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Let me guess Ice, you're the incredibly short wing spiker?

“I’m a setter! Denmark is the wing spiker. Nor and Sweden are the blockers, Finland is our Libero. Sealand likes to join and play sometimes, but he sucks. Most of the time Estonia is our 6th player.

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Could you do a request for The minor trio where their S/O is someone who starts playing Christmas music RIGHT after Halloween (like the next morning)? They just love the Christmas spirit....a lot?

✿ I am going to admit that, for entertainment purposes, I answered this using more western Christmas traditions. I hope you enjoy this pretty silly post.


  • man this guy probably does the same thing
  • you just walk in and BLAMMO
  • ~*~*~*~chestnuts roasting on an open fire ~*~*~*~
  • he probably plays traditional stuff too. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and all that jazz.
  • the two of you sicken everyone around you with your disgusting Christmas spirit
  • like seriously guys what is wrong with you
  • it is not even Thanksgiving yet
  • c h i l l
  • (v has no chill when it comes to christmas music)
  • the two of you sing along together.
  • he has a nice voice.
  • you’re baking tree shaped cookies a good five weeks before Christmas even rolls around.
  • like. just. really. really guys.
  • one night, the two of you just consolidate your playlists into a giant, ultra playlist.
  • no one in the RFA EVER gets any rest. 
  • 707 makes little christmas themed emojis for the messenger because of him.
  • Unironically wears a santa hat.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • okay so i need you all to know, i started thinking about how, exactly, Saeran would view Christmas given that he was raised by a crazy Christian cult
  • like did
  • did Mint Eye celebrate Christmas??? rika was All About the Lord and Savior so like
  • would she?
  • or had she gone so far off the deep end that she just went Fuck That to the New Testament and threw out all that mumbo-jumbo
  • was there Rikamas
  • did mint eye get together to decorate a Rika tree
  • Okay anyway. Moving right along there. Saeran hasn’t heard any of your Christmas pop bullshit and he’s like….>??????? ?what?
  • what is this
  • who is santa claus and why is he making a list with my name on it
  • you get in Comically Loud Arguments with Saeran about the content of Christmas songs, and about how he is not letting anyone come down his chimmney without a fight
  • he doesn’t really understand the implications of playing Christmas music so early, he’s just so confused by it in general.
  • gets weirdly attached to rudolf the red nosed reindeer.


  • looks at you and quietly mouths what the fuck.
  • it’s not december yet.
  • it’s not even thanksgiving. 
  • what the hell are you doing.
  • look they’re from a place that actually seriously celebrates Christmas and they think something is devastatingly wrong with you.
  • loudly complains whenever it happens.
  • (you pinch their cheeks when they pout at you and they glower)
  • despite themselves, they can’t help but think you’re really cute when you sing along to your favorite christmas songs.
  • by November you’re already forcing them to watch All Your Favorite Christmas Movies and like, they say they hate it but
  • they are warming up to this whole ~*effusive Christmas cheer*~ thing
  • Your habit of making peppermint hot chocolate helps that along. (Vanderwood definitely thinks chocolate + peppermint is a dynamite combination.)
Weakness (Gladnis)

Ignis trying not to show he was breaking down from all his responsibilities. He was Noct’s anchor, he cannot show weakness. Never. He must remain strong.

Taking care of Noct wasn’t just a ‘hobby’. It was his passion. Seeing the young prince at tip-top shape was always his priority.

For his Highness. It’s always about his Highness.

It was Gladiolus who noticed him slip once in a while, but Ignis never let’s it linger for too long for anyone else to notice…

The young prince’s advisor had too break down once in a while.


Ignis shush-ed him. “Hold me just a little bit longer, Gladio…,” he whispers. Tightening his embrace around the larger man’s strong arms, “… just a little please…” his voice near crying as he pleaded.

Gladiolus moves closer to the smaller form on their shared motel bed, “I’m not going anywhere, Iggy…” and he encircles his arms around Ignis, “We can stay like this all night, if you want,” he felt the hold on him tightens.

“Thank you, Gladio…”

Gladiolus thought Ignis would cry, but the smaller man didn’t. How Gladiolus wished he did…

Even in this time of quiet, Ignis still didn’t want to show too much weakness.

Gladiolus was all Ignis had for comfort, but he was still not enough.

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So I've just randomly found your tumblr by looking for footage from last nights gig. I was there last night and I just want to let you know that you are an absolute moron. People like you genuinely ruin the special magical and intense atmosphere of a gig. You didn't enhance the atmosphere, you just screamed shit over Pete and also Jack when he was performing. I personally think it's really selfish. When you're older and hopefully a little wiser you'll look back on yourself with embarrassment :)

Here we. Here we. Here we fucking go.

