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Lighthearted Recs

Another official blog rec list. The first for friendship fics can be found here. In keeping with the lighthearted trend (says the queen of fic angst), dixiedolittle and I present some of our favorite fluffy and humorous Wintershock and OT3 fics for you to read and enjoy! Please leave the authors some love if you have not before and enjoy what you read. It really does make their day!

+ Apple Pie Morning by carter

The first time they met. Apple Pie, insomnia, and The Lion King = early morning fun times. Just some fluffy fluffiness between the Winter Soldier and our favorite Sassmaster.

+ arma virumque by surgicalstainless

“Jane,” Darcy called over from her desk, “I need a word that rhymes with sculpted. Three syllables.”

Objectification of male hotness has a long and glorious artistic tradition, okay?

+ Classics by becisvolatile

Bucky, unlike Steve, knows exactly what that bike does to the girls…

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 17]

[Master list]  [Part 16] … [Part 18]

A/N: Sorry for the delay everyone! Here’s Part 17. I promise there is a gradual story developing, it just needs to take a while to get there, so we get some more character interaction :)

Word Count: 4,112

Warnings: Mention of a past near-death experience

“Told you so.” Natasha grinned at you.

You let out a shaky laugh.

“Agent Romanoff will you take Agent Maximoff to her training session now?” Coulson including his head kindly at Wanda.

“No need to be so formal Coulson.” Nat replied. However she smiled at Wanda, indicating to follow her out of the room before glancing at you again. “I’ll be in training room A if you need to find me. We’re working on stealth.”

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Next time on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Fitz and Mack go cardigan shopping and talk about their dream cars (Fitz wants something fast and Italian, Mack goes Classic American muscle car)

May and Jemma and Skye hug for like two hours straight and then compliment each other on their new haircuts, among other things

Trip and Coulson play with cool Howling Commandos gear and practice their one-liners together

Lance and Ward play Battleship and compliment each other on their beards

the day ends with everyone painting each other’s toes and eating their favorite ice cream