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You're an amusing person. Seriously, so thank you for a laugh :) With that said, you also seem highly delusional since you keep making up things, but that's not highly surprising either. Never played water-polo, sorry. Nah, just, average people have bigger things to worry about. Like, you know, surviving. Your gif is funny, because, yet again, you fail to acknowledge how you make everything about you by continuously victimizing yourself, while you are no better than people you bemoan about.

You, wiping diamond tears with a silk handkerchief provided by your butler Geeves: “Who will care about my needs? My failed foray into the liberal arts, my long distance relationship with a white Norwegian model with terf bangs, my own journey to find my own intelligence??? You still love me, don’t you Geeves?" 

Geeves, politely: "Of course, sir" 

Geeves, on the inside:

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real madrid playing water polo during summer training at UCLA, july 2011. (x)

back row: jesé rodríguez, kaká
second row: raphaël varane, joselu, nacho fernández, tomás mejías, xabi alonso, jorge casado
third row: sergio ramos, álvaro arbeloa, esteban granero, antonio adán
front row: marcelo, iker 

arbeloa’s side won, and he tweeted this photo along with each of the winning team’s nicknames: “Fly” (arbeloa himself), “Pirata,” (esteban granero), “Trufas,” or “Truffles” in English (xabi alonso), “SR4″ (sergio, obviously), “Unai” (iker), “Tony” (Adán) and “Tommy” (tomás mejías).

…yeah, you read that right. xabi alonso’s nickname at real madrid was TRUFFLES.

If the Mother of Invention had a sauna I am inclined to believe it was also outfitted with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the Freelancers were occasionally scheduled for a few dozen laps every once in a while to supplement their training.

I am also inclined to believe Wash was a lil shit and cheated by hanging off of Maine’s neck as he did the laps for both of them.

Sometimes when he was mad at Wash for some reason or another, Maine would swim aggressively to make Wash accidentally swallow some of the pool water because he’s a lil shit too.

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Do we have a full list of all the sports Tyler has done? If not we should make one, I'm super curious because I know he's done so much

Oh gosh he’s done so many.
I know for certain in college he played water Polo and football for the school
I’m sure he was one of those kids that did everything, even just for a little bit when he was young.
I know he tried out for American Ninja Warrior or whatever that show is called, the man is an absolute beast

His Hockey Sweatshirt

Please please please do one when you go to one of his games and he talks to you after and notices you’re cold so he gives you an extra sweatshirt with his name on it. And you wear it to school the next day and stuff happens(; and he lets you keep it?

*please note, that if you don’t specify a specific kind of game, my default game setting is Hockey, just because that is what my crush happens to play, maybe I’ll do tennis cause he plays that too, or I might mention water polo, because I play water polo, but generally, if you don’t specify a game it will be Hockey.

It was a cold January evening, and in Michigan, that meant snow. You were driving out to the Summit, to watch the Hockey game. (Y.c.n) was the captain of the team, and he had been asking you to come to his games all year. You were his best friend, and he would text you every night until you fell asleep, and along the many years of friendship, you had started to fall for him.

You had been friends since the eighth grade, and now that you were seniors, you were inseparable. Except when it came to his games. You never went.

It broke his heart, and yours, that every game night, you busied yourself with something so you wouldn’t have to go. You valued your friendship with him, and of course you wanted to support him, but there were plenty of other girls there. And they would make signs for him that would say, ‘number 5 on the ice, number 1 in my heart!’ and after the game they would take pictures with him and their signs, just to put them on Instagram, and claim him as their ‘Bub’. What the heck was a ‘bub’ anyway?

But granted, seeing those girls do that made you jealous. He was not their ‘bub’. Their flirting made you angry, and he flirted back, which was worse. So after one game you stopped going. Because you couldn’t bear to see that. It made your heart hurt.

But this game, was the biggest game of the season, and he had begged you to come. He’d called you last night before you went to sleep, and begged. He was so stressed over the game, and he had asked you to come beforehand to calm him down, talk him through it. And you decided that he really needed you, and so now, were sitting in your car, driving through the snow on the highway, out to the ice complex.

