played with screen tones and stuff


uuu thank u anon!! i hope this can explain it :^o

i use overlay all the time to make colours more vibrant and to make areas warmer or cooler. good for colourful ambient light (like glowy magic stuff).

multiply is really good for establishing a light source very quickly!! play around with the hue to get shadows with cool colours. for more detailed work you can use two or three tones on a multiply layer for more dimension.

screen is something i only recently started using regularly! it’s really great if you have a very bright light source. you can also use screen and paint on the edges of a backlit character to make the lighting more intense. a good thing to know about screen layers is that the darker the colour you use, the less it lightens; using black on a screen layer leaves no effect on the colours underneath (the opposite is true for multiply layers!).

and you can also use these layers for an entire painting instead of just on a character! i don’t have a visual example on hand, but stuff like making the area around a warm light source warmer, making a light source brighter and more vibrant, or using gradients set on multiply or screen are just some of the ways you can apply these to a full painting :)


Megane!Noctis <3
I always gotta do the thing and have Noctis match Prompto or vise versa! The second sketch was inspired by my Senpais beautiful cosplay on twitter! Check them out okay, they’re amazing! Sorry if the first sketch is a little straining on the eyes however, the screen-tone is definitely stronger than the usual! 

Enjoy! <3 

inncarnate  asked:

hey lana! i've been having an off day and i was wondering if you could help cheer me up <3 could i get some college au bellarke fluff?

Of course! I’m sorry to hear about your day but I hope this helps! <3

The thing about Bellamy Blake is that he tries to seem like he doesn’t care that much at all when, in reality, he cares so much Clarke is sometimes afraid that his heart is just going to spill over.

When she pounds on his dorm room door, there’s nothing but a grunt coming from the inside, a muffled string of profanities and, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

He opens the door in his pajamas, threadbare grey shirt and flannel bottoms, his stare confused behind the rims of his black glasses he’d never wear out. Clarke teases him about it, how are you not afraid you’re going to poke your eye out, but it’s only because this Bellamy - the comfortable, slightly geeky one - hell, it’s her favorite Bellamy. 

“Clarke? What are you doing here?”

“Trying to save you from yourself because you’re a stubborn asshole who won’t let his friends help,” she explains simply, pushing through the narrow space between his broad body and the doorway.

She’s not sure at which point he’s decided that he’s allowed to help people, but no one else is allowed to help him. In any case, she’s not going to stand for it. 

“You’re awesome, too,” he replies dryly, closing the door with a click and following her to where she’s working on building a blanket fort. “Why are you destroying my room?”

He’s trying to mask the hurt in his voice but Clarke can see it in his eyes, that hopeful little spark he always carries around and tries so hard to extinguish. That sort of hoping you know won’t lead anywhere. 

“I’m not destroying your room,” she says petulantly, securing a pink blanket to his nightstand and trying not to knock down a pile of books he’s stacked there. Bellamy Blake and books, a torrid love affair. “I’m building a blanket fort. You’re bummed out. Blanket forts help.”

“I’m not - “

Clarke waggles her index finger at him, warning, “Don’t you dare.”

It’s not like no one knows what happened. The fight in the middle of the quad was a good tell that Bellamy and Roma broke up and the way he stormed off, pushing Miller away, was a good tell that he’s hurt by what happened.

The fact that he’s been in his room for two days now, replying to his friends’ worried texts with yes or no, is something that makes Clarke believe that it’s worse than he lets on.

And she hates that. She hates seeing Bellamy hurt, hates how at one point, life made him believe that he’d had to harden to survive when, really, people like him should never have to learn how to water their emotions down. 

Bellamy huffs, the staring match between them coming to a close, and plops down on the thick carpet next to her, poking at her blanket fort and criticizing her building skills. 

“You don’t have to do this, you know?” he tells her, his head now resting against the foot of his bed. The blanket they’re cooped up under is pink, casting a glow on his face that reminds Clarke of some better times, and Bellamy looks like he’s given up on pretending like everything’s alright.

He looks soft now and it never fails to break her heart.

“Yeah, I did. Bellamy, you always take care of us.” When he frowns at her, Clarke rolls her eyes. “Come on. Who held my hair when I threw up those disgusting tequila Jagermeister shots last year? Who keyed Finn’s car when he fucked me and Raven over? Who made soup - fucking soup, Bellamy - for Monty when he was sick?”

“It’s just what I do,” he shrugs, like there really isn’t anything much to it. 

“You have to stop being so goddamn modest, you know that?”

They roll their eyes in unison, at one another’s antics - always pretending like they’re annoyed but never really anything but fond, and Clarke leans her head on his shoulder, his stray curls brushing her forehead.

It’s comfortable, sitting there next to Bellamy, their own little protective bubble in which nothing ever happens, for which the time stands still.

Their own little protective bubble in which Clarke can take his hand in his, trace the lifeline on his open palm under his amused eye, intertwine their fingers and squeeze tight. She’s not good with words but Bellamy doesn’t need that. He always softens at touches, reassuring brushes of fingers against the lower of his back when she feels him tensing up next to her, quick hand squeeze before he has to do something hard, grinning at him as she makes room for him under a blanket during the finals. 

