richie plays the piano

- right, none of the losers are aware of richie’s musical talent bc he’s a self depreciative boy who underestimates himself MASSIVELY

- so the first time they all see him play it’s a fucking shock like imagine

- everyone’s sprawled out on bill’s floor, chatting away and richie’s hand is literally bouncing where it rests next to eddie

- eddie knows richie can’t sit still so like he doesn’t mind BUT richie hates being an annoyance

- so he stands up and sits on the piano stool, no ones really paying attention cos richie can’t fucking play lmao

- and then BAMN complete silence as richie starts this beautiful slow song

- everyone is like what the fuck??? u can play bitch

- it’s also the longest time they have ever witnessed richie just sit still and concentrate on something

- by the time the song finishes everyone is deadass like my dude,,, you have a talent

- eddie joins him on the stool blushing like heck (bc they’re idiots in love who STILL haven’t admitted it)

- “play me something” “oh *chokes* okay”

- anyway richie is literally so talented at music and all the losers constantly pester him to play music for them

- he also happens to finally ask eddie out after playing him a beautiful song but that’s a story for another time

Yuuri's Piano
Yuuri's Piano

Prompt #2: Other skills

After ballet lessons with Minako and training out on the ice, Yuuri liked to amuse himself on the piano. Fingers trailing over the black and white keys, wondering what tune he’ll play today. Right now, something soft after a long day was exactly what he needed.

Closing his eyes, Yuuri let his fingers explore.

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This is a little IRL wump, but my physics partner is the star of all our plays and musicals, and the past few days he had been performing each night, so today in class his voice was very scratchy and he looked kinda out of it. Being the nice person I am I confronted him about it and it turns out he had been struggling through all the performances with a cold and by the final performance his entire voice was gone and he still came to school BLESS HIS SOUL!

Bless his soul indeed!! He’s so dedicated!! 

I’ve got something similar– I’m doing a little play right now, and the other night at rehearsal, our male lead was having to stop and cough in between every line, and after that run through, our director, who is also sick, was like “YOU BETTER GO TO THE DOCTOR!” 

I swear, though, like half the cast is sick right now, so I’m glad we’ve got Thanksgiving break to recover. A lot of people are losing their voices, and I have to sing so I’m hoping I don’t lose mine

Watching a series of unfortunate events on Netflix just makes my heart aches about a PJO series. I really like how they did just 2 episodes per book and I wouldn’t mind a similar (ish) thing for the PJO books, but here me out on this and why it totally makes sense. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events has 13 books, if you do the whole a book = a season and only release a season a year then it would take 13 years to make them, and it doesn’t make sense because you’re working with kids and you want them to still be kids by the end of the last season. This way instead of 13 seasons you only get 3 seasons and the kids are still kids by the end of it. Which is totally what you need with books like Percy Jackson/HOO you have 5 books and people like to believe a book= a year but it’s wrong. 

The first book starts with a 12 years old Percy who is a few months away of turning 13 and it ends with a 16 year old Percy who literally just turned 16, the events of PJO happens in 3 years and a few months. While the Heroes of Olympus series has 5 books but the evens of the books happens in the span of  6-8 months. If you do a PJO Tv Show or a movie with 1 book = 1 year and even if you start with a 12-13 years old actor, he is gonna be 17-18 by the end and then if you also want to do HOO that is a 5 books saga, the guy is gonna end up being a 22-23 years old playing a 16 because the saga ends a few days before Percy’s 17 birthday,

But if a PJO TV show happens and they do what what they did with ASOUE where they adapted more than a book per season… You get 10 books in only 5-6 season, if you start with 12 years old they will end up the last season (Blood of Olympus) somewhere between 17-18 years old and honestly? That’s not that bad if we consider that most of high school tv shows consist of people on their mid twenties or even thirty playing a 16 years old.  

So my idea would be this:

Season 1:  18 episodes

  • Ep 1-7 The Lighting Thief
  • Ep 8-14 Sea of Monsters
  • Ep 15-18 Titan’s curse Part 1

Season 2:  21 episodes

  • Ep 1-4 Titan’s Curse Part 2
  • Ep 5-12 The Battle of The Labyrinth 
  • Ep13-21 The Last Olympian

Season 3:  20 episodes

  • Ep 1-10 The Lost Hero
  • Ep 11-20 The Son of Neptune

Season 4:  20 episodes

  • Ep 1-10 The Mark of Athena
  • Ep 11-20  The House of Hades

Season 5:  12 episodes

  • Blood of Olympus*

*maybe make a christmas especial of 2 hours of Nico’s and Reyna’s adventures and focus the season in just the seven.

I had this edited and the audio balanced so you can hear poor Jackie like a week ago and then life happened, so here you go!

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