First of all I just want to say that I did not fucking shout over Peter, I did this thing where I sang along to his songs?? Unheard of tbh. I shouted I love you during jack’s set and then I sang along when he played for lovers. Listen right at the end of the day you’ve come to see Peter doherty not the fucking opera, I’m not sure what you expected but it’s hardly gonna be people standing around in silence for a few hours. I didn’t realise having fun at gigs was illegal tbh, I wasn’t hurting anyone I was just having a good fucking time cos I spent good money to go and see someone that I love. And don’t make out I was the only one shouting or dancing about?? Everyone fucking was?? It’s a gig hun and I’d rather be a so called moron than someone who thinks they’re too cool for school and stands about doing fuck all cos they’re “in with the band” lol. I hope I don’t grow older and “a little wiser” if it means I’m gonna end up a boring old cunt. Fuck off and let me fucking live

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Dear person I like

I’m so sorry that words can’t even explain how I feel about how everything played out. You’re right there and I miss you. I miss the side of you that trusted me enough to open up, I’m sorry that someone from your past ruined that. I’m sorry if I ruined it. I’m sorry I lost trust in you. I’ll be here as your friend though. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world. And even if you don’t accept it from me it’ll still be there. Pick your head up and flip your hair and just remember who you were before she tried to rip it away. Time heals everything and what it doesn’t heal it provides you with things to help you forget.

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Here's the tea on Demi. Girl has amazing vocals! Not even haters can dispute that. Especially compared to the group of singers she rose to fame with (Selena, Miley, Taylor, etc.). However girl is dumb af on social media. She is always running off at the mouth saying ish that don't make no sense girl and has thus become practically nothing more than a meme. (Also how tragic she toured with Nick Jonas and still struggled to sell tickets...) Like unfortunately she'll never be #that girl

I’m going to drink some of this tea but not all of it. I generally agree that Demi can’t really be an it girl….but I see a Kelly Clarkson type career path for her if she plays her cards right. 

Also she has a mental disorder (someone please correct me if that’s not the correct terminology) and she doesn’t deal with fame as well as some of her peers. With every tweet she sends out she gets attacked. Everyone does waaaaay too much on her. She is so talented and every album she puts out she gets better IMO…I’m just proud of her tbh and no offence when she came for Taylor Suewift that was kind of iconic. 

So my little sister went on a sort of “date” tonight, and my parents being as protective as they are, made me go along with them. I didnt wanna be a third wheel so I invited my best friend. My little sister felt bad that i was forced to go, so she bought my ticket. Anyways, me and my best friend were walking ahead of my sister and we see that Fantasric Beasts is playing in the theater right next door to the one playing Moana. I tell my bestie to look in and see if it’s started, and it hadnt yet! We like, score! So we tolz my sister that we were gonna watch Fantastic Beasts instead of Moana, and in before the movie started my sister texted me telling me she can’t believe i just did that. Honestly, idk why she couldnt, its something i would totally do. Its been almoat a month since ive seen it, I needed Newt again!

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But shouldn't the person of that ethnicity playing that character have the right to chose who they want because they are that ethnicity? I ask this because I went through the process of trying to figure out what's right and wrong in playing a trans character and a trans rph told me that if you're not trans, you use a trans fc. But if you are trans you don't have to -- so does that not logic apply to this as well?

I see what you’re saying, but no. Because using cis fcs for trans characters is a way for them to create diversity for themselves, it’s not taking away anyone else’s representation. But using a Korean fc for a Chinese character, while it’s creating more Chinese diversity, is erasing the ethnicity and identity of the Korean person in question. Koreans also do not already have representation and you’re taking away from them by doing so. Plus, please read up on Japanese, Korean and Chinese history.

Chat log 2: musician talk

KawaiiKitty75: hey Travis-kun plays guitar right?

AnimeTrashDemon: yeah, why?

KawaiiKitty75: kawaii chan has an idea for a song but she needs an electric guitar solo, can Travis-kun help, plllleeeeaaaassseee?

AnimeTrashDemon: depends what type of solo, I’m new to the electric guitar

KawaiiKitty75: that’s fine! Kawaii Chan just needs a solo

LucarTheMemeMaster: if you want I can play the solo for you, I know more about the electric guitar than Travis, he’s more heavy rock with electric, unless that’s what your looking for


PrincessKatey: //////

AnimeTrashDemon: yeah actually, katelyn is like, beast at Singing!


PrincessKatey: sure, just don’t embarrass me too much////

NiniTheNeko1920: Yay for katelyn!

LucarTheMemeMaster: hell yeah go katelyn!

EdgeLord75: guys remember this is a rock song

LucarTheMemeMaster: you say that like your making it,,

EdgeLord75: I’m doing drums you pice of blue haired garbage

AnimeTrashDemon: ZANE!

EdgeLord75: sorry Dante…

NiniTheNeko1920: I LEFT FOR LIKE 5 MIN R I P


LuTheMagicalGirl22: music stuff

NiniTheNeko1920: .,..,,.,now I really wanna rickrole you guys

Everyone: NO

EdgeLord75: lmao rip Nicole, the memeist of memes

EdgeLord75: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


NiniTheNeko1920: LMAO RIP TRAVIS