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Please let them both say they love each other

Sorry I haven’t been very active things have been tough and I haven’t felt any motivation to play any video games recently. I recently got Style Savvy Fashion Forward (you guys might not know what that is it’s not really popular but I love it such a cute and happy game) so I finally picked up my 3Ds. Maybe I’ll be able to get into ACNL again I have some old HHD screenshots to upload. Anyways for those of your starting your fall semester term tomorrow or next week I wish you good luck! Eat breakfast, stay hydrated and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are lost or confused.


Part 7 ½- the ultimate interrogation of my parenting skills (from all sides… The consensus is not good)


oh goodness, Gunner is a giant wuss

he is very upset that he is so tired from his vaccines

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Out of all the yordles, which is your most favorite one?

THAT’S HARD TO SAY, HONESTLY. I really like Heimerdinger to play, same with Lulu. Poppy has also been up there in my plays lately. Favorite in terms of lore and character, I can’t really pick. I have something I love about each of them. They all have a type of quarky personality and style to each that is amusing to me!


Ellis: “In truth, other than the final conversion piece, I thought it was the best game we played in terms of our movement and ball work.”

READ ^ and tell me this wasnt poor coaching. She really fucking thinks this. WOW im done

I know that you know I know: Information, IC/OC Boundaries and FOIP

IC/OC boundaries are essential to LARP. You are not your character and vice versa. Normally, such things are the players responsibility, there isn’t much you can do from the ref perspective in regards to the separation of person and character. Information is the exception to this. Games often have rules about how much your OC knowledge is also IC knowledge, and while different approaches are valid I do think there are some that ought to be avoided.

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More words on Burlesque House Siege!

Sales of Burlesque House Siege! are beyond what was expected! I’ve already made back what was owed to me in reimbursement, and now the money made from each copy sold will go into securing better art for the adventure! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased a copy of this easy to use convention adventure.

If you haven’t already, buy your copy here!

Brian over at has some incredibly insightful thoughts on the adventure, and how it can be expanded for long term campaign play, and how its central villain may be more than he appears to be. 

“Interestingly, this strongly implies certain things about Tallest Joe and his crew. Did they not realize they were dealing with all manner of trans/queer folk? Or was that part of the spice? It’s easy to imagine Tallest Joe straddling the middle of the Kinsey Scale, or being some flavor of trans himself.”

“And once you do that, you open up the adventure to all sorts of interesting possibilities.”

“If you and your group love to chat with NPCs, get to know the local characters, or just thrive on character-driven interactions, Burlesque House Siege! provides a lot of interesting grist for your mill.”

Christopher at gave the adventure a shout out as well, calling attention to its “Buystarter” release status.

This is a “Buystarter Release”

The adventure text and design is complete, but the layout and final art have not been completed. Buying the adventure now gets you the current version of the adventure, and the updated final version when it’s released in September, 2016.

The final version will cost $8.99, meaning you save $3.00 by purchasing Burlesque House Siege! early.

This adventure is only going to get better and more polished the more copies are sold from this point on. 

Even if you’re not going to buy the adventure PDF yourself, please reblog/share the sale link so that others can take a look! 

Again, thank you all so much. 

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I'm a little confused, you think Nozomi is best yes? That is generally true, she is best girl, always. But the rest of the trash? Still trash yes? I need your generally similar views to mine to affirm my confirmation bias that LL isn't worth of a hobo's dumpster fire.

NOZOMI IS UNDENIABLY BEST like she was actually super interesting and I really enjoyed her character

Na man

Like, this series isn’t that great. It’s not spectacular, there was nothing super captivating or special that I would say make it rise about other series

The main draw I can see as to why people like this series is for the dynamics and ships. The story is nothing to note, but the fact that it has a big cast of characters with different personalities I can tell is the main draw. Like, that’s pretty much it. That and how like kinda super fanservice-y (in terms of playing up to ships) is what the fans really seem to get into from what I’ve observed

But I did enjoy watching it. It was an enjoyable watch. It was funny, Nozomi is perfect, but that’s about it. Plot is overused, the ‘emotional’ moments have like, no momentum, the only truly memorable song, imho, is START:DASH (for actual reasons I will talk about when I make a big post about LL and contrast it to K-ON), THE DIET EPISODE WAS REALLY DUMB AND UNCESSARY

Yeah, it was aight. It’s not the best thing I’ve watched, it’s not the worst. 

