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I want to write a johnlock in the deep South on a case, solves the case, but not in time to catch their flight before a hurricane falls.

Mostly because living in the deep south and gay sex during and after hurricanes is very relatable content for me fjdvjndddcgbjn

You cook your can of ravioli on the grill because ur power is out. We didn’t have power for weeks after Ivan and Katrina. There was nothing else to do but eat, pick up shit, sexy times, or play monopoly.

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ooh ! do you find animation a fun course to do? I'm planning on applying to animation programs when I graduate but I'm a bit worried lol

I’m actually barely a second year in college so I haven’t gotten to those courses yet! still tryna cover my GEs and prereqs heh;; However, I’ve sat in some of my senior friends’ animation classes before and it’s really interesting to me tbh!!

I can’t say for sure because I haven’t personally hands-on done the course myself, but I’ve always had a fascination for animation haha But of course know that animation is a really work-heavy kind of job (depending on your frame rate; making 12 different drawings just to make a single second of animation..)

If you’re interested in pursuing animation just be prepared for the work load!! It might be a bit strenuous, but your patience and and determination will shrine through your final product!


Hot Frakin’ Damn!

My Prediction For The Colts Was Hardly Prescient, But Jeez Louise… Julian Edelman Is One Frakin’ Hot Stud!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


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