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a list of 30 (possibly) interesting things about myself.

My sister suggested I do this, and I’m feeling especially uninteresting today so maybe this will prove my negative thoughts wrong lol.

1. I played the drums when I was like, 7 or 8.

2. I am pretty good at dying hair.

3. I know how to make clothes & I made my prom dress for junior prom.

4. I dabbled in photography as a pre-teen and wanted to be a wedding photographer, cause I was good at capturing moments.

5. I have learned at least a little bit of Chinese, Tagalog, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, and Portuguese.

6. I am currently writing 3 books and 2 movies.

7. I was unofficially diagnosed by my therapist with sensory processing disorder. Basically, fairly often I’ll get incredibly anxious and sounds, light, and touch becomes overly intense and I basically have a panic attack lol. Usually in our daily band meetings I’ll have to cover my ears while everyone speaks bc their voices get waaaay too loud, I ALWAYS have the brightness down on my phone, I shut my blinds a lot during the middle of the day, and I cut the tags off of every shirt I own haha.

8. I have a 32 out of 36 on my ACT English. Pretty proud of that one lol.

9. I’ve never been in an official relationship, but I’ve been giving grade A relationship advice since I was younger than 10.

10. I refer to myself as a “reverse pescetarian” because I eat pretty much everything EXCEPT fish. I refuse to eat fish/sushi bc it makes me too sad. 

11. I’ve been dying my own hair since I was 13.

12. I am fairly good at graphic design, I make a lot of our promo pictures that you see on Insta/Twitter etc.

13. I transcribed an entire piano piece just because I wanted to learn it for real, and tried my best to read the music that I wrote instead of playing it by ear.

14. Last year for Halloween, I made myself and my friend princess dresses from scratch literally hours before we wore them lol.

15. I learned to read when I was 4, and I skipped 7th grade.

16. I want AT LEAST 10 kids.

17. My myers-briggs type is ESFP and I’m enneagram type 7!! 100%.

18. I have pretty bad scoliosis, so the upper half of my body is completely tilted and falling in one direction instead of just being straight lol.

19. I’m ambidextrous when it comes to doing eyeliner haha.

20. My snapchat was “idontwearawig12″ for the longest time LOL

21. I have 10 siblings.

22. The careers I’ve wanted so far have gone in this order:

- Fashion designer

- English teacher

- Interior designer

- Astrophysicist/astronomer

- Architect

- Zoologist  

23. My teeth were INSANE when I was younger, so I had 4 permanent teeth pulled.

24. My biggest fear is being annoying and ignored at the same time.

25. I can pick up pretty much any instrument and learn it fast.

26. I’ve had a full time job since I was 9. 

27. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life.

28. I played water polo in middle school and was actually good at it. The other girls were scared of me HAHA

29. I’m almost 5′9, everyone is surprised at how tall I am when they meet me.

30. My favorite thing about myself is my ability to do anything I want to do. Literally anything, I could figure it out. 

real madrid playing water polo during summer training at UCLA, july 2011. (x)

back row: jesé rodríguez, kaká
second row: raphaël varane, joselu, nacho fernández, tomás mejías, xabi alonso, jorge casado
third row: sergio ramos, álvaro arbeloa, esteban granero, antonio adán
front row: marcelo, iker 

arbeloa’s side won, and he tweeted this photo along with each of the winning team’s nicknames: “Fly” (arbeloa himself), “Pirata,” (esteban granero), “Trufas,” or “Truffles” in English (xabi alonso), “SR4″ (sergio, obviously), “Unai” (iker), “Tony” (Adán) and “Tommy” (tomás mejías).

…yeah, you read that right. xabi alonso’s nickname at real madrid was TRUFFLES.


to celebrate my new sideblog, here is a volleyball! allura doodle. its for a college au ive been thinking about when im procrastinating. I might write it at some point..?

edit. updated w/ Shiro’s doodle. Same college au, precious babies. (hes listening to Akon’s Lonely)

If the Mother of Invention had a sauna I am inclined to believe it was also outfitted with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the Freelancers were occasionally scheduled for a few dozen laps every once in a while to supplement their training.

