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It’s almost time for Pokemon21 lol but finally, my art for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, featuring the protagonists of the main games! 

I’ve replayed all the games with a friend over the year, and we gave the protags personalities and made subplots, hence the names. 

*EDIT: Check out the final version with their starters here!

i love that during the last romance affinity dialogue Preston asks you if its okay with you dating him when your spouse recently died, it is very considerate and sweet and i cant believe people used that against him calling him pushy and all, but I HATE that the only “good” option to choose is saying you still love your spouse but you can love him too, like listen I generally hate the picket fence american life crap we have to play into at the beginning of the game anyway, but they could have made more neutral options like no they keep pushing that narrative giving you 0 choice not just at the beginning but all the way throughout the game, like no Preston is not my “second” choice, he is not the “other person” I can actively choose 1. not to have a spouse, 2. to hate my spouse 3. to hate my spouse out of valid reasons, so I HATE absolutely hate that the game STILL finds a way to shove your fridged spouse here even though this is like your romance with Preston, that final big thing if you go down the romance path, THAT scene, the Romance Scene, that one (in this case cute!) romance scene near the end of crappy movies, they really could have disclosed that at the beginning so it wont take away from the dialogue’s climax but you know what, it could have not been there in the first place

Team USA candidates if their team is eliminated.

Matthew Tkachuk
Johnny Gaudreau

Ryan Kesler
Chris Wagner*
Josh Manson*
Jared Boll*
Nate Thompson

Kevin Hayes
Chris Kreider
J.T. Miller
Derek Stepan*
Adam Clendening
Steven Kampfer
Brady Skjei
Ryan McDonagh*

Brian Flynn
Alex Galchenyuk
Michael McCarron
Max Pacioretty*
Jeff Petry
Al Montoya

Auston Matthews
Brian Boyle
James Van Riemsdyk
Matt Hunwick
Connor Carrick
Jake Gardiner

John Carlson
T.J. Oshie
Matt Niskanen
Nate Schmidt
Kevin Shattenkirk

Patrick Kane
Trevor Van Riemsdyk
Ryan Hartman
Vinnie Hinostroza
John Hayden
Tanner Kero
T.J. Motte
Nick Schmaltz
Scott Darling*

Craig Smith
Auston Watson*
Colin Wilson
Anthony Bitetto*

Paul Martin*

Patrick Maroon

Jordan Schmaltz*
Zach Sanford

Charlie Coyle
Zach Parise*
Jordan Schroeder
Jason Zucker
Nate Prosser
Ryan Suter*

Nick Bonino
Matt Cullen*
Phil Kessel
Bryan Rust
Tom Sestito
Conor Sheary
Ian Cole
Brian Dumoulin
Ron Hainsey*

Cam Atkinson
Brandon Dubinsky
Nick Foligno
Brandon Saad
Jack Johnson
Seth Jones
Zach Werenski *

Ryan Dzingel
Bobby Ryan
Colin White
Tommy Wingels
Chris Wideman
Craig Anderson*
Mike Condon*

Jimmy Hayes
David Backes*
Noel Acciari
Sean Kuraly
Tim Schaller
Drew Stafford
Torey Krug
Brandon Carlo*
Frank Vatrano
Kevan Miller
John-Michael Liles*
Charlie McAvoy
Tommy Cross

*unlikely to participate (personal opinion)
P.S. Can you tell I’m bored with my team not being in the playoffs.

how Nate Bastian is like in bed

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what Nate Bastian is like in bed:

- this guy is a goofball so sex is always funny

- breaking out in giggles when he’s ballsdeep inside his partner is a regular occurrence 

