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“If request open, will u pls do some angst bruce x reader? Where they used to date for months but he doesnt take their relationship seriously. Its just a cover for public image to him. He thought the reader is a shallow person like the usual women he dated before. But reader is actually smart but choose to pretend to be shallow. Bruce broke up with her. Then years later they met n he learn who she is. He want to get to know her n pursue her but she still hurt with him. Thanks in advance.”

Warning; Angst (not really because I suck) and sudden change of POV. And off the prompt, just a little.

You had your arms around Bruce’s, smile not leaving your lips as you went to your 12th date with him. You’ve dated for months with him, you love him with all your heart. You always at your best when you were with him, all dolled up so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious and out of place when he brought you to a fancy looking place.

Tonight was the night he promised that he would spend his time with you, he brought you to a quite fancy restaurant. You thanked all the gods up there that you’ve made the right decisions to dress as fancy as you could even though your intention was only to spent the night with him, playing or whatever, but being a shy woman that you were you couldn’t say it. The words were stuck in your throat.

So you gave up and just spent your night dining in a restaurant nearby until late. You didn’t have any appointments or meeting with your manager and the other agencies tomorrow morning, being a model as a job was hard, you were treated like a barbie doll.

The both of you sat down on a table near the window, the view was so great you couldn’t take your eyes off it. But when you did you spotted a tinge of uncomfortableness in Bruce’s blue eyes, he somehow didn’t look as happy as you did.

“Bruce?” You called to the billionaire softly, placing your much smaller hand on top of his. You could feel he tensed as he looked at you, “what’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry darling,” he finally responded after a moment of awkward silence, he moved his hand from your gentle grip to put it into his pocket. “I’m okay.” He assured.

You didn’t believe any of his words but decided to let it drop because you knew he wouldn’t like it if you pushed the topic too far. You also had this weird feeling, your chest tightened when you think about it. Why?

The foods came, the two of you had a little chit chat, you did most of the talk since Bruce had preferred to listen instead of talking. You asked him about his day he only answered with boring as usual with a chuckle.

It went on and on, it got worse each day. You were always the one who called him, asking him about his day, what is he doing, telling him that you missed him, saying goodnight even I love you. You missed him a lot. On Saturday night you decided not to contact him to see if he would do it.

You received no calls and no messages. No nothing.

It saddened you, it made your heart drop when you woke up to work. Your manager had warned you about him, telling you that he was just using you to which you answered with,

“Give him a break, hes a kind and generous man. He’s sweet, all of you need to see past his walls, his barriers. I love him not for his money, I love him forHim, nothing else matters.”

You managed to smile for the entire day until someone came into your changing room. A mail woman, you greeted her with the widest smile on your face. She returned your smile and gave you a letter.

“Oh, from Bruce.” You smiled softly after reading where it was from. Your smile dropped at what you saw next.

Let’s end this. This won’t ever work.


The mail woman saw your tears that slowly dripping down to the paper, they dropped right on Bruce’s signature. The ink slowly faded because of your tears, the old woman you didn’t know hugged you hoping it would bring you some comfort. You gladly accepted her little embrace as you cried.

Your manager who just came back from a coffee shop saw your state. She immediately put the coffee cups down and joined to embrace you. You kept on breaking down, everything was so blurry, so monochrome. All colors were gone from your eyes.

Since then you stopped being a model, your manager understands and she supported you. She even helped you looked for a new job, she knew how much of a smarty you were, she knew your abilities and skill because you were the one who helped her with everything that she couldn’t handle. You became a scientist and your manager who also a lowkey smarty became your partner.

It took years for you to completely forgot about Bruce Wayne, about the good times you soon realized that you were the only one who enjoyed it, all the talks, everything. You even realized that he never took your relationship seriously, he used you. You were wrong… Or weren’t you?

Soon your names were spread all over the news and cities, not because of your successful model career this time, instead, it was because of your brain. Your accomplishments, your ideas to make the city a better place, your works, your inventions. Not your body.

It was so satisfying, it felt good to be yourself and not the shallow woman everybody had come to know.

Everything you did reached Bruce’s ears, he watched you from his TV in his office, he even watched every speech you made. He misjudged you, he made a wrong move. He looked down at a scarf you made for him on your first ever Valentine’s day, he should’ve known that you weren’t like any woman he had met and dated.

Those women never made something for him, they never even tried to. Bruce only could imagine how broken you were when he sent you that letter, that heartbreaking letter.

He ran his fingers through his raven hair, a sigh of frustration left his chapped lips. He had never felt like this before, why should he care? You were nothing. You were supposed to be nothing.

