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My small stim toy collection!

Banner is by devious-aesthetic!

[Image Description: Five small toys are sitting on a bed with leopard print sheets. The first one is an all black zuru fidget cube by antsy labs. The second is a tan kawaii plush cat ball, “Neko Dango,” with tiny ears and brown stripes on its head. The third toy is a shiny metallic light blue fidget spinner. The fourth toy is an off brand “fidget widget,” also a fidget cube, with a blue body and red miscellaneous buttons. The last toy is a small cup of play-doh. The cup has a yellow body and a light blue lid. End of description.]


RMK Kaleidoscope Nuance Color 02 Translucent Coral Pink

A multitasking “smart” beauty powder?

I’m there. 

This powder is quite silky and creamy-feeling; like a pressed powder foundation or high-end blush more than the typical pressed or illuminating powders. Pigmentation is also similar to a pressed foundation and you get pretty good pay-off.

  • Swirl the bottom half together for a coral blush
  • Sweep across the top curve of the pan for a bronzer
  • Sweep along the central triangles for highlighting
  • Swirl all around for a luminous warm face powder

The cons? 

Price: RMK is not cheap in Singapore, and this pretty powder costs $79 a pop for 7g. Definitely higher end.

Skintones: The range of skintones where all 4 usage shades will show up nicely is limited to the medium-ish. For everyone else, usage is more limited.

If you’re very fair, the highlight isn’t light enough and it might also be a little too dark swirled all around as a face powder. As a soft bronzer and a blush though, this would be perfect as it’s not too muddy or dark, and the peachy undertones are flattering.

If you’re tanner, obviously the contouring color won’t show up well, but you can use it as a beautiful highlighter and illuminating all-over powder because the texture is not chalky and there are enough warm pigments to brighten the skin.

Kaleidoscope powders are limited edition for Spring 2014, so if you’re keen check outh your local RMK counter to try it on yourself! The other illuminating powder is a lighter one with pastel blue, pink, white and beige triangles. It’s a better match as a face powder for my skintone (mac n2-3 ish) but that one can’t be used as a multitasking powder, so perhaps note worth the price-tag compared to this one.

twitter request of tododeku

todo had a bad evening at home and calls mido. mido invites him to sleep over to get out of the house. to help get his mind off things, mido shows him his hero playing cards collection.

“Why is the binder such a bright pink color?”
“So it stands out in my bookshelf of my other journals and stuff!”
“Oh, that makes sense.”

mido is blabbing away about each card and the story on how he got ahold of it. it’s something he’s quite proud of. todo is interested, obviously, but sometimes when mido gets passionate about something he tends to speak faster and doesn’t seem to take a breath, so todo gets lost a bit.

occasionally he looks up though, and seeing mido’s bright smile as he gets excited about something always gets todo’s heart to skip a beat. he’s only realized recently this is a symptom for Love, but for this night he’ll make sure his nervousness doesn’t ruin this precious moment.


Amina du Jean
Jpop’s first black American idol
Member of Hollywood style idol group: CHICK GIRLS birthday: 9/22/1996
Height: 166cm/ 5'6"
Hometown: Detroit
Favorite color: pink
Hobbies: collecting figurines, playing Touhou project, eating macarons and watching documentaries
Catchphrase “I love macarons and hate studying. The work ethic that can’t be defeated, I’m Chick Girls’ American Member Amina aka aminyan”

                                             ETUDE HOUSE

                          PINK CHERRY BLOSSOM COLLECTION

                                              MARCH 2016

  • Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencils (5 colors)
  • Pink Cherry Blossom Perfumed Hand Cream
  • Pink Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette
  • Pink Cherry Blossom All Over Spray
  • Pink Cherry Blossom Perfume Multi Balm
  • Pink Cherry Blossom All Over Spray
  • Pink Cherry Blossom Pouch