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Humans are Weird: Pain

Ok, soI was hanging out with my best friend, and westarted playing tennis (not real tennis, Im talking about slapping eachothers hand and seeing who can stand it the longest) and bloody knuckes. And that got me thinking… Tennis and Bloody knuckles are games that really hurt but its fun and we do it anyway. Even if pain is an indicator that something is wrong, or we should stop doing whatever caused that pain. So I had to write about this.

Ever since Viavian’ak overheard Alana and Rosa talking about eating capsacin in large amounts, xe kept xer distance. Eventually, xe had to start working with them again. Xe didnt want to, but its not there couldbe anything else that humans did that was stupid or dangerous right? Sure, there were numerous things, but still. There couldnt be anything else stupid or dangerous they did “just for fun.” Viavian’ak was still afraid of them but… no use in keeping distance.

At least thats what xe thought til xe heard Rosa suggest they play Tennis or Bloody Knuckles to cure their boredom. Viavian’ak really hoped they chose to play tennies. Bloody knuckles sounded very dangerous… and bloody to. Xe took back what xe said about Humans not doing anymore dangerous and stupid activities than they do already. Rosa’s suggestion of bloody knuckles proved that wrong.

“Do I really have to choose between Bloody Knuckles and Tennis? Both of those are fun!”

“You gotta choose! Ok Actually, how about we do both? Lets start with bloody knuckles. I always win that one.”

“I will this time!”

“No you wont.” Rosa laughed a bit. Viavian’ak was horrified. Xe was gonna get a medic but… morbid curiosity kept them from going to get one. And then, they started punching eachother! Well, only eachother’s knuckles but still! Viavian’ak still couldnt get up to get a medic. Whether xe was frozen in curioistyor fear, xe didnt know. This much curiosity is ahuman thing! Humans are rubbing off on xer… They continued punching eachother’s knuckles  for about five minutes before Alana flinched and pulled her hand up to her chest.

“Ok Ok you win again.”

“I knew I was.”

There was no blood but both of their knuckles were really red. Viavian’ak was pleasently surprised. Xe expected so much blood. But at least they were about to play tennis. A much more safer human activity. Xe did wonder where they were going to get the rackets and the balls.

“I always win at tennis to.”

“Ok, Im definitely winning this time!”

“Yeah right.”

Viavian’ak thought for a second, that they were going to arm wrestle instead, but no! They started slapping eachother’s hand! Very hard! Viavian was horrified. This wasnt tennis!”What are you two doing! That is not tennis!”

Both Alana and Rosa looked over to xer. Neither stopped slapping the others hand. They glanced at eachother and laughed  a bit. Alana decided to try and explain. 

“Ok, Vi. The ‘proper’ name of this game is slap tennis.”

“But doesnt that hurt?!”

Rosa immediately nodded.”Oh yeah. A lot. Bloody knuckles hurts a lot to.”

“Then why do you continue to do it!?”

“I always win, and its fun.”

“Isnt pain an indicator that something is wrong or you should stop doing something?!”

Alana rolled her eyes.”Well yes, but this is fun pain.”

“Fun pain!?” Viavian’ak couldnt take this anymore and just got up and walked away. Xe just couldnt beleive it.”Humans induce pain on eachother for fun… for fun!”


Boy will you ever.

