play water polo

real madrid playing water polo during summer training at UCLA, july 2011. (x)

back row: jesé rodríguez, kaká
second row: raphaël varane, joselu, nacho fernández, tomás mejías, xabi alonso, jorge casado
third row: sergio ramos, álvaro arbeloa, esteban granero, antonio adán
front row: marcelo, iker 

arbeloa’s side won, and he tweeted this photo along with each of the winning team’s nicknames: “Fly” (arbeloa himself), “Pirata,” (esteban granero), “Trufas,” or “Truffles” in English (xabi alonso), “SR4″ (sergio, obviously), “Unai” (iker), “Tony” (Adán) and “Tommy” (tomás mejías).

…yeah, you read that right. xabi alonso’s nickname at real madrid was TRUFFLES.

Of Matches and Midriffs

Daryl Dixon Imagine

This imagine is brought to you by @love2rhyme’s autocorrect. :D I’m very happpy you made this story happen, it was so much fun to write :D

You’re spending a day with everyone at the pool.

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

word count: 1389

It was a day in June when we finally had what came closest to a normal day since all this started. I was lying on a lounger near the pool, a cold drink in my hand and sunglasses on my nose watching the scenery in front of me. The deep blue water, the smoke from the other side of the pool where Abraham tried to make the best barbecue we had ever tasted, the smell of burned meat in the air as Abraham had to admit that he was a bit out of shape when it came to barbecueing. He was cursing like a sailor while Sasha tried to calm him down and save what was left to save. Fortunately, we had prepared salads and other side dishes to go with the steaks. Side dishes that had been just now upgraded to main dishes as it seemed. I smiled to myself as I took a sip from my drink.
“Watcha smilin’ ‘bout?” Daryl appeared next to my lounger almost out of thin air. His hair was dripping wet. A few drops fell on my bare skin as he bend down to breathe a kiss on my lips. A shiver ran down my spine and I couldn’t quite tell if it was caused by his kiss or the cold water on my warm skin. Either way, I didn’t mind.
“So, who won?”, I asked as Daryl sat down at the end of the lounger. Carol had convinced him to play a round of water polo against Rick and Michonne and Carl and Enid had happily joined them.  
“With Enid in our team, the others didn’t stand a chance”, he said with a big grin on his face.
“So, basically Carl was too distracted by Enid to concentrate on the game?”, I said smiling.

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If the Mother of Invention had a sauna I am inclined to believe it was also outfitted with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the Freelancers were occasionally scheduled for a few dozen laps every once in a while to supplement their training.

I am also inclined to believe Wash was a lil shit and cheated by hanging off of Maine’s neck as he did the laps for both of them.

Sometimes when he was mad at Wash for some reason or another, Maine would swim aggressively to make Wash accidentally swallow some of the pool water because he’s a lil shit too.

Water Polo

Here’s our 50 followers story! Sorry it took so long, but it’s going to be a multi-part fic, we hope you like it ~Amy and Emma

Freshman orientation, the transition from middle school to high school. For Ethan, this was particularly stressful because he had just moved from Maine to Cleveland after his dad’s job transfer. He had to pick up everything and move the week before orientation. By the time orientation came around, his parent’s were too busy unpacking and working to go with him. When he was dropped off at the school, he was scared and confused about how a school could be so small. He followed the signs that said freshman orientation, and prayed for his best.

                                                    Tyler’s POV

“Mark, for God’s sake, stop staring at Amy’s butt.” I groaned as my friend started to drool once again over the blonde cheerleader.

“Well! It’s not like I can help it. Have you seen it in those cheer shorts? It’s a major increase from her usual jeans.” Mark reasoned.

“No I haven’t seen it. I’ve been focusing on recruiting people.” Just as I said that, a boy with bright blue hair walked by, constantly looking up and down from the printed map and schedule of the school, looking incredibly confused. I know he’s new here, nobody would have the guts to stand out by dyeing their hair that color. Plus, everybody here knows everybody.

“Mhm, that’s what you’re focusing on. I see you staring at that freshman over there.” Mark nudged me while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“What? We were told to find new recruits after half the team graduated last year. He’d fit in with us.”

“Dude, he’s a twig.”

“And? That didn’t stop you from joining.”

“Okay, first, rude. Second, if you get to stare at the blue boy, I get to stare at the butt.”