I am also inclined to believe Wash was a lil shit and cheated by hanging off of Maine’s neck as he did the laps for both of them.

Sometimes when he was mad at Wash for some reason or another, Maine would swim aggressively to make Wash accidentally swallow some of the pool water because he’s a lil shit too.

Of Matches and Midriffs

Daryl Dixon Imagine

This imagine is brought to you by @love2rhyme’s autocorrect. :D I’m very happpy you made this story happen, it was so much fun to write :D

You’re spending a day with everyone at the pool.

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

word count: 1389

It was a day in June when we finally had what came closest to a normal day since all this started. I was lying on a lounger near the pool, a cold drink in my hand and sunglasses on my nose watching the scenery in front of me. The deep blue water, the smoke from the other side of the pool where Abraham tried to make the best barbecue we had ever tasted, the smell of burned meat in the air as Abraham had to admit that he was a bit out of shape when it came to barbecueing. He was cursing like a sailor while Sasha tried to calm him down and save what was left to save. Fortunately, we had prepared salads and other side dishes to go with the steaks. Side dishes that had been just now upgraded to main dishes as it seemed. I smiled to myself as I took a sip from my drink.
“Watcha smilin’ ‘bout?” Daryl appeared next to my lounger almost out of thin air. His hair was dripping wet. A few drops fell on my bare skin as he bend down to breathe a kiss on my lips. A shiver ran down my spine and I couldn’t quite tell if it was caused by his kiss or the cold water on my warm skin. Either way, I didn’t mind.
“So, who won?”, I asked as Daryl sat down at the end of the lounger. Carol had convinced him to play a round of water polo against Rick and Michonne and Carl and Enid had happily joined them.  
“With Enid in our team, the others didn’t stand a chance”, he said with a big grin on his face.
“So, basically Carl was too distracted by Enid to concentrate on the game?”, I said smiling.

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♡ Little Lover Pt. 4

Okay I’m hoping that college doesn’t interfere with my writings cause I’m been very busy so I really hope y’all don’t mind! And I’m really hoping that you’re enjoying this small series I have! And I hope you’re reading all of them cause I see new people putting notes on different parts of the series, so it looks like they’re not even reading them all. It kinda makes me sad tbh.. I would greatly appreciate if you repost my stories so others can see my shitty work!

♡ Genre: Fluff (lil’ bit)/Angst/Smut, High School!AU

♡ Pairing: Seokjin x reader

♡ Word Count: 3.5k

♡ Contains: dom!Seokjin, foreplay, teasing, dirty talk, cunnilingus, fingering

♡ Summary: You have done something special to prove your love, and after an accident you encountered, he takes this as the perfect opportunity to return the favor.~

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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kalinda  asked:

hello new friend please talk to me about rebecca/nathaniel from CEG


i’m high key in r/n mode right now. i’ve watched ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ an embarrassing number of times in the last week (like…at least once a day help i have a sickness)

aaaaaaaaaannnyyyway, this means i have a lot of thoughts. let’s go chronologically!

