Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Mini Matchmaker"

Title: Mini Matchmaker
Characters: Clementine, Mike, Bonnie, Luke, Jane
Summary: Clementine plays Cupid and tried to get Mike and Bonnie together, as well as Luke and Jane.
Author’s Note: Dis is real cute
Requested By: @aly4son
While young, Clementine always knew more than she allowed her group to know. She made a point to never go into detail regarding her life before their group. She never explained her past or the things she had seen or conquered. While she treasured the view the group held of her, she knew the less she shared, the better.

Maybe that was why she refused to speak up when she saw the sparks fly whenever certain members of the group looked at each other.

Or maybe it was because it was more fun that way.

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