playbill photos

@whoinwhoville replied to your post “Those new DT pics are too damn funny not to make icons out of lmao Oh…”

You know, I think that Georgia taking official pics thing was a rumor. I was the one who posted that. I read it here on tumblr somewhere, but there is no evidence so far.

I thought I saw in an article somewhere that she was the photographer. But somebody also pointed out to me that Georgia took the playbill/official photo 

That one

Which is still a really good shot I think.

What I admire about the stage photos are how well timed they seem to be. It’s tough to get shots like that. But then again I don’t know much about photography haha

I watched Hamilton’s America with my boyfriend tonight and let me just tell you that when he heard the begins of “Guns and Ships” he cleared his throat, sat up, and rapped the whole thing with Daveed Diggs. 

I love my boys