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Even if Chloe hadn’t interrupted their kiss I feel like they’d have messed it up anyway because they’re adorable idiots (and also bc when I was in this position this is exactly what happened)

Anyway, they’d have figured it out in the end

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I'm so glad you like getting headcanon requests cause boy howdy do I have a few. Do you have any thoughts about mundane setting AUs for wolf359? Like the characters working in a store or something?

okay I had exactly 0 inspiration today for retail AUs that weren’t just retreads of funnier ones other people have done so instead please accept one of my favorite AUs which is the “shitty high school production of Hamlet” AU

  • Hera is a sophomore and runs the lighting booth. It is not her fault that there is no budget and everything is broken. She’s an angel and we’re glad she’s here.
  • Eiffel is a sophomore and the stage manager. He is a disgrace to a noble profession. No one even knows why he’s here except that there are rumors about his failing grades and a deal with that one creepy teacher Mr. Cutter.
  • The two of them are constantly in trouble for talking and giggling with one another over their headsets when everyone else is trying to do the goddamn show
  • Eiffel has almost been killed by set pieces more than once. What a tragic way to die, crushed under hundreds of pounds of scrap wood and casters. No, he’s not faking it, he’s been deathly injured, honest.
  • Minkowski is a junior and the student director, and really wanted to be in the play, but god dammit, if she’s going to direct, she’s going to direct, no matter what this shitshow is turning out like. She is committed to this play. She is so committed. She is living powered by stress and caffeine.
  • It doesn’t help that rehearsal schedules mean that she hasn’t seen her bf who writes for the school paper in? days?? Weeks??? He keeps texting her jokingly asking if she’s dead. (It’s probably still a joke.)
  • Lovelace is a senior and the one who actually wanted to direct, but since she left the drama department for a couple years to focus on the basketball team, Minkowski got tapped instead, so now she’s somewhat belligerently playing Hamlet.
  • Which is not a bad thing by anyone else’s estimation, because Isabel Lovelace’s Hamlet is both glorious and terrifying to behold.
  • SI5 are a bunch of seniors who act like they’re running the show and are generally more difficult to deal with even than Eiffel. This does not change the fact that Kepler as Claudius is genuinely creepy (although he clearly thinks he should have been Hamlet). Maxwell and Jacobi are playing Ophelia and Laertes and have an infinitely more convincing relationship with one another than either has with Lovelace. Both think they would have been better in the other role.
  • Hera’s older sister Rhea is playing Gertrude. She does not deserve to be a part of this mess.
  • Hilbert was probably cast as Horatio on the basis that everyone’s pretty sure he and Lovelace WERE old friends but that was definitely a mistake because they have not talked to one another in at least two years after The Incident (no one knows what The Incident was except Fourier and Hui and they’re not telling)
  • No one in the cast can stand one another. Every rehearsal is one tech disaster after another. Half the cast suddenly comes down with the flu. Will they ever make it to opening night? (Probably not.)
  • Lambert is Polonius.

Lars: So let’s run Blackened…

James: How does it go?

Lars: That’s the gallopy one.

James: They’re both gallopy! THEY’RE ALL GALLOPY!

Rob: That’s the problem…

Lars: It’s the one with the note in it.

Kirk: The one that has the guitar!

I present to you- one of the biggest bands in the world…


Had a pretty lazy school day today rehearsing a play so i drew bagginshield when not on scene.

I know it’s not a super likely thing that dwarves would have a big mountain ledge greenhouse/terrarium, when we look at the technological advancement of middle earth and the amount of maintenance it would need, but i like the idea. Like they would keep medicinal herbs there and so on from warmer climates and use it as public gardens and just 👌🏻


Suga Kenta

Today is warm.
But the wind is really strong.
Because the wind is really strong, the clouds are moving along really quickly, and it keeps switching from being sunny* to being shady*…
It really feels like the world is turning.  
And as spring becomes visible, I start wanting to run ahead.

Ah, probably tomorrow, I’ll have an exciting announcement.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*In using the words ‘sunny’ and ‘shady’ he says the words ‘hinata’ and ‘kage’ to reference Hinata and Kageyama. 

