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scrawlers  asked:

Okay, so - by now you know that there are 4 Champions (Zora, Goron, Rito, Gerudo), and that they're all dead. (Well, I mean, I'm assuming you know that given Mipha and Daruk.) Back when you first started I sent you a message about how I couldn't help but think that Hunter would love the Sheikah Slate, and you agreed, and then were like "but he's probably one of the dead Sheikah in the shrines." BUT, when thinking about RR!Link in this situation, I had a (more painful) idea. (1/?)

Basically, if this WAS RR!Link instead of BotW!Link, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Champions to be chosen from, well, RR? Like, instead of Mipha as the Zora Champion, maybe it was Acqul, for instance. Instead of the Gerudo Champion (idk if you know her name yet so I’m being careful), it was Neesha. The Rito didn’t exist in RR, so maybe the Sheikah actually got to have a Champion here, and that was Hunter. And so instead of having Hunter be a spirit in a shrine that doesn’t get to (2/3)

really say much of anything or have a personality, MAYBE he gets to instead be a spirit trapped in a Divine Beast for 100 years until Link finally comes through to take it back from Ganon, and he gets to have a post-mortem spirit conversation with his best friend, and Link has only just recovered some memories of him but it’s STILL enough to hurt, and it’s all very emotional and painful and such. :D Just a thought! (3/3)

Oh man, if it WAS RR!Link, there’d be a hundred ways to adapt it.  There’s:

  • the way you just described, 
  • using the sages as the Champions (so, Laruto (getting her call to be a Sage/Champion and Acqul not taking Nabooru’s advice), Darunia (or next in line if he dies), Nabooru (or next in line if she dies), and Saria in place of the birds.  (Impa would still be Impa, Zelda would still be Zelda, and Rauru would be dead (:D) or an owl ( :( ))
  • keeping the sages as sages and using other folk as champions (I could tweak some things, so roughly the same layout as you’ve said, except instead of Hunter in place of the Rito, I’d use Malon and say the Horse!People evolved over time and became literal Bird!People, probably after making a deal with some Epona-like spirit of movement) - in this scenario, I’d stick Hunter as the spirit that POWERS the eyePad, so he can still be providing Link with advice and guidance and strategy, but yeah, he’s totally dead now
  • I could leave everything as it is - after Ruto’s death, Acqul took Nabooru’s advice and fucked off with Laruto to keep her away from people talking about Sages, leaving the Zora to pick a new leader (Mipha’s father being next in line).  Hence, Mipha and Sidon’s family in charge.  Then I kill all the Sages in RR and other leaders arise behind them (…or I don’t and Darunia appointed Daruk (probably a cousin) as the champion (what’s better, a Divine Beast, or a Divine Beast AND a Sage - best to split the responsibilities).  I don’t know the Rito/Gerudo stories yet, but I figure that out later.  I’d probably still keep the Rito being descendents of the Lon clan).  BUT the old characters from a hundred years ago basically, after Link got fucked up, spent the rest of their lives setting things up for his return (har har) so he’d be able to do what he needs to.  Hunter would build all those shrines (”Lazy fucker loves puzzles, this is the ONLY way to get him to train, fucking dead and he’s still ruining all my plans”), Neesha would do…something I can’t think of off the top of my head (I was up very late last night and I’m very tired and this post probably doesn’t make sense as it is) but I figure something out and it’s useful and emotional when Link finds the aid she’s given him across the ages (OR she’s still alive and she’s just super old now, Rue-style, somewhere in Gerudo town).  Same for Malon.

There’s a lot of potential, I guess, is what I’m saying.