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“I mean I was on steam machines, there was like cold medicine. And there was like a ….What kind of massage therapist was that? ” -Taylor talking about being sick during the RED tour

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Do you think B will be spending more time in Nashville as a sign of commitment to ole red devp? Out of the blue he's doing a standalone show at Bridgestone arena in august when he just did 2 sold out nights last year there and now he's also down for cmafest. I thot he wd sit it out like he did the cma awards. LA-OK-Nash stressful schedule.

No I think it’s pretty reasonable for one of the top acts in country to play a Nashville arena show once every 18 months. And I think it will probably end up coordinating with the new album. He did cmafest last year too. With the new album he needs to stay at least somewhat visible in the scene. I’m not an expert but it seems like a show and an event everyone goes to is like the least possible amount of Nashville participation expected of an artist in his position.

I have landed safely in Austin, where I’ve come to ring in the 4th with my family. We celebrated with hot dogs and Wheel of Fortune, while the dogs harassed me until they suddenly remembered who I was and then spent the rest of the afternoon sucking up. Possibly slipping them bits of hot dog reminded them who I was.

My folks have taught the dogs to spell, in that they now know W-A-L-K, so they’ve resorted to a variety of subterfuges when discussing whether it’s time to take the dogs out. I fear the next word the dogs learn will be Mum’s favourite euphemism for walking the dogs: “Going on the esplanade.”

Tomorrow we’re going to a Round Rock Express triple-A baseball game; they’re playing Nashville Sounds, and if they don’t manage to beat a team called the Sounds I will be very disappointed.

I also introduced the family to The Supersizers. Mum thinks Sue Perkins is possibly the funniest woman in the world.

At the moment, however, Mum and Lucky are having an argument about pickling salt in beef jerky recipes. 

Welcome to Texas, y'all.

Selfie Saturday - Natalie Prass

With the voice of an angel and some serious guitar-shredding chops, Natalie Prass has been turning heads with her sweet take on classic 70′s soul pop. Her self-titled debut album dropped earlier this year and after seeing her play our House of Vans SXSW show, we were itching to hear more. Read on to find out Natalie’s fave spots in Nashville, playing keys for Jenny Lewis’ band and the unusual comparison she gets to Disney princesses and movies. 

Photo: Ashley Osborn

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