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After reading Just Hold On I was wondering what your thoughts are on Victor never calling Yuuri after the banquet in canon? If it was reversed like in your fic I would understand it since Yuuri is so insecure and harsh on himself but there wasn't really a reason for Victor not to call Yuuri again? Do you think he was scared of rejection? Do you think he assumed Yuuri didn't want him, hence making the Eros routine about the seducer throwing his lover away after a one night stand?

Hi, Nonny, I seriously doubt you wanted a whole character/motivation analysis in response to this question, but… I’m a perfectionist and obsessed with YOI, so here you go. Also, thanks so much for reading and enjoying my fic.

Upon initial viewing of YOI, I definitely thought the banquet reveal was cool as a narrative twist, but also somewhat unrealistic. You’re telling me Viktor Nikiforov, international superstar and sap, didn’t have the resources or motivation to find Katsuki Yuuri and confess his undying love?

WHOO BOY, here we go. I think Viktor not contacting Yuuri after the banquet is actually justified, which I’ll summarize:

1. Viktor is a romantic optimist

2. Both Viktor and Yuuri view themselves as ‘the pursued’ and not ‘the pursuer’ in the Eros story

3. Rejection is possibly the most immense vulnerability Viktor has

1.      Viktor is a romantic optimist

This has been heavily discussed on Tumblr, but I’m going to throw in my two cents. Let’s discuss Eros and Agape: Viktor’s two possible programs for the next season. Assuming these are about Yuuri, I’m going to propose a weird idea that this means Viktor has prepared two plans: one for if Yuuri contacts him before next season, and one for if he doesn’t.

Plan A, Agape: Yuuri contacts Viktor. Viktor skates to a program about unconditional love. In the show they talk about Agape like it’s about someone who ‘doesn’t know what love is yet.’ The someone is Viktor, and I could easily see this as his program for a season where he’s just started to experience Life and Love in a relationship with Yuuri.

Plan B, Eros: Yuuri doesn’t contact Viktor. Viktor skates to a program that seduces the entire world’s pants off. He would’ve dominated every competition, and won a mountain of gold medals; basically, he’d seduce Yuuri until the other man came back.

Note that there are only two plans here: start to experience unconditional love with Yuuri, or seduce the crap out of him until returns to Viktor. There is no third plan titled ‘Viktor Nikiforov Moves On.’ It’s get Katsuki Yuuri or bust, because Viktor is a romantic optimist.

Naturally, Yuuri throws a surprise wrench in all of Viktor’s plans by not making it to Worlds and breaking it off with Celestino, and then moving back to Hasetsu. Suddenly, Yuuri’s not his competitor; he needs a coach, just like he told Viktor in Sochi.

Even if you don’t agree with my particular strange interpretation, we know that Viktor is a romantic optimist because he fell in love with a drunkard over the course of a night and proceeded to move his entire life halfway across the world for him. All Yuuri had to do was make a romantic gesture with that viral video, from Viktor’s POV, and Viktor shoved his apartment into boxes and left Russia so fast Yakov got whiplash from watching him go.

Viktor wants that love story, but he approaches it in a roundabout way. Viktor is probably a tiny bit socially inept (again, there’s a lot of Tumblr discourse on this so I’m not going to go into it) from being a skating celebrity rather than an average human being, and he also loves grand gestures. Expressing his love through skating is THE WAY TO GO, right?? SURELY Yuuri will GET IT?

So why didn’t he just call Yuuri up, rather than waiting? What I wrote above probably contributed to his decision not to contact Yuuri, but the main reason he didn’t lies more in points two and three; I just had to establish Viktor as a romantic optimist.

2.      Both Viktor and Yuuri view themselves as ‘the pursued’ and not ‘the pursuer’ in the Eros story

Firstly, we can all appreciate that Viktuuri is a relationship which doesn’t rely on negative queer stereotypes of one person dominating the relationship, or on traditional gender roles. Viktor and Yuuri take the lead in different aspects of their relationship, and it’s incredibly healthy.

That being said, we all know that Yuuri views himself as the abandoned beautiful woman in the story of Eros… but we discover in episode 10 that Viktor also identifies that way. God, I love this show.

