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Rare limited addition Hoze Houndz™ headcannons I made while watching the cheep early 2000′s Canadian cartoon in my basement on a Saturday night.

Hozer- Biromantic asexual transman. Hates the discourse, but reads too much of it and it makes him anxious.

Steamer- An out and proud gay man. Popular in the bear and BBM community

Squirt- Bisexual, but insecure about his sexuality. Despite flaunting his attraction for women, he hides his feelings for Steamer.

Fontaine- Aromantic, only into Autoerotisism and highly abstract fetishes. Hates to think of herself as gay even tho she is specifically attracted to her own body.

Crystal- Pansexual, polyamourous. Has an on and off relation with Brooke. Always ahead in the discourse.

Brooke- Butch Lesbian. Under her sweater she is covered in tattoos. Wants to own a motorcycle and lift but plays too many vidya games
Lifeline - Part 1
Time for a completely new adventure NOT involving vampires or whips, but bad controls, guns, and ps2 voice acting. An all new torture awaits.

Have you ever seen someone play through Lifeline on the PS2 or played it yourself? Of course not, no one has!. Do you want to? I wouldn’t. But here it is, one of the few recordings out there of a human being actually plaything through Lifeline.

Enjoy the start of the next game, as i suffer through this game and it’s terrible controls!