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  • Fixed a bug preventing people from forming a viable team in Quick Play mode.

Developer Comment: Instalocking Genji kills you instantly through the computer now. We thought that a drastic change like that would at first spawn some controversies, but soon players would get used to it and in the end benefit from how it works.


[ENG] The Musician x Jinhwi Playing On Couple Mode

i really like and appreciate dishonored, bc among all the games i own where ur supposed to be stealthy, it feels most liek ti wants me to succeed at that? it feels like its been designed to let me be stealthy as a natural mode of play, instead of many other games begrudging ‘well i GUESS you can sneak :/’

these two are the furthest thing from goals but i appreciate their goth girl / nerd preppy guy aesthetic 

The whole mess about difficulty modes in video games is so weird to me, because I’ve seen it before. The tabletop roleplaying hobby went through exactly the same thing decades earlier.

I remember the flamewars about how games where you didn’t die instantly at zero hit points were coddling unskilled players and bringing about the downfall of “real” gaming.

I remember it being seriously debated whether making games more mathematically accessible was worth the potential loss of granularity - and, indeed, whether people who were bad at math “deserved” to play at all!

Heck, even a lot of reasoning was word-for-word identical. Folks used to argue with a straight face that of course your new character should start at level 1 when your old character died, no matter what the party’s average level was, because you had to earn the right to enjoy the game “properly” by slogging through multiple sessions with a character who’s bad at everything first.

It’s that noxious combination of “all games should be difficult to play because I’ve invested my entire identity in having mastered that difficulty” and “I want games that don’t cater to the exact mode of play that I prefer to fail, and I want the exact things that I dislike about them to be the reason that they fail“ - well, it’s awful familiar, is what I’m saying.

I won’t say that the tabletop roleplaying hobby ever entirely got over it - the “games that don’t cater exactly to me should fail” attitude still strongly informs the “Edition Warrior” mindset in D&D circles, for example - but the broader community basically came to a consensus that people who think like this are assholes decades ago, so watching video games describe the same trajectory evokes a strange mix of nostalgia and exasperation.

My theory is that Pokemon’s difficulty hasn’t actually gone down much at all they just have been getting better and better way putting in a proper level curve and that with a fixed exp all has made it so you no longer have to grind for long periods of time which end with you at a slightly lower levels than you would be because you don’t feel like spending ANOTHER hour or two grinding

if you watch your level and turn off exp share SuMo, ORAS and XY are just about as hard as any other game in the series.

Also it’s a fucking game for kids so of course it being less of a grind is a good thing.