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why do i watch a show that gives me heart palpitations and quick breathing why


DC Universe Fancast:

Ryan Potter as Tim Drake

[I’d like to play] the Robin in Teen Titans… Tim Drake and Dick Grayson are the two that people have tweeted me. That would be super cool to be able to play that. To see a different version – see an Asian American Robin. Why not?" - Ryan Potter

Okay, so I just finished watching Markiplier’s playthrough of OFF! for the first time and just had my heart utterly rIPPED OUT OF MY CHEST thank you. Well. I guess it’s time to draw some fanart.

anonymous asked:

I keep wondering if Bruce isn't under mindcontrol when he tries to kiss Natasha. Not gonna lie, it's a very little ship of mine but it just looked weird.

i had some theories about that yeah. but then the whole implication behind that is not only a) just weird b) where the frick did that come from. or does scarlett witch ship brucenat. it also looks more like they’re at the clint’s farm part of the film.


Hot Frakin’ Damn!

My Prediction For The Colts Was Hardly Prescient, But Jeez Louise… Julian Edelman Is One Frakin’ Hot Stud!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

So basically after scoring his third goal last night Cristiano lost the captain’s armband on the pitch. Hugo Almeida picked it up and look what he did after putting it back on Cristiano’s arm…

OMFG! This is sooo beautiful! I can’t! :”) ♥


People will stare. Make it worth their while → Zuhair Murad Haute Couture | S/S ‘13 (insp.)