You pulled into the parking lot and checked the time, 7:01. The game started at 8. You walked into the building and looked around the area. The first rink was on the left, and there were some tables there. Sure enough, sitting at one of the tables, fully dressed in his pads and skates, was (y.c.n). His head was in his hands, and he was gripping his hair. You walked over to him, and sat down next to him.

“I think you need to relax.” you said.

He smiled and looked at you, “You’re here.”

“You wanted me to be here, so I’m here.” you said, pulling a bottle of water and some Ibuprofen from your bag. You handed him two tablets, and the opened the water before handing them to him.

“I always want you to be here.” he paused, and swallowed the tablets with a gulp of water. “But you never come. Until now, why is that?” he looked at you, with a sad look in his eyes.

“(Y.c.n), you know that I’m busy, and I have so much to get done.”

“But it seems like you’re only busy on game nights. Any other night I want to hang out, you’re over right away. Do you not want to see me play?” he asked, guilt staining the edges of his voice.

“No, I love watching you play, it’s just that I’m busy on these nights.” you said, desperately trying to avoid telling him the truth.

“Alright, but that’s the past, all that matters is that you’re here now.” he said, smiling, and moving on. “I’m so stressed about this game.”

“You’ll do great, you always do.” you reassured him. Rubbing your hand in circles on his back. He was back to holding his head in his hands, his elbows on his knees, his mind going a million miles an hour.

“This is the biggest game of the season, and Coach is expecting me to lead the team to the Dub tonight. I just don’t know if I can do it.” he said.

“You will, you know this game like the back of your hand.” you encouraged.

“Will you stay the whole time?” he asked.

“Of course.” you smiled.

“Okay.” he said, his smile growing. “Will you be warm enough?” he asked, concern taking over his face.

You were only wearing a light sweater because you had forgotten a coat.

“Yeah, I’l be alright.” you said.

“Okay, I just don’t want you to be cold.” he said. “Are you going to sit with Mother?”

“I will if you want me too.” you said.

“Will you?” he asked. “I want to look up and see my two biggest fans right next to each other.”

You smiled, “Then I’ll be sure to save her a seat.”

“(y.c.n)!” one of his teammates called. “We’re warming up!”

His eyes found a clock, 7:35. He had to go.

“I have to go.” he said, standing up.

“Alright, good luck.” you said, standing as well.

He opened his arms for a hug, and you embraced him trying really hard to get your arms around all his pads. You pulled away, and smiled at him, and he smiled at you. Then you went to the stands inside, and he made his was to the ice.

You watched him the whole game, and every time he scored a goal, he would look up and point to you, which sent frenzies of butterflies off in your stomach. You talked to his mom, and she said that he would always talk about how he wanted you there at his games.

You didn’t tell her the truth, but sure enough it was still truthful. There were at least three different signs dedicated to him. And after the game the girls waited for him to get out of the locker room for their Instagram picture. 

You were sitting at the the table that you and (y.c.n) were at before the game. You were scrolling through his old text messages, and hugging yourself, because you were freezing.

Then you heard a high pitched, collective sound of, “(Y.c.n)!” and looked up to see your best friend briefly before his was surrounded by girls.

You waited out the mob before walking over to him. He was alone at another table now, his massive hockey bag sitting on the floor. He was on his phone, then he held it up to his ear.

Your phone was then vibrating in your hand, and his name was on the screen.

“Hello?” you answered.

“Where are you? I thought you were staying until the end?” he asked, remorse in his voice.

“(Y.c.n), you dummy, turn around.” you said.

He stood up and turned around, and smiled when he saw you.

“What did you think?” he hung up the phone.

“You did great.” you said. “I told you that you would.”

He opened his arms for a hug, and you were engulfed in his strong physique, and you were warm.

When he pulled away, he noticed that you were cold. “(y.n)…” he said, rummaging through his hockey bag. “I told you that you would get cold, you’re freezing. Here, take this.” he handed you his hockey sweatshirt, it had his name on the back, and you quickly put it on.