  • first of all, their instant attraction to each other (and i don’t even mean ‘let’s have intercourse’ type attraction necessarily – more like the way they’re drawn to each other in general) fills my heart. nathaniel’s known rebecca for, like, five minutes before he starts being jealous and snarky about josh
  • and let’s talk about josh…nathaniel’s introduction happens during the episode where josh and rebecca get together for real for the first time in the series. they have a legit, both-people-understand-this-is-a-committed-relationship relationship and it’s EXTREMELY new. yet, rebecca practically isn’t paying any attention to josh because nathaniel is the only thing on her radar.
  • sure there’s the whole ‘my friends could get fired and i need to help them’ angle, but also? when she’s in bed with josh all she can talk about is nathaniel himself and how he’s dumb and plays water polo etc. so part of her fixation is definitely about the man and not just about the situation.
  • moving on to the next episode, they only have one scene together, but nathaniel’s still jealous and definitely bending over backward to get her approval/attention. (pls see this gifset for an absurd thing he says to her in their one scene and its hilarious implications)
  • more importantly, though, this episode is full of hints at their similar issues. binge eating when upset. unhealthy relationships with parents. how deep their misery goes once you break away bits of the front they put up.
  • so by the time we get to ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ these two have a really interesting connection that’s bubbling beneath the surface. it’s barely been touched on, but there’s something there
  • which, of course, EXPLODES when we get to see their chemistry. everything from the interested-in-your-boobs stare to ‘i like to saturate the wood’ to the way they slowly inch closer together when they’re sitting on the elevator floor crackles with that chemistry. it’s SO GOOD. honestly, i can never be very articulate about it because it just works for me. there is no way to explain you just gotta *gestures at this episode* LOOK at them. don’t you feel it???
  • and we definitely have to talk about ‘let’s have intercourse’ because i love the choreography so much. it’s suggestive, but never in a vulgar way. it’s all so pretty and i’m 100% about that #aesthetic
  • PLUS (this the last thing i have to say about this episode…….for now) have you ever seen a man YEARN so obviously as nathaniel plimpton the third when rebecca tells him she’s getting married in two weeks and he sTARES OFF AFTER HER?? 
  • i swear his expression is torture
  • ugh, wait, one last thing - THAT KISS
  • okay so now we’re up to ‘is josh free in two weeks?’ and WHOO BOY i am here to tell you that this episode almost knocks out ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ as my favorite rebecca/nathaniel episode. IT’S THAT GOOD
  • first we have (sad, unstable) rebecca casually referring to nathaniel  as ‘foine’
  • but more importantly there’s the scene where nathaniel’s trying to do work and he just…can’t focus because all his brain has to offer is rebeccarebeccarebecca. he’s suffering and i LOVE IT. especially because he’s so lost in thoughts of rebecca that he talks to himself out loud in his office and then seems so shaken? it’s incredible how rattled he is to feel something for her
  • and not just a sexy something! the fact that ‘i never even wash my hands’ makes it into his flashback montage and not, idk, rebecca on top of him reads to me like he’s just as attracted to her ability and professional acumen as he is to her heavy boobs (dense like dying stars)
  • i’m gonna let my tags about THIS SCENE do all the talking because i have nothing else to add a.klbnsd;glb
  • just kidding, i will repeat one thing: he wanted to see her so bad
  • AND THEN much later in the episode, he’s the one she chooses to open up to about her dad not coming to the wedding and how that hurts her feelings.
  • what does nathaniel do with this information? HE GETS HER DAD TO FUCKING SHOW UP i’m-
  • please enjoy this gifset of them hugging
  • while we’re on the topic of the hug, can we talk about his surprised smile and the fact that nathaniel probably hasn’t received many hugs, like, at all?
  • which brings us to the season finale. their moments are few and far between, but they say a lot….mostly about nathaniel. rebecca has other shit going on.
  • anyway, nathaniel coming to her rehearsal and all but begging for rebecca’s attention? again, he’s suffering and i LIVE FOR IT
  • and finally!! the solidarity he shows for her when he won’t give her dad his plane and calls him a dick!!! he is on her side 100% and lsdkfnb;dsgl SEASON THREE IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE 

that, um, got out of hand but i have one last thing. if you like fic, i have written this one-shot here.

and i’m in the process of writing what will probably be a three-part little thing and there are plans to include some classic bed sharing so…get hyped!

2nd “Charoix family au” fanfic

This is another short one-shot I wrote for @akilice. (Akko is 8, has long hair and is attending school) This time the family spends a day at the lake…I hope you’ll like it! :)

Akko couldn’t believe her eyes: the water surface of the lake was so clear! It had a beautiful teal color and the sun rays made it sparkle, as if little fairies were going to emerge. The brunette gazed at the breathtaking view, the forest and the mountains that surrounded the little lake, the warm temperature and the laughter of the other kids. “Wow!” was all she managed to let out. She took her clothes off, proud to let everyone see the cute red swimsuit her mums had bought for her birthday, and was about to run towards the water, when a hand grabbed gently her right arm.

