Halloween 2016


___________________________“I have a strange feeling with regard to you. As if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly knotted to a similar string in you. And if you were to leave I’m afraid that cord of communion would snap. And I have a notion that I’d take to bleeding inwardly.“  ― Charlotte Brontë

I love all the wolves in Ashes of Ariandel. It’s like

“Okay, everyone HATES dogs in our games, but we can’t just not put any dogs in the DLC.”
“But everyone loves Sif, right? Just turn the dogs into wolves, it’ll be fine. And while you’re at it, put some giant ones in there, too.”

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Wait then what're you referring to?? Rewatched the scene and couldn't find anything

Lucas: why are we holding balloons?
Riley: this is our letting go ceremony. We are LETTING GO OF THE THINGS WE THINK WE CAN CONTROL BUT WE REALLY DONT.
Zay: Well I’m not doin it.
Farkle (smiling): YOU DONT CONTROL THAT.
Riley: Except each other. We will never let go of each other.
Farkle (smiling): See?
:Zay takes back the balloon: 🎈

Everyone else is annoyed (except arguably Maya). Everyone else doesn’t get it. Besides Farkle. Why? Because he understands why Rileys doing it and why it’s so important to her. 

Why did they play the scene that way? 

Maya has no lines.
Lucas’ only line is one of annoyance and confusion.

What is the topic they are talking about? Why is it so important to the story? Why is it Farkle who understands? 

Intensive purposes.


Kinoshita tries so hard despite having so much regret for leaving. He fears that he’s going to be a screw up and has to HIDE from being called when he actually DOES want to play. Yes maybe in a way he was relieved when he wasn’t a starting player BUT PLEASE DON’T THINK HE ISN’T TRYING AS HARD AS EVERYONE ELSE.

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That chapter cover for 76...Do you think it has anything to do with that one time Fai and Kurogane listened to Oruha's song in Outo? Because your analysis really brings that to mind.

The beauty of interpretation is that anything can be connected if you think it does. 


But yes, if we take a look at Oruha’s song here and here, and compare it to the cover for Chapter 76 then HO BOY DO WE GET EXTRA MEANING OUT OF IT. 

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You play piano WAY better than you think you do. You read music WAY better than you think you do. But musicality is not so much taught as it is FELT. I love your touch on the piano. It's expressive and comes from a place deep within. Just my opinion, but I know music, and I'm pretty sure I'm right. Thank you for sharing yet another dimension of yourself.

Omg whoa thank you haha this is SO nice 🙈 really appreciate this! Thank you!!

My co-teacher asked what my skull’s name was and I said I didn’t know yet, so she said we should ask the class. The two kids who called it Junkrat before started shouting Junkrat and got the entire class to start shouting it. I DONT WANT TO HAVE JUNKRAT’S SKULL.

……..I’ll compromise and name them Jamison. 

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Obviously Jensen plays it that way or it wouldnt be on the screen and we wouldn't be talking about it. But people need to remember that Jensen cant exactly say 'oh yeah I'm playing Dean as in love with Cas' or whatever because MAJOR SPOILERS MUCH? Not to mention the NDA all cast/crew sign. Of course he gets uncomfortable with those questions at cons there's literally no safe answer. He's being forced into a position where he can either upset the fans or anger his bosses. Id be uncomfortable too.

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{ — ok i’m about to delete my file in pokemon black and i just want to say that i have 647:45 hours logged into it but Unova is the region I care the least about LMAO — }

Someone really needs to make a bot that downloads every vine that hit a certain threshold of plays cause there are way too many videos I don’t want to see disappear

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If anyone is feeling left out at all, please feel free to message me to plot, to talk, or just for any reason at all !! I know what it's like to be left out in a roleplay, and it's awful. And I would like to make it as enjoyable as possible !!

I know that we have many, nearly everyone who wouldn’t mind being privately messaged to plot or just chat out of character.  This is a fantastic idea in so many ways!!  It brings the mun closer to one another, as well as you can express your feelings about your character, or your character with one another, or plots, and how you are feeling about said plot.  It’s a great way to chat about anything really. I know I personally use it often in all role playing ways.