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LIS Alice AU I shat while I was half conscious in the midst of the night because I am sO HYPED FOR EPISODE 4 and that was the first thing my brain wanted to do in celebration


the chronicles of narnia meme -  3/5 relationships | the pevensies 

Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This story is about something that happened to them…

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Hello! Could you do an analysis of jikook in 2017? Thank you! They're so sweet !!

*So Anon, this ended up being long because I didn’t realize how much Jikook has been happening these past 5 months*

Jikook 2017 (So Far~)

Jikook started out the year nice and sweet, standing next to each other to welcome in the start of a new year. A little whispering here, a little eyeing of lips there. A little hand on Jungkook’s waist from Park Jimin. Very fluffy, soft and simply Jikook.


They had public rehearsals that included soft little conversations to the back (a little lip eyeing) and Jeon walking up to Jimin smiling at him while he fluffs his hair or plays with his managers’. Aaaaaaand then Jeon decided he needed to add a dash of naughty. Because his lovely Jiminie has been bending over in front of him every time they perform BST, and he’s literally shedding blood, sweat and tears because of him. He couldn’t take it anymore! So he gave in to his impulses and rubbed & smacked the jibooty. (Much to Bangtan’s laughter and Jimin’s disbelief). His massive bunny smile after makes Jimin forgive him (but not trust him, after all JK is his dangerous weakness).

They watched each other in the eyes and smiled while trying to sing PPAP (lol). They crashed everyone’s interview together and when it was time for their own they teased and fooled around. Jimin also asked JK if he was the reason for his happiness and JK lied with a smile.  At MAMA (I think?) Jungkook threw down some hella extra dance moves for Jimin. He even did a seductive look and dance move to Jimin. Jimin of course laughed, loved it and played along (honestly the immediate reactions to each other were so ughhh, the chemistry! They were so in sync!).  

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he didn’t ask to be dragged this way

I had a dream last night that I was watching the season 13 premiere and the entire episode was Sam and Dean drunk off their asses because they were in too much pain and there was like one scene of Castiel demanding to go back down to earth

So the episode was coming to an end I guess? Or maybe it was the middle and Castiel was back in the Bunker and Sam saw him first and hit Dean and Dean looked over at Castiel and got up on his feet and walked over to him and in my dream I was thinking “he’s standing pretty close lol” and then Dean just leaned in and kissed him and it was so soft dream me had to pause the episode because I was jumping and screaming so much and I was like “TAKE THAT HATERS WOW I CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED” and then I sat down and started to play the ep again and I heard Sam say “Dean” and it cut to Dean still sitting down snapping out of his thoughts and still staring at Castiel and he said “you’re back”

And I woke up for WHATEVER REASON and I was smiling

Basically, I saw the Destiel kiss y'all and let me tell you something, it is beautiful


走ろう 、 走ろう! 信じた 道 !

~  「 未来、夢、ありがとう・・・そして ! 」


The Evolution of Tangbrosia 2012-2017

Several years back I started playing Sims 3 again after not touching it since the Late Night EP. Yeah my Sims roots is that old, I got hooked on Sims 1 way back when I was like 8 and never stopped loving the series.

Sims 3 is special to me though, I created my blog back in 2012 as some where to share my stuff with close friends under the URL AHSsims. Eventually I found the Berry Sweet community and I felt like I’d found somewhere to put down roots which I did. The two Sims that pretty much have always remained with me are Tangy and Am who’s evolution from their original counter parts Alicia and Topaz to their other variations has been a ride. This community has been their for me when my life was at it’s worst, I kept moving forward because playing sims made me feel less empty and sharing my little world with everyone made me happy.

Anyway thank you all from the bottom of my heart especially @berrysweetboutique who created something that truly means the world to me, sincerely Pokemon-Pop-Princess-Sims/Saturn-Silence-Sims/AHSberrySims/AHSsims.

azikeos  outofbullets; when ur updating ur lengthy bio and…

you know what that means?????? time to stream from the start back

The season was below par but so very meta. Watching the ep again because the actors are playing characters who are in the middle of various ruses. Mind blowing. Maybe Jaime is the only honest one left, crazy.


“Tali clutches her dog and sinks into the couch, looking wide-eyed at her new surroundings. Those eyes. That reminiscent widow’s peak. Tony sighs in disbelief.”

13x24 || Family First (#3)

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The Life and Times of Scanlan Shorthalt and his daughter Kaylie (PT. I)

Like a lot of critters, Episode 83 wrecked me on the Scanlan feels. And since I’m sure Episode 84 is going to wreck me no matter what the outcome, I decided to rewatch previous episodes that feature the amazing Kaylie Shorthalt and her disaster of a father.

Throughout the rewatch I’ve gone and collected some things that I think lend themselves beautifully to Kaylie and Scanlan’s joint narrative (intentional on Matt and Sam’s part or not). Whether it be father/daughter parallels, foreshadowing or just snippets of conversation that have gotten overlooked as the episodes have gone on. Stay tuned for part two in which I cover the later episodes.

