play in a band

Okay so it seems like people will call any mallet percussion instrument a xylophone and I’m here to teach you shit.

This is a xylophone. The wood part is thick and it’s high pitched.

This is a marimba. It’s huge and expensive. No like a small one costs over $4,000 (3186.20 euros). The key things are really long and thin.

Now do you see this beautiful instrument? This is called the vibraphone motherfuckers. Or just the vibes. Anyways it sounds amazing. I could marry the sound. Basically, it;s made of metal and you have a pedal to stop it from ringing too long.

This is the glockenphejksdfjkl. I have no idea how to spell it, so lets just call it the orchestral bells. If you hit this shit too loud it can burst your eardrums. 

These are a joke.

Do I Wanna Know? (Playing From Another Room)
Arctic Monkeys
Do I Wanna Know? (Playing From Another Room)

Do I Wanna Know? || (Playing From Another Room)

Now you too can feel like Alex Band Guy. 

Listen to this audio and imagine yourself at a pub with your mates. This song, your song, written by you, plays on a loop from the time you walk through the door. Why? Because meta. You excuse yourself to the washroom and stare at your reflection until you work up the courage to get absolutely plastered. “You can do this.” You tell yourself and walk out before you have a chance to think rationally and run back home. You put on a brave face, and run back to your mates and proceed to knock back shot after shot of tequila. Now the real fun can begin.

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Boys can play flute!
Girls can play trombone!
Boys can play viola!
Girls can play drumline!
Boys can play bells!
Girls can play electric guitar!
Anyone can play literally whatever the fuck they want!

Don’t give in to the trap of gendering instruments! Anyone can play any instrument, and your instrument doesn’t invalidate your gender!

“We should start a band”

I went to see Power Rangers last week and now I want at least another 20 hours of just the kids hangin out and letting their #friendship grow. I want more interactions between Trini and Billy, more Kimberly and Zack, and Jason totally being the mum friend. And maybe more Breakfast Club parallels.

When the go go Power Rangers theme started blasting, my entire row (which were all people in their mid-20s and up) just screeched with glee and it was the best thing ever.