Okay, so I have a question..
Valentine and Jocelyn’s baby boy (I am gonna call him Sebastian) used to play with Alec, right? So they must be born roughly around the same time. And Jace is canonly atleast a year or more younger than Alec.

So, when Valentine told everyone Jace was his son, why did no one put this together? Why did Maryse (who had seen Sebastian) and even Luke not put this together and realise that the timelines don’t match? Jace is way too young? I mean Jace and Clary barely have a 6 month difference?

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I honestly believe that Camila will be a huge success in the industry. She's always stayed humble and unproblematic through all the shit and hate she's been through. She's so talented and never lets anything hold her back. She's coming and she's not playing any games

Damn right she’s not

ectoimp replied to your postSo I was thinking of your AU, and about Bendy and…

I guess it would depend on the rules of the cartoon. If its a muscial, ya gotta participate in the musical

This is an excellent point.

In that case, the number might play through, but backfire right at the very end – for maximum comedy points, that is.

Either that, or it’d be at the end of everything.

Bonus points: it’s both, and the second one’s a reprise.

Topi’s Daily Card #1038:  Horizon Chimera

Now, this card is a big mishmash of keywords and abilities that mean a pretty solid creature with a subtle but powerful ability.  UG is the perfect deck for this creature to belong, probably some of the strongest card draw colors in EDH.  Flash means at end of turn you can drop this creature into play and get some lifegain right at the start of your turn.  Flying is a plus for evasion and that trample seems a little odd on a smaller creature, but hey, I’ll take it.  You may not always be attacking with this creature and instead be gaining a ton of life.  It’s a fine creature and will help buff your life total easily in UG, so it’s always worth thinking of when your deck is focused on drawing.

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You know what? Fuck it. Tag yourself. Pick your own damn questions to answer.

Good idea!

18: Tell us about an early childhood memory.
There was the time when Grandma Lanise kidnapped me and took me to Tijuana. I did not want to go to Tijuana. We went to Tijuana anyway. There’s a picture of me somewhere, standing in front of a wall in a restaurant in Tijuana. Because pictures of people standing in front of things was Grandma Lansie’s jam.

23: Have you ever met someone famous?

The kid on the left is my brother, before all the tattoos and prison time and whatnot. The woman on the right played his mom. I met her in the summer of 1990. I seem to remember meeting her kid once on the set, in passing.

29: Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?
I love books, but I often have a hard time focusing long enough to read them. So I listen to audio books. And they’re awesome. The last thing I listened to was American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road. I’m currently listening to Small Great Things.

41: What can you hear right now?
A box fan and not much else. It’s loud. But it’s pulling in cool air, so I’m not gonna complain.

50: Invent your own word. What does it mean?
This one was a bad idea. I don’t know. Why did I pick it?


Teresa: *continues* And Jamison and I decided that we’re going to get married…just a small ceremony tomorrow at a park. 

Clifton: Oh sweetheart…you just don’t know how happy hearing all of this makes me. 

Clif closes his eyes for a moment and Teresa can see tears forming in the corners. She just hopes that they are happy tears. Suddenly, he opens them and smiles.

Clifton: Come inside, Lil Bit.  You play chess, right?

Teresa: *reluctant* Not very well.

Teresa follows her father inside, leaving Maddie and Hollis outside alone. 

Madalyn: Well…that was definitely some great news!

Hollis hesitates a moment to avoid being led into a trap. Lately, Madalyn has been hinting about them getting married and so far, Hollis has been successful at avoiding the conversation. 

Hollis: Yeah…it was.

Madalyn: Maybe soon we’ll have some good news of our own!

Hollis: *frowns and tries to avoid saying too much* Uh…right

i just woke up a little bit ago and the first thing i did was whisper “holy shit” to myself and SHOOT out of bed because i remembered that episode prompto for ffxv is out today

so i turn on my ps4 and i’m super pumped right?? because i have the season pass so i should’ve been able to play right away

but ALAS i can’t access the dlc and when i go to the playstation store, it still says it’s 4.99 and i’m like oh no bitch u don’t get to fuck with me! i have paid for this already, let! me! see! my boy!

but i guess a bunch of people who also got the season pass are having this issue so all i can do is wait…… psh how dare they keep me away from my beautiful boy prompto argentum… the love of my FUCKIN life

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Content aside I'm actually surprised Ethan and Jason are coming back I thought that story had been mysteriously dropped. In the middle of the world's most predictable storyline emmerdale actually got me with something so fair play to them.

Right like damn my pessimism got me and now I’m like well hot damn nice one ed you got me shook!

See y'all? Low expectations are good



@captainkandice - XDDD Oh god I hear ya~ XD If I do a midnight zombie run, I’ll probably STILL play it right after getting a bit of coffee in me cause half it won’t stick between sleep and probably GRIEF, ARE YOU AS READY TO CRY AS I AM!?

