In this episode of Game Master Tips, Matt Mercer is back to talk about helping your quest if you happen to have a blood-thirsty team at the table. Maybe you want the band of adventurers to stop killing and get back on the quest. There are ways to turn their attention from senseless slaughter or…



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today in the adventures of me discovering the wonders of Sims PC

I downloaded the Supernatural expansion and decided that Merlin would make a great fairy, and because I am Merwaine trash I then of course had to make Gwaine as well (he’s a werewolf) and naturally they immediatelly kiss kiss fell in love and I LOST MY ABSOLUTE SHIT FOR ABOUT 5 FULL MINUTES BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT ONE OF THE ROMANTIC ACTIONS IN THE SUPERNATURAL DLC IS “PROMISE TO PROTECT” AND HOO BOY IF THAT DIDN’T RUSTLE MY JIMMIES
13 Card Rummy Tips and Tricks Win at

The fastest, largely played, and easiest version of online rummy is 13 card rummy, despite this, mastering over it is not easy. However, if you follow certain tips, then you can improve your winnings for this game. Below mentioned are some of the useful rummy tips and tricks:

Tip #1 - Be Alert!! Try to remember the cards picked and discarded by your opponent(s): Try to remember the cards that are picked and discarded by your opponent. This will give you hint of the cards with them. Moreover, keep a check whether your opponent is picking the cards that you have discarded.

Tip #2 - Discard the high point cards first: Generally, the cards higher than 8 (in points value) are considered as high cards. It is suggested to discard all such cards (picture cards, 9s, 10s, and Ace) first, if they are not making any direct set or sequence. This is to reduce the number points in your hand. However, avoid discarding high cards that are useful for your opponent.

Tips #3 - You can make a sequence of 4 cards as well: Don’t hesitate to make a sequence of more than 3 cards (up to 4). If the 4th card in your series is making complete sense to make a sequence or set, then don’t hesitate to keep it. Do not discard it until you are running short of less useful cards.

Tip #4 - Make your lifelines as soon as possible: In 13 card rummy game, one pure sequence and one impure sequence are must haves, thus, they are considered as your lifelines. Therefore, it is recommended to make lifelines first, then doing anything else in the game.

Tip #5 - Don’t forget the Joker: The last but not the least tip of this game is to remember the Joker is the magic jack for this game. After creating one pure sequence, if you find yourself stuck into the situation where you are unable to complete a sequence or even set, then you can use the Joker. People sometime forget about jokers in online rummy and discard the high cards due to incomplete sequence or set, however at such situations using Joker does the great job.

The tips and tricks provided here are completely informative and we do not say that you will surely be winner, if you try them, however, applying them can improve your winnings.