playboy the beast

The Playboy and the Beast

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaoi; Iwaizumi Hajime x Oikawa Tooru

A/N: This was a little idea that just popped into my head. Let me know if it’s something I should continue? Also, the title is a work in progress

Oikawa Tooru was the only son of Oikawa Hideyoshi and Oikawa Mariko, the owners of Crystal Market, a large international market of high quality goods at relatively low costs. Needless to say, Tooru grew up rich. And growing up rich often led to growing up spoiled. Especially when you were an only child. Tooru wasn’t really an only child, he had an older sister, Terumi, no longer an Oikawa but an Oshiro when she married young, at age nineteen. She was by twelve years Tooru’s senior so Tooru didn’t really have the privilege of growing up with a sister, let alone a sibling. And so, Oikawa Tooru was something of a rich spoiled brat.

Oikawa Tooru also happened to be gay. Any relation between those two facts? None, really, if you ignored the fact that Tooru was still in the closet because he absolutely couldn’t ever tell his parents he was gay in fear of it going badly, leaking to the public, and ruining the image that his parent’s had oh so carefully built. So, yeah. No relation to being the son of powerful figures and being gay. None at all. Or so Tooru tried desperately to get people to believe.

But, alas, Tooru was eighteen and liked to let loose every once in awhile. And, god, did he need to let loose right now. The first couple of weeks of his third year had been stressful and were starting to get to him. He had been busy keeping up the aforementioned image his parents had oh so carefully built. That entailed being the top of his class, running multiple clubs as the president, and ultimately being the Student Body President of the prestigious, application only, private school, Seijou Academy. So, yeah. No pressure, no exhaustion. At least until he got to the weekends because those were sacred days and were left to Tooru’s disposal to do as he pleased. And so he did. Those sacred days, he let loose.

Which is how he currently found himself at a gay bar, giving a very very hot guy a lapdance, of all things. And the reason why Tooru’s brain wasn’t blaring alarms that a picture or a video or something could leaked was because Oikawa Tooru was also a light weight. A really really really lightweight. Two drinks later and Tooru was grinding hard without a care in the world into some stranger’s lap that, for all he knew, could be a serial killer.


Is there any rap fans here? Im really curious what you guys think of him, he has a surprisingly large amount of skill, Ive been listening to him for years so, honestly, what do you guys think?