I will be writing a long-ish thing about this series, OH WILL IT BE LONG AND WILL I WRITE. Theres a lot of things that I want to point out. I did not go into this series thinking I would enjoy it, at all, but it was fun. And of course throughout the whole watch, I compared it to K-ON for just side thoughts. Yes, it seems like a lot of episodes and a bunch was stolen from K-ON, which I believe is a common criticism with LL, but just the way the anime is actually set up and executed from a story-telling perspective (something that K-ON excels at as we can see the emotional momentum from it) Love Live falls and it’s something I REALLY want to talk about because it’s a common problem in many works of media, not just LL

But if u lookin for a Grand Gay Getaway anime? BOY DO I HAVE A RECOMMENDATION

Last 10 Tag Meme

I was tagged by @america-oreosandkitkats and @seventyeightpercentwater! Hats off to both of you~ ;D

  • Last movie you saw: The Little Prince on Netflix. Such a good ;A;
  • The last song you listened to: Roses and Violets by Alexander Jean
  • Last show you watched: Steven Universe
  • The last book you read: I’m currently reading Tom Stoppard’s play Arcadia. But in terms of books that I’ve completely read, it was either Charles Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil or my copy of an anthology of British poetry.
  • Last thing you ate: Dumplings for lunch :3
  • If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Disneyland. take me back there pleaaaaasssseeeee
  • Where would you time travel to: Honestly, probably my high school years (so anywhere from 2009-2013) so that I can tell myself to pull my shit together and stop letting myself get hurt or preoccupied by shitty people until it’s too late.
  • The first thing you would do with lottery money: Pay for pharmacy/graduate school tuition. That shit ain’t gonna be cheap, man
  • Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Idk, man. Probably Mabel, so that I can take my daughter/spirit animal to ALL THE FUN AND HAPPY PLACES
  • Time right now: 3:01 PM

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@pixiestixsims replied to your post “[[MOR] kinda wanna deactivate my blog idk”

Ima be everyone. No! Please don’t. I feel like you’re just in a funk…but if it’s really something you wanna do, it’s you’re choice. I’ll miss you tho. :(

idk, kinda feel like my blog isn’t really interesting anymore. I mean, I love going through tumblr and seeing the stuff, but like.. in terms of playing/posting etc, I don’t have motivation to really play because of lack of gameplay n’ stuff I can do.. I have inspiration to do so, but like.. I can’t do those things because I need so much to do them..

And I know, I know, don’t let the anons get to me n’ stuff. For the most part, I’m not. It’s just that little piece of anxiety in the back of my head worrying that I’m not good enough or what the fuck ever.. Not even for you guys, for myself too. It’s kinda become more of a chore to play/queue than actually play just for me, and even if I play for me I want you guys to see it.. so.. yeah.

I don’t really know what to do.

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Carli Lloyd is paid to play for the Dash (by USSF but still for that job). It is her job. Not turning up for work should result in her being penalised for that. If a male footballer didn't turn up at their club after international duty, they would be fined, penalised in terms of play and probably have their contracts terminated. Her main job is with her club. International duty is secondary. If any other person didn't turn up to work or tell them when they would, they would be fired.

Take it up with the Dash owner and coach 💃🏻

Heyo! I’m here to talk to you guys about something:

Starting next Thursday, I’m not going to be on as much. Probably on semi-hiatus, really. Why?

I’m going to college. I’m gonna be on as much as I can, but until I figure out how my schedule actually plays out in terms of coursework and stuff, I may not be on for a couple days at a time or so. I dunno.

