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💞 Waking up next to Maxwell Beaumont would include 💞

▫ his fingers would gently trace across your face

▪ like you wouldn’t even feel it at first

▫ “Rise and shine, little blossom!” - “Ugh, it’s way too early!”


▫ on your jaw, your throat, your tummy & lower ;)

▪ feather-like touches

▫ (you’ll probably melt beneath his fingertips)

▪ him softly humming a tune in your ear > “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”

▫ “Sunshine is exactly what I need right now.”-“ Like a plant.”

▪ he’ll be a cheeky bastard and tease you A LOT with his plump lips

▫ tangled sheets, intertwined hands, naked skin

▪ CuDdLiNG

▫ SPOONING !!!!!

▪ neck kisses (so many, which ofc leads to other things again…)

▫ MORNING STUBBLE (just imagine baby-face Maxwell Beaumont with stubble)

▪ pillow FigHts!!

▫ making out, ‘cause why not?

▪ sleeping in on weekdays, lmao

▫ breakfast in bed (aka the pizza from the day before)

▪ deciding to stay in bed the whole day


▪ mORe KiSSEs

▫ a lot of tickling & laughing

▪ corny jokes

▫ sitting in his lap, feeling his arms around your waist

▪ (i really, really need all of this, pls pb)❗❗

▫ “I love you” - “ I love you more!” - “Not possible.” - “Oh, shut up.“➡ more tickling

▪ your fingers in his super soft bed hair, like I wanna touch

▫ falling asleep again and being just really really cute and soft

⏩ [kill me pls 😭🔫 ]

one of the sickest things about having an organist mom is during a halloween fair there was this science guy who one year had a tesla coil hooked up to a piano that’d adjust electrical output based on the keys and such. so he asked for volunteers in the crowd and he saw mom politely raise her hand, and she got to play the piano tesla coil thing. but what did she play? Toccata and Fugue in D minorTHE Halloween song. 


During Forces, Sonic and Amy are alone, just talking and catching up. The vibe suddenly becomes kind of awkward when the subject of the conversation turns grim. Sonic thinks for a moment and notices an old record player. He pops in a disc that starts playing a slow song, he grabs Amy by the waist and starts dancing with her. She gets flustered and asks what the fuss is about, he merely says he’s just trying to lighten the mood.

They don’t stop swaying even after the song ends.



Ah, Twitter is a place for me to chatter, and post images and videos! I realised this for the first timeー.

Joking aside, Ryuji-san is doing fine. The China performance is in its last spurt, let’s get fired up.

In Japan, today from 20:00, is the broadcast of Episode 04 of “FIVE”; I leave it in your care.

A man who is drinking coconut.

bvb’s last match (vs bremen) is still my fave match from last season…it was sooo good. kagawa, bartra and reus’s performances were just amazing and then marco giving auba the penalty (at the last minute and tuchel’s reaction to it!!), marc crying, directly qualifying for the ucl, auba winning top scorer (and crying!!), and just watching the team celebrate…i love them so much 💛