar Reade, Blindspot (NBC) || Daniel Reynolds, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., Rosewood (FOX) || Patton Plame, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Billy Soto, The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) || Benjamin Warren, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Joe West, The Flash (CW) || Dembe Zuma, The Blacklist (NBC)


Seeing​ as how the point of this blog is to share things that I like or enjoy, I figured sharing one of my brother’s pieces of content would be appropriate. His name is Nate the Hero, and this is his channel intro hosted by none other than Flowey the Flower! Its got a list of the kind of content he wants to produce, so if you’re interested check him out, and especially check out his Honey Cam video! (I’ll share it later today, trying to share stuff a little more regularly.)

Definition of a Douchebag (Nash imagine ft. Kenny)

“Come on, y/n. We have to go” Your best friend pleads.
“If it’s Cameron’s party then all of the manwhores are definitely going to be there” You say. You were lying on your bed reading a book. Well, you were reading a book before your friend started raving about Cameron’s party. Cameron was one of the players, idiots (whatever you wana call them) that walked your school. They all liked to treat girls like dirt because girls allowed them to. The amount of girls they’ve slept with is quite amazing actually. Once, Nash tried to get you into bed but obviously you refused. It made you feel sick.
“Don’t be like that. If we go, Kenny will be there. He’s nice” she reminded you. Of course, Kenny. You’ve had a big crush on kenny since junior year when he sat next to you in maths.
“Fine,” You sigh getting up to get ready “But you owe me if he isnt there”
“Yay” She squeals. Both of you get ready and start to go out to the party. You had told your parents that you were going to Your bestfriend’s house to stay over and they allowed you.

There is a bunch of people outside and you can hear music blasting inside when you pull up to the house. You get out of the car and follow your best friend up the driveway to the door of the house. It was open and you just walked right in. The music hit you as soon as you walked in. It was loud and there was no space to even walk as you looked all around the house.
“Come let’s get some drinks” you say thinking that the kitchen will be the safest place right now.
“No I wanna dance” Your friend says “I’ll see you in the crowd” She walks away leaving you to get the drinks by yourself. ‘What a best friend you are’ you think to yourself and manoeuvre your way around people towards the kitchen which was straight ahead. As soon as you got to the kitchen, you looked in the fridge. To be honest, the safest drinks were in there. You found coke and grabbed it, opened it and drank some.
“What are you doing in my fridge?” Quickly, you turn around to be face to face with Cameron and Nash is right beside him.
“Getting something to drink” you state the obvious.
“If you haven’t noticed, the drinks are set out on the table” Nash points out
“If you haven’t noticed, I’m smart enough to know that the majority of those drinks have alcohol in them and I don’t drink alcohol”
“She’s a hard one, you’d have to get her really drunk to get laid” Nash says to Cameron and both of them start laughing.
“Oh my gosh, you’re the definition of douchebags” You shake your head and set the empty can of coke on the table. Turning around you leave and try to find your friend. Surprisingly, she’s not hard to find because she’s dancing on top of a table. Almost doing a strip tease.
“Y/n! Funny finding you here. Isn’t that your friend dancing” a voice says behind you. It’s Kenny. You smile.
“Yeah. She’s a bit crazy” You answer. He smiles at you before walking through the crowd towards your friend. You follow him and see that he picks her up.
“I can drop you two off if you want”
“No. I’ve got it from here mate” Nash takes your friend out of Kenny’s arms and by this time she’s passed out. You look at Kenny but he doesn’t say anything.
“What the hell? Put her down” You shout at Nash.
“I’m offering my good services here”
“Well i’m offering a kick up your backside if you don’t put my friend down”
“Calm down, baby” He says smirking
“1. Don’t call me baby 2. You’re getting on my last nerve” You start to say but Nash is walking away from you towards the front door. He opens the door with you friend still in his arms. You follow him to his car.
“My friend’s car is still here” you say
“I’ll keep it safe. You can pick it up tomorrow,” He assures you “Where to?” He asks while laying your friend down in the backseat.
“That way. I’ll direct you” you say.
“I’d love for you to direct me with something else” he says but you ignore it and go into the other side of his car.
You direct him towards your friends house and he helps you to bring her up stairs to her room.
“I’ve got it from here” you say tucking you friend in her bed.
“No thanks? Ok then bye.” he walks out and you makes sure to shout a 'thanks’.

[That was a requested imagine. Hope you like it (as usual) If you’ve got any more requests for ships or imagines or preferences etc. Just ask. Stay cool peeps]