“Well we’re staring for different reasons. You just have a surge of hormones rage through you when you look at Amy. I just feel bad for the newbie, being in a new town and all. Plus, I don’t swing that way.”

”I didn’t even accuse you of being gay, but okay, go ahead and recruit him. Don’t let me stop you.” I huffed and walked towards the boy, grabbing a flyer and a clipboard. He looked up from the map once more and made eye contact with me, looking slightly panicked.

“Hi! I’m Tyler. You must be new here. Have you thought about joining water polo? I’m on the team and you look like you play.” The small boy gave me a confused look, glanced over at Mark, and then looked back at me.

“Uhh, sure okay. I mean, I’ve never played water polo before, but sure. I’m Ethan, by the way. Also, can you, uh, help me or something? I’m incredibly lost.” Ethan introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you Ethan. I’m sure you’ll do great! You look like a natural.” No he doesn’t but goddamn he’s cute. Of course I mean that in the straightest way possible. It’s okay for a guy to admire another’s looks.“Of course, what are you trying to find?”

“Everything. I don’t know where anything is in this damn school.” I chuckled at his frustration.

“How ‘bout I give you a tour? Hey Mark, you good with manning the table while I take my break? Thanks man!” When I looked over at our table, however, Mark wasn’t there. I groaned and automatically looked over at the cheerleaders’ stand and saw Mark leaning on the table, trying desperately to impress Amy, who was glued to her phone. I turned back to Ethan and motioned for him to follow me.

“But you’re table-”



//Serbia is the sportiest…. and the most successful at them too lol

They’re all big fans of football (to varying degrees); Cro like water polo, basketball, and handball; Slo and Bos are more into winter sports; Monte likes playing water polo on her own terms (is hiking a sport? lol); Mace is fond of all sorts of dances; Herze doesn’t really do sports competitively, but get’s dragged into basketball games because he tol; Kosovo does judo and other martial arts and can flip someone twice her size over her shoulder.


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Summary: After an intense game of water polo with the other VIXX members, you take Leo into the locker room to confess your feelings for him.

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Length: 2087

Requested by Anonymous

The whistle blew as you chucked the ball right into the opposite team’s goal, making Ken, the opposing goalie, release a high-pitched cry of frustration. Hongbin chuckled with a wide smile and splashed his failed teammate playfully, but Leo was not happy. He gave you a threatening glare, but you just laughed it off. Leo became a different person when he was playing games, especially when he was losing at those games, but it was cute to you. He was normally so introverted, but put a ball in his hand and put him in a team and he suddenly became the most competitive and involved player.

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gansey does crew and intramural shit / weights… he was thinking about doing fencing in winter or golf in the spring season but really he doesnt have time for Sports Sports bc he’s busy with his magic hunt so he’s a one-season athlete. or maybe he quit sports and only does weights. wait does he also swim? he also swims. i wonder whether he wanted to play water polo. he probably has an athletic exemption for spring / pollen season so he doesn’t have to be outside during bee season / this is why he does weights intramural or something.

ronan did soccer (jv/intramural), squash, and tennis (varsity) b4 His Life Went To Shit and he quit sports. he did Not get an athletic exemption he just Stopped Going.

adam only does intramural stuff during the school day bc he desn’t have time to do Sports After School so he does weights and maybe intramural basketball or baseball bc those are full of other not particularly athletic kids who are there to dick around for an hour. he would def qualify for athletic exemption if they knew about his Very Illegal job commitments but.

noah was a swimmer…

henry does whatever the least impactful intramural Sport is. probably yoga.

This hurts less than it should,
and maybe I should stop trying to scrape the dirt from under my fingernails, after all you’re never gonna get it out like that, I know, I’ve tried.

Sometimes, I wish it burned more,
To feel that all over,
to feel that ache throbbing and swelling against my skin so intensely I’ll refuse to wear sleeveless tops for a month and a half,
to feel that everywhere behind the tender back of my knees and the scared strain in my eyes,
to ride that out.
The pain comes in waves, they say, and all you can do is ride it out. And then it stops.

So tell me why I’m frothing at the mouth not from rage, but from biting down on store-brand bars of soap,
Why I couldn’t even feel such pain at the beginning, couldn’t register anything, just that my skin wasn’t sticky from tears but from sweat and salt and someone else’s spit, a vigorous attempt of reconciliation, the only thing coming in waves the thick slabs of heat shooting down on exposed shoulder blades.

