Here is my Anastasia program signed by some of the cast! Some of the actors weren’t signing that night (May 10th) so I don’t have everyone but here’s what I got: Top: John Bolton - VladSecond from top: Mary Beth Peil- Dowager Empress / James A. Pierce - Chorus/ Von RothbartThird from top: Derek Klena - Dmitry / Christy Altomare - AnyaFourth from top: Nicole Scimeca - Little Anastasia / Lauren Blackman - Chorus/ Tsarina Alexandra / Ramin Karimloo - Gleb Bottom: Molly Rushing - Chorus/ Young Anastasia / Sissy Bell - Chorus/ Maria Romanov 

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So it seems that one set of fan photos from tonight (taken by a young women with a grey jacket and headband) was of Cait and Sam heading into the theatre to see Natalie Dormer in a play. Cait was wearing a coat. Actual photos of SC going to a play rather than a photo of playbill and a story spread days afterwards.

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾The little things. No fanfare, just going about their business. Real folks are just real.

Hot Cocoa (Ben Platt x Reader)

Hot Cocoa

Ben Platt x fem!reader


Words: 493

Warnings: none?

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A/N: Woop..Two imagines posted in a day.

Requested by @patheticforaesthetics : “Can I have an imagine where the reader is part of the original cast of hamilton (she plays Lafeyetts wife and Jefferson wife cause she sings a lot) and her husband Ben Platt visits her after the show!”


Ben was a busy person. So were you. But that didn’t stop you guys from surprising each other with things all the time. Like this one time.

It was a cold day and you had a pretty much booked day at the theatre. You were in Hamilton, you played Lafayette’s and Jefferson’s wives, and it was a very frantic day for, not only you but the whole cast.

It was a two show night, and you had rehearsal that morning and you offered to help with the costumes that morning before rehearsal as well.

So you did as you could to help with the costumes before rehearsal rolled around.

Rehearsal seemed to drag on for forever and when it finally ended, you all went out for lunch, which was kind of hectic. You and Jazzy talked about the latest trends basically the entire time while everyone else around you buzzed to each other.

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My Groundhog Day shrine as requested!!

Photo One: Previews Playbill, Opening Night Playbill, flyer
Photo Two: signed playbills from 4/5 times I’ve seen the show & stage doored along with my photos with Andy from each time
Photo Three: signed Playbill from Andy personalized with a note to me (from fanmail) along with a photo of the cast that he sent with it, signed playbill from the most recent time I saw the show, signed London programme, and of course my little plushie Phil (also signed by Andy on his back)

- my most recent photos with Andy (the hug ones) aren’t included because I haven’t figured out how I’m displaying those yet
- the empty space in photo three is where a lamp usually goes but I moved it for the photo
- no, I have no idea where my future playbills/photos are going 🙃

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who started the whole sandy blue eyeshadow thing cuz looking at playbill high res photos her eyeshadow is greyish purple??? but everyone does blue for some reason???

Lol sorry bout that…I did. ^^; So you can blame me. I just really really like the color blue. I usually kinda create my own make-up, so I make her lips more purple and her eye shadow blue instead of what’s shown here:

Yes I love the original make up designs by Joe Dulude I just felt like messing around. This was my very first Sandy piece (sorry it’s not very good, it was a year ago):

I’ve just kinda kept her eye shadow blue ever since I think it looks cool. And I’m honored that other people like it too and incorporated it in their lovely art!

I also have a tendency to make Karen’s lips blue even though they’re not…I just thought it matched her dress. Plus her hair in the original costume sketch was blue, then later changed to purple…but Karen looks good in blue I think. So I give her blue lipstick.

Blue lipstick, blue eye shadow…blue is really my thing.