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BEST MOMENTS OF Let's play - The Legend of Bigfoot: The Adventure Begins

- The redneck accents

- The names:
- Trigger
- Dub
- Zeebo

- Michael’s comments
- “That squach is coming with us tonight…and I’m gon’ fuck it!”
- (Jack/Dub) “Wait what?”

- Jack
- “Don’t try to confuse me with your science!”

- This comment
- “I’m down of lake and left of river.”

- Geoff
- “oh Trigger, all he wanted to do was make the world a safer place…for white people.”

- Jack and Geoff
- “Are you still east?”
- “Nope I’m right.”
- “Sorry I keep using science words.”

- This exchange
- “How far off the ground?”
- “About 37 inches.”
- “Oh dang, that’s almost 2 feet!”

- Geoff (again)
- “I’m east of the- I’m east of the outpos- I’m sorry I’m right of the outpost.”

- Honestly Geoff in general
- Shoots Dub in the back, “Boom you mothafucker, boom, boom, I’m gettin’ ‘em, I’m gettin’ ‘em, I’m gettin’ 'em. Uh, uh…uhhhohh, uhhh…oh shit…oh shit…BIGFOOT SHOT MY FRIEND.”

Honestly, this whole let’s play was if the Achievement Hunters were in Duck Dynasty and/or Mountain Monsters


“Kenma, who do you like more?? Your typhlosion or me?”

“… Do you really want me to answer that?”

Identity reveals are up, so here’s my prompt fulfillment for theneoneevee from the HQ summer hols exchange! Alright alright alright.

anonymous asked:

lately i've been pondering why it's socially acceptable to be disgusted with people who (supposedly) consume a lot of junk food but not with people who skydive, climb mountains, play contact sports, or do other "dangerous" activities. is it because the latter are "fun" and exciting to observe? is competitive eating ok because it's entertaining? why is eating for pleasure and having no restrictions considered a flaw while engaging in a potentially life-threatening sport considered admirable?

I love to see this type of critical thinking! I also ponder these things. I don’t really have an answer, but I can tell you that you are not alone and many sociologists and historians ponder these same topics. 

_Ringo Starr; United States/Estados Unidos; Missouri; Alton; Ozark Mountains/Montes Ozark; Reed Pigman’s Ranch/Rancho do Reed Pigman; September 19th 1964/19 de setembro de 1964.

_Photo/Foto: Curt Gunther.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t play with guns/Por favor, não brinque com armas.