“Not so fast, little angel.” Croix started. “First, you need to put sunscreen on. You don’t want to end up looking like a little tomato, do you?” Croix smiled, sitting next to her wife. Chariot asked her to sit between them, taping her hand on the towel. The little witch puffed, impatient to jump in the water. Akko sat down, with a little pout on her face, which disappeared immediately, as her mothers started putting the sunblock on her. She started giggling softly. 

“Does it tickle?” Croix asked, smiling at her daughter’s amused expression.

“Just a little…” Akko answered and stood up. “Can I go now?” She asked with a lively gaze.

“Of course you can.” Chariot said and the two witches looked at the brunette, as she quickly ran towards the small waves, joining the other children.

“She’s always full of energy!” The violet haired witch commented, turning to her wife. “Yeah.” Chariot nodded, with a soft smile. Then, she observed the other bathers: families, young and elder couples, who wore all kinds of colorful swimwear, and lonely fishermen. Croix stretched her arms, sighing peacefully: it was such a nice and warm day and she had looked forward to spend it with her loved ones. “Hey, shall we took our clothes off, too?” The violet haired witch suggested, starting to feel overheated, due to the hot weather. Croix revealed a sporty black swimsuit, slinky enough to highlight her abs. Chariot couldn’t help but blush and look away.

The other witch noticed her lover’s embarrassed gaze and chuckled: Chariot was still shy when it came to undress, and Croix thought it was adorable. “Your turn.” The violet haired woman smirked.

The red haired witch just gaze briefly at her, still a bit red-faced, and stood up. Then, she quickly took her red shirt and white skirt off, exposing her blue bikini. Croix felt her head heating up and her jaw dropped. “My wife is so gorgeous.” was her only thought in that moment. A group of boys stopped and stared at the young witches; Croix wanted to glare at them with a murderous gaze, but she couldn’t take her eyes off her lovely Chariot.

“HOOOII!” Akko’s voice woke Croix from her thoughts. The brunette and her new friends were on the wooden pier, waving their hands. “Hurry up!” The little witch shouted, smiling brightly. The two witches looked at each other: Croix smiled and tilted her head towards the pier, Chariot smiled back and nodded, taking her wife’s hand and approaching the children. Croix looked back at the guys. “That’s right, she’s MINE.” The witch thought and grinned satisfied, enjoying the envy reflected in their eyes.

“Let’s play water polo!” Akko suggested and all the kids agreed. A dark haired boy kicked the ball he was holding in the water and the children dived one by one and started swimming as fast as they could towards the orange ball. “Here I go!” The brunette cried and followed her friends, whereas the red haired witch stared at the water, which felt pretty cold, as she put her foot in it. Suddenly, she felt Croix arms embracing her from behind and smiled.

“Can’t decide?” Her lover asked and Chariot shook her head. “Then, let me help you.”

“Wha-?!” Chariot started, but Croix picked her up, bridal style, surprising her wife.

“Croix, put me down!” Chariot protested, serious.

“Nope.” The violet haired woman’s smirk widened. She carried her lover till the edge of the pier, then, her smirk turned into an evil smile.

“Croix…don’t.” The shiny witch stated, moving her gaze from the water to her wife.

“Sorry, chérie.” Croix winked and without letting Chariot finish her sentence, she threw her in the lake and dived in, as well.

“CROIX!” The red haired witch shouted, after they both emerged. Her wife started laughing out loud and Chariot couldn’t help but smile at that cute sight. “Now you’ve done it!” Chariot said, playfully, and started splashing water against the other woman. Croix stopped the splashes with her arms. “Bring it!” The latter replied and the two started screaming happily.

After the intense war of water, the couple returned to their towels, Croix put an arm around her wife’s shoulders, bringing her closer, and Chariot rested her head on her left shoulder. Meanwhile, Akko was still swimming: she was following some fish, trying to touch them, but they were way too fast. The little witch grinned, as she came up with an idea. “Matamorphie Faciesse!”.