And they don’t tell you about the way it feels to be so completely at a loss, of course they don’t tell you that for weeks you’ll be staring at your shaking hands and your limp hair in the mirror when you wake up at 3 p.m. and realize that God, he was so right to have chosen her instead.
She has normal skin type, mine’s always oily, and I want to ask her about her skin routine, how she got it to work for her.
And they don’t tell you that vanilla ice cream bars suddenly remind you of yourself smiling through a chocolate stained mouth in the backseat of your dad’s car, ignoring the way your front teeth have suddenly gone numb from the cold, yes, I know this song plays too much on the radio but I like it anyway.
They don’t tell you about the way his name still lingers in your mouth and it sounds right, righter than anything else, you’re making amends when you see something that makes your heart pump, the thigh-flattering jeans hanging clumsily in the back of the closet, the half-hearted, “He couldn’t handle me anyway,” over breakfast and eggs done over-easy.
They don’t tell you that you’ll find his build somehow in the petite, swarthy girl that plays water polo and in the basketball shorts of the boy that you bumped into accidentally on the streets, how at the end of your prayers, you throw him in there for good measure, haphazardly almost, not wishing for anything, not because you know it’s bad, but because you don’t know what to wish for, just this infatuation, this aspiration, this I could’ve, I would’ve, I should’ve till Kingdom come.

Your hips will hurt and your favorite Chapstick will melt and you will be discontinued because objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, and you’re going to be so scared, so, so scared that maybe forgetting isn’t better.

They don’t tell you this, of course. The pain comes in waves, they say. And then it stops, they say.

—  you’re pubescent and I’m incessant, I thought it’d work out okay
His Hockey Sweatshirt

Please please please do one when you go to one of his games and he talks to you after and notices you’re cold so he gives you an extra sweatshirt with his name on it. And you wear it to school the next day and stuff happens(; and he lets you keep it?

*please note, that if you don’t specify a specific kind of game, my default game setting is Hockey, just because that is what my crush happens to play, maybe I’ll do tennis cause he plays that too, or I might mention water polo, because I play water polo, but generally, if you don’t specify a game it will be Hockey.

It was a cold January evening, and in Michigan, that meant snow. You were driving out to the Summit, to watch the Hockey game. (Y.c.n) was the captain of the team, and he had been asking you to come to his games all year. You were his best friend, and he would text you every night until you fell asleep, and along the many years of friendship, you had started to fall for him.

You had been friends since the eighth grade, and now that you were seniors, you were inseparable. Except when it came to his games. You never went.

It broke his heart, and yours, that every game night, you busied yourself with something so you wouldn’t have to go. You valued your friendship with him, and of course you wanted to support him, but there were plenty of other girls there. And they would make signs for him that would say, ‘number 5 on the ice, number 1 in my heart!’ and after the game they would take pictures with him and their signs, just to put them on Instagram, and claim him as their ‘Bub’. What the heck was a ‘bub’ anyway?

But granted, seeing those girls do that made you jealous. He was not their ‘bub’. Their flirting made you angry, and he flirted back, which was worse. So after one game you stopped going. Because you couldn’t bear to see that. It made your heart hurt.

But this game, was the biggest game of the season, and he had begged you to come. He’d called you last night before you went to sleep, and begged. He was so stressed over the game, and he had asked you to come beforehand to calm him down, talk him through it. And you decided that he really needed you, and so now, were sitting in your car, driving through the snow on the highway, out to the ice complex.

You pulled into the parking lot and checked the time, 7:01. The game started at 8. You walked into the building and looked around the area. The first rink was on the left, and there were some tables there. Sure enough, sitting at one of the tables, fully dressed in his pads and skates, was (y.c.n). His head was in his hands, and he was gripping his hair. You walked over to him, and sat down next to him.

“I think you need to relax.” you said.

He smiled and looked at you, “You’re here.”

“You wanted me to be here, so I’m here.” you said, pulling a bottle of water and some Ibuprofen from your bag. You handed him two tablets, and the opened the water before handing them to him.

“I always want you to be here.” he paused, and swallowed the tablets with a gulp of water. “But you never come. Until now, why is that?” he looked at you, with a sad look in his eyes.