The Fire I Got

Tom Waits interviewed by the New York Times March 1, 2017:

“I was a firefighter when I was 19 or 20. I was trying to get out of the draft and I thought of it as a good place to hide. I was working out of a fire station in a tiny town called Jacumba. There was an enormous amount of preparation and training that was like rehearsing a play … pretending to fight fires, learning how to dig a hole if you are cornered by a fire. … One night at maybe 3 a.m. the bell sounded. This was the real thing. I slept in my clothes and only had to put on my boots, and down the pole onto the truck and the siren was blasting and I am hanging onto the ladder and my heart is going like a drum and I am panting hard. It was late and all of a sudden the aroma of fried chicken envelops our truck and we begin to slow and there it is, roaring and crackling: a chicken ranch on fire. The old farmer couple, Mom and Pop, are holding each other in silhouette as their world burns. … The captain says: ‘WAITS!!! Take that hose and start putting out some of these chickens.’ So there I am aiming at these flying, screaming, burning chickens, and I had never seen a chicken fly before, but boy can they fly. … There had to be a hundred or so of them and the blast of water would douse the fire and they would come crashing to the ground — and then another and another. There was no time to think or prepare.”

“It was an emergency and when dealing with emergent behavior there is nothing to do but respond. I was in the moment. And it was not the fire I imagined or dreamed of. It was the fire I got.”

Be More Chill Soundtrack Masterpost

Alright everyone, I’ve seen a lot of people saying they haven’t been able to find the Be More Chill soundtrack anywhere, so I am here to provide!!

Jeremy’s Theme (Instrumental)

More Than Survive

I Love Play Rehearsal

The Squip Song

Two-Player Game

The Squip Enters

Be More Chill (Pt. 1)

Do You Wanna Ride?

Be More Chill (Pt. 2)

More Than Survive (Reprise)

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into

The Squip Lurks (Instrumental)



Do You Wanna Hang?

Michael in the Bathroom

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire)

The Pitiful Children

The Pants Song

The Play

Voices in My Head

George Salazar singing Michael in the Bathroom

The making of the cast album


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Please give Zarya Bayonetta's legs!

okay so

i have a funny story to tell you (this is fsm in case you don’t wanna read the tags yet)

so, i’ve been super busy lately what with performing a musical and all and then preparing to hit the ground running with a spring play that had rehearsals starting the week after it finished (sorry i didn’t tell you!)

and so, i decided to start up again now that i had the weekend to myself and i selected a commission to do. this one ended up looking pretty easy! (that may have been why i selected it. sorry, but i’m super worn-out)



voila. that’s how this picture came to be one of the hardest (and yet, surprisingly not super time-consuming) pieces that i’ve ever done.

i’m not gonna say i’m throwing shade, but SQUINTS


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS)

Funny how the universe always finds a way of healing wounds and one of its greatest band-aids is time.

Three Years Later, New York City…
The scent of the air was definitely different, but the energy of New York is a different break from Seoul. You dragged your small suitcase behind you and searched for a familiar face in the sea of people who were also waiting for the other arrivals. You spot a petite figure holding up a cute card with your name on it.

She waves happily, “언니!”

You wave back and approached her with light steps. “Dachi! Long time no see!” You give her a one-armed hug which she returned gleefully. 

“Ah, you’re really here! Feels like yesterday when we were  overthinking this whole trip.” She laughed as she expertly led you through the airport. “You have to tell me everything! Aren’t you starving? Wanna grab a quick bite first or should we go straight where your boyfriend is?”

“He can wait. I need some food in my system.” You chuckled, while you did miss him, food comes first. “So… How’s New York? You look like you’ve adjusted pretty well over the year.”

Dachi shrugs pompously and you ruffle her hair. “I’m still me but if it weren’t for your English lessons, I would’ve evaporated.” She hails a cab and you quickly give directions to your boyfriend’s shared flat where you will be staying for the next two weeks. “There’s a really great pizza place near the flat. You should eat nothing but New York pizza today. I’ll treat you!”

You laugh and look out the window, suddenly recalling how your strange friendship with Dachi began. After the whole ruckus, Dachi had gone back to school and established her fame as a genius pianist in the university and Jin, being the nosey pants that he was, assigned you to cover Dachi’s story for one of his final student council projects. You learned then that she was just young and prone to stupidity and that you were being petty for harboring a grudge against a person who only loved to the point of insanity.

