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Hey everybody  i am so so sorry that i’m so late, we moved houses and there is nO FUCKING INTERNET  so i had to live on shitty data, it’s been hell for me but i know it’s even more hellish for everyone considering you’re all so thirsty.  but yeah, so i hope you enjoy this i’m so sowwy it took so long but it’s here, i had a great time writing this daddy one, AND I WILL BE HONEST I SCREAMED RANDOMLY WHILE WRITING THIS JUST SAYING. I’ve been working on many stories at once, so that i’ll be able to finish them at the same time so i’m working really hard, PRAISE ME PLS.  also, thank you all for being so patient, i know it’s hard, also fucking whAT. there are so many of everyone now.  we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and happy by how many you guys are, what should we call you ugh. I love you all so much, and honestly in my opinion this 2017 will be a good year for this blog we will improve ourselves in order to make everyone reading happy/horny, maybe this year juuust maybe, you’ll be able to get to know us better.  well only if you all want to.


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warning: contains daddy kink, rough sex, spanking and SIN. if this ain’t your thing then we have a lot of other stuff to choose from.

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College!AU Joshua
  • major: history
  • minor: religion 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: student council vice president, plays guitar for the college choir 
  • is the definition of a Model Student 
  • like to the point where the university used photos of him on their pamphlet for freshman orientation. literally like freshmen get it and the first thing they see is joshua smiling holding up a ‘History of the Roman Empire’ textbook
  • joshua regrets agreeing to do the shoot though because jun and hoshi have yet to let him live it down (they once covered his entire dorm room in the pamphlets it took joshua three whole days to get all of them down)
  • his gpa is 4.0 and he’s basically guaranteed to graduate summa cum laude (with highest honor) and he’s already getting emails from prestigious schools that are interested in having him come to then to get his phd and basically joshua is living the Good Life in terms of his future
  • and not only is he book smart, he’s also an angel that donates his time to volunteering to play guitar for free with the college choir on sundays at local churches and giving kids tennis lessons at a nearby orphanage and he’s just a blessing 
  • all of his friends are always in awe of him because like how does he do it,,,, how is he so,,,,, intelligent,,,,,and handsome,,,,,,and then also kind from the bottom of his heart??
  • like sometimes seungcheol is like “joshua, tell me the truth - you’re a robot.” and joshua’s like “seungcheol that’s literally impossible.” and dk makes like robot noises and seungcheol is like “joshua tell us come on tell us the government built you-” and joshua rolls his eyes like please
  • but yeah he’s just an all around genius who’s good at a sport and also sweet to the bone and everyone idolizes him and thinks he’s amazing
  • except
  • for
  • you
  • see joshua’s the vice president of student council and you’re the student affairs organizers and this is the year that the president, who is graduating, is going to pick the new president 
  • and ofc usually vice president steps up to the position but no - you’re going to change that. 
  • see the only reason you didn’t get to be vice president is because you transferred and the almighty joshua hong was already in that spot but you worked your way to one of the top spots next to the president and yOU beT yOUR bUTT haS Got A CHanCe especially considering the fact that you’re the reason every student event the council has planned so far has been a major success and treasurer wonwoo basically loves you because the council budget??? itS LIT (thanks to the entrance fees you made sure got paid for said events)
  • the president even complimented your monthly speed-friendship event, which is basically speed-dating ….. but for making new college friends
  • and joshua, as clean cut and all smiles and rainbows as he seems, knows you’re gunning for the same spot as him
  • and when no one’s looking you two are practically at each other’s neck in sarcastic comments and threats 
  • like he’s always making offhanded criticisms about your events and you’re always bringing up his mistakes in the memo briefs to the council or in the way his stupid glasses get askewed on his nose
  • and to everyone you seem like good friends because in council photos you’re standing beside each other smiling 
  • but then the minute you two get to be alone, it’s just jabs at each other like where he’s like “oh, another talent show? hope it’s not as boring as the last one.” and you’re like “aren’t you wearing that tie because the president wore it yesterday, you shouldn’t - it’s really not your color.”
  • you’re the only person on campus who sees joshua’s smile fade and his eyes turn sharp
  • and you know that he feels entitled to that position because of his dumb gpa and you just ///clenched fist all the time
  • because joshua has beat you in just about everything but this time you’re not going to let him
  • and it’s all going to be decided by the end of the year surprise graduation party the council is planning for the president and since you’re the student activities organizer, you’re the head of it but ever since you started getting ready joshua has refused to butt out