I love you all so much. <3

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"Ellis: "In truth, other than the final conversion piece, I thought it was the best game we played in terms of our movement and ball work."" Yeah keep smoking that weed grandma

What the fuck

Connors in 180

Sin had just decided to start working out for the third time that day when the phone rang. Half relieved and half hesitant, he walked over to the coffee table and grabbed it. 
“Get to my office within the hour,” Connors’ deep voice demanded gruffly.
“I’ll be there with bells on.”

I need to finally talk about Connors. I almost did at his introduction to the story via his stone-cold voice on the phone the first time with “Problem Vega?”, but thinking about him now and then his part(s) later in the book, I can’t hold back. And I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion or not.

(spoilers for Evenfall)

Make no mistake, I hate his guts. Every time he comes “on screen” I want to growl and scowl and shove him through a window. But even though I thought his comeuppance was long overdue, I still think he died too soon. 

Because in terms of playing the role of the villain in the story, he was a good one. He wasn’t badly written, badly characterized, or stereotypical. He was a good villain. Even though it’s more likely than not no one would’ve won against him and so it’s a good thing he died, I wanted to see more of him. Maybe that’s why I liked Seong as a villain too, because they’re so much alike, even though Connors was probably more unpredictable since he played by his own rules. 

I remember how I took issue with his death at first. Not because he didn’t deserve it (frickin long overdue), but it seemed at first like it was done for plot-convenience. Everything was in stasis until Hsin woke up and then, after that, until the Marshal got Thierry in his hands. It was like there was this build up throughout all of that of “Shit, what’s Connors going to do? What’ll he finally do when they get back?” And then he died. Yeah, he had his death coming, but I was looking forward to that “climax” being handled with all the characters that would be on the receiving end, how they would/could get out of it. It reminded me of stories/books I’ve read where such climaxes were conveniently avoided or bypassed because they would’ve been too difficult to write or something. So, it seemed convenient. That, and if he had to die, why did it have to be the quick and painless execution-style? (at least make his ass suffer first, right?)

BUT (don’t be judging me too quickly here, lol, there’s always a but) this was all before I found out just why he died and by who. That changed everything I thought about his death. The timing, the circumstances, it had actually been the furthest thing from plot-convenience. And it even made sense why the raider killed him quickly instead of slowly. All of it made perfect sense. So was I glad he died? Hell yes. I was then even when I questioned the timing of it.

But regardless of that, I still wished we could’ve seen more of him because he was one hell of a villain. There are those villains who are supposed to be “super bad”, but you only ever get annoyed by their presence because of how horribly written or cliched they are. Like, “yeah I know you’re the bad guy but shut up. damn, you’re so annoying.” Connors wasn’t like that for me. For as little screen time as he had, he always got me riled up, not annoyed. Always got my blood rushing harder, not my eyes rolling. He kept me reading, not feeling like it’d be fine to put the book down during his scenes. He kept me on edge, not impatient for him to just go away. I could go into a whole analysis of his character, the things that made me “like” him as a villain, but I’m not saying he died too soon because of the plot, no. He simply made one hell of an antagonist. And that’s why I’m genuinely looking forward to him in 180. It’s like, oh shit, he’s back. The antithesis of everything good.

I’m already fully expecting to hate him and to get angry (most likely on Emilio’s behalf), but isn’t that what a good villain’s supposed to do? Now I know he’s not the Marshal in the novella Santino’s now releasing (if I’m not mistaken, he’s the Director of Field Operative Activity, isn’t he? He has Carhart’s position in 180 until the bombings, I think it was – can’t remember exactly what Santino said). And who knows? Maybe the Marshal in 180 will be a bad guy instead of Connors. But I don’t care. I’m looking forward to it, especially any and all of Emilio’s interactions with him, if they happen. Because this is frickin Emilio we’re talking about. You know how he treats Connors. :D