The little explosion made the two women jump. “Oh don’t tell me…” Croix said and they both gasped, seeing a goofy, funny-looking fish chasing after trout.

“Akko!” Chariot called her daughter, who turned at them.

“What?” Fish Akko asked, confused, with a bubbling voice. The shiny witch sighted, whereas Croix giggled. Thank goodness, most people knew and accepted witches, some bathers just laughed at the funny creature.

“Like mother like daughter.” Croix stated, kissing her lover’s cheek; Akko reminded her so much of Chariot: carefree, playful, a bit sloppy, full of life and altruist.

When the brunette laid down, the couple hugged her and caressed her back and her wet hair. Chariot gave her a kiss on the nose. “You should be more careful when you want to use magic, not everyone appreciates it, unfortunately.” The red headed told her and the little witch nodded.

“Alright…Sorry.” Akko replied and smiled, resting her head on Chariot’s chest.

“It’s okay, little angel. You were just having fun.” Croix said and kissed her head. Then, the three fell asleep, cradled by the sound of the wind, the waves and the warmth of the sun.

That night Akko couldn’t stop chuckling at the sight of her mothers, red as two big peppers. “YOU forgot to put the sunscreen on!” The brunette had to stop and breathe, her stomach hurt from laughing. Croix and Chariot smiled embarrassed, while putting the after-sun lotion on each other’s backs.

“You know…” Croix started, when Akko ran outside their room. “Your skin color is the same as your hair. You’re completely red!” She laughed.

“Stop it!” Chariot stated and hit her shoulder with her hand, but regretted it immediately.

“OUCH!” Croix screamed, feeling her shoulder burning like hell.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” Chariot apologised, but couldn’t stop herself from giggling.

Man this was quite the episode!

New boarder, and if I’m attributing the jokes and style to her correctly, oh my god I think this boarder was made for me; Steven seems to have a new power - I wonder if this was inherited from Rose, especially considering Pearl didn’t seem familiar with it? OR! Could there possibly be some connection between Steven healing Lapis’s gem and him having this connection with her? More Lapis, more Jasper, more Malachite - bigger stakes. The plots chugging along at a slow but steady pace, and I’m on board for the ride!

9/10. Good stuff. A great mix of comedy, plot, horror, and a tinge of feels; just a smidge. 

Next episode tomorrow, hopefully (along with a big ole ask batch)! And we all know what happens in this one - Malachite has finally found herself, but surprise! - Lapis’s vengeance and Jasper’s hatred cancel one another out, and Malachite just wants everyone to be happy and play water polo in the Atlantic ocean! Fun times to be had all around!

See ya then! ~

Water Polo

Here’s our 50 followers story! Sorry it took so long, but it’s going to be a multi-part fic, we hope you like it ~Amy and Emma

Freshman orientation, the transition from middle school to high school. For Ethan, this was particularly stressful because he had just moved from Maine to Cleveland after his dad’s job transfer. He had to pick up everything and move the week before orientation. By the time orientation came around, his parent’s were too busy unpacking and working to go with him. When he was dropped off at the school, he was scared and confused about how a school could be so small. He followed the signs that said freshman orientation, and prayed for his best.

                                                    Tyler’s POV

“Mark, for God’s sake, stop staring at Amy’s butt.” I groaned as my friend started to drool once again over the blonde cheerleader.

“Well! It’s not like I can help it. Have you seen it in those cheer shorts? It’s a major increase from her usual jeans.” Mark reasoned.

“No I haven’t seen it. I’ve been focusing on recruiting people.” Just as I said that, a boy with bright blue hair walked by, constantly looking up and down from the printed map and schedule of the school, looking incredibly confused. I know he’s new here, nobody would have the guts to stand out by dyeing their hair that color. Plus, everybody here knows everybody.

“Mhm, that’s what you’re focusing on. I see you staring at that freshman over there.” Mark nudged me while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“What? We were told to find new recruits after half the team graduated last year. He’d fit in with us.”

“Dude, he’s a twig.”

“And? That didn’t stop you from joining.”

