play with my emotions

Really !

Sherlock can’t play with my emotions like that !!!
This was really beautiful episode and I cried the whole time. It was really nice to see brother/sister love because we don’t see that vary often. The way Sherlock treated Eurus is beautiful and thank you for showing that because we as sisters,sometimes need brother love to be saved. My emotions are all over place. As much as I hated the pain this season brought,I know the ending wouldn’t have been that beautiful without it. In my opinion,Sherlock is the best series that has ever been made and that will ever be made. I love it as much as I love LOTR and that says a lot. Beside the brother/sister love,we also saw how much Sherlock’s and John’s friendship has growen and it is so beautiful.
If you haven’t watched Sherlock series,go and watch it you won’t regret it.

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The overinvested post got me. For a while I thought, it was just me and my over-emotional self playing at the moment. Though am trying to take a step back as well, its hard though. So hard. Always wondered if this is what being 'addicted' feels like. Man these two! What powers do they have over us lol! Could have I predicted 2 yrs ago that today I'd be so in love seeing 2 men in love &with the wild roller-coaster ride that'll bring? I hope things go back to normal soon enough though.

Hello, dear anon!

You are certainly not alone with your feelings. I could print out your ask and sign my name under it and put it on notice board! It is an addiction of a sort, most definitely. I have never in my life been interested in celebrities before I came to know bits and pieces about Jensen and Jared.

But what is it about these two? I don’t know if it’s the guys themselves as much as it’s the ideals they represent to so many of us. I might be wrong, I’m only speaking from my own perspective, of course. Something about the life they are living fascinates me. Something about them makes me want to defend and protect them, even though I know they need nothing from me. I’m on the outside looking in, feeling priviledged with the glimpses of their lives they allow us to see. It’s hard to have that taken away, isn’t it?

However, I have a ton of interests and several close people that occupy my time in addition to keeping this blog. I believe we all have something like that, sometimes it’s just a matter of discovering them. Have you watched Queer as Folk, anon? It’s five seasons of rather explicit gay hotness - it’s absolutely perfect, especially if you need a distraction.

I hope you feel better soon, dear anon. I’m sure that what the J’s are doing now is only a phase, but we can’t count on it. We all need to find something that makes us happy from within ourselves - something that nobody can grab from you.

May you have a fabulous week, anon!

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