concept: glewis and blark

a board game where players generate terrain by laying down tiles as their party of goblin explorers braves various danger while looking for treasure to bring back to the goblin president. play as the goblin warrior, the goblin mage, the goblin engineer, or the goblin chef! discover underground temples, dragon lairs, a wizard’s tower, a commoner’s basement! like betrayal at house on the hill except actually fun and without three fucking rule books! 2-4 players, for ages 8 and up


VLD MMORPG au idea that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for ages ; u ; I had lot’s of fun designing them and I’m so happy to finally post them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

It’s set in modern au, but the designs are for their avatars in the game; They’re regular college students, but while they’re playing something gets corrupted and they find themselves stuck in the game and have to find a way to get out and back into reality

I made a small comic intro thing?…Idk :”D <3 click here to see it!


Petition to give this poor mugboi a break. 

I had to scribble out these dorks because everything about this game makes me so happy and bubbly inside!! Also, the fact that Cuphead carries around moonshine liquor in his cup kills me.