play time over


he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!


don’t forget about me,don’t forget about me

even when i doubt you–

im no good without you

reset theory got me like…..

also this has been sitting in my WIP pile for a month and i just got around to finishing it lmao this game stole my soul

When you say a fandom is dead, it’s a bit of a blow to people who are still producing and enjoying work for that fandom. You’re basically saying what they’re doing doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, which might discourage them from continuing to participate.

If one person is creating content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If one person is consuming content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If two friends are chatting on skype about their OTPs, that’s fandom.

If someone doodles drawings of their favorite characters on a napkin, that’s fandom.

Just because someone is producing content for one fandom doesn’t mean they have to leave another.

Not every fandom can be the big, new, shiny and popular thing.

Not every fandom *should* be the big, new, shiny, and popular thing.

It’s okay to have small, tight-knit fandoms. They can be just as fulfilling and entertaining as the big ones.


Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref


I thought I was done with TF2 fusion. Apparently not. Here are some random possible moments of medic x sniper fusion. The fusion’s name is “The crossbow”. 

more Crossbow drawings


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)


No one has seen Jonathan Crane, a.k.a the Scarecrow, since he was attacked by Killer Croc in the sewers below Arkham Asylum

Some say he escaped certain death by dragging what was left of himself onto a Titan container and floating out to sea, while others believe he was eaten by Croc…

ugh i feel like crap and im exhausted but cant sleep.

i am self aware enough to recognize that i am being needlessly whiny but i also want to complain regardless just cause

Every now and again I reread Anders’ Awakening codex entry, hit “Anders takes great pride in his appearance and enjoys fine things” and just laugh.

I just.

Every time I look at his Awakening outfit I just mentally go “and he CHOSE to wear that. He’s VERY PROUD of this outfit.”

I love you you poor walking fashion disaster of a mage.

Petition for Dan Howell to make a piano vid
  • Daniel James Howell needs to make a piano vid stat, in which he plays at least 5 full songs on the piano. He doesn't need to talk, doesn't need to edit really, just pure, raw, Dan playing the piano. I can say that after watching the same clips of him playing the piano 60 times over, it is time for some full songs that Dan plays on the piano. You have no idea how jealous I am that phil can always hear dan playing the piano, I need this, you need this. If someone thinks they don't need it, they're lying.

tbh in addition to learning about shao next season i wanna know more about zeke?? like most we know about him is both of his parents are gone & he lives w his aunt but thats it

i want to know more about his mom & his dad. he learned piano from his mom!! he obviously loved her a lot because he gets easily angered/annoyed whenever shes brought up & we know his dad was a veteran (ml from vietnam but it couldve been korea) & he came back with ptsd & a drug issue like @baz&nas how did that affect zeke??

personally i like to think his dad was an amazing writer and wrote a lot of letters & poems to him and his mom when he was away and thats why zekes such an excellent writer

+ its implied that mylene ra & zeke have been friends since childhood how did they interact with zeke during all of if this? how did their parents get along?