“(Y.c.n), you know that I’m busy, and I have so much to get done.”

“But it seems like you’re only busy on game nights. Any other night I want to hang out, you’re over right away. Do you not want to see me play?” he asked, guilt staining the edges of his voice.

“No, I love watching you play, it’s just that I’m busy on these nights.” you said, desperately trying to avoid telling him the truth.

“Alright, but that’s the past, all that matters is that you’re here now.” he said, smiling, and moving on. “I’m so stressed about this game.”

“You’ll do great, you always do.” you reassured him. Rubbing your hand in circles on his back. He was back to holding his head in his hands, his elbows on his knees, his mind going a million miles an hour.

“This is the biggest game of the season, and Coach is expecting me to lead the team to the Dub tonight. I just don’t know if I can do it.” he said.

“You will, you know this game like the back of your hand.” you encouraged.

“Will you stay the whole time?” he asked.

“Of course.” you smiled.

“Okay.” he said, his smile growing. “Will you be warm enough?” he asked, concern taking over his face.

You were only wearing a light sweater because you had forgotten a coat.

“Yeah, I’l be alright.” you said.

“Okay, I just don’t want you to be cold.” he said. “Are you going to sit with Mother?”

“I will if you want me too.” you said.

“Will you?” he asked. “I want to look up and see my two biggest fans right next to each other.”

You smiled, “Then I’ll be sure to save her a seat.”

“(y.c.n)!” one of his teammates called. “We’re warming up!”

His eyes found a clock, 7:35. He had to go.

“I have to go.” he said, standing up.

“Alright, good luck.” you said, standing as well.

He opened his arms for a hug, and you embraced him trying really hard to get your arms around all his pads. You pulled away, and smiled at him, and he smiled at you. Then you went to the stands inside, and he made his was to the ice.

You watched him the whole game, and every time he scored a goal, he would look up and point to you, which sent frenzies of butterflies off in your stomach. You talked to his mom, and she said that he would always talk about how he wanted you there at his games.

You didn’t tell her the truth, but sure enough it was still truthful. There were at least three different signs dedicated to him. And after the game the girls waited for him to get out of the locker room for their Instagram picture. 

You were sitting at the the table that you and (y.c.n) were at before the game. You were scrolling through his old text messages, and hugging yourself, because you were freezing.

Then you heard a high pitched, collective sound of, “(Y.c.n)!” and looked up to see your best friend briefly before his was surrounded by girls.

You waited out the mob before walking over to him. He was alone at another table now, his massive hockey bag sitting on the floor. He was on his phone, then he held it up to his ear.

Your phone was then vibrating in your hand, and his name was on the screen.

“Hello?” you answered.

“Where are you? I thought you were staying until the end?” he asked, remorse in his voice.

“(Y.c.n), you dummy, turn around.” you said.

He stood up and turned around, and smiled when he saw you.

“What did you think?” he hung up the phone.

“You did great.” you said. “I told you that you would.”

He opened his arms for a hug, and you were engulfed in his strong physique, and you were warm.

When he pulled away, he noticed that you were cold. “(y.n)…” he said, rummaging through his hockey bag. “I told you that you would get cold, you’re freezing. Here, take this.” he handed you his hockey sweatshirt, it had his name on the back, and you quickly put it on.

“Thanks.” you said. “You ready?”

He nodded. Then the two of you walked out to your car, and you took him home.

As you sat in the driveway, he was getting out of the car, and you quickly said, “(Y.c.n), your sweatshirt!”

“(Y.n), it’s alright, keep it.” he said.

“I’ll give it back soon.” you said.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yeah, see you.” you said.

You shut your locker, and walked to (Y.c.n)’s locker down the hall. You always met him there and you would walk to your cars together.

“Hey.” you said.

“Sup.” he said, grabbing his backpack to leave. “Nice sweatshirt, where’d you get it?” he joked.

You were wearing his sweatshirt from last night, because you had woken up late, and didn’t have time to plan an outfit.

“I think I got it a while ago.” you played back.

He smirked, “You look good in that.”

“How so?” you asked, genuinely confused. “It’s so big.”

“Exactly, it makes it so guys can’t lust over you, because I see them do that. Three of my teammates did it last night at the game, and then told me how hot you were after the game.” he got protective. “I wanted to punch them, they know you’re my best friend.”