Lana Del Rey — Ultraviolence Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’m a sad girl.”
  • “Is this happiness?“
  • “What I do, I do best.“
  • “I’m pretty when I cry.”
  • “But you are invincible.”
  • “I don’t know what I need.”
  • “You’re a hard man to love.”
  • “I could have died right there.”
  • “Are you gonna hurt me, now?“
  • “But you were worth it, anyway.”
  • “And we were young and pretty.“
  • “I want money, power and glory.”
  • “Maybe you should play it safer.”
  • “You like to rage… don’t do that.”
  • “You leave and you leave, again.“
  • “You believe me, don’t you, baby?”
  • “The power of youth is on my mind.”
  • “It’s such a change from old routine.”
  • “It might not appeal to fools like you.“
  • “I wanna take you for all that you got.”
  • “They say I’m too young to love you…”
  • “And if you don’t like it, you can beat it.”
  • “I can do it if you really, really like that.”
  • “Don’t even know what you’re good for.“
  • “And if you call for me, you know I’ll run.”
  • “You make me feel like your whole world.“
  • “I’m gonna take them for all that they got.”
  • “That’s all over, now. Did what I had to do.”
  • “All the pretty stars shine for you, my love.“
  • “But I can’t fix him… can’t make him better.”
  • “Need you, baby, more, more, more, more.“
  • “But if you send for me, you know I’ll come.”
  • “Where have you been? Where did you go?“
  • “Tell me something… like I’m your favorite girl.”
  • “I fucked my way up to the top. This is my show.”
  • “Yet still inside I felt alone, for reasons unknown to me.”
  • “Watch what you say to me, careful who you’re talking to.”
  • “But that’s not what this bitch wants… not what I want at all.”
  • “I guess that no one ever, really made me feel that much higher.”
  • “Creeping around on the side might not be something you would do.”
  • “How are we supposed to get there with the way that we’re living today?”
  • “My father’s love was always strong, my mother’s glamour lives on and on.”

The fact of the matter is the majority of your rides will be boring for others to watch. You’ll be working on basics and establishing better communication. You’ll be doing transitions and bending and changes of direction, and to the untrained eye, it’ll be boring.

But that’s just how this sport is. You put in the hard work on basics so that you can do the harder stuff. Jumping every day is not healthy or helpful. Canter sets every day is not healthy or helpful.

Work hard so you can play hard and play safer

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Hey! If you are still taking prompts, this is a quote of brazillian poetry that I love and I would love to read a ff with it, if its possible? I could say to myself of the love (I had): Let it not be immortal, since it is a flame But let it be infinite while it lasts. Its the Sonnet of Fidelitty, by Vinícius de Moraes.

A/N: For some reason this quote reminded me of Lana Del Rey’s “Flipside” thus this story was born. It’s a little different from some other’s I’ve written, but I hope you all enjoy.


Are you gonna hurt me now?
Or are you gonna hurt me later?
Are you gonna go to town?
Maybe you should play it safer

The first time he meets him is at the Specter Litt holiday party- his arm around Donna, donning an expensive suit and a too bright of a smile.

His jaw had set automatically, a wave of protectiveness- and what he still denies to this day to be jealousy- washing over him at the sight of them together.

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How the turtles would react to their s/o being obsessed with losing weight/getting fit:


Requested by: Anonymous

Hey babe- hope you’re days well. Quick request, how would the boys (or which every boy you want) react to an s/o who’s becoming overly obsessed with weight loss and getting fit- like they just can’t keep them out of the gym it seems.

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He’d be happy to train you - it’s his job, as leader, to make sure his whole family is as good a fighter as they possibly can be, and now that you are showing an interest in his second favourite thing (his first obviously being you) he is more than eager to help. He doesn’t want you to hurt yourself, of course, and he makes you stop when he thinks it’s become too much, but he is happy you if you are happy, and when you get better and better, he is only more proud. 

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He thought he was in love with you, he thought you were perfect and that it was physically impossible for you to be any better; how wrong he had been. As soon as you started training with him, as soon as you started fighting with him and practising more often he fell in love all over again, how could he get so lucky? You practice all the time together, and he loves that you are so eager to stay in shape, it’s his new favourite thing about you. But of course, you could never be as good as him - or so he thinks. 

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Donnie would more than likely freak out. Because you have the strongest mind he has ever seen before, and now you have an equally strong punch. At first he plays along, knowing its probably safer for you if you can protect yourself in case he can’t be there for you. However, that soon stops when you get better than him. He worries that you are becoming obsessive, and doesn’t know quite how to deal with it; you remind him of Raphael sometimes, and that’s disconcerting.

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As much as Mikey is a great ninja, he’d much rather staying in bed, eating pizza and playing video games. That’s just how he rolls. And the best part of dating you was having you lying with him, sharing his pizza and playing games with him. So when you start spending more time in the gym, and stop eating pizza, it kinda bums him out because he loved what you had, and now he was back to doing it on his own. That isn’t to say he isn’t proud of you, because you know he always will be, and it makes him especially proud and happy to watch you kick his brothers’ asses during practice, but he does miss having someone to be lazy with.

