play of color

honestly what cracks me up with hxh is like

it starts like a normal shonen with a deadlike exam, then the zoldyck family arc that is honestly still quite accurate to its story, and the heaven arena is more typical shonen stuff

and then we switch to a Mafia/Noir story with tricks and mental games 

and just after that you’re in a bright and colorfull video game in which you collect cards

and then you get the gore and disturbing arc with the ants that eat people and will bring the end of the world

and then a story about politics involving furries + family issues

all in the same manga I love this manga 


Yeah!, i wanted to play with the genderbend  too. 

Roxanne, looks the same just more muscular and breastless (is not like she had much but… lel) mmmmmmmh i like it. 

Natasha male looks adorable and this hair is RIGGED!! WHY?!!!! monolith u lazyass! not even the long haired female models are rigged…. ok i calm down. 

I like the m model sitting, actually real sitting. 

M-Nat going and fighting like this seems that he dont give a f-ck dressed like that…  and once again, is not like F-Nat really cares fighting dressed like she used to dress buut…. ooooh well(except with the image below her actual: I-care-about-combats-and-the safety-of-my-group-and-myself fashion gear).

Male models should never wear what Natasha wears cos it doesn’t look pretty pleasant …

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I don't think the GU and WU comparisions to BR aren't fair, since there is literally nothing BR can do once they hit the board. Blue can always bounce the problematic permanent for a turn, which is usually more than enough to seal the game.

People are seeing this problem backwards. It’s not that black/red doesn’t have enough answers for its weaknesses. It’s that other color combinations have too many answers for their weaknesses.

Colors and color combinations are supposed to have weaknesses. It’s what creates the metagame and encourages you to think of adding another color (fighting the inertia of the mana system which pushes you to play just one color).

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Omg I’m playing with the “invert colors” tool/thing on my phone and realized that Yuuri’s and Viktor’s eye and hair colors are inverse colors of each other?? Actually their personalities are kinda like that too, opposites but complementing. I wonder if the color choice was intentional or if it was purely accidental.

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Re: Bouncelands & Signets; Actually, they were TOO good - because they were so powerful at accelerating mana/providing card advantage, it was often correct to take them even if you were playing only one of the colors - which meant they didn't make it to the people who needed them for color fixing, contributing to their failure to properly fix colors. So they were too weak (at color fixing) because they were too good (at everything else)

The reason people took them so highly was because they were so important as there wasn’t enough mana fixing.

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