“Okay, first, rude. Second, if you get to stare at the blue boy, I get to stare at the butt.”

“Well we’re staring for different reasons. You just have a surge of hormones rage through you when you look at Amy. I just feel bad for the newbie, being in a new town and all. Plus, I don’t swing that way.”

”I didn’t even accuse you of being gay, but okay, go ahead and recruit him. Don’t let me stop you.” I huffed and walked towards the boy, grabbing a flyer and a clipboard. He looked up from the map once more and made eye contact with me, looking slightly panicked.

“Hi! I’m Tyler. You must be new here. Have you thought about joining water polo? I’m on the team and you look like you play.” The small boy gave me a confused look, glanced over at Mark, and then looked back at me.

“Uhh, sure okay. I mean, I’ve never played water polo before, but sure. I’m Ethan, by the way. Also, can you, uh, help me or something? I’m incredibly lost.” Ethan introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you Ethan. I’m sure you’ll do great! You look like a natural.” No he doesn’t but goddamn he’s cute. Of course I mean that in the straightest way possible. It’s okay for a guy to admire another’s looks.“Of course, what are you trying to find?”

“Everything. I don’t know where anything is in this damn school.” I chuckled at his frustration.

“How ‘bout I give you a tour? Hey Mark, you good with manning the table while I take my break? Thanks man!” When I looked over at our table, however, Mark wasn’t there. I groaned and automatically looked over at the cheerleaders’ stand and saw Mark leaning on the table, trying desperately to impress Amy, who was glued to her phone. I turned back to Ethan and motioned for him to follow me.

“But you’re table-”



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Summary: After an intense game of water polo with the other VIXX members, you take Leo into the locker room to confess your feelings for him.

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Length: 2087

Requested by Anonymous

The whistle blew as you chucked the ball right into the opposite team’s goal, making Ken, the opposing goalie, release a high-pitched cry of frustration. Hongbin chuckled with a wide smile and splashed his failed teammate playfully, but Leo was not happy. He gave you a threatening glare, but you just laughed it off. Leo became a different person when he was playing games, especially when he was losing at those games, but it was cute to you. He was normally so introverted, but put a ball in his hand and put him in a team and he suddenly became the most competitive and involved player.

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modern newsies athletic hcs

so i saw this post by @gay-newsboys and was inspired to make my own/add on to it bc i play water polo and i swim and i need these

- race and spot play water polo. they met on the first day of summer practice and they’ve been together ever since.

- spot is small and so nobody thought he could do anything, but he ended playing the roughest position and he’s good at it.

- like, really good

-nobody messes with spot conlon in the water. he’ll take you down. 

- it’s rumored that someone once checked race during a game and he had to sit out for the rest of the game, so spot spent the rest of the game messing with them

- their team wins league every year and they play lots of tournaments

- katherine is on the girls team. she and spot play the roughest positions. spot is a little scared of kath.

- they walk to practice with blink and specs because they do gymnastics and the gym is next to the pool

- all of the boys come out to support them during games and they’re super shocked when race literally gets punched in the face and spot gets dunked

- “you guys get more beat up than i do!” - davey after watching them play for the first time

- race has been swimming since he was a little kid. he convinces spot to join the school’s team with him and they both make varsity as freshmen.

- spot swims the 500 because he’s a polo player first a foremost and he can outlast everyone else. he breaks the school record for time by almost ten seconds, which means that his determined ass sprinted the 500

- he also swims butterfly bc his arms are huge and he has amazing ability to pull himself through the water with them.

- race is always his lap counter. spot’s splashed him on purpose several times.

- race swims breaststroke and sprints freestyle. spot can’t believe that his boyfriend can swim breaststroke as fast as he does and look so fluid doing it

- they’ve been in the top relay since their freshman year of school, mush swims backstroke, race swims breaststroke, spot swims butterfly, and romeo swims freestyle. they set records and win all the time and they’ve gone to states every single year.

- they walk to swim practice behind jack and davey and make fun of them because the pool is next to the baseball and lacrosse fields.

