Lin-Manuel Miranda BroadwayCon 2017
Surprise Playbill Periscope

  • Generous quantities of Lin’s face 
  • Advice for theater majors
  • “think of the first Mary Poppins–I’m doing that much dancing”
  • His favorite recent ripples from Hamilton, including “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” and cast album lyrics at recent protests
  • On women performing men’s roles in Hamilton
  • Okieriete Onaodowan in person (including a beautiful answer about young people, theater and inclusion at 15:25)

They fix the volume problem and start questions at 6:45

1/28/17 (x, x)

Jenn Colella 

I remember early on in my career, when I was doing Urban Cowboy, many of my friends in the business encouraged me to stay in the closet. I had a director friend who said if he knew an actor was gay, then it would color his opinion of that actor’s ability to convincingly play a straight character. So, I made a (feeble) attempt to keep my personal life separate from my career. That soon proved to be too difficult. I didn’t feel I was being authentic to myself or to my partner at the time. So I started inching, tip-toeing out of the closet. The more honest I was with myself and those around me, the better I felt. Cut to a couple years ago, during rehearsals for the Off-Broadway revival of Closer Than Ever… I asked Richard Maltby, Jr. if we could change some lyrics in the song “The March of Time.” Instead of “husband who adored me,” I wanted to sing “partner who adored me,” and subsequently, change all of the following pronouns from “he” to “she.” Richard took one second to consider my request and then confidently replied, “Well, I don’t see why not.” Later, he agreed to let me record the cast album with those changes as well! It felt like a true triumph. It still does.

Now I am proud to say that I am waaaaay out and incredibly proud. Any director, producer or casting director worth his/her salt knows that a competent actor is perfectly capable of creating chemistry with whomever is necessary for that role. I genuinely feel accepted and loved by my theatrical community, and I am deeply honored to be a part of it.

List of Broadway Theatres & Their Visibility

I have compiled a list of every Broadway theater and the general reviews I have read on their visibility to be used as a reference for all those broke theatre kids out there. I would also like to add that each show has its own discount ticket policy- standing room, student rush, lottery, regular rush, etc. And you should check out that and the general popularity of the show (i.e. your chances of getting the one of the limited number of discounted tickets) before buying your own ticket.   

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