“Who said that?” you asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” he said, bitterly slamming his locker.

“Woah there…” you said, holding your hands up in defense. “What’s it to ya?”

“I don’t want other guys talking about you like that.” he said. “Especially when they know that I like you.”

His eyes went wide. “You weren’t supposed to know that.”

You were shocked. “Oh.”

He looked down at his feet, embarrassed. But then, you stood up on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “I like you too.”

“You look good in that.” he said.

“I know, because it’s big.” you smiled.

“No, because it has my name on the back.” he said. “You’re mine. And don’t you forget it.”

“Okay.” you smiled.

Then he took your head in his large hands and pressed his lips to yours, sending you into a trance. You kissed him back, and he pushed you against the lockers. His hands were holding your waist, and they pulled your hips to his, and your fingers were tangles in his hair. You kissed passionately, and he traced his tongue against your lips asking for entrance. You opened your mouth for him, and together, your tongues danced, giving you a high, unknown before. You quietly moaned in pleasure, and he pulled away smirking at what he’d done to you. He rested his forehead to yours, smiling down on you.

“Will you be at every game from now on?” he asked.

“That depends.” you said, still breathless.

“On what?” he said, confused.

“Do I get to keep this sweatshirt?” you smiled.

“Absolutely.” he closed his eyes and pecked your lips. “Because I’m tired of the girls that flirt and I want them to know that you’re mine.”

“I’m yours?”

“You will always be mine, I’m not letting you go.” he smiled, as he leaned in again.

evaienna  asked:

I just went to a waterpark and was wondering what the ASL and Strawhats (+ Jinbei and Carrot) would do there? I love your hcs and would hopefully get the time to draw some of them! (Like the outfits, for example) Love ya!


Just be warned this is gonna be long and hilarious

  • Why does this feel like a scenario I’d pay money to see
  • All of them are just dividing into little groups and have fun
  • Robin and Franky are taking care of the kids
  • Luffy and Carrot want to go on the most ridiculous slides and have fun up there and they happily drag scared Chopper and Usopp along with them
  • On the biggest slide there is a camera that takes photos of everybody that goes down, on that particular photo you can see Luffy, Carrot and Franky lifting their hands up in the air in joy and Chopper and Usopp crying and holding onto each other
  • Robin’s always sitting on the side in a deckchair and is happy that the nerds and Franky are having fun
  • Robin and Franky later catch Jinbe who was actually having fun in the spa, relaxing alongside Nami and Sanji and trick him into babysitting Luffy, Chopper, Usopp and Carrot
  • After Robin and Franky successfully fucked off, they high five each other and have cocktails
  • Jinbe can hardly handle life, he hates babysitting but always ends up doing it anyway just because
  • His eyes widen a bit at the realization that Ace and Sabo are probably doing mischief without a person in charge
  • His eyes widen even more at the realization that the kids are gone
  • Nami and Sanji are still doing great in the spa
  • but later Sanji leaves her for a little bikini safari and wonders why Jinbe is running around looking like he’s just seen a ghost
  • That doesn’t last long, because lusting after every pretty girl he sees and offers to buy them drinks and give them massages
  • Brook becomes Zoro’s designated babysitter but he doesn’t mind, he’s drinking tea and ogling after the pretty women in his deckchair as Zoro naps and later swims a few rounds
  • It’s important to Brook that Zoro has fun like before with Robin and the others
  • Zoro offers to go to the spa and Brook happily agrees
  • On the way there he loses Zoro
  • And now Brook is running around like he’s just seen a ghost
  • Ace and Sabo are playing water polo together 
  • After they get bored with their game and later the slide, their evil sides kick in and they prank people
  • After roughy 14 stolen bathers and bikinis they eventually meet Chopper, Usopp, Luffy and Carrot and decide to go play volleyball together
  • Jinbe and Brook are about to give up when they actually see 4 of the 5 missing kids playing alongside the other 2 idiots Jinbe wanted to keep an eye on
  • In this moment the anouncement about a green haired moron waiting to be picked up because he got lost can be heard throughout the entire park
  • Nami’s and Sanji’s groans can be heard as well
  • Ace and Sabo are laughing like there was no tomorrow

I got tagged by @monbeboo to answer these questions yay!

