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How do you have such good graphics?? Mine when on highest the game gets very slow!!! Do you have monitor or a portable computer ??

I don’t know lol I don’t even play on ultra xD I don’t use a laptop/portable computer and I don’t play on laptop mode so I guess that helps. 

I have most things set to medium but sim detail and edge smoothing (maybe objects too) are set to the highest. Those are most important because your sims will look sharp and the edges won’t be pixelated. 

Altering shields

[Originally from windvexer. You can now find Thicket on her new blog, @spiritvexer.]

“Once you have created and sealed a shield, it is still possible to alter it. The shield is your creation, so it should be easy for you to re-connect to it whenever you want and open up the energetic pathways in to it.

You just need a trigger that will flip the shield from ‘play mode’ to ‘edit mode’. It is your job to figure out what this is for you. I simply know that my shields are controlled by me so I may change them at any time.

Try creating a plain bubble shield. Seal it and do something else for a couple of hours. Then, come back and change its color to something else. See if that makes you feel differently about the shield. Try changing it to a third, contrasting color and observe any differences you feel.

A shield can be altered in small ways. If something about your shield isn’t quite right you can simply adjust it instead of making an entirely new shield.

One important skill is to be able to deactivate your shield for a little while if you need to. You can alter your shield so it becomes invisible or has a hole in it, for example.

If you do decide to make an entirely new shield, I would suggest grounding all the energy from the old shield, and drawing new energy up for the new shield. I find it easier to create an entirely new shield with fresh energy.”

Another Ellie story. She was a real nibbler. She wanted to bite me while playing. She wanted to bite me when she wasn’t in play mode. She wanted to bite me if I tried to take her food dish. Long story short I put my foot down early and she got a lot of puppy time outs. Now I know she may put her teeth on me but she won’t chomp. She knows better.


House De la Esquina, enjoy it!


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Excessive Ombres 

I love these gradient pants by @litttlecakes, but I’d used nearly all the swatches already and I basically always have a MIGHTY NEED for things I like to come in an obscene amount of swatches! So last night I sat myself down and made these pants in 38 new color combinations, using the colors from @pixeldots‘ palette compilation!

Also, a quick shoutout to everyone who has tried to help me with my crunchy/pixelated sim issue! Turns out it was just an issue with playing in windowed mode. If I play my game fullscreen, my CAS screenshots turn out nice and smooth!


dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This


New Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration content at Gamescom!

We’re at Gamescom in Germany this week, showing off new Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration content to fans for the very first time. For those of you at home, here’s a tease of what’s in store for you this October 11 – screenshots of all new content and a peek at the once-great Croft Manor.

If you’ll be at the show, check out our Gamescom schedule for up-to-date information about daily Trivia, panels featuring franchise talent, demos, cosplay gatherings & photo ops, and more.

Above: Concept Art of Croft Manor

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will include the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider, a new story chapter called “Blood Ties,” co-op play for “Endurance Mode”, all previously released DLC, and more. The Artbook Edition will also feature a 28 page book filled with official concept art and community contributions. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration is the most comprehensive edition to date and will be available for the PlayStation 4 on October 11 worldwide. Existing Season Pass holders on Xbox One and PC will receive the “Blood Ties” upgrade for free.

Pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on PlayStation 4 today at

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“Somebody had to go” - Kevin Hart

This is never not funny!

Imagine This

pidge just being a kid and doing childish things that no one expects because of how often they forget their age

-pidge climbing up the nearest person when spooked (shiro is usually their go-to)

-combing keiths hair after his training to make sure it doesnt tangle

-sitting in shiro or hunks lap with their laptop because their work is stressing them out 

-pidge and lance arguing about small, stupid things just like siblings

-wanting to adopt every robot they find (prompting shiro to go into dad mode)

-playing tag with the other paladins around the castle

-dancing to music and singing with lance

-giving their fellow paladins random raspberries and running away

-hiding in small spaces around the castle

just cute, childish pidge


I think Comet Eudial is being evasive or something, I’d be lying if I said I was actually reading subtitles with anything approaching regularity at this point. Michiru’s like “Okay what the hell?”


This cap cannot possibly convey the level of “what kind of uncouth shit is this?” that is pouring from Michiru, but I assure you it is very real and present.


But she decides not to and instead turns back to Haruka, and I assume the unspoken conversation happening right here is Michiru saying “I tell you, my love, without even breaking a nail, I could have killed that bitch.”

To which Haruka, with the most adoring fucking head tilt in all of creation as she smiles at Michiru, seems to be saying “Damn right you could have.”

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"....... ònó" Seems like Flowey. I applaud the flower on getting that far into Fates. The question is, what mode is he on? (Casual, Pheonix, Classic, Normal, Hard, Lunatic)

Flowey would play on Classic/Lunatic mode. However, I am not good enough at the game to do that, sooooooo I’m playing on Casual/Normal and hiding it. >u>;;;


As roleplayers, some of us keep extensive collections of items that do not suit our armor type/spec type to PHYSICALLY WEAR during RP. This applies ESPECIALLY to cloth items for city RP.

As of the pre-patch, we can no longer farm these appearances from quest rewards, since the game has taken away the ability to choose them.

PLEASE contact Blizzard and ask them to revert this change and consider reverting loot drops by spec/class in raids.

These changes are stunting the experience for us RPers in a big way. Some of us have incomplete vanity sets we’ll never be able to finish because of these things.

If you want Blizzard to value our preferred mode of play as much as PvE or PvP, make your voice heard.   

You can support the action thread here:


Tavern Brawl is the new Hearthstone mode coming in mid-June:

Each week, a different Tavern Brawl will pit you head to head versus another player using exciting and unique rules. One week might feature preset decks, while another week could have you crafting a brand new Tavern Brawl deck following specific guidelines, while others might offer buffs to specific minion types—who knows!

Tavern Brawl can be found below the Play, Solo Adventures, and the Arena buttons on the main Hearthstone screen. You may have to toughen up before entering the fray—Tavern Brawl is unlocked once a player has a level 20 Hero.

Seems interesting!

Tavern Brawls will be time-limited, so hopefully will change often to give us new ways to play the game and keep it fresh :-) The admission will be free at least at the start, with extra reward for winning in free packs, but the wording seems to suggest it will become pay-to-access the same as Arena, and further rewards are not clear atm:

Tavern Brawls will have free admission when the new mode becomes available. As part of the launch celebration, you’ll earn a free card pack when you win your first game of the week in the first several brawls!

The new patch will be pretty extensive and feature-packed, including the new heroes and an ability to customise the card back for each deck we play (but still no increase in number of the decks :-/ ) - check out the pictures for hints on the new heroes for Hunter and Mage, besides the already announced Magni for Warrior. We will also be able to assign our chosen hero avatar to each of our decks as we please.

Check out the Blizz post for more details

Well, cannot wait to try something new in Hearthstone :-)

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