This Muslim basketball player is breaking stereotypes about hijabis everywhere

Scoring her future into the thousands, Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir hoops with her hijab to holding the Massachusetts state high school scoring record. As a young women of 24, she spirals to her natural passion and undeniable ability in the sport that she hasn’t left since the age of 3. “It was innate for me to play, as I grew up going to games,” Abdul- Qaadir says. (Read more about this amazing woman)


A little chart showing all the parts of the Old Home and New Home that have narration that changes depending on who is currently in control. first column is neutral, second is post pacifist (aka, true Frisk) and third is Chara. In spots that are blank, the narration is the same as it is in neutral. for the bed in Old Home the memories from Chara occur in both neutral and genocide routes, but I put it on the Chara side as it is their memories being shared, not just normal neutral narration.

*Now fixed for easy viewing and fixed an error.


Chara’s plan was not originally intended to restart the war between humans and monsters. After living in the Underground for some time, Chara empathized more with the monsters than they ever did with humankind, and believed that humans owed the monsters for what they did. After giving their soul to Asriel, Chara only wanted to reap enough souls to shatter the barrier and free his friends. When Asriel resisted this plan, Chara’s spirit came to hate Asriel for his betrayal. Frisk’s actions and the route the player takes affects whether or not Chara forgives Asriel and realizes the error of their ways, or if their hatred begins to extend to all monster kind along with humankind.

For the first time, I’ve finally realized it was all a lie, there was never one second where it was real, for you anyway. For you, it was just a game, you had me twisted around your finger. You told me you were falling in love with me, then boom–nothing. You made me think you would actually choose me, when really, I was never even an option. The sad part is I fell for it, I fell for you. It was realer than real for me; you took something I will never get back. You’re happy with her, like you were the whole time, but here I am feeling so alone and broken and you can’t even see what you’ve done. How pathetic that I don’t even hate you, I can’t, physically, emotionally, mentally, can not hate you. There’s been a hole created in my heart, made by a bullet; and you pulled the trigger.
—  i finally understand.

Hello! It’s time for some news.

Good news: Programming for the Horrortale Teaser is about 90% complete. The July release date looks realistic, and I’m gonna give a huge hearty thank-you to everyone who’s supported and drawn stuff for me. It really, really helps.

The game is an extension of this scene, but there are some major changes.

Removed  -There is no snowdog scene or item selection. I don’ t have the programming abilities to implement that into my game. -Dialogue with the skelebros is, for now, slightly cut.

Added  - An extra place to explore (Screenshot 1)

Telling Papyrus his spaghetti is “awful” (Screenshot 2)

Extra content after eating the spaghetti (Screenshot 3, 4)

2 more “game over” scenes (ah HAH HAHAAHA!)
Do not expect a full “horrortale” game to be released. After the release of this teaser, I will be continuing the Horrortale comic instead. It’s just because Horrortale is fan-made, and game development takes me too much time and effort to devote it to something that’s not entirely my own.

Horrortale version © Sour Apple Studios
Undertale © Toby Fox