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So I'm considering playing exclusively with other lgbtqia+ overwatch players on my teams, particularly for competitive but in general is great too, since I feel safer playing with others who are less likely to be queerphobic. Is there a blog or someplace you or your followers can point me to to start looking? I play on ps4 if that helps. Thank you so much, also I love your blog! I've submitted a few times and it's nice seeing people relate~

Unfortunately i do not know of a blog, but hopefully one of my followers does! (Also if someone knows of one, I could signal boost you!)

I was also debating the idea of figuring out an online spreadsheet or smthin so people could put their tumblr urls, gamertags, platform, pronouns, etc! Would anyone be in for that?

Pier Confessions - One Shot (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!  

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An alternative stand-alone one-shot with Eric and Fox, where they never connected in initiation! Please enjoy ;)


Fuckin’ great, Fox thought angrily.

Eric glanced her way and snickered again and Fox was sorely tempted to beat the smartass look right off his smartass face. As fellow leaders, they were thrown together far too much for Fox’s liking. Eric had been an ass during her initiation two years ago and he was still an ass now, even with Fox a full-fledged, although admittedly rookie, leader assigned to training the newest crop of transfer initiates. Four was Fox’s choice as a fellow trainer, but he’d accepted a higher position in intelligence, and she was now stuck with Eric Coulter, the supreme reigning asshole of Dauntless.

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Sneak Peek of 2+2 Equals a Family Chp. 3

As I mentioned in the author’s note of chapter 2, I have to take a week off from posting a full chapter because of school (ugh) but I still wanted to give y'all a sneak peek of what you can look forward to next Sunday….

PS: the chapter is called “The Sweetest Kiss” ;)

“No! You need to wear that dress!” Iris exclaimed when she started to reach behind herself, in a maneuver that could only be accomplished because of the yoga classes she had recently started attending, to unzip the dress she had on.

“I don’t know, I think I should play it a bit safer and go with the pink one. This one is definitely… umm…” she bit her lip and did a quarter turn to assess herself in her mirror as her friend watched via their video call. It had been a total spur of the moment purchase when she stopped at the mall that afternoon in search of some possibilities for her date with Oliver. While her closet was full to the brim with a stylish professional wardrobe, she had realized that it was a little lacking in date night outfits since she hadn’t had much use for them in… well, never. Cooper definitely hadn’t been the type of boyfriend who took her out for a nice dinner and she didn’t have any clothes left from that era anyway. Although she did have some outfits for when she was going out with friends that would work for the occasion, if she was starting a new chapter in her life, she figured she needed a new dress to go along with it.  

She had been planning on wearing the slightly more reserved one she had bought first, but Iris had insisted she try on all of her purchases for her and now she wasn’t letting her out of this dress.  

“This one is the dress that you’re going to wear, because you look amazing in it,” Iris finished for her.

“Are you sure?” she asked, smoothing her hands over the navy blue fabric that was cut close to her body.

“You’re going on a date. As moms, date night is when we get to wear stuff that would otherwise be impractical.” Iris tilted her head, “Well… Allie is old enough to know not to use your clothes as a napkin, but you get my point. This is your chance to wear something fun and sexy that doesn’t work for your normal day to day life. I mean, I would definitely wear that to go out with Barry.”

“Wear what?” she heard Barry ask from off screen.

Iris waved a hand at him, “Come tell Felicity she should wear this dress on her date.”

“Uhh…” Barry appeared in the frame then and she bit back a laugh at how pink his ears were. “Yeah. You should… you should wear that.” He looked down at Iris, “Do you own that dress?”

“Unfortunately, no.”

“I can have it to Central City in time for a date night next week,” she offered. She and Iris probably single handedly supported FedEx with their frequent swapping of clothes back and forth.

“Hmm…” Iris looked up at her husband, “Make dinner reservations somewhere nice and that dress might end up on our bedroom floor.”

Barry’s ears turned even pinker and he avoided looking back into the camera at her before he ducked out of view.

Once he disappeared, Iris waggled her eyebrows and she shook her head in amusement.