As far as Viktor knows, Yuuri is this unstoppable force who can royally screw up the GPF and then give Viktor the most magical, fun night the very next day. Yuuri is someone who blows Japanese nationals, loses his coach, and responds by virally owning the frickin program that holds the World Record in an extremely public and romantic display. Meanwhile, Yuuri thinks he’s an anxious, mediocre skater. In Yuuri’s head, he is the beautiful woman who initially rejects the playboy because she knows he’s going to leave her; in Viktor’s head Yuuri is the playboy who wrecks hearts and whole towns just by showing up.

Comparing their views is hilarious. Yuuri thinks Viktor is a playboy, untouchable and bound to leave him. Viktor thinks Yuuri is a playboy that’s already wooed and subsequently rejected him, which I’ll dive into in the next section. When Yuuri says he’s underconfident, that he can’t skate Eros, and panics at competitions, Viktor’s initial response is just ????????? But you are this whirlwind force of nature???? Everyone loves you????? How do I help you?????

Frankly, Viktor’s view of Yuuri doesn’t allow him to understand that this man, who seems so bold and capable of pursuing what he wants, is restricted both by his anxiety and also his lack of knowledge about the banquet. Yuuri isn’t calling Viktor? Well, Viktor’s easy to find—he’s a major presence. If Yuuri wanted him, he’d come and get him, and that’s Viktor initial conceptualization of the situation. Yuuri’s not pursuing Viktor, so he must not want him.

Another recent discourse on Tumblr I’ve seen is the idea that it’s Yuuri’s fantasy to be pursued. He wants to be attractive and irresistible and catch Viktor’s attention; of course, he simultaneously thinks he’s too average to ever do so. Yuuri thinks he’s been chasing Viktor his whole life and will never catch up; he wants to be the one chased in the end. On the flip side, Viktor is the first one to pursue: he approaches a drunk Yuuri, he takes pictures, he starts to dance with him. He likes him.

But his crush is cemented when Yuuri demands and commands his attention, essentially pursuing him. Viktor likes to be desired, likes to skate for an audience, probably is turned on by the idea that Yuuri is his fan and has always wanted him. We all know he’s the jealous type (ahem: Chihoko) and needs Yuuri’s attention in return.

Basically: both of them are Extra, and after the banquet Viktor thinks it is Yuuri’s place to pursue, wants Yuuri to pursue him, sees himself as hopelessly and attracted and wants Yuuri to signal that he likes him in return. When the viral video comes out, both of them hilariously still think the other is ‘the pursuer,’ because in Yuuri’s POV Viktor just shows up and announces his position as coach, whereas in Viktor’s POV Yuuri has (finally) put out the siren call that Viktor has been waiting for. Both of them are helplessly crushing on each other in a miscommunication of epic proportions.

Anyway. The idea of Viktor wanting to be pursued, and feeling like he’s the abandoned ‘beautiful woman’ so he doesn’t call Yuuri, leads straight into what I think is the greatest motivator for Viktor lack of contact: rejection.

3.      Rejection is Viktor’s vulnerability

Viktor is a man whose entire life, from the time he was a teenager, has been based off of seeking people’s approval. Which people? Everyone: judges, the ISU, probably his parents, Yakov, the media, the frickin whole of Russia. Viktor’s career and his existence mostly relies on approval; we all know he fears becoming someone unable to surprise, someone unable to win and gain approval from those around him. Viktor dances around the things he really wants—there’s been so much Tumblr discourse about this that I’m just going to point out the ocean scene vaguely. Rather than straight-up telling Yuuri that he wants to be his boyfriend, he proposes it flippantly and as an open question. This is how you try to avoid rejection, friends.

Anyway, going back to the main point.

This is something that I haven’t seen discussed a lot, but you have to remember that Viktor and Yuuri’s actual first interaction was Yuuri rejecting him and walking away. It’s not unreasonable for Viktor to think Yuuri is going to reject him: Yuuri does it multiple times throughout the show, though it’s likely never for the reasons Viktor thinks it is. Viktor does not cope well with rejection. He goes and gets drunkenly smashed every time he’s rejected in the show (this is more popular Tumblr discourse, so I’m not going to get into it here).

If you think Viktor has never met a fan in real-life and disappointed them before or failed to meet their expectations, you are dead wrong. He’s been an international celebrity for… what, 10 years? I’m sure at least one person, probably multiple, have rejected him upon actually meeting him because he wasn’t what they envisioned. Yuuri is a fan, and Viktor is a superstar, and while we may think it’s on Viktor to reach out and express his interest because he’s a celebrity, it’s also on Yuuri to express that he is interested in the real Viktor, the guy he danced with at the banquet.