- will try everything at least once
- his partner wearing his jersey turns him on
- lots and lots of naked cuddling, after sex or just because
- took viagra at least thrice, once as a dare, once because he wanted to have marathon sex without waiting and once to see if it’s really as bad as he remembered
- lil bit of an exhibitionist, would fuck you with his friends only a room away
- probs fucked in one of his friend’s parents’ bed at a house party
- if he wants a bj he acts extra nice
- has tried to eat a girl out but was so bad she nearly did suppressing her laughter
- hates getting marks on him because his teammates tease him
- still bites and sucks and scratches until you can only leave the house in turtleneck+scarf


his dick:

- probably not giant

- if you’re a small gal with very little penis knowledge you’ll think it’s big

- def crooked

the experience:




Kevin Atwater, Chicago P.D. (NBC) || Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Clive Babineaux, iZombie (CW) || Dr. Borden, Blindspot (NBC) || Spelman Boyle, Limitless (CBS) || Marcellus Gerard, The Originals (CW) || Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Vincent Griffith, The Originals (CW) || Rollie Guthrie, Code Black (CBS) || Tip Harrison, Blood & Oil (ABC) || Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Terence Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Andre Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Earl Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Mr. Johnson, The Player (NBC) || Nate Lahey, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Andre Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Hakeem Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Jamal Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Lucious Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Alphonso MacKenzie, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) || Brody Nelson, CSI: Cyber (CBS) || Edgar Reade, Blindspot (NBC) || Daniel Reynolds, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., Rosewood (FOX) || Patton Plame, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Billy Soto, The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) || Benjamin Warren, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Joe West, The Flash (CW) || Dembe Zuma, The Blacklist (NBC)

Anberlin’s announcement of 2014 being their final year, lead to me finally getting this done, after talking about it for 4 years. 

I got the idea from lyrics found in the first verse of “Alexithymia,” which are: “…to the sound of the record player, with it’s jumping needle and the lights that grow dimmer in time” and then obviously the chorus lyrics “there’s more to living than being alive." 

Cannot wait to show it to the band when I see them at Warped in June. =] 

“Please tell me it was just a picture.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by @nisa4455: “a Nate imagine where he’s on tour and you go to a party with Sammy and y'all get high and later Sammy posts an Instagram photo of you two and y'all are reeeeaaallllyy close and Nate sees it and gets jealous”


“Nate, I miss you so much.” You said over face time.

“I miss you too baby.” He said. Nate had been off on tour for the past month and you were going crazy not having him with you.

“It still feels so weird doing things by myself. Going out, coming home, cooking dinner, watching tv, literally everything feels so lonely.” You said.

“Awe, I’m sorry babe. But hey, only a few more weeks and I’ll be back home.” He said.

“That’s too long to wait.” You said, making him laugh. “Awe, there’s that cheesy ass laugh I miss so much.” You said, causing him to laugh again.

“Have you gone to any parties while I’ve been gone?” He asked. You shook your head.

“No. You know I hate going to parties by myself.” You said.

“The Jacks are having a party tonight, you should go.” He said.

“Yeah, Madison text me the other day and invited me. I might go. I’m not doing anything else.” You said.

“That’s the spirit. Well, I gotta go. We’re about to start soundcheck. I’ll text you later. I love you.” He said.

“I love you too. Kill it tonight, I know you will. Bye baby.” You said.

“Bye babe.” He said. You ended the call and saw you had a text from Madison.

“Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.” You replied.

“Yay! See you later.” She said. You got dressed, did your makeup and your hair and headed off to the party. There was already a lot of people there, so you went a head into the house. You found Madison in the kitchen, attached to Gilinsky at the hip.

“Hey, you’re here!” She said, hugging you. Despite all shit said about her, she was actually really sweet, and you were glad you took the time to get to know her and become friends. You and her walked off and hung out with a small group of girls that was also there.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were gonna be here!” You heard a voice call behind you. You turned around and saw Sammy walking up to you, and you could tell that he was already drunk.

“Sammy! Hey!” You said. You hugged him and hung out with him. After a while, you found yourself sitting with him and a few others outside, smoking. You and Sammy were getting awfully cozy together, but he knew that you and Nate were together. And him and Nate were best friends, so he would never try to come in between you and him. 