“Thanks.” you said. “You ready?”

He nodded. Then the two of you walked out to your car, and you took him home.

As you sat in the driveway, he was getting out of the car, and you quickly said, “(Y.c.n), your sweatshirt!”

“(Y.n), it’s alright, keep it.” he said.

“I’ll give it back soon.” you said.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yeah, see you.” you said.

You shut your locker, and walked to (Y.c.n)’s locker down the hall. You always met him there and you would walk to your cars together.

“Hey.” you said.

“Sup.” he said, grabbing his backpack to leave. “Nice sweatshirt, where’d you get it?” he joked.

You were wearing his sweatshirt from last night, because you had woken up late, and didn’t have time to plan an outfit.

“I think I got it a while ago.” you played back.

He smirked, “You look good in that.”

“How so?” you asked, genuinely confused. “It’s so big.”

“Exactly, it makes it so guys can’t lust over you, because I see them do that. Three of my teammates did it last night at the game, and then told me how hot you were after the game.” he got protective. “I wanted to punch them, they know you’re my best friend.”

“Who said that?” you asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” he said, bitterly slamming his locker.

“Woah there…” you said, holding your hands up in defense. “What’s it to ya?”

“I don’t want other guys talking about you like that.” he said. “Especially when they know that I like you.”

His eyes went wide. “You weren’t supposed to know that.”

You were shocked. “Oh.”

He looked down at his feet, embarrassed. But then, you stood up on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “I like you too.”

“You look good in that.” he said.

“I know, because it’s big.” you smiled.

“No, because it has my name on the back.” he said. “You’re mine. And don’t you forget it.”

“Okay.” you smiled.

Then he took your head in his large hands and pressed his lips to yours, sending you into a trance. You kissed him back, and he pushed you against the lockers. His hands were holding your waist, and they pulled your hips to his, and your fingers were tangles in his hair. You kissed passionately, and he traced his tongue against your lips asking for entrance. You opened your mouth for him, and together, your tongues danced, giving you a high, unknown before. You quietly moaned in pleasure, and he pulled away smirking at what he’d done to you. He rested his forehead to yours, smiling down on you.

“Will you be at every game from now on?” he asked.

“That depends.” you said, still breathless.

“On what?” he said, confused.

“Do I get to keep this sweatshirt?” you smiled.

“Absolutely.” he closed his eyes and pecked your lips. “Because I’m tired of the girls that flirt and I want them to know that you’re mine.”

“I’m yours?”

“You will always be mine, I’m not letting you go.” he smiled, as he leaned in again.

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Well my story just changed because I scrapped a character who was Problematic™ and replaced her with the soft bean AKA Hannah and I basically changed the whole plot so we'll see what it's about! Lol I'm just kidding, sort of... So, they both go to high school together, Cera plays water polo and Hannah swims, so they meet through mutual friends, and they start hanging out more and more... That's like, their story... I'm trying to figure it all out but when I do I will def. update you!!!

Wow … A soft water lesbian story … I really really wanna read it!!!!!! Good luck with it!

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (I don’t carry a bag so I’m going w my backpack here):

  1. soundproof headphones
  2. chapstick
  3. my laptop
  4. bullet journal
  5. at least 3 different chargers 

5 things in my bedroom:

  1. costco-sized tub of peanut butter pretzels
  2. Nikon DSLR camera
  3. too many shoes
  4. a care package I’m in the process of making
  5. lots of fairy lights

5 things I want to do in life:

  1. have at least 3 dogs
  2. go backpacking in New Zealand and in Canada
  3. find a meaningful career that I enjoy
  4. eat lots of food I’ve never tried before
  5. be happy

5 things that make me happy:

  1. freshly-washed sheets
  2. fried pickles
  3. mountains
  4. making people laugh
  5. plants

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. game of thrones
  2. procrastinating
  3. movie nights (I have so many classics to watch SOS)
  4. minimizing meat consumption
  5. LUSH products