There used to be a part of her that was jealous of her friends’ relationship because she didn’t think she could ever have something like that for herself.

But now, there was  suddenly a possibility that she could, and she didn’t feel that same pang of envy as she watched them interact.

“Alright. I’ll wear the dress.”

….. and you’ll just have to wait until next week to see what happens next (and to see what the dress looks like ;))

tagging people under the cut….

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Can I pretty please request a follow-up to your tattoo-ficlet because wow would I like to see that premise actually run its course to when Mike finds out exactly what Ginny is hiding!

woof. I may have let this one sit for too long. I couldn’t figure out how to drop back into the rhythm of this series. So if it feels a little belabored, that is why.

wake up to reality | ao3

Thinking back, much of Mike’s adult life had been spent waiting. Waiting to get called up. Waiting for Rachel to call him back. Waiting for her to want kids Waiting to be made captain. Waiting to make it to the playoffs, the World Series.

Some of them had never come and some might never, but Mike had gotten used to it, had even accepted it.

One wait, though, was inevitable. 

Waiting out the end of his contract. 

Which felt like a terrible way to put it. A terrible way to spend his last few years as a ballplayer. Because it wasn’t that he didn’t love the game anymore or didn’t wish that he could keep playing. No, it was just that Mike had finally accepted that his knees and back weren’t getting any younger. Trying to force them to was only going to end in heartache. 

And even if it was a terrible way to put it, that didn’t make it any less true. Once this contract ran out, that was it. 

Mike Lawson was out of baseball for good. 

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Ima just. I know being pierced witha needle is better but ive had 4 earlobe and 2 cartilage done with a gun and no problem. In all honeslty it may be "better" but it also depends on the persons body in all. Not everyone is going to take damage to cartilage from a piercing. Cna be said for antyhing really even food, just becuase it may ahve impacted someone does not mean its going to impact every single person.

It had an impact on me when I got my helix done when I was 14, so idk. It may depend on the person but personally I don’t trust piercing guns anymore. I’m glad you haven’t been affected but being done by a needle is playing it safer because you just don’t know.


Blunders and (happy) Beginnings; CHAPTER 4; ~ 2, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3

It’s that Jane Austen CS AU you have (not) been reading *g* This chapter is from Killian’s POV, maybe a bit darker but it was time we got a glimpse of his inner workings as well. So hope you enjoy! 

Contrary to what most people throughout the ages have said, believed, set on paper or even, on occasion, experienced firsthand, Captain Killian Jones never believed nights to be time and place where loneliness lurks, bids its time and lunges at unsuspecting gentlemen and ladies alike, thinking themselves safe in the comfort of their library or bedchamber.

Killian, to his surprise as much as the reader’s we are sure, has rarely come to know this dark face of the later hours. No. Nights are too calm for all that – all light dimmed, all sound shushed, all conversation ceased and all social ‘graces’, that lacked the very essentials of grace (frankness and sincerity), stripped away.

Loneliness did not have time enough to sneak under his threadbare sleepshirt and sink into his weary heart when his bones were so heavy, when his head was already sunk so deep into the pillow and he was miles and miles from the overeagerness of his brother’s nudges, the overagreeableness of his friends’ conversation, the overrichness of ink on bills he still had little habit of dealing with and would probably never acquire any, the overheaviness of the contraption he strapped on his left forearm every morning with barely a shuffle and took off every night with an exhausted clang and a curled lip.

No, indeed, nights were somewhat safer for Killian Jones than most writers wrote them, with much softer tones than most painters painted them and much shallower sounds than most musicians played them. Safer in their being an end and not an unknown and unpredictable beginning, softer in their being dulled by tiredness and insensibility, shallower in their being too shrouded to need to dig deeper for even denser shadows.

For him, the evil was to be found in mornings. In their crispness, the sharp colours, the bright and painfully distinguishable forms, the strong and freshly unearthed smell, the rejuvenated and unrelenting birds’ songs.

For him, all the weight of all the loneliness in the world managed to squeeze itself into a couple of seconds, into two drops – if drops it had been – less than a spoonful of sorrow, into a sliver of semi-consciousness, into the place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming.

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Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.
—  Cecil Beaton