  • like you’ll be talking about budget with wonwoo and he’ll come in and make comments about how you don’t need to buy this or how useless it is to get that and you’re like “don’t you have other work to do like idk kiss ass to the president???” and josh is like “wow you’re so funny, it’s gonna be even funnier when the president ends up not liking the party.”
  • and you and joshua are just both on fire glaring at each other and wonwoo’s like ooooooookkkkkkaaayyyyy ill be going now
  • and literally joshua does not let you live and it frustrates you but you’re also like im going to make this party epic, he’s going to eat his words
  • and like the afternoon of the party you’re watching the volunteers decorate the council’s club room and you’re really happy and suddenly you see joshua and you think oh god
  • but then you see that he’s helping someone hang up the banner and you know,,,,,he seems like he isn’t doing something to ruin it and like for a second you look at him and notice that he’s actually really handsome when his glasses are off and he’s concentrated on something
  • but you’re like what no snap out of it, he’s evil and you concentrate on something else
  • and the night of the president’s celebration, you’re really glad that you went with like an upbeat party concept because the music is loud and everyones dancing closely and like you pull at your own clothes because they’re a bit tight because you’re like “as soon as the president names me the next president, im gonna get wild” 
  • and as you look around to find the president you see him but beside him is joshua and ok like
  • he’s your rival but you admit that he looks really nice wearing casual slacks and a button down that’s been opened at the top just a bit and like he doesn’t look so uptight and so you walk over
  • and the president’s like “this is great, im glad you didn’t make it all emotional with a speech and sad music” and you’re like whaaat ofc it’s 2016 we don’t need speeches (you crumple the speech you had in your hand lmfao)
  • and joshua’s like “it’s an ok party, i agree.” and you like snort like “it’s ok to you because you’re probably only used to parties with like what?? tea and old ladies??” and joshua’s like “excuse me” and you’re like “a goody two-shoes like you wouldn’t know how to have fun.”
  • and the president is like ??? are you two ok because he’s never seen you guys go at it but for some reason, maybe because you put a lot of effort into this, joshua’s comment really pisses you off and you grab his wrist and you’re like come with me
  • and you lead him out of the room and into the hallway and you’re like “why are you saying that in front of the president?” and joshua’s like “because - because-” and you’re like ???? why is it because i did another good job and you’re mad??? and he’s like no … i just im used to arguing with you- and you’re like
  • “ive been trying so hard to get on his good side because it’s the one thing i might achieve that you haven’t taken away from me, seriously, could you please for once just let it go and not try to put me down??” and joshua’s giving you this confused look and he’s like “put you down?? you always start with me first??”
  • and you guys apparently decide that right now right here is where you just let out all your emotions and you’re like joshua you’re perfect at everything just let me have this and he’s like no i can’t i want to be president and you’re like WhY YOU Have so many other responsibilities like let me do this
  • and you’re getting closer to him as you argue and he’s leaning down to you and like it’s heated like usual and there’s this anger but then you can literally feel his breath on your skin and you’re like 
  • “seriously joshua why do you take everything from me?” and he’s like “why do you love annoying me?” and you’re like “you’RE THE ONE that always makes stupid comments about my work-” and joshua throws his hands up like “yeah because have you ever seen how cute you get??” and you’re like what and he’s like what
  • and you’re like cute? i ? get? and joshua’s like
  • “what i mean is your reaction is funny - yeah funny it’s too funny to pass up on and like you poke at me too-” and you’re like “joshua hong. you’re my rival, but do you like me?”
  • and joshua opens his mouth but no words come out and you’re like ,,,,,,,,O H  m y g o d
  • and joshua is like ….. “you like me too, c’mon no one bothers each other so much like we do if they don’t have….mutual feelings right….”
  • and you can see him nervous in front of you for the first time with his eyes darting back and forth and you’re like 
  • well. like you think back on how much time you spent envying him for being so capable of everything and then you look at him and oh god damn it you have actually always found him,,,,,appealing 
  • you just thought it was all jealousy and used it as motivation to want to win but now that he’s here in front of you, sweaty palms and shyly looking down, he’s not your rival he’s your ?@??@@?/ crush //?!?!?
  • and you’re like “i-i-”
  • but you don’t say it, instead you lean in and confirm it by kissing him and you pull back like holy moly i did that and joshua’s like yeah. you …. did that
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,i liked it and he’s like oh thank god i liked it too
  • and it goes from snarky rivals to shy college kids in love and it’s like neither of you can believe this is happening and you’re both like “we’re crazy.”
  • but then you remember that RIGHt thE PresiDENT is mAKINg his CHOice tonight and you both run back inside and there’s the president and he’s like already talking over the room and he’s like 
  • “that’s why im giving my seat to…..wonwoo the treasurer!”