1. do you have a good relationship with your parents?
I’m really close with my parents

2. who did you last say “i love you” to?
My dad this morning

3. do you regret anything?
A lot, yeah.

4. are you insecure?
Not about my looks, but I’m really insecure about my personality. Like I’m pretty and that’s the only thing I have going for me lmao

5. what’s your relationship status?

6. how do you want to die?
Preferably painlessly. In my sleep or something.

7. what did you last eat?

8. played any sports?
I swam and played water polo in high school. Ruined my back and shoulders

9. do you bite your nails?
Not anymore but I used to

10. when was your last physical fight?
I’ve never been in like a fight but I’ve punched someone does that count?

11. do you like someone?
Yan An :)

12. have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
Yeah, I struggle with insomnia.

13. do you hate anyone at the moment?

14. do you miss someone?
My best friend! She’s hopefully coming home next month.

15. have any pets?
Two dogs!

16. how exactly are you feeling at the moment?
A lil anxious but I’m always a lil anxious so normal I guess?

17. ever made out in the bathroom?

18. are you scared of spiders?

19. would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Idk, it depends

20. where was the last place you snogged someone?

21. what are your plans for this weekend?

22. do you want to have kids? how many?

23. do you have piercings? how many?
I currently have three, but I’m gonna get my cartilage re-pierced so it’ll be six

24. what is/are/were your best subject(s)?
English, History of Art, Ethics, and Abnormal Psychology

25. do you miss anyone from your past?
Not really

26. what are you craving right now?
I really want a bean rice and cheese burrito but I legit had one last night AND the night before

27. have you ever broken someone’s heart?

28. have you ever been cheated on?

29. have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
I don’t know

30. what’s irritating you right now?
A lot of things

31. does somebody love you?
I sure hope so

32. what is your favourite color?

33. do you have trust issues?

34. who/what was your last dream about?
I really don’t remember my dreams!

35. who was the last person you cried in front of?
my dad

36. do you give out second chances too easily?
No. I hardly EVER give out second chances.

37. is it easier to forgive or forget?
I hold hardcore grudges so neither is easy for me.

38. is this year the best year of your life?
So far? No. Not at all.

39. how old were you when you had your first kiss?
Fifteen? Sixteen? Somewhere around then

40. have you ever walked outside completely naked?
???? NO WTF????
51. favourite food?

52. do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I think that’s definitely a coping mechanism

53. what is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Watched 2.5 episodes of Vanderpump Rules bc I love shitty reality TV

54. is cheating ever okay?

55. are you mean?
I’ve been told I can be

56. how many people have you fist fought?
I’ve only punched someone once

57. do you believe in true love?
Yeah for sure

58. favourite weather?
Sunny, around 80 degrees (fahrenheit), not humid, a nice cool breeze

59. do you like the snow?
Wouldn’t know, never seen it irl.

60. do you wanna get married?
As of right now, no. I have no interest in being married.

61. is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
Depends on the boy/girl

62. what makes you happy?
Free food, my dogs, good music, nice makeup

63. would you change your name? 
Hell yeah

64. would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
Yes, extremely

65. your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
It depends. If I like them back, we try and move forward. If I don’t, I make my position clear and we move on (hopefully)

66. do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?

67. who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
My dad lol

68. who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My cousin Emily

69. do you believe in soulmates?
Yes, absolutely

70. is there anyone you would die for?
My best friend

Okay done! @honeyvevo @wooziology @seokminniie your turn! (If you want to!!!)

new neighbors au: water polo

Request: shoot - neighbors - no preference - root finally does something that makes shaw be like ‘daaaaamn’ in an impressed/attracted/admiring kind of way. thank you =D

[start at the beginning]