If Viktor contacts Yuuri and is rejected—by the first person that’s really made him feel inspired and excited in the longest time—it’s all over, and in a heartbreaking way. Viktor likes to hold onto hope (optimist!), and is terrified of rejection. Note that the second Yuuri “contacts him” with the video, and seems to accept and reciprocate Viktor’s feelings, Viktor has zero reservations about going to him. Of course, when he gets there Yuuri basically rebuffs him, which is why he cries and gets savagely aggravated in the first few episodes. Alas, Viktor is still a romantic optimist (see part 1) so he sticks around and tries to feel Yuuri out. You like me, right? Look, I am sexy and I can make all your dreams come true, look at me, please don’t reject me?

Even the fact that Viktor shows up and immediately frames himself as Yuuri’s coach, something Yuuri clearly needs, asked for, and is less likely to reject, something Viktor feels qualified for, is very telling. Rather than saying I’ve been in love with you since the banquet, I’m here to give this a shot it’s I’m going to be your coach!

Just because Viktor doesn’t have anxiety doesn’t make him any less prone to fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is a human thing that we all experience. So… he doesn’t call.

One of my favorite things about their relationship is the way Yuuri handles this fear, and essentially says: I’m not going to reject you if you’re not exactly who I want you to be. You, yourself, are what I want: just be real with me.

 Yuri on Ice is a beautiful thing.

To conclude this very long rant, I’ll relate this back to my fic quickly (spoiler alert, by the way) and just say the way JHO (WGH) flips this and makes it… more angsty, rather than what happened for canon Viktor, is by relying on:

·        Yuuri is an anxious pessimist. Yuuri worries that Viktor will leave him, that this time will be just like the banquet, which is completely understandable. Viktor is a superstar and, in Yuuri’s head, he is a nobody that served as Viktor’s drunken fling for a night.

·        Yakov serving as the matchmaker, rather than Viktor calling for Yuuri. Unlike canon, Yuuri has no indication that Viktor wants him in Russia, has no idea that Yuuri is literally there for Viktor (well, not just for him, clearly he is a great skater, but that’s a major reason why Yakov took Yuuri on). This only fuels his anxiety and pessimism further.

 Basically, I write angsty fluff and overthink things. Also all of this is conjecture, so please don’t hate me.

Again, thanks so much for your questions and your interest! Sorry I responded with a three page character analysis rather than being a normal person.

let the sea sweep me away (m)

🎃 word count: 1k

🎃 genre: smut ; domestic au

🎃 pairing: reader/jooheon

🎃 warning(s)/kink(s): sub! jooheon, dom! reader, sub/dom, degradation, use of the words whore + slut, toys, blindfolding, light bondage, light dirty talk, begging, use of ma’am

🎃 summary: when jooheon doesn’t understand to keep his eyes on what’s his, you decide it’s time to teach the naughty boy a lesson.

🎃 requested by: anon - “I’d like to request some sub!jooheon + some light bondage and blindfolds as punishment. Maybe she got mad because he was checking out some girls slutty/sexy costume at a Halloween party?”

🎃 music: do re mi - black bear

🎃 masterlist + kinktober 2017

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Marichat May Days 13-21

So life caught up with me and I fell completely off the tracks for Marichat May;; I’m probably going to miss most of the remaining prompts too, as I have an interview and an operation next week, so here’s a longshot that incorporates some of the prompts I’ve missed:

SIN (implied), Age-up Chat Noir, Something Sweet, Flowers, Balcony Visits, Rejection, Identity Reveal, Night on the Town, Akumatized Marinette.


There were a few factors that could turn someone as pure and sunny as Adrien Agreste into the most notorious playboy in town: neglect, rejection and much more money that sense. Luckily (or unluckily) Adrien could play out his persona as Chat Noir, and no-one was the wiser. In fact, people barely cared about the ‘model Adrien’ anymore. At eighteen, he had broken his contract with Agreste and moved into his own bachelor pad, and never looked back. He filled his empty life with gadgets, alcohol and women. Unwanted by his father and the media, he was welcomed with open arms at Chat Noir. And with every blue-eyed woman he took home to his bed, he wondered if it was her.


‘Alya, I’m still jet-lagged, why are you dragging me to a club?’ Marinette groaned, holding her head as her best friend of nearly ten years merely winked in response.

‘Come on girl, I’ve got to cover this opening tonight for work. We’ve got free passes and a tab at the bar, so stop your complaining and shimmy into that dress, ‘kay?’