5 things on my to-do list:

  1. my stats homework that I’m procrastinating by doing this
  2. fix the command hook pseudo-coat-rack in the hall
  3. wash towels (SOS playing water polo uses so many towels)
  4. call my mom
  5. apply for summer jobs

5 things people may not know about me:

  1. I have recently found a love for salt & vinegar potato chips
  2. I like Cholula better than Sriracha
  3. I’ve never had taco bell or burger king
  4. I like baseball hats but don’t feel cool enough to pull them off
  5. I have multiple posters of National Parks in my house to de-stress 

I tag: @allpositivenrg @guardian-of-our-galaxy @dragonatthedinnertable @keep-it-in-your-plants and @somewheremidatlantic 

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I am much more comfortable playing water polo... It is SOSOSO much fun omg I love it 😁 I actually made what's called the ODP (Olympic Development Program) team as the alternate goalie!!! I was really excited to hear it and I'm also kinda shocked because I was REALLY sick when we had one of the tryouts... The first one I think I did okay but the second tryout I was soso sick omg

Ahhh that’s amazing!!! Well done Emily!!

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your ocs are really cute, can you tell us more about them?

OF COURSE!!! And if you ever wanna know something about them, just ask!!!

So, Cera plays water polo, and Hannah swims, so they meet through mutual friends, and they start hanging out more and more… Cera is a tall freckled red-headed omg and Hannah is the Smol Precious Bean™ and when they start dating Hannah steals all of Cera’s sweatshirts even though they are way too big and stubbornly wears one at least once a week

And in the words of @justparabatrying, they are soft water gays, so they spend a lot of time in the water being goofy romantic dorks

If you guys want specifics ask for them I don’t mind 😁

Name: idk rn now, you can call me Jackal
Age: 17
Gender: genderfluid
Pronouns: they/them or he/him

Description (hobbies etc): I play water polo and draw a lot and ride horses. I watch a ton of movies, my favorites right now are Harold and Maude, and pulp fiction. (Unfortunately) I also like anime and manga, mainly Tokyo ghoul and black butler but there’s others. I’m also really into vulture culture and science.

Preferred Method of Communication: tumblr @demon-hound

SMH and Swimming

I was watching water polo during the olympics and was too lazy to write this then buy I got the idea that rans and holtzy absolutely make the boys play water polo on the really hot days when they have literally Nothing To Do

And then I was struck with a Thought: one of the guys on the team 100% does not know how to swim. So I began thinking who might this boy be who can glide across frozen water but cannot survive in it’s liquid form??

Is it Bitty? No, he grew up in the south where the heat is brutal and a nice cold pool is all thay keeps you from heat stroke. Johnson? The concept of whether or not he can swim is irrelevant. Dex? He works on a lobster boat and though life vests are a thing they just get in the way so lets just all be swimmers there.

And then I realized.

Derek Malik Nurse, the rich boy from NYC. City public pools are disgusting, that boy would not go near one because he is too High Class for that. bittyinthehaus pointed out to me that he could go to a private club so that’s a thing but no no he went to a fancy boarding school and then became a poetry nerd. Chlorine pools are not his Aesthetic and why would he want to soak it other people’s dirty water? Private pool or not he knows how many children pee in there or blow snot or lose bandaids.

So he never learned to swim

And I’m not saying that there’s a whole scenario waiting to happen with Dex teaching his fellow d-man how to swim or anything, but guys, there kinda is.

Also picture this: Nursey with floaties

Get to know me!

So I made my studyblr about a week ago when I realized that I haven’t made an introduction post!

My name is Ally and this upcoming year i will be a sophomore! This year I’m taking Comp/World Lit, Algebra II honors, Chemistry, Spanish III honors, AP World History, and Japanese I. I love learning languages, which is why I’m taking two this year. And I’m learning Korean outside of school! I’m also playing water polo and swimming for my schools team. I was motivated to make a studiedly because I’m really unorganized and was hoping to improve my study habits and organizational skills. I also play violin, but unfortunately don’t have the time to be in the school orchestra.

