Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Okay but hear me out…

Jaal joining the crew of the Tempest and realizing that he thinks he likes Ryder more than a friend; that he’s starting to fall for her. He talks to her more, he starts making her a new gift that he’s put infinitely more thought into than the last one, and he starts corresponding with his True Mother more often.

She asks about this Sara Pathfinder, where she came from, what her family is like… and that’s when he realizes he doesn’t know what her family is like, does he? He’s never met her father or her mother, or knows if she has any brothers or sisters or cousins… Ryder doesn’t talk about them, and he never thought to ask.

After a mission, it left Jaal feeling particularly alone, missing his family… Ryder came to him to talk, the topic was brought up in conversation. She told him her mother and father are dead and her brother is in a medically induced coma, that she’s basically an orphan. It makes his heart hurt, he was surrounded by people, by family, always no matter what… to be so completely alone and frightened and overwhelmed in a new galaxy 600 years away from your home… he can’t imagine it. He immediately emails his True Mother.

He tells her Ryder opened up to him, told him about her family, and how it made him feel sad. He deeply cared for Ryder, he wanted to help her… He had to help his darling one. “So bring her here! Introduce us, we will be her family.” Sahuna tells him. The idea entices Jaal, especially considering the recent events with Aksuul…

He suggests it to her, and they take the shuttle to meet his family. He introduces Ryder to everyone, despite his embarrassment from the praises of his True Mother. Ryder is smiling with stars in her eyes, loving every minute. She missed the family atmosphere so desperately, she loved being surrounded by it again. He was so glad he helped her, made even gladder by the confession that she felt the same way about him that he did about her.

… a first, for him.

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Polyam!teamiplier x reader. What it's like dating them all. A typical NIGHT would include...?

Sure!! Here you are 😊😊💕💕


- Fighting over who get to cuddle with you

- You usually like to sleep by yourself, but Ethan always comes in in the middle of the night

- Having a struggle with who picks the Friday night movie

- You choosing Chica over everyone

- Ty and Mark squishing you in a hug and you’re just like ‘halp’

- Falling asleep eithr on Amy or Kathryn cause they are warm and soft

- Somehow ending up on the floor in a pile of cuddles with Chica in the middle

- None of you mind, it’s literal perfection and you’re all happy

fuck.. i stayed up until rn, fuckin FOUR AM.. playing botw when i have to wake up at 9 for work tomorrow. but it’s all worth it cause i found the stable where i could put flowers in my horses hair. all is right with the world