  • so it’s quite obvious root is a fucking mess around shaw
  • it’s not her fault shaw is just so /wow/ and /whoa/ and /damn/
  • root is just a gay baby who has it bad
  • shaw doesn’t mind
  • it’s nice to get a reaction like root’s by just existing
  • shaw is just happy she isn’t like that around root
  • until /that/ day
  • okay so root has gone to like every rugby game this year
  • there’s only been like 5 games but still she’s dedicated
  • shaw is just too cute running around tackling all the boys and scoring
  • it’s also kinda hot to root
  • anyway
  • shaw appreciates it and wants to go see root during one of her swim meets
  • there isn’t a meet until the spring
  • but there is the water polo
  • root never has told shaw she plays water polo
  • shaw has to hunt down harold for the answer
  • “sameen! I don’t see how /this/ is anyway to ask someone a question!!”
  • shaw has harold in a headlock
  • with a spoonful of cottage cheese near his mouth
  • “I wouldn’t half to do /this/ of you damn finchs would just give me a straight answer”
  • “this saturday! at 9am! at the community center! now let. me. go.”
  • shaw lets him go and retreats back to class with a smirk
  • shaw drags john outta bed at 8:30am
  • “I don’t get why /I/ have to go. root isn’t my crush-”
  • “who said she was mine. maybe I just wanna go cheer my neighbor on”
  • “sounds fake but okay”
  • shaw backhands john
  • there’s a shit ton of people inside
  • people really like watching people swim laps shaw guess
  • oh shaw no
  • she didn’t know exactly what sport root is playing
  • “uh shaw”
  • “what”
  • “why is there nets in the pool?”
  • nets? what-
  • water polo
  • root fucking plays /water polo/
  • shaw hunts down harold again
  • “/sameen/”
  • “/harold/”
  • harold is in deep shit
  • “root fucking plays /water polo/ the fuck harold!”
  • “sameen, you’re-”
  • “she’s a noodle harold. a fucking noodle”
  • “now root isn’t-”
  • “she needs back up out there! those other girls aren’t gonna cover it!”
  • shaw is seconds away from diving into the pool
  • thank god for joss
  • she has to get shaw in a cradle hold to stop her
  • joss’ dad was a college wrestler
  • taught her all she knows
  • “calm down there ya canon. root’s got this”
  • shaw rolls her eyes so hard
  • root. is. noodle.
  • there’s no way
  • oh poor shaw
  • root has been playing since she was 7
  • not even a minute in and shaw’s jaw is on the floor
  • root is a fucking beast
  • she scored within the first 30 seconds
  • shaw can’t believe it’s actually /root/ out there
  • root who wrecked herself on the balcony
  • root who falls when getting up
  • root who passed out when shaw flirted with her
  • /that’s/ root
  • the person in the water can’t be root
  • she just /can’t/ be
  • the person in the water is smooth and coordinated and toned and aggressive and a fucking leader
  • it just can’t be root
  • shaw believes this until the ending whistle sounds out
  • they won 19 to 5
  • half the points are from root
  • root who is pulling herself out of the water
  • a very toned root
  • just damn
  • everyone rushes to go congratulate root
  • shaw takes her time walking down the bleachers
  • it was actually /root/ out there
  • root was just so aggressive and commanding and strong and vocal and strategic and-
  • root is towling herself off
  • shaw fucking falls down the bleachers
  •  root rushes over
  • “oh goodness, are you oka-sHAW??!??!?”
  • root just died a little
  • this has to be a dream
  • it’s a nightmare to shaw tbh
  • shaw is all busted up
  • her lip is split, her cheek is gonna bruise, her knee is bleeding and her wrist is probably sprained
  • and root is so close
  • she smells like victory and chlorine
  • so toned and her eyes are beautiful and she was just so daaamn out there and-
  • “you’re wet”
  • what. the. fuck. shaw.
  • both root and shaw go beat red
  • good going shaw
  • the day just gets worst for shaw
  • root is just /so/ different after a game
  • not really
  • root is still tripping over herself around shaw
  • BUT
  • shaw is doing the same
  • at the diner shaw literally toppled over a table
  • she was looking at root
  • then shaw squirted the ketchup bottle at herself
  • root was talking
  • shaw was too focused on her
  • it’s like the roles are reversed
  • root notices
  • shaw wish she didn’t
  • shaw and root are chilling by the finch’s pool
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “I didn’t want you to expect a different root-I don’t know”
  • I didn’t want you to treat me different
  • shaw understands
  • little does root know shaw always thought she was daaaamn
  • root doesn’t need to know that yet
  • “well, should’ve still told me. I like seeing you wet”
  • shaw thinks she got her
  • BUT
  • “I rather see you wet”
  • shaw fucking chokes on her lemonade
  • it ends up all over her shirt
  • fucking hell
  • how does root do this everyday???
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