Then without him knowing 2 years had passed, Bruce couldn’t get you off his mind. Karma is a bitch. He lived 2 more years of his life thinking about you, he now had fallen for you. He wanted to know you better, apologizes for what he did and even telling you the truth. Hours after hours he made up his mind.

He needs you.

2.31 PM, your work will be over in another 29 minutes. You didn’t mind to stay longer in the lab since you enjoyed it, you enjoyed making things.

“(Y/N)! Someone is looking for you.” Your colleague said, the blonde man brought in someone you hadn’t met in years, you never expected to meet him here. You stared up at Bruce with wide eyes as soon as your gaze landed on him, you slowly gaining your composure back and looked at your male colleague.

“Thank you, I need some privacy.”

He gave you a nod, a hint of worry was visible on his face. Of course, he knew your little scandal with the playboy, it reached everybody’s ears.

“Please sit.” You offered, he didn’t budge and walked to where you were currently working on. It was a little device, a really small device. “What is it, Mr. Wayne?” You asked politely.

Bruce was taken aback upon hearing your voice, it was so different. It somehow had changed. When he first heard your voice it was so annoying he wanted to cover his ears every time you talked but now it sounded like a music. gentle, melodic and soothing were the only thing that could describe you right now.

Bruce didn’t realize he had been silent the whole time until he heard your voice calling his name again.

“Mr. Wayne?”

“Oh, sorry.” He quickly apologized.

“You should be.” Your words made him tensed in his place, he looked at you still with his usual face but inside he felt his stomach churned and filled with an uncomfortable feeling.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” He finally responded.

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

More silence, you seemed so calm under the awkwardness. You couldn’t help it, you were used to it. This awkwardness was the same thing you felt when you were still with him, still happy.

“Are you trying to get me back?”

Yes. He answered in his mind, I want to know you better I want to see you better from a different perspective.

“You’re too dangerous for me Bruce.” You continued, stopping your work and leaned your back against the seat. Eyes looking up at him sadly, “You turned me away like I begged for your money.” You added.

Bruce didn’t say anything, he couldn’t say anything which you took as an opportunity to continue your speech. “I loved you, I did. I thought I saw through you but I was so naïve and stupid, so wrong.”

You didn’t notice Bruce had knelt down in front of you and gently took your smaller hand in his, it felt so warm now. The only thing you could feel when you dated him was coldness, it felt weird.

Bruce felt your fingers twitched in surprise but he didn’t draw his hand back, he gave you a gentle squeeze.

“I was blind back then.” He finally spoke up, “I didn’t know it would hurt you that much. I thought you were like the other women and I was wrong I misjudged you. I’m just going to ask you once, I don’t want to force you, will you give me another chance to get to know you better?”

You stared at his blue eyes, noticing that he didn’t get enough sleep. Another silence filled the room once more before you stood up and drew your hand back from him.

“I don’t know Bruce, I’m still scared.” You grabbed your bag, walking towards the door before opening it open and stepped out. “I’ll think about it.”

[ END ]

Nope, not gonna continue this, I’m sorry!!!

Sorry for grammar errors hope you enjoyed!


Oh a little fun fact, I rewrote this like… 2 times. The other two has 2000 more words XD AND I DELETED THEM!

Playboy - IV (M)

Playboy Masterlist ||

Genre: Smut/Slight Angst

Word Count: 2121

You quickly dashed up the stairs of your dorm building, trying your best to avoid bumping into anyone you knew. You found your dorm and hastily pulled the keys out of your purse, but the door flew open before you could stick them in.

“Thanks for ditching me last night,” complained Ella. She looked a bit annoyed and you quickly apologised. A smile suddenly spread across her face and she pulled you through the doorway. “So, how was it?” asked Ella, immediately deducing the happenings of the previous night. You didn’t reply immediately, you just shifted your weight from foot to foot as you recalled the memories. “Disappointing?” she asked.

“Far from it,” you answered.

“Ooooohh tell me everything,” she said eagerly. She pulled you onto her bed and you sat down.

“He was so good Ella!” you whined. A pout formed on your lips as you finished your sentence.

“Did you get his number?” she asked eagerly.

“No. I left as soon as I woke up”


Your face fell a little before you continued. “He was kind of intimidating. He lived in this massive mansion and everything was just so overwhelming. I didn’t really feel comfortable staying there any longer.”

“So he’s hot and rich? Yah you should’ve stayed!”

You slapped her on the arm and said, “I’m not interested in his money. I do wish I can see him again though. He’s really cute, and he plays the guitar really well!”

“What was his name?” she questioned.


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