Marinette wrinkled her nose. She thought longingly of all her creations folded neatly in her suitcase, back at her apartment. The heap of black silk in the bag didn’t give her much hope.

‘And these,’ Alya said, holding out a pair of stilettos while her mobile phone was crushed against her ear with her shoulder. ‘Yes boss, we’re nearly there.’


‘I hate you,’ Marinette grumbled under her breath, as she tried to maintain her balance. ‘I should have stayed in LA.’

‘Oh, come on, aren’t you bored of all that?’ Alya teased. ‘Don’t lie girl, I know you missed our home boys.’

‘Well…’ Marinette ran her eyes over the line. Certainly, the guys in LA had been a little…samey. And it was tiring having to talk in English all the time. She did miss the language of love a little…

‘The one and only Alya,’ the bouncer nodded, and allowed them right in ahead of the queue. ‘Try to keep out of mischief, hmm?’

‘You know I’ll try my best, Bobo,’ the redhead smirked. ‘But no promises.’


It had only been ten minutes but Chat Noir had already forgotten the name of the young woman that was clutching his arm. The black cat was usually better than this, but she was just such a freaking bore, he wasn’t sure he could even be bothered going to the club with her. At least the music would drown her out, he reflected.

They posed outside for the paparazzi, and Chat flashed his signature grin. He stopped to sign a few autographs, before the bouncers had to tug him away from his adoring public. They were ushered to the VIP area, where silver buckets of iced champagne was slowly melting in the heat of the club.

‘Ahh, if it isn’t our favourite superhero,’ a familiar voice in his ear said. Chat turned and caught sight of his old school friend and now high-flying journalist, Alya. Her Ladyblog had evolved after the spotted heroine had disappeared, and was now called ‘Fly on the Wall.’ It contained all the latest gossip about Paris. Alya usually knew that a celebrity couple had broken up before the couple realised themselves.

‘Bonsoir,’ Chat grinned, tugging at his bell collar. His suit wasn’t built with small, sweaty rooms in mind, and if Alya wanted a photo, he was more than happy to show a little skin.

‘I see you are with Gina tonight,’ Alya remarked, phone at the ready. ‘Wasn’t it Lotte yesterday?’

‘You keep track better than I do,’ Chat smirked. ‘And who is your lovely friend there?’

They both watched as the young woman in the silk black slip navigated the steps into the VIP room, her eyes down at her feet.

‘Aha, back off, tomcat,’ the journalist clucked. ‘Marinette isn’t interested in strays like you.’

‘Marinette?’ Chat breathed, and at that moment she looked up, her big blue eyes locking with his. Her glossy hair was in a neat bob that showcased her collarbone. As she brushed her fringe out of her eyes, he noticed a light pink cherry blossom tattoo on her inside wrist.

‘Chat Noir?’ she was clearly just as shocked to see him, and Gina chose that moment to return with their drinks.

‘Do you want a photo of us?’ she preened. ‘The lighting is better over here.’

Chat felt himself be dragged away, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Marinette. He could remember clearly, like it was yesterday, the last time he had tried to visit her. Ladybug had been waiting for him on the balcony.

‘Come here often, chaton?’ she had asked, her eyes narrowed. He had swallowed, and tried to explain their relationship. ‘We’re just friends…’

‘Don’t visit her anymore…’ Ladybug had warned him. ‘You’ll just get her tangled up in our business.’

At the time, Chat thought his lady had meant the akumas, and he had followed the heroine’s advice.


Marinette could feel herself shaking. She followed Alya to the bar, and for once didn’t complain about the tray of shots. She knocked them back easily, feeling the alcohol diffuse through her blood, steadying her.

It had brought it all rushing back, seeing him. All the resentment and hurt. A throw-away line from a silly game with their old school friends, and the question: ‘Is there anyone you love?’

Marinette could still picture the way Adrien had blushed and squirmed. The girls had giggled and pressed on. ‘Is she in this room?’

The young designer had felt her heart clench with anticipation at the question. The reply of ‘no’ seemed to hang in the air forever, and while the others had squealed and offered suggestions, Marinette had felt herself fall down a dark, endless tunnel. Adrien didn’t love her at all. In fact, he loved someone else.

