AHS theory: Only one of the people survive living in the house. It’s Shelby, because she’s a witch and can heal herself. She was able to almost miraculously wake Matt up when he was hospitalized, and healing could be part of her power. She got cut really bad and was stable, so maybe she’s unknowingly healing people.

TLC update is here! [S] Rose and Jane: Play the Rain

Still trying to wrangle some coding for the page but it’s up and watchable! 

Warning for flashing LOLAR rain. We’re making a regular Youtube mirror and a Youtube version without the rain overlay, if that’ll be easier on your eyes. Both will be up in a bit, and they’ll be posted on the blog.

This was quite an endeavor, and we’ve got lots of credits to hand out!

Track by Kat’s brother. Original “Endless Climb” by George Buzinkai

Code help by the always excellent ltparsons

Adorable Terezi, Davesprite, and John art (plus some LOMAX and LOCAH scenes) by the wonderful Avenmage

And a special shoutout to the various fanartists who happened to be near the top of my Jane and Rose tags when Gill went sniffing around for headcanon inspirations

A lot of effort went into bringing this to completion. We hope you enjoy it! And, since that was our original goal date, happy (belated) 10/25!!!


Hey y’all! 

I’m almost done with my Bitty cosplay for youmacon! All I have left to do is sew on the tail and get the socks (and work on taping my breasts down better,,)

Bitty is from the wonderful comic Check, Please! which is written by the even more wonderful Ngozi! You should totally check out the comic/ngozi’s artwork.

Anyway I’ll see you guys next weekend! Come say hi! <3