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I hate it when americans or anyone else non german uses german without looking up how or the meaning of the words.

I’ll punch you if you use “ach” like the canadian “eh” its not even the same

concept: it’s dark outside. the windows are excitedly thrown open. rain crashes down, lightning kisses the sky, thunder shouts through the house. i am perched on a bench in front of the grand piano, nothing but an oversized nightshirt, smiling at you, before i turn to play. the rainstorm is my accompaniment. the drapes fly in the wind, whip in the sound of the deep and meaningful notes. the song ends, we kiss, you sit with me, i play some more to the symphony of a hurricane

“it’s a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. on days like these, kids like you… should sit inside and play videogames all day. (*^-°)”  [x]

Some things I’ve noticed in Until Dawn:

-Mike wears his shoes whilst trying to have sex.
-How did the others not hear the wendigo in the mines that only Ashley/Chris hear.
-Sam takes some serious towel wrapping classes.
-Somehow Josh manages to do the whole saw prank on Chris and Ashley, stay there long enough till they leave, sneak past Matt and Emily to get to the lodge, manages to chase Sam and take her down deeper into the basement before Chris and Ashley arrive, and then do the things he did to Chris and Ash before Sam wakes up/ gets out the vents.
-If Ashley opens the trap door, how do Chris and Emily (if alive) make it back the way they came without being killed by the wendigo because it’s shown that if you leave Chris behind and open the trap door, Chris won’t make it back to Sam (and Emily) because of the wendigo.
-Again with Josh but he managed to film Sam in the bath with moving cameras when he wasn’t even in there.
-Somehow Mike and Sam don’t get hypothermia.
-No one reacts to the cold and Chris doesn’t think to share his many jackets with anyone.
-Jess and Emily managed to survive a long ass drop(Emily from the zip wire and Jess from the elevator shaft)
-Wendigo’s don’t trip out from the snow.
-Even though Matt isn’t in half the game you play as him at least 4 times whereas you play as Emily only 3 times.
-When Josh is in the hallucination he punches a pig which meant he probably punched Mike or Sam.
-Mike can outrun a wolf.
-At the end of the game Sam isn’t covered in burns and can actually hear.
-Mike can fully stab a wendigo.
-Somehow Josh managed to set up his prank without running into a single Wendigo.
-Hannah never directly kills Mike, she can kill her brother and best friend but not her crush.


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

so I saw screencaps of Elliott as a spouse floating around with event dialogue (WHICH WAS ADORABLE), and this came to mind to me when playing through the game again:

Sebastian accepting your flower dance proposal when he has at least 4 hearts with you. he is happy. hopeful. charming.

Sebastian accepting your flower dance proposal when he’s your husband and Hates Dancing (But Tolerates It For You And Probably Secretly Loves It)


These are my final thoughts on Brendon’s Livestreams: he sucks at it, I mean he doesn’t know what to do BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MAKES IT SO REAL. He just laughs and makes squinty faces, he plays with his sounds , more squinty faces, the lips pout so many time could have actually killed me, more playing, reads some comments , laughs and the circles goes on. I love it. I feel him.

Btw the whole time I was like: smiley boi me likey.
Not to mention that right after tonight’s one Dallon’s came on and he is sO DAMN HANDSOME. And nerdy, very nerdy. I lov’ em both so much.

sattie766  asked:

Have you tried the pizza delivery challenge ?

Yes.. My girlfriend (@littlesexykc) were in South Padre Island and I not only answered the door naked with her but we made out with him and then led him into the bedroom where we gave him a girl show and then I fucked him.  Yes.. SAFE!  Once he was “done” me and @littlesexykc played a little more.  I’ll post some sample pictures but the video will be posted on for all my fans to watch.

Request: Skating Makoharu (I hope you meant ice skating, anon ^^°)

FiguereSkater!Haru and IcehockeyPlayer!Makoto AU. They are training at the same ice skating ring and practicing a performance for the annual show program (and falling in love in the process ^////////^) 

Maybe I should play around with this AU some more *-* 

(If you want to leave me a request as well, please visit my blog for more information ^-^)


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chaotic good: it combines a good heart with a free spirit. chaotic good characters are strong individualists marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence. they believe in all the virtues of goodness and right, but they have little use for laws and regulations.