They’ve always been like that with each other so Clarke can’t help the strong, primal sense of rejection when he untwines their fingers and lets out a weary sigh.

“See, this is what bothered Roma.”

It’s like her brain short-circuits, Clarke just gapes.

“She said I was always closer to you than to her. Said we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.”

“That’s what the fight was about?”

Bellamy nods, a muscle in his jaw ticking. He’s a wreck but Clarke is no better. “Among other things, yeah. She did throw in a couple of I don’t know why you’re dating me when everyone can see how in love with her you are, for good measure.”

“But you’re not - “ she stutters, shaking her head because it’s a ridiculous thing to believe. He’s Bellamy, he’s not - he’s her friend. She’s come to terms with being just that to him, always just a friend. Most of the time she doesn’t mind it, as long as she gets his casual affection and his snorts and his 2am rants about will everyone just please stop blaming Helen of Troy?

They’re bits, but they’re her bits. She never dared to imagine what it’d be like if she could kiss him after a rant, it always seemed like an impossible scenario. 

And Bellamy just tilts his head at her, a rueful smile playing on his lips, just above that dimple that Roma probably could kiss whenever she wanted to.

(Clarke isn’t jealous. She’s just wondering.)

“You wanna hear the truth?” he asks her and Clarke nods. Truth hurts, most of the time, but at least it brings closure. She’d pick it over lies any day. “Yeah, I am.” He chuckles to himself, shaking his head incredulously and running his fingers through his hair as he always does when he’s nervous. “God, I’m so fucking in love with you it’s painfully obvious now that I actually think about it. I can’t believe my girlfriend had to tell me that.”

“Oh. So -”

“It’s okay, really,” he assures her, his voice calm and easy, even though there’s an underlying tone of worry, hope, something. “I just thought you should know. I mean, you’re my best friend, it felt weird not to tell you.”

Clarke lets out a nervous little chuckle. “Yeah, we do talk about that stuff.” 

They leave it at that, Bellamy draping an arm over her shoulders and pulling her in closer until she can rest her head against his chest. His heartbeat is familiar, grounding, even though her stomach is in knots, and for a short while, she manages to forget about everything.

Old episodes of The Office are playing on his laptop screen, Michael is telling Dwight that he’s an ignorant slut and it’s comfortable. God, it’s so comfortable Clarke never wants to leave, and she does her best to put it into one word:


She feels Bellamy shift, looks up to meet his curious gaze, lips red from the popcorn he keeps stashed for when she comes over, and a grain of salt that’s stuck in his damned dimple.

“Okay what?”

“Okay to us, I guess,” she shrugs, worrying her lower lip. “Okay, I am in love with you, too. Okay, you probably shouldn’t take me on a formal date because those are boring. Okay, it’s - “

A crease appears between his brows when she chuckles again, and she continues. “Okay, it’s okay. I’m in love with you, too.”

Bellamy beams at her, a smile that is all teeth and dimples putting creases into his cheeks, eyes alight with excitement and Clarke knows that life may be hard seven days in a week, but it’s easier with Bellamy by her side.

It’s much more worth living.

“Okay, good plan.”

Their first date is that same blanket fort and their teeth clash together for too many times because neither of them can’t stop smiling, but Bellamy tastes like coffee and popcorn and serendipity, and Clarke was and always will be weak for the boy who is both hard edges and soft curves, who’s been through a lot and kept standing, and - 

And she loves every piece of him. No matter how broken or how wholesome. It’s Bellamy. Loving him is just like breathing.


I don’t see anything about this anywhere on tumblr, so I’d though I would share. There’s an update for Pokemon Go today that’s very slowly making its rounds for Android users. No idea about the iPhone update, sorry. Here are some notable changes in the new update for those who are waiting for it to hit the play store! Update 0.31.0 can currently be downloaded on APKmirror for those who don’t mind getting it from a non-google site.

Footprints have been removed from the nearby screen. The screen still updates regularly so there is basically no change from it being bugged with all pokemon having 3 prints. The closer one are in the top left of the submenu.

The pokedex problem has been corrected! Yay! Some users were infinitely stuck on Bulbasaur and would glitch terribly trying to scroll over.

Some medals now have nifty new graphics.

You can now re-customize your trainer! Double yay! There is even new clothing options, including some new hats and orange stuff.

The pokemon screen is now full of BOLD LETTERING.

The tranfer option has been moved to a submenu, likely to prevent accidental transfers. Additionally, you can’t transfer favorited pokemon.

They added different warnings that pop up as the map comes up asking players to not drive or trespass while playing and to stay out of dangerous situations.

Buildings on the map now have a bit of dimension to them. Those shown in my screen shot are 2-story buildings so what they added is very toned down.

They’ve also buffed/nerfed a TON of pokemon and their moves. Vaperoen got nerfed pretty hard but a lot of other sencond and third evolutions got great buffs. Especially flying types! You’ll have to check your pokemon to see what changed.