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SPORTACUS: (crystal beeps) Someone’s in trouble. (dabs three times and flips away)

SPORTACUS: Wait, Robbie Rotten? Sailor Moon? What’s going on?

ROBBIE: This little girl TRAPPED me! Now I’m stuck in, what is this, a tiara? You caught the wrong bad guy!

SAILOR MOON: I’m so sorry. He was in disguise, and I thought he was one of Queen Beryl’s henchmen or something. I’ll let him go.

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Gaara having to watch his child alone for the first time! It can be scenario or headcanon. Whatever you want!

  • The idea of being alone with his child for the first time would make Gaara incredibly nervous, he’d be scared of accidentally hurting or upsetting his child.
  • He would most likely let them get on with whatever it is they wish to do, play with their toys, climb on the furniture etc.
  • To begin with he’d only intervene when it looked as though his child was liable to hurt themselves, as their time alone progressed however he’d end up reacting more and more to his child, becoming gradually more comfortable with the idea of it being just the two of them.
  • When his child begins to get bored of playing with toys and starts to take a greater interest in Gaara himself, Gaara discovers that a great way of entertaining them is to create sand sculptures. His child loves this so much that it becomes the go to method for calming them down whenever they’re upset in the future.
  • Every time his child smiles or makes a silly facial expression at him, Gaara responds in a similar fashion, his child finds this incredibly amusing and Gaara thinks their reaction is adorable.
  • After this first time being alone with his child, the nerves Gaara had in the beginning about being left in charge would melt away and he’d request to be left alone with them more often.

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Bedtime Countdown

Mommy: *is cleaning up dessert dishes* Pumpkin go start picking out your stuffies to sleep with.
Pumpkin: *is playing with toys* Mommy I don’t want to go to bed.
Mommy: I didn’t ask.
Pumpkin: But mommy!
Mommy: 1.
Pumpkin: *sits on the floor and stares at mommy with their arms crossed*
Mommy : 2.
Pumpkin: *starts to fidget*
Mommy : *starts walking towards pumpkin* 3.
Pumpkin : *runs up the steps towards their room* I’ll sleep with my wolf family tonight mommy.
Mommy : *stands at the bottom of the stairs and whispers to herself* I never get passed 3.

I got tired of writing little or little one so I’m going to use pumpkin instead. It’s gender neutral and starts with P. 😊

so i know kids are way, WAY in to skylanders and amiibos (my mom works in a children’s hospital and is always telling stories about how kids go apeshit for em) but like, do kids actually play with skylanders like regular toys?

like i know kids play the video game but do they smash the figures together? do they make A Statue Of Link fight a Big Rock Hell Monster from Skylanders? i know when I was a kid i was super in to articulation and skylanders dont have that, so i dont know if kids actually play with them or not 

“While the squids play around with their new toys…  Something devious is building underground”

Ṯ̺̯̞̟̯̏͘ͅh̴̼̱̻̀̉̓̐ͩě̓ͭ̈́͒̊̚y̤̝̣̩̤͈̗̑͋'͉̖͋r̽e͚͙̞̘ͨͦ̍̅ ̲̪̣̳̯͖́c͕̪̩̻̱͉̿̎̈́ͬ̍͠ö̤̑̇́ͪ̌ͩ́m̹̖̥̺̏͒͡i̧̝̥̹̪̯̲̎̌̽͂ͫ̓ͬṅ̥̠̠̿g̶̣̝̭͒͒̈ͧͤͯ.̞̫̟͔͌ͅ.̓ͧ͡.͈̦͈͎̙̥̍̋̀͝

Bound VI

Featuring: Yongguk x Reader 

A/N: sorry for such a long wait with this update. Italics indicate stuff that was in the past, but in this case it will just be like more recent past, like still after y/n’s return, but it’s just so I don’t have to write a short filler chapter. If that makes sense? lol

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I saw your want for pillarcat love, friend. Can i ask for a Whammu and Santana cats with kittens to look after? How would they be like as catdads?

☆Wham taking care of kittens☆

♡Wham is very gentle around the little ones. They’re so small compared to him, he can’t bring himself to play as roughly as he normally does.

♡ He’s very observant with them and will go grab any that try to wander off immediately.

♡ You can bet that he’ll try to teach them how to hunt, but kittens will be kittens and would probably show more interest in playing with mouse toys and Wham’s tail

♡ He’s very protective of the babies, so strangers better steer clear unless you want Wham to come after you.

☆Santana taking care of kittens☆

♡Santana honestly couldn’t careless about the kittens. Unfortunately for him, the kittens really like him and follow him around

♡Most of his day with them is him finding new napping spots and the kittens disturbing him once they find him.

♡Expect frequent meows from the kittens because Santana would most likely nap in places they can’t get to. Like the ceiling fan for example.

♡If he ever gives in, expect to see the babies using him as a playground because they’ll be climbing all over him, nipping his ears trying to get him to play, and chasing his swishing tail.

♡Unless the kittens are being hurt, don’t expect him to run to the rescue