Apologies were made, introductions were properly redone and the rest was history. 

You were so lost in the memories that you hadn’t noticed that you’ve arrived. 

“You have a key, right?” Dachi asked as you two ascended the stairs. She left you to grab something in her flat which was only two floors above your boyfriend’s. 

You took in the idyllic room, remembering his strict instructions not to open the blue door on the right because that was his roommate’s room and go to the white one on the other side instead. Twisting the door open, you smiled at the immediate sight that greeted you. The room was simple and bright, much like his personality. On the bed was a bear wearing your shirt and a bouquet of peonies. 

You set your bags in a corner and went to his desk,. Finally recognizing the background, as you stood by it, that you’ve seen through countless video calls. Framed pictures of your selcas with him and that one artsy shot of you looking at each other taken by Hoseok’s girlfriend. You invited yourself over to the bed and took out the card from the peonies.

‘Ah… I have to say something romantic, but I want to see you as soon as possible, so get out of the house now.’ It said and you laughed like a lunatic.

“Y/N-unnie, let’s go! We’re going to be late.” Dachi’s voice rang through the apartment and you immediately grabbed your carry-on bag to meet her in the hallway. You linked your arms with her as you descended into the streets of downtown New York once more and though Dachi frowned at your choice of pizza, she chatted animatedly about her life in New York and her stint as a pianist for the New York City Ballet Orchestra as you both walked towards your next destination.

“Oh, by the way, Yoongi sends his regards. I guess it’s his way of saying, ‘Hi, I’m fine. Hope you’re doing okay.’” You cut through her story about missing japchae and k-pop. You saw how she tried to hide the blush that crept on her cheek. It was undeniable that she was still crushing on Yoongi after all these time.

“D-Did he really say that?” she sputtered out as you crossed at an intersection.

“Gosh, you’re so cute.” You remarked and she shot you a look before you finally said, “Yes! He’s sending his regards, but I hope you don’t get your hopes up ‘coz he’s dating someone.”

“Wh-Who said I was getting my hopes up?” she huffed and let go of your arm pretending to be mad as she walked ahead of you.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled under your breath, pulling out your phone to send a quick text when you bumped into someone, briefly losing your balance until the other person steadied you.

“Y/N?” His deep voice was as alluring as he tried to meet your eyes.

“Namjoon! What a coincidence, I was just about to text you.” You both exchanged a friendly embrace before pulling away to take in each other’s appearance. He was in a dapper suit with his signature glasses and sleeked back hair. “You look great!”

“Really?” He averted your gaze easily, the way he always did when he received compliments, and flashed you a dimpled smile when he recovered. “Thanks, so do you! It’s great to see you here in New York, Y/N and congratulations on landing that job by the way, I knew you’d get it.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten it without your help, Joonie.” You laughed, the old nickname immediately surfacing without a hint of awkwardness.

“What help? It was pure coincidence, but makes me think how small the world is. When my girlfriend saw your resume, she simply asked me out of chance and how can I not put in a good word for you after everything we’ve been through?” he shrugged, taking a sip out of a coffee cup that he’s been holding.

“You mean how I slaved under your office during senior year, Mr. President? You know what, looking back, you do owe me a few things.” You teased and he easily snickered along. “Anyway, let’s catch up soon? I’ll be going to the company to sign a few papers on Monday anyway.”

“Yeah, sure! Just let me know. I’m busy with transferring to the new firm and all that, but I can make time.”

“Okay, see you around.” You passed by each other, but when you were a few paces ahead, you turned around and called, “Hey, Attorney Kim!”

He turned to look at you with an amused smile at his newfound nickname, “I’m not an attorney yet!”

“You will be!” you held up your best ‘fighting’ pose and he shook his head in embarrassment. When he already pivoted on his way, you said in the sincerest manner, “Thank you for being my friend, Namjoon-ah.”

Suddenly, you felt Dachi grab your elbow and drag you in the opposite direction, “Let’s go! You’re so slow.”