I love listening to music a lot. I listen to kpop, pop, hip hop, and rap.I’ve been listening to kpop for to years and my favorite groups are exo, bts, big bang, ikon, and 2NE1. I spend most of my time drawing or watching netflix(mainly bones).

Some studyblrs that inspire me are @tbhstudying @studyign @cloudedstudy and @elkstudies

Anyways, if you are a studyblr, please reblog this so I can follow you!


Michael Clifford AU: Your boyfriend, Michael, plays water polo and bribes you to come watch his tournament.


More swimlock because I love it.

John being faster than Sherlock by like a second and Sherlock being so mad because no. He’s taller, slimmer, sleeker, more streamlined and in every other conceivable way a better swimmer than John and like how is it physically possible for John to be faster it isn’t fair.

Sherlock being the only guy on the team with longish hair and therefore the only one that has to wear a cap and so John helps him put it on so he can feel his hair. Sherlock knowing exactly how to put on a cap by himself but tbh this is like his favorite part of practice.

Do you know how many times you accidentally touch someone’s junk when you’re a swimmer? A lot. Sometimes it’s not an accident when John grabs Sherlock’s ass.

Sometimes the team plays water polo for fun and every time either one of them has the ball they attack each other.

Have y'all seen water polo? This is the most like touchingest sport I’ve ever seen oh my god.

John and Sherlock having lockers right next to each other and sometimes while they’re changing they get distracted and start talking and they just stand there and talk naked.

Sitting next to each other on the bus and Sherlock falling asleep on John’s shoulder.

Sherlock messes up his ankle during a meet so John just carries him back to the bus.

Sherlock doesn’t protest.

When it’s time to shave down for regionals obviously they help each other shave and they just feel each other’s legs and arms and chest because it’s all so soft.

Bunking together on overnight meets and of course there’s only one bed and so they have to share and they learn the next morning that the chair made out into a bed.

Them FINALLY GETTING TOGETHER and the entire team cheers and some people hand the coach a fiver and mutter “couldn’t have waited another week, could you.”

Super long kisses because they can hold their breath for like forever.


Jack Falahee | Best of 2015 | Events
↳ The 29th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon (September 20, 2015)

“I threw up at the beginning [of the triathlon]! Right when I got out of the water. I was on the swim team growing up and played water polo. So, I was moving pretty quick in the water, but when I got out, I caught a wave riding into the beach. I was the first of the celebrities to come in, so all the press was taking photos. I was trying to take my wetsuit off and was struggling and tripped and fell. I face-planted into the ocean and swallowed a bit of water. Then I crumpled to my knees and vomited in front of the entire press corps.”

1D Would You Rather Meme!
  • 1. Choose the OTRA set list for the remaining shows OR take over all 1d social media accounts
  • 2. Make Niall laugh OR hug Liam for as long as he will let you
  • 3. Switch hairstyles with Harry OR switch wardrobes with Harry
  • 4. Talk to a member of your choice on the phone OR video chat w that same member with no sound
  • 5. Style them OR do their hair for their next appearance
  • 6. Hang out with your fave 1D sibling OR your fave 1D parent
  • 7. Fight Louis OR fight Harry
  • 8. Become the fifth member of 1D OR pick whoever you want to join the band (as a bonus: who would you pick?)
  • 9. Talk about juice cleanses with Harry OR do laundry with Niall
  • 10. Rename the band OR rename the individual members of the band (as a bonus: what name(s) do you pick?)
  • 11. Run from police apprehending you with Louis OR run from a forest fire with Liam
  • 12. Play poker with all of them OR play water polo with all of them
  • 13. Leak the entire fifth album singlehandedly but get deleted because of it OR wait to listen even after the album is leaked
  • 14. Ink a new tattoo on Harry OR let Harry ink a tattoo on you
  • 15. Have Louis help you reorganize your kitchen OR ask Liam for interior design tips and use them all in your new home
  • 16. Hug a member of your choice for a solid thirty minutes OR become pen pals with a member of your choice