play station two

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You literally have tHe most random snapchat on earth like you post something like "chill day with my friends" and 5 mins later your friend berk is on top of a table dabbing and like today you and your sister randomly went out to buy a play station and went to two different places to find one and its 8 pm on a sunday in istanbul like how and why?

actually we went to 3 places to find one I just didnt want you guys to think we’re extra


H “Don’t you think we should help them carry the suitcases?”
L “We pay them to bring us the suitcases, Harold!”
H “At least you could control yourself! What was the need to carry around the play station ???”
L “You have two suitcases full of fucking boots, Harry! Be quiet please!”

i think we all know the post by princessmeave that inspired this fic

To Adam Parrish there was no better feeling than the wind in his hair and the sun on his face as he sat in the passenger seat of the Pig with the windows rolled down. His fingers, however, itched to rip Ronan’s iPod from the auxiliary cord and burn it. The same nerve-grating track had been playing for nearly seven minutes.

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