Alya had left her at the bar to go and chase some boyband, and Marinette perched on the edge of her stool, slowly making her way through rum and cokes. Wine took too long to hit her: this was a much better fix. Marinette drank as she remembered the conversation with Chat on a rooftop a few days later. He had retold the story of her heartbreak without flinching, told her that she was the only one he loved. Not realising that she had been in room. Not realising that what he had said was a lie. Or was it? For Adrien, aka Chat Noir, loved Ladybug. Not Marinette.

She waited until his usual visit night and transformed, telling him never to visit Marinette again. Then after the final battle, she took Chat’s heart as he had taken hers, and crushed it under-foot. She told him that she didn’t love him. And now Papillion was defeated, he would never see her again.

Marinette peered into her empty glass and summoned the barman once more. It seemed like Chat’s heartbreak hadn’t lasted long, however. She had been skeptical of Alya’s updates, that the black cat had turned into the legendary fuckboi of Paris, but now she had seen it with her own eyes.


The champagne was barely touching him. He was so used to it now, he needed something much stronger to even begin to feel tipsy. Which was why Chat abused his liver, seeking new ways to find that numbing, black pit. No matter how bad it got, he stayed away from drugs. They didn’t mix well with the miraculous- he had learned the hard way.

Chat didn’t even need to dig out his wallet: as soon as he approached the bar, several people tried to buy him drinks, men and women alike. He engaged with them all until his headache began to beat at his temples, and soon he slunk away. Just as he was planning to make his escape from the club, Chat noticed Marinette alone at the bar. He was drawn to her, like a cat to cream, and pulled up a bar stool.

‘Long-time no see, princess,’ he purred, resting his arms on the bar. His biceps were nicely defined by the leather, and the lights in the club did wonders for him, too.

‘Hi,’ Marinette replied shortly, taking a sip of her drink.

‘Don’t you remember me?’ Chat asked, taken aback by tone. ‘I used to pop by your balcony for late night conversations. It’s been a few years though, huh. You were in the US, right?’

Marinette sighed, necked her drink, and slipped from her stool. ‘Leave me alone, Chat,’ she said flatly, before walking off.

The black cat had to remember and close his jaw. This was cute little Mari? His princess, that used to feed him sweet things and scratch his chin?

‘Hey!’ he caught up with her in the smoking area, a terrace outside the club. ‘I’m sorry I stopped visiting! I know it probably seemed odd. But, it was actually Ladybug that asked me at the time…’

‘Chat,’ Marinette looked him dead in the eye, and took her mobile phone from her clutch. ‘I don’t care, okay? I’m not interested in talking to you.’

‘What?’ Chat felt himself move forward and grab her wrist, the cherry blossom under his fingers. ‘Can you tell me why?’

Smokers were watching them now, so Marinette glared at him and pulled free. He followed her, feeling confused and light-headed, and it was nothing to do with the alcohol.

‘Let me make one thing clear,’ Marinette said, as she fired off a text. ‘I am not going home with you.’

‘What? That’s not what this is!’ Chat could feel himself blush, something that hadn’t happened in years.

She eyed him coldly, and tried to hail down a cab, but it sailed by them.

‘I just want to talk! It’s natural, isn’t it, when you haven’t seen a friend for years?’

‘You’re right…’ Marinette agreed, cocking her head. ‘So, how’s things been, Adrien? Are you enjoying hiding from the world under you suit?’

Chat Noir swallowed. Her pose, even in the black slip, was menacing. Hands were curled on her hips, and her blue eyes were almost radiating sparks.

‘Ladybug…’ he realised.

Marinette stomped her foot, failing again to hail a cab.

‘You got it, golden boy,’ she said. ‘How does it feel?’

‘Awful,’ Chat admitted honestly. ‘Oh god…Marinette. My lady…’

‘Save it, chaton,’ Marinette retorted. ‘I’m jetlagged and now drunk, and the last thing I want to deal with is your fragile ego. So can you please get lost, or at least find me a ride home?’

The black cat silently unclipped his baton and waved it in front of her.

‘Still not trying to take you home,’ he clarified, before she could scream at him, or worse, become akumatized: there were still a few stray butterflies around Paris that he had to attend to every now and then. ‘But I would be more than happy to drop you off. It’s the least I could do.’

Marinette bit her lip and looked down at her sore feet. ‘Fine. But you take me to the door, understood? And that’s the last I want to see of you.’


The night didn’t quite go according to Marinette’s plan.  

Why Olicity is Endgame? Even Prometheus thinks so!!

On Valentine’s day, I want to take the time to walk through a villains point of view of Olicity and what he has done to try and sink that Ship!

