play now thank me later

i’m really sorry for my sudden disappearance…i’ve been rather emotionally drained lately and sticking to my closest friends as of late to compensate for the fatigue and get some positivity my way.  i don’t plan on abandoning babs all together but i will attempt to set up a queue for her when i can with the various responses i know i owe.  i hope everyone else is doing well, take care of yourselves xoxo


Stop whatever you’re doing, and click play. 


George Harrison’s demo for Ringo’s 1971 hit “It Don’t Come Easy”

Ringo co-wrote the song with George, who also produced this, added background vocals, and played bass and the wonderful guitar that’s so integral to the song’s success.

It’s quite ragged, but this version is AWESOME. There are no horns, and with fewer layers of overdubs, you can really hear backup vocals. George’s guitar is also truly sweet in this version – easily the equal of anything he played on All Things Must Pass. There’s even a bonus “Hare Krishna” chant in the middle!

Play this NOW, thank me later.