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Just some Dutch nonsense

[image transcription: Dutch phrases saying “he has played with my rhinoceros, and now he can’t move anymore”, “even the dogs in the Netherlands are tolerant”, “I have no balls”, “sleep is for weak people”, “I am decreasing the distance between my mouth and the cheese” and “why are you throwing a stone at my cat?”]

Ivar playing with a husky pupper at the dog park. He’s an incredibly socially submissive boy, though he does like to play rough-n-tumble when other dogs make it clear that they’re willing to engage.

I wish I’d been able to get video of him playing with the Akita I mentioned in our last post but I was out of battery. He’s been attending the dog park since he was first old enough, and has earned himself a reputation as a slightly socially awkward but incredibly sweet boy who’d much rather walk calmly away from a conflict and play with someone else than take offense to a transgression and escalate the situation.

I notice that doggy-dogs are far more prone to the latter, while well-socialized wolfdogs are more prone to the former. 

Birthday Boy!

Ivar had a wonderful day out for his first birthday. We went to Petco AND Wilco, where he got to pick out some toys and treats. I gave him a 20-minute-long belly rub/brushing, then we spent three hours at the dog park so he could play around with his friends.

Ivar impresses me unceasingly with his ability to remain calm and collected in public spaces, and while he’s made it clear that he isn’t a fan of being petted by strangers, he’s still willing and eager to take treats from them while we’re in dog-friendly establishments.

Furthermore, Ivar engaged in play at the park today with an Akita, who’s owner exclaimed that “She never plays so happily with any of the others! She’s like a completely different dog with him!”

Thereafter, Ivar astonished even me by letting a couple of kids (maybe 9, 10 years old?) play with and pet him, even if it was only briefly so. He apparently thinks that children are human puppies.

On the way home, I thought of stopping at Dairy Queen for a free ice cream for him, but Ivar was so tired that he fell asleep sprawled across the back seat. I gave him his toy (the “egg” Jolly Ball) when he went back into the containment, and he played with that for a while before crashing in the dog house. I think he’ll be sleeping straight through the night! This big boy is the love of my life. 

Hate Myself

Based losely off of this:

Person A: You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first

Person B: Bullshit. I have never loved myself but her, oh God, I love her so much that i forget what hating myself feels like


Steve and Tony are sitting on a blanket in Central Park while Y/N, Clint, and Bucky play with Clint’s dog Lucky a short distance away. Tony and Steve had stopped fighting so much, and had even become good friends even since Tony started dating Y/N.

“I really love her, you know?” Tony whispered, watching his girlfriend as she threw her head back in laughter

Steve sighed, “Are you sure that you can really love her?”

Tony looks at Steve sharply, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Steve straightens out and turns more toward still keeping Y/N, Bucky, and Clint in his peripheral vision. “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first, Tony”

“Bullshit” Tony snapped

The response is almost automatic, “Language” Steve sighed, “I didn’t’ mean anything bad by it, Tony. All I’m saying is that it might be difficult to really love her is you hate yourself”

“Are you alright, babe?” Y/N calls, noticing the tension in Tony’s shoulders

His eyes immediately soften when they meet Y/N’s, “Yeah, sweetheart, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me”

Y/N nods, giving Tony one last concerned smile, before turning back and throwing the ball for Lucky.

Tony whips back around to face Steve, “You listen to me, Cap. Don’t you ever question my feelings for Y/N, ever”

“Tony, I was just saying …”

“No” Tony interrupts, “I have never loved myself, but Y/N, God, I love her so much that I forget what hating myself feels like” Tony looks over to where Y/N is watching Bucky and Clint wrestle, “My feelings for her are so strong that sometimes it scares me”

“I didn’t know you felt that strongly”

A soft smile graces Tony’s face, “Her love for me makes me forget how much of a fuck up I am, how much she deserves more than me”

Suddenly a shadow falls over Tony’s face, “Are you being self-deprecating again? Saying how much you don’t deserve me?” Y/n chuckles and plops down right in Jason’s lap

He nuzzles into her hair, “You know me too well, love”

“I know that look, is what I know. I also know that I love you and hate it when you get yourself in a bad mood” Y/N narrows her eyes at Steve, “So make sure he doesn’t get in a bad mood”

Steve lets out a deep chuckle, “As you wish, Y/N”

Clint bounds over and grabs Y/N’s had, “Come on, Y/N! Tony gets your attention all the time! Lucky’s starting to miss you!”

Y/N laughs but allows herself to be pulled up, “Oh, he’s the only one who misses me?” she teases, but doesn’t fight being dragged back to where Bucky and Lucky are waiting.

Steve turns back to Tony, “I suppose you really can love someone and not necessarily loving yourself”

“Yeah, Capsicle. You really can”

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Yeah but Sidon and Link are the only ship that matter fuck whatever fandom that other anon was talking about

Nah fam! We gotta respect our neighboring fandoms!  

You know, don’t play our music too loud at 3 in the morning. Or let our dog bark all night when someone has a morning class the next day.

Looking at you 112

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I've always wondered this whenever your works came across my dash, but is your URL a reference to Chika's dog in Love Live?

No it’s not, I didn’t even know Chika had a dog. I’ve only just started playing Love Live to my friends’ disgust. My URL is just from my love for shiitake mushrooms –> 5h1take ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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If you had to be an animal, what animal would you be?

“I’d be a dog, because then everyone would love to play with me and I could always have a good time. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything important really either, so that’s pretty good. Or maybe I’d be a cat! Then I could just sleep in everyday and that’d be cool too! Or-”

((He goes on for hours listing animals that he would be, the kid loves animals. He wouldn’t be able to decide really. But he’d most likely be a slow ioris.))

i just came back from eating sushi with my mum friends and my mum & i visited their house and we played with a kitty!! it’s kinda weird at first bc i’ve never played with a kitty and it’s so different from playing with a dog!! also i saw a really attractive guy at the sushi restaurant i wanna Kms