“So, I was looking through my instagram feed, and noticed that I haven’t posted a picture of you and I in a long ass time. We should fix that.” He said.

“Hmm, we should.” You said. He tossed his phone to someone that was sitting across from him, and told them to take the picture. You posed for the picture and Sammy instantly posted it.

“There. My feed looks so much better now.” He said. You laughed and sat outside with everyone for a while longer. Once you started to get bored of the conversation that was going on, you went back inside and joined in the drinking games that were happening. After a few hours, a shit ton of drinks, you ordered an Uber and header home. When you finally got home, you saw you had a text from Nate.

“Hey baby, the show just ended.”
“Well, I guess you’re still at the party, since you’re not replying. I’ll text you in the morning. Good night baby. I love you.” 

“Sorry for not replying. I just got home, I’m drunk as hell, but I’m going to bed. I love you, talk to you tomorrow.” You replied. You put your phone on the charger, put some pajamas on, and crawled into bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

* * *

You woke up the next morning with the worst hangover in the world. You immediately shut the blinds to block out the sun. You picked up your phone and saw that you had a million unread text messages. Three from Sammy and 99 thousand from Nate.

“Shit, what happened last night?” You asked yourself. You scrolled through your messages from Sammy.

“Shit, (Y/N), we fucked up. Big time.”
“Nate is PISSED. He’s going to kill me when he gets home.” 

What the fuck happened?

You went to Nate’s messages.

“(Y/N), what the fuck”
“Please tell me it was just a picture.”
“I swear to fucking god if he touched you.”

Oh. Shit.

Everything was starting to come back into focus. Shit, shit, shit.

You went to Sammy’s instagram and looked at the picture he posted of the two of you from the party. In Nate’s defense, it did look like you and Sammy were getting a little touchy.

“Nate, listen,” Your reply began, “It was just a picture. That’s it. I know it looks like it could’ve led to other things, but I swear on my life that it didn’t. Literally right after the picture was taken, I took one more hit of the joint and then went back inside and played some drinking games. After a few games, I was completely wasted out of my mind, and I came home. By myself. Nate, I am so sorry. But nothing happened.” You replied. You hit sent and your heart pounded in your chest as you waited for Nate to reply.

His name flashed across your screen, alerting of an incoming call.

“Hello?” You said when you answered.

“(Y/N). I don’t know what to say.” He said.

“Well, everything I said was the truth. I may have been fucked up, but I was sober enough to know that I did not have sex with anyone last night.” You said.

“I know, and I believe you. I’m sorry for overreacting like that. It’s just, you know how jealous I get when you’re with other guys. Especially Sammy. No offense to him, but he is the biggest player I know.” Nate said.

“Nate, it’s okay. Stop apologizing. You had every right to question it. Although I’m a little hurt that you didn’t trust me enough to not cheat on you, but it’s whatever.” You said.

“Awe, c’mon. Don’t be like that. You know I trust you. It’s Sammy I don’t trust. Don’t get my wrong, he’s my best friend and I love him to death, but like I said, he’s the biggest player I know.” He said.

“I know. He is a mess. Anyway, we good?” You asked.

“As good as ever.” He said.

“Good. Well, I’m going to take some aspirin, eat something, and probably pass back out. I’ll call you when I wake back up.” You said.

“Alright babe. Again, I’m sorry for overreacting. I love you.” He said.

“It’s okay baby. I love you too.” You said. You hung up the phone and went to text Sammy.

“I cleared everything up with Nate on my end, but you might wanna talk to him as well, just to make sure everything is okay.” You text him.

“He’s not mad?” Sammy asked.

“Not at me, but I don’t know about you.” You said.

“Haha, you’re funny.” He replied. You rolled your eyes and laughed. You put your phone back on the charger, took your aspirin, made yourself a bowl of cereal and fell back asleep before you could even finish it.