Okay so correction: this isn’t signed by him, I think she got a regular Playbill signed by him but I didn’t want to dig through her room! @motherfckindemocraticrepublicans sorry I ransacked your room for this Davis Gaines book.
But yes, @ofbeautsandbeasts! This DOES have production photos of Davis Gaines, and is from when he was the Phantom. It’s such a cool book, I’m surprised you don’t see more of them around!


But can you imagine planning and putting on musicals at hogwarts??

•into the woods with an actual witch magic and a growing bean stock

•sweeney todd with great blood effects

•les mis with a self building barricade and aging make up

•phantom with a shattering but harmless chandelier

•n2n with a ghost as Gabe

•chicago with a real disappearing swan dive

•singing in the rain with real rain on the stage but actors could be dry for the next scene

•mary poppins would just be a hit in general

•little shop of horrors with a real plant and disappearing acts

•the sets could be self changing and the lighting crew could use their wands as spot lights and just


the first time I ever saw Les Mis live (at the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago) the guy playing Marius was climbing over the fence into Cosette’s yard and he fell off the fence, landed flat in front of Cosette, missed his cue while getting to his feet and came in at “I’m doing everything all wrong”

they both actually played it off beautifully but I can’t help laughing because Marius

Things non-theatre people don't understand

• getting to a theatre early to buy merch
• taking a ton of playbills/programs
• staying AT LEAST an hour for people at the stage door
•WANTING to stage door
•taking 3 hours to dress for a show
• planning a week or more in advance for your theatre visit.

And this is just what I know from my family…

Fast Facts: What We Learned from the Hamilton Panel Lightning Round (Playbill):

What’s the best thing you’ve heard at the stage door?
Daveed Diggs: They’re like, “We’re clipping!” And they play that screechy noise from their phones. Only three of you know what I’m talking about.
Lin-Manuel Miranda: “Will you write this down in your handwriting so that I can get a tattoo of it?” Bad idea. My hand-writing is really bad.
Renée Elise Goldsberry: “Thank you.” I find it strange to walk out after receiving something so great personally and somebody says to me, “Thank you.”
Phillipa Soo: Something strange and amazing is that somebody asked me to sign their face. It was with a permanent marker and I was like, “Um, that’s kind of toxic"…so I signed the arm. But then everybody else signed her face so then I felt a little bit bad that I didn’t. I think the best I’ve heard is a lot of young Asian-American women coming up to me and saying thank you for representing Asian-American women.
Chris Jackson: "Benny, you were great as George Washington!”
Okieriete Onaodowan: “Can I touch you?” To which I say, "Well, let’s unpack this. How do you want to touch me?”
Jonathan Groff: “I know you have a mole on your left butt cheek.”
Leslie Odom, Jr.: “Have you seen the mole on Jonathan’s left butt cheek?” - 

If you could change roles [and play] anybody in the show, who would it be?
Miranda: Lafayette
Goldsberry: Aaron Burr
Soo: Hercules Mulligan
Jackson: Jonathan Groff, he’s onstage for five minutes!
Groff: Angelica
Onaodowan: Angelica*
Odom, Jr.: Eliza
Miranda: I think we have our next Ham4Ham. 

check out the rest of the article to get theatre recs from the cast!

(*Oak’s answer has been noted to have actually been Washington)