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Do you know what I love? (and wish there was a manga or ep of) At some point Sakura would of told Sasuke about her adventures when he was away and at some point she would tell him about Road to Ninja and how he was such a playboy but also about Itachi saving and guarding her, and I think it would mean so much to hear about his brother like that, even tho his role probably embarrassed him hehehe I just think it would be such a cute moment.

You mean:

“A playboy?” he questioned, eyes shooting up high in a brief, rare display of absolute bewilderment.

Amused, Sakura smiled, and leaned her head in the palm of her hand. “Yep. A playboy!”

“You’re kidding.”

She merely smiled wider. “Oh, you wish I was,” she said, eyes crinkling.

At this, Sasuke said nothing, mouth only tightening with annoyance.

“Aw, what’s the matter, Sasuke-kun?” she teased, cocking her head. “Embarrassed by your alternate self?”

His lips pulled into a frown at that, gaze narrowing at her. “Why would I be embarrassed? He’s not real anyway.”

“Oh, he’s real all right,” Sakura replied, leaning back into her seat and twirling her chopsticks in her half-finished bowl of ramen. “I even have a rose to prove it.”

“A—” Sasuke’s mouth snapped shut, and his eyes narrowed once more. He was nothing short of glowering at her now. “A… rose,” he repeated slowly. “What do you mean a rose?”

She shrugged casually in reply, like she didn’t feel it necessary to explain herself further.

Sasuke wasn’t happy about that. “Sakura.”

“Sasuke-kun,” she countered comically.


She let herself laugh a bit. “All right, relax! You—the other you—gave me a rose, that’s all. Climbed up my balcony one morning like some ninja romeo, handing me a rose while you declared so charmingly that you’d always be by my side.”

The look that crossed his face in response nearly sent her bursting into giggles.

“Now I know you’re making this up,” he muttered, scowling. “And it’s not funny.”

“No, no, it’s all true, I swear!” she replied, trying her hardest not to grin. It was far too funny how worked up Sasuke was getting over this. “You can even ask Naruto—he was there!”

A snort left his mouth. “Like I’d believe the idiot,” he said, reaching to sip his tea.

Sakura shrugged. “Well, anyway. At least your brother was nice.”

Sucking in a breath so sharply he accidentally inhaled some tea, Sasuke promptly began to choke on himself. “W—hat!”


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