I’m kind of sad that CDs and Vinyls have lost their popularity. Personally I enjoy the feeling of opening up a new album and watching it play right in front of me.
I also feel that it gives the album more life, rather than just being something that’s floating around on the internet.

Anyone else?

I had this edited and the audio balanced so you can hear poor Jackie like a week ago and then life happened, so here you go!

From Best Friends Play Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

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Since bitty is (I think?) the first openly gay player in the NHL in the fics, what about other players hitting on him when they play the schooners, or even better, during the all star game when jack is right there?

The game so far has been nothing memorable, just another pre-season exhibition against Edmonton that neither team really want to give their all because why risk anything before the season even starts?

“Bittle,” Burig, a second line Oilers winger, flags Eric down at the end of the second period, with a look of grim determination that gives Eric the sense he’s about to be sucker-punched.


“You, uh,” Burig hesitates, gnawing on his mouthguard and twisting his stick in his hands while he comes up with whatever he wants to say. He huffs and looks around for any teammates that might be watching the exchange, finding the rest of his line distracted, he leans in close. “You doing anything after the game?”

Eric blinks. “What?” 

“Just,” Burig shrugs, face flushing pink, “wanted to see if you’d like to grab a drink or something.”

“Oh. Oh!” Someone from the bench yells his name and Eric is faced with a dilemma he knows he can’t resolve in the next 15 seconds. “Wait for me after the game, we can talk.”

Burig nods tightly, beet red, and skates back to his own bench.

Just another thing for Eric to think about while coach yells at him for missing an unnecessary pep talk.


Burig is waiting for Eric when he leaves the locker room, hair still damp and his suit slightly rumpled like he’d thrown it on in a rush, which makes Eric feel worse for some reason.

“Hey,” he perks up when he sees Eric, sliding his phone into his gear bag. “You wanted to talk?” He sounds so earnest it hurts and Eric motions to a meeting room just off the hallway.

“It’ll be a bit more private in here.”

Eric doesn’t waste time when the doors close, Burig isn’t the first player to approach him and he certainly won’t be the last.

“You’re very sweet, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Fuckin’ knew it,” Burig curses, shouldering his duffel bag. “No way someone as hot as you is single. Worth a shot, right?”

“Were you looking for a hook-up or?”

“No, not like that, I just kinda,” he hesitates like he’s afraid of saying too much.

“Safe space,” Eric waves his arms to indicate the empty room. “Be honest.”

“I’m tired of Grindr and puckbunnies and bar hookups, you know? I want something real.”

Eric immediately runs through a list in his mind of the few single players he’s met in similarly awkward situations. “You play in Vancouver next week, right?”

Burig’s eyes go wide and Eric holds up a warning finger. “Hold your horses. I may have a friend in a similar situation, but it’ll be on his terms if he wants to reach out. Give me your number, and I’ll pass it along if he wants to meet. Okay? No promises.”


“You want to tell me why we’re watching Vancouver slaughter Edmonton when we could be doing literally anything else?” Jack bemoans from the couch, poking and prodding at Eric to distract him.

“I’m invested, alright? You plant seeds, you watch ‘em grow.”

The clock runs out on the second period and Eric keeps his eyes trained on Vancouver’s goalie, Crivier, who waves Burig over in a moment of calm. The two talk, barely visible over the shoulder of a commentator, but moments later Burig skates away with a very prominent smile on face. 

“And boom goes the dynamite,” Eric whispers, grabbing the remote to switch over to the new season of House of Cards.

“You playing matchmaker again, Bits?” Jack laughs, pressing himself against Eric’s side and nuzzling at his neck.

“You know how much competition you’d have if I didn’t set up all the guys that hit on me with each other?” Eric breathes, sliding his fingers through Jack’s hair. “I could have a harem.”

Jack groans and squeezes Eric tightly. “I’ll fight everyone,” he murmurs, “even the guys I like.” 

Straight White Boy Problem #1000

me: I’m so SICK of Megan not texting me back! and NOBODY wants to play basketball right now. at least Jason wants to play fifa with me later but I have to eat in 30 mins bc my mom is picking me up chipotle for dinner and i KNOW she is going to forget the guac……Why is the world completely against me?

everybody: the world is against….you? there are more things going on in the world than just…you. straight white boys like you don’t have THAT many problems….

me: *thinks about all of my problems* hahaha well i disagree with that…

everybody: …Straight White Boys don’t have as many problems compared to any other group of people and, realistically, usually benefit from societal norms that are set up in their favor

me: oh…………wait……i guess i really don’t have that many problems compared to everybody else. while there are some things that are issues in my life, it is up to MYSELF to overcome my own issues instead of complaining about them. and while some problems are out of my control, i have to react to these dilemmas in a positive way so that I can better myself and better others around me as well. Knowing this, i think im ready to move on, ready to do bigger things, ready to contribute to society. i’m finally here.