In a matter of moments, moments that didn’t prepare you at all for the sudden influx of emotions, you were sitting in front of a stage where hours later, a huge winter gala will be held. Dachi winked at you and beamed as she sat on the piano bench. The lights dimmed and the music played for the rehearsal of one of New York’s finest dance companies. Your heart was drumming a faster rhythm than the piano accompaniment and your fingers were twitching in anticipation until finally, you saw him.

With his silver hair and fair skin, his dainty fingers… all clad in black as he flew onstage where he always felt like a thousand miles away and yet, you knew that’s exactly where he belongs. He didn’t belong to you, he never did. You were someone whose hands he held along the way and when the time came, you were the first to set him free.

And yet there you were because you said you can wait. When the music came to an end, he didn’t even spare a second and jumped off the stage, barefoot and short of breaths. He closed the distance between you in three, easy strides and gathered you in his arms to kiss you. You tried to meet him halfway, launching yourself towards him and wrapped him tight in your embrace.

His kiss was as sweet as that first drunken night years ago and your veins sung for his name as you both inhaled each other’s scent.

Park Jimin, Park Jimin, Park Jimin… your head went completely white and only his passion-colored name was imprinted in your thoughts as he kissed you deeper, his tongue caressing yours in an urgent manner. He would not have pulled away if the dance company and the orchestra hadn’t started applauding. Most of them hollering in disbelief at how cute, bubbly Jimin was locking lips with a girl they’ve never met before.

Goosebumps covered your arms when his eyes met yours. “Hi.” He barely said in his sweet tone before he went in for another kiss. “Y/N, my Y/N, you’re here.” He chanted against the crook of your neck as held you close. “I missed you so, so much. I can’t believe you’re finally here with me.”

You could tell from the way his voice cracked that he was close to tears while you were already shedding them. “You’re so clingy. We just haven’t seen each other for one and a half year…” You muttered against his chest. “…one and a half year that felt like it was 10.”

“I know, finally.” He kissed you again then kissed your forehead. “Finally, I’m right where I belong.”

“Here in this hall?”

“No, with you.” You laughed at his cheesy remark, but your heart swelled at the thought that he was longing for you as much as you were longing for him. “You’re home, my own personal home.”

“Welcome home, then, love.” You smiled and he wiped your tears away.

“I’m home.”

And when the lights, the music, the glitter and the noise of New York City died down that night, you only listened to the sound of each other’s heart as you lay in bed, skin to skin, lips to lips.

You chose a path and you were glad that it led to that one exact moment in the lifetime of moments you wish to share with Jimin.

End of Epilogue.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxJimin

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven TwelveThirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: Hey lifetime of moments anon, I finally used your phrase! Lol here’s the epilogue I had the idea to make it longer and more comprehensive, but I guess this captured what I wanted to tell.  Not my best to be honest, but… ah, I don’t have excuses. byeeeee


This video is just a very scattered overview of a post that I’ve drafted and scrapped a few times. Would you guys like a long post or a video guide on different ideas for marking scores and scripts?

Dan Stevens' children not impressed by his fame

Dan Stevens’ children are not impressed by his fame.

The 34-year-old actor has daughter Willow, seven and son Aubrey, four, with wife Susie Hariet and admitted that they don’t care about his career.

He told PEOPLE: “They’re pretty level-headed about it so far. My daughter thinks it’s very funny that there are premieres, people get excited to see us all, she doesn’t quite understand why.

"My daughter was five when we filmed this, so just perfect age to walk into a ballroom full of princesses and freak out. They’ve now seen the film and it’s a pretty magical experience.

"My son was with a friend the other day and Beast and Belle were on the cover of a magazine and his friend was getting very excited, there we were, and my son just went, ‘Yeah that’s just my dad in a suit’. He’s not that fazed.”

However, Dan revealed they were quite “freaked out” when he wore his 'Beauty and the Beast’ character’s fangs at home while rehearsing to play the Beast.

He said: “I used the fangs in the pre-production exploration to find the voice, to find the shape of the mouth. I did get to take those home and play with those and yeah, freaked my kids out a bit.

"But they kind of grew to love them. They would request that I would put them in and freak their friends out. I still have them. They’re great at Halloween.”