she went awf last night



*Waves* Hii! :)

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for disappearing so bluntly ;-; School’s been keeping me busy by having me take 3 tests a week of the content we have discussed in class and we need to pass 9 out of the 12 tests in total, so that’s what’s keeping me busy these weeks ._.

I haven’t been able to read anything, let alone wanting to play a game that’s laggy and takes 124634 hours to load .-. 

ANYWAY, I’m definitely not back but I’m trying to play sims whenever I have time and I made this cutie from my base sim, which was weird but worth it because look at her 8_8

I hope everyone’s having a great day or had one and will have one tomorrow ;)

*tunes out for 9 weeks*

anonymous asked:

What would you do if someone flat-out rejected your gift and told you to give it to anyone else?

What makes you think anyone has capacity to refuse me?  

But those gifted certainly have a choice as to if and how they use what has been bestowed on them.  No one has rejected my powers yet, but if one does I can’t see the resolve lasting very long.  Self preservation is awfully predictable and with the Void humming through my marked as a constant temptation… well I would be quite impressed to find one who could deny It’s pull.