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cut content - germ’s gramma

me: I’m fine.
what I actually mean: why is Kit Walker so underrated when not only is he one of Evan Peter’s best characters on American Horror Story but is also an incredibly sweet, pure, loving, genuinely a good person AND also goes from hot gas station worker to hot (innocent) convict to cute 60s hippie dad………… why is he slept on when he’s such an angel???


“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 

List of people I want playing Lucifer's long term vessel:

•Mark Pellegrino

•Instagram user @markrosspelle

•Pellegrino, Mark

•the guy who played Nick in 5x01

•Mark Ross Pellegrino

•M A R K P E L L E G R I N O



i tried out an overwatch palette challenge!! drew ma girl in her skin (since that’s the one i currently have!!)

i was surprised to see mercy and reinhardt so high up but then remembered that @neoeren loves them so he probably played them when i let him play :3

y’all: I’m team neda!!!! lol cass can go!!!!

me, an intellectual: neda and cassandra are playing the long term game by establishing a public hatred of one another early on, which they will then use as leverage down the road when they make a final two and become the new jun/allison or renegades 2.0

make me choose

anonymous said: gx or arc-v?

It is so cliche to talk about my mental health
In terms of upwards and downwards spikes.
It is cliche to talk about wasting the good days waiting for the bad days, and how the bad days never seem to end, but always do.

I’m tired of cliche.

I want to talk about mental health in terms of playing putput with my partner,
When we’re both awful and miss all of the holes.
In terms of cooking in the sunshine of the early morning, fresh sage from the plants in the windowsill
I want to talk about my mental health in terms of books finished and shelved away and pictures hung on the wall.

In terms of crying in the school library.
In letters written and never sent.
Their words stenciled across my skin in silver paint, screaming to be read.
In messages that were a plea for help, waiting for weeks without a response.

I want to talk about my mental health in terms of the people I have lost.
Those who were toxic that I cut from my life,
Those I drove away. Text messages at four in the morning too much, too late. But somehow not enough for them to stay.

My mental state is a garden in a world where the seasons are fickle
Changing too quickly
Where the garden dies and is reborn on a weekly if not daily basis.
I want to talk about my mental health in terms of roses and succulents and basil.
Fragile but ever growing.