Prometheus (regardless of who he is) has set his sights to destroy Oliver Queen’s soul.  Oliver’s belief in himself; his status as mayor in the community, his place as Green Arrow the vigilante saviour; the hero he has come to be.  Prometheus is set to extinguish Oliver Queen’s light and alienate him from those who he loves.  He has recognised that Oliver Queens passion lies with one Felicity Smoak and in his effort to torture Oliver he has put Felicity in the bulls eye.  

Prometheus’ endgame is to terminate Oliver and Felicity as individuals and as a couple; because he sees the power of Olicity and how their union has made them stronger.  Prometheus has been following Oliver’s life since his return from the dead.  He has been watching the news.  He is aware of the Count’s fall from Queen Consolidated; of their CEO/Executive Assistant history. He obviously heard Oliver’s 4.15 public proposal; and he must know of the paralysis; and the Bug-eyed Bandit attack on Felicity and how the Green Arrow continuously comes to her rescue. He knows how significant Olicity has been to Oliver’s progress whether by supporting his cause financially or by providing him with intel and back up.  Prometheus has watched Oliver’s evolution from that playboy public display of rejecting a legacy at the opening of the new applied sciences building in season 1 to his inspirational speech of 4.23 and his ascension to mayor.  Prometheus sees the effect of Felicity evident in Oliver’s life and he sees the inevitability of Olicity and seeks to destroy it as he destroys Oliver and Felicity separately.

Let’s review the villainous plans:

In 5.09 Prometheus set up several plans to destroy Olicity

Plan A:

Prometheus set up Billy Malone for Oliver to kill. What does killing Billy accomplish for Prometheus?

1. Set the Green Arrow as Malone’s killer for him to be later hunted by ACU

2. Hurt Felicity Smoak by killing her boyfriend and cause her to feel guilt for including him in the mission.

3. Cause a rift between Oliver and the team over his killing of Billy

4. Push Felicity to blame Oliver and leave the team.

Fail on 2 out of 4 so far; because we don’t know yet how and if the Green Arrow will clear his name; that is yet to be explored in 5.14

Plan B:
We are still in 5.09.  Oliver returns to the bunker to find Black Siren pretending to be Laurel Lance and attempting to infiltrate the team.  What does Black Sirens presence accomplish for Prometheus?

1. Drive a wedge between Oliver and Felicity over his attempts to redeem her; and her frustration at his lack of listening and paying attention.

2. Humiliate and insult Felicity through BS and grow her insecurities where Oliver is concerned and shove her to further push for independence and anarchy.

Plan C:
In 5.09, plan C is also set into motion: Prometheus set up John Diggle to be arrested.  What does John’s arrest accomplish for Prometheus?

1. Oliver calls Adrian Chase to step in as attorney. Adrian finds ways to delay John’s transfer and keeps him in Star City. Adrian drops the information that the NSA is investigating Walker but he is unable to breach their systems. Felicity steps in; but only finds corrupt files; to conveniently be approached by Alena/Kojo Sledgehammer who offers her a cache of data named the Pandora files (another list of corrupt people) that contain the missing information on Walkers corruption. Felicity leaks the info. Digg is saved but Felicity is entangled into a dark arc and Prometheus has gotten to Felicity through Pandora.  He has provided bait and reeled her in further in Russia.  Prometheus through his evil partner is waiting to entrap Felicity and further compromise Oliver through her.

2. Oliver and Diggle trust and owe Chase. Chase gets a public commendation for his work.

After watching 5.09, 5.10, 5.11 and Felicity’s run into Oliver’s arms as she faces death in 5.12 how can anyone doubt that Olicity is endgame?  Even Prometheus recognises the supernova that is Olicity and has failed at extinguishing it.  He simply can’t.  It’s a mortal lock!

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i just realized something and i may be wrong but

Yuuri’s SP program ends with him facing away (from Viktor?) in a gesture of rejection - “the playboy moving on to the next town”

while Yuuri’s FS ends with him pointing towards and reaching for Viktor

So the SP Viktor choreographed for Yuuri very soon after he arrived to coach him is based on the drunk banquet scene when they first met, and when Yuuri showed such ‘Eros’, because that’s all Viktor knew of him back then

But then the FS Viktor choreographed for Yuuri later on, as he got to know him better contains much more of what Yuuri is, as Viktor got to gradually know different sides of Yuuri. And he knows now that Yuuri never meant to leave him, he was reaching towards Viktor all along.