A Musician’s Nostalgia (EP 37)

2:18:21 - First words to each other! First words!
Kaylie: “Scanlan Shorthalt… You know, I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”
Scanlan: “My legend has spread far and wide, I’m sure.”
Oh, buddy. If only you knew…

2:43:15 - Scanlan is introducing himself and Kaylie to the patrons of the tavern before their flute off. He introduces himself by his full name, ‘Scanlan Shorthalt’ and hesitates while introducing Kaylie, as he does not yet know her last name. Kaylie insists that just ‘Kaylies fine’ and declines to offer her real last name because as we later find out in Echoes of The Past (EP 38) that she is a Shorthalt, as well [1:22:12]

3:00:04 - After challenging Kaylie to a ‘flute off’ and betting his entire purse of coin, Scanlan throws the competition and hands over the entire purse. Kaylie declares to the entire tavern that “Scanlan Shorthalt is a man of his word.” Compare this to several episodes later in Hope (EP 56) where Scanlan makes a promise to Kaylie to come back alive from his ‘save the world mission’ so they can talk things over [3:23:15]. A promise he later breaks both in Raishan (EP 80) and The Deceiver’s Sanctum (EP 83) by dying [2:37:40] & [ TBA ]

Echoes of The Past (EP 38)

1:11:33 - According to Dr. Dranzel, Kaylie and Kent had previously attempted to break into (and rob) a house in the Cloud Top District of Emon but failed, resulting in their near arrest. He is enlisting the help of Vox Machina in the hopes of better results. In The Story of Vox Machina we learn that Vox Machina had previously broken into the same house, as it was formerly General Krieg’s, who was also known as the dragon Brimscythe, a member of the Chroma Conclave [13:50]. 

1:20:09 - Kaylie tells Scanlan that she attended the College of the White Duke. It’s important to note that in A Name is Earned (EP 49), Kamaljiori says that it was the White Duke (who the college is named for) that gave him Mythcarver as he passes it onto Scanlan [4:44:16].

1:21:41 - Promises (and often times broken ones) seem to be a theme amongst the Shorthalts. When Kaylie is revealing her parentage to Scanlan, she tells him that he ‘took [Sybil’s] innocence with a promise and then vanished just as suddenly’. As mentioned above, Scanlan later makes a promise to Kaylie in Hope (EP 56).

1:22:49 - Kaylie declares that she’s ‘come to take [Scanlan’s] dignity’. This echoes (can it be called an echo if it happened before?) a statement made by Raishan in The Deceiver’s Sanctum (EP 83) where she asks Vox Machina during a fight ‘why won’t you all just stay down and die with dignity?’ [ TBA ]. A fight which leads to the eventual (and highly undignified) death of Scanlan and so one might suppose that Kaylie succeeded in her initial goal.

1:26:21 - Scanlan: “Among my many faults, ego is certainly one of them. And knowing you’re apart of me makes me love you even more.”

1:28:18 - This the moment we see Scanlan’s character take a turn in a different direction. From this point on, Scanlan is on a different path than the one he started out on and let it be known that it was Kaylie Shorthalt who set him on it. 

1:29:35 - Kaylie: “You’re still a scoundrel. It’s whats kept you alive this long. In some ways it’s whats kept me alive this long.”
When one considers the eventual lengths Scanlan is willing to go to in order to keep his promise to Kaylie from Hope (EP 56), some of which include the consideration of abandoning his friends in a losing fight to save his own skin, the altering Jarret’s memory in order to obtain more suude to ‘keep the edge off’, etc. One could say that even after this encounter, Scanlan’s scoundrel-like tendencies is still what keeps him afloat.

Omens (EP 39)

2:31:27 - After Scanlan reveals to the group that Kaylie is his daughter, it is Vex’ahlia who is the first to take on a more serious note with Scanlan. She asks him almost defensively ‘Then you didn’t know? Theres no part of you that knew you had any children?’. Vex’ahlia being a bastard daughter herself may feel a vague sense of responsibility for Kaylie and her relationship with Scanlan.
Further on in the conversation she continues to insist that Scanlan ‘makes sure [Kaylie] knows that [Scanlan] loves her’ and says that breaking Kaylie out of prison would ‘make a good show of it’. Later on in The Deceiver’s Sanctum (EP 83) Vex’ahlia once again plays the bridge between Scanlan and Kaylie. Only this time the roles are reversed, instead of insisting on Scanlan to go to Kaylie, Vex’ahlia goes to Kaylie and pleads with her to help in the resurrection ritual for her fallen father [ TBA ]

2:58:50 - Kaylie: “Don’t come looking for me… When I’m ready, I’ll come find you.”
This is a request Scanlan actively ignores. He literally wades through medieval sewers to look for Kaylie Test of Pride (EP 51) and does so again in Hope (EP 56) but on far nicer terrain. And thats not to say he doesn’t give her space. Definitely note that the only time Scanlan seeks Kaylie out is when he believes she’s in some sort of danger.