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Wyatt ‘I HATE ROLEPLAY’ Logan [except ‘Undercover Lovers’ with Lucy]


A number of Penguins players will use Pride Tape on their sticks in the pre-game warmup. The sticks will be autographed and auctioned through NHL Auctions, with proceeds benefitting “You Can Play.”

Group tickets also were made available to the LBGTQ community, and tickets from Penguins players and corporate partners were donated to bring LGBTQ youth to the game. A student from CAPA High School will sing the national anthem.


Ok but what if

Dean and Claire go mini golfing again, and just like last time, Dean is teasing Claire to try to impress her like he does, and Claire is teasing Dean out of genuine like covered by 50 layers of angst like she does, and they’re drawing some attention fake yelling at each other…

And when they go to buy tickets to play laser tag instead because Dean lost his ball attempting an impossible trick shot and because mini golf is stupid anyway, the person at the desk makes some comment about how it’s so nice to see families out having fun, and aren’t daddy-daughter dates the best…

And Dean gets shifty and flustered and is like, “uh, I-I’m not, uh.” And Claire just rolls her eyes and says “he’s my stepdad. I hate him.” But she totally can’t hide her smile and Dean’s a little taken aback…

And as they walk away from the desk, Dean says “dude, stepdad? I mean, I’m flattered, but that’s just weird. Me and Jody? Naw, no way. I mean, I think of her like a mother, and that’s just wrong.”

And Claire just stops right there in the middle of the run-down arcade games and gives him this dead-ass stare and says very slowly “Dean. I wasn’t referring to Jody. I was referring to Cas.”

And Dean just stands there staring as his heart slides out from under his rib-cage and makes a puddle on the floor and finally Claire just shakes her head in annoyed wonder and stomps past whispering loudly “seriously, when are you two gonna—“

But Dean doesn’t even hear the rest of her tirade because he’s still rooted to the spot, opening and closing his mouth and shaking his head like he has water in his ears.

Later, right as Dean’s parking the impala back at Jody’s, Dean tries to bring it up because of course he does, but he really sucks at this. “Hey you haven’t been reading those books, have you?” he asks. Claire has no idea what he’s talking about (but soon she will have read all of them just so she can tease him and not at all because there’s just so much she didn’t know about them—and she definitely didn’t cry ever) and when Dean sees she looks confused, he says, derisively, “Carver Edlund’s ‘Supernatural’? Based on our lives?”

Claire laughs for what seems to Dean to be hours before she finally squeaks out a “there are books?” followed by more laughter. When Dean sighs and huffily opens the car door to get out, Claire apologizes until he closes it again. And then, to balance out the apology, asks “so these books, are they romance novels?” and then bursts out laughing again.

Dean pinches the bridge of his nose, looking so done, until Claire just says “no, I haven’t read the books. I just have eyes.”

And Dean just looks, if possible even more done, but also kind of vulnerable and Claire just says “He’s in love with you.” And Dean just sits there staring at her until she says “He looks at you the way my dad used to look at my mom.” And then they both awkwardly stare out their respective windows until Claire whispers “you should talk to him” and gets out of the car.

It takes Dean a long time to talk to him. To the point where Claire starts humming “Kiss the Girl” at really (in)opportune moments and also stealth-texting Dean pictures of Cas, mostly from the snapchat account she set up for him. Finally one day she just drags her dads to the “hot topical” where she promptly leaves them, having swiped the keys to the impala when Dean took them out of his pocket and set them on the counter while he paid for their Starbucks. So she texts him that he’ll get the keys back when he has talked to Cas, and so Dean finally does, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand as he awkwardly explains to Cas that “sonofabitch” they’ve been “matchmakered” because Claire thinks that they’re in love and he doesn’t know why she would think that except that maybe because it’s true.

And that is the story of how Dean and Cas finally get together because Claire is the best stepdaughter to ever win at mini golf.


can we just talk about how this kid thinks coffee is too bitter but he’s still trying anyways because ‘he wants to become a man who can drink his coffee black’ like??? he’s just the cutest omfg

Trapped in the Mall

A simple trip to the mall quickly gets out of hand for Steven and the Gems. Peridot becomes “stuck” on an escalator, Garnet is hypnotized by a magic eye picture at a calendar kiosk, Amethyst butts heads with the head of mall security after an incident involving chocolate covered pretzels and a sock full of quarters, Lapis won’t leave the arcade until she wins enough tickets playing skee ball for a Rubik’s Cube keychain and Pearl can’t seem to find a decent pair of flats at the shoe store. Can Steven make up his mind on what color of gift wrapping for Connie’s birthday present in time to rescue the Gems?

Good Parts About the Final Problem
  • Molly has a nice house
  • Mrs. Hudson listens to rock when she cleans
  • Mycroft has a sword in his umbrella (what is he the freaking penguin)
  • The child actors in this were amaaazing
  • Sherlock the pirate
  • Victor Trevor
  • Sherlolly shippers are either elated or broken; either way, they got something
  • Moriarty at least showed up
  • tick tock tick tock tickets please
  • Mycroft played Lady Bracknell
  • Mycroft as a scurvy sailor
  • Sherlock admitting he has feelings
  • Sherlock smashing the coffin
  • Many more, but I haven’t the time to rewatch the episode and tell you.

Why all the hate, guys?  Honestly.  This was a good episode.  Sure it was confusing, and sure, there wasn’t much of a wrap-up, but guess what?  Sherlock can be confusing, even to the best of us.  So sit down, re-watch season 4, sift through it, and I’m sure that if you theorize and decode and understand again and again, you’ll find the unspoken truths, the words said, the motions made.  But it is what it is.  So look.

And you’ll find your answer.

My sister and I got an early birthday present for my mom and like I’m so excited to give it