- on the rare occasion that practices and games don’t align, they’ll go watch jack or davey

- “chlorine brain” “at least i can swim for more than 28 seconds” “that’s a bullshit lie you just outlast everyone else who tries to swim for more than 28 seconds”

im on holiday and here's some stuff that's happened so far

-a 3 year old with a t shirt that said ‘not your average 3 year old’ pushed a pram into me and laughed manically as I tripped over it
-a very angry bartender attempted to ID me for buying a slushie
-watched my family (drunk Scottish people and children) play water polo while my little brother screamed Wonderwall lyrics at the top of his lungs
-naruto running with my cousin through hotel corridors at night
-me and my cousin saw a bird with a fish finger in its beak and said “absolute legend” in complete unison
-a little kid came up to me and rubbed a very big leaf on my face
-i watched someone in a fursuit dab on a stage
-my grandmother dabbed
-a little English kid called me an epic fail and then tried to dab
-i keep seeing those machines that dispense little toys but they have an anime man fidget spinning on the front
-there was someone dressed up as a cat just kind of?? walking around?? and not like a kid mascot or anything just wearing a cat costume??? why

That’s all I have just now but its literally only day 2 so I’ll add more later

Sight of the sun

Despite Kuroko’s very low tolerance for the heat and beaming sunrays, he kept being dragged to the beach.

Not that he hated the place on its own, but he’d rather spend the day in a nice and air-conditioned room while reading a book rather than in the sweltering heat.

But Ogiwara-kun was relentless in his pestering and Tetsuya always had a soft spot for his childhood friend so he caved in and agreed.

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This hurts less than it should,
and maybe I should stop trying to scrape the dirt from under my fingernails, after all you’re never gonna get it out like that, I know, I’ve tried.

Sometimes, I wish it burned more,
To feel that all over,
to feel that ache throbbing and swelling against my skin so intensely I’ll refuse to wear sleeveless tops for a month and a half,
to feel that everywhere behind the tender back of my knees and the scared strain in my eyes,
to ride that out.
The pain comes in waves, they say, and all you can do is ride it out. And then it stops.

So tell me why I’m frothing at the mouth not from rage, but from biting down on store-brand bars of soap,
Why I couldn’t even feel such pain at the beginning, couldn’t register anything, just that my skin wasn’t sticky from tears but from sweat and salt and someone else’s spit, a vigorous attempt of reconciliation, the only thing coming in waves the thick slabs of heat shooting down on exposed shoulder blades.

And they don’t tell you about the way it feels to be so completely at a loss, of course they don’t tell you that for weeks you’ll be staring at your shaking hands and your limp hair in the mirror when you wake up at 3 p.m. and realize that God, he was so right to have chosen her instead.
She has normal skin type, mine’s always oily, and I want to ask her about her skin routine, how she got it to work for her.
And they don’t tell you that vanilla ice cream bars suddenly remind you of yourself smiling through a chocolate stained mouth in the backseat of your dad’s car, ignoring the way your front teeth have suddenly gone numb from the cold, yes, I know this song plays too much on the radio but I like it anyway.
They don’t tell you about the way his name still lingers in your mouth and it sounds right, righter than anything else, you’re making amends when you see something that makes your heart pump, the thigh-flattering jeans hanging clumsily in the back of the closet, the half-hearted, “He couldn’t handle me anyway,” over breakfast and eggs done over-easy.
They don’t tell you that you’ll find his build somehow in the petite, swarthy girl that plays water polo and in the basketball shorts of the boy that you bumped into accidentally on the streets, how at the end of your prayers, you throw him in there for good measure, haphazardly almost, not wishing for anything, not because you know it’s bad, but because you don’t know what to wish for, just this infatuation, this aspiration, this I could’ve, I would’ve, I should’ve till Kingdom come.

Your hips will hurt and your favorite Chapstick will melt and you will be discontinued because objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, and you’re going to be so scared, so, so scared that maybe forgetting isn’t better.

They don’t tell you this, of course. The pain comes in waves, they say. And then it stops, they say.

—  you’re pubescent and I’m incessant, I thought it’d work out okay