  • you and joshua are like WHAT and wonwoo is like oh god no no not this and he’s being pulled up to the president and you look at joshua and you’re like
  • “i might yell so…..” and joshua takes your hand and is like “me too, let’s go make out somewhere and let the stress out.”
  • and that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship
  • where instead of wanting to win over joshua, you support him as he’s obviously on his way to being someone amazing and joshua supports you
  • and like when you come into the room holding hands and being cuddly and cute wonwoo is like ????? dont they hate each other and everyone’s like wHat no they’re not capable of hating each other they’re both so sweet and wonwoo’s like yall don’t know the dark truths ive witnessed
  • but you and joshua are literally like the sweet couple now like you learn that joshua is such a worry wart about everything he’s always like are you eating?? are you cold??? did you study??? and it’s cute like before you wanted to see each other fail but now it’s all about helping each other out
  • you go with joshua to see him play with the choir and he’s so good and you feel proud of him and it’s a new feeling but you like it and you cheer him on and when you’re walking back to the dorms joshua asks shyly if you’d like him to maybe play something just for you sometime and ofc you say yes
  • you’re both busy with a lot of work but you always call each other over the phone if you can’t see each other because joshua says hearing your voice really heals him
  • sometimes you’ll jokingly like tease him like you did before and he’ll be like “i know you’re playing, but seriously i hope we’re never like that to each other again,,,,,”
  • wonwoo doesn’t become president because he politely refuses and says either you or joshua should do it but for some reason neither of you agrees and when asked why you like lean against joshua’s arm and you’re like “we realized neither of us wanted to be in the spotlight, we just wanted to win…….and we did”
  • the winning means finding your mutual love for each other like what a win true love is the real prize u guys this is the moral
  • when joshua tells you about the offers he received from schools you’re like omg you’re going to be an amazing author or scholar one day and joshua scrunches up his nose and he’s like “i just want to be a simple teacher and have a normal life”
  • joshua wears a lot of like cardigans and like what you call ‘grandpa clothes’ but they’re all big and comfy so you steal them from him and joshua’s always like ,,,,, “is that mine?” and points to something you’re wearing and you’re like wHAAAA,,,,,yes
  • he thinks it’s super cute but all he can do is bite his lip and look down shyly
  • you guys studying together in the library because you’re the brain power couple and everyone is coming to you for help but when it’s quiet and you two are sitting across the table you hook your legs together and smile to each other hehe
  • when he’s super tired from everything happening he loves laying his head in your lap while you read aloud to him and play with his hair and it just relaxes him when everything seems so hard
  • you find out secret nerd joshua who stays up on weekends till 4 am watching anime on his laptop while also skyping you or something and he gets all childish and giddy about his favorite characters and you’re like how is this the same boy who has like 5 offers from the top continuing colleges in the country???
  • seungcheol asks joshua if he’s a robot once in front of you and you’re like @ seungcheol like are you a parrot, for asking the same question over and over again? and joshua’s like this is when i love your snarky side coming back and seungcheol is floored and dk is laughing his butt off
  • before you and joshua were cold to each other but now he’s basically a soft mushy mess for you and it’s cute you see him blush so much and you’re like i never want him to stop he looks so damN cute you like squish his cheeks in your hands and joshua’s like ,,,,stopppp,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,,you’re so cute and he’s like don’t tease me and you’re like but it’s truE 
  • you’re like joshua when did you first start liking me and joshua’s like ,,, remember the first time we meet and you told me to ‘watch out’ because you were going to come and beat me
  • and you’re like omf ….i said that
  • and joshua laughs and he’s like no ones ever so confidently challenged me at anything, it was kind of a good feeling to have a real rival
  • and you’re like oh my god you liked me because i tried to fight you and he’s like kinda,,,,,,,but now we dont ever have to fight because we love each other
  • and you’re like yeah but what about - tICKLE fiGHts and you  go for his sides and joshua’s like kbadgfbgeirg N Ooooooo and it’s cute he like holds you close to stop you from tickling him and aww you’re like two cute kids
  • the past president of the student council somewhere: hmmm wonder if joshua + you are dating now, i always thought they had a thing for each other LOl

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Church Camp

Words: 3k

Genre: smut

Synopsis: you and Joshua have known each other through church n youth group for years, and when u are asked to be leaders at a church camp things get a bit wild

Content: virgin Joshua, sub!jisoo (my url is finally coming tru), experienced reader, reader is afab but can identify as anything, there’s no pronouns so like, reader rides him and sits on his face good shit

Author’s Note: I have been dreaming of this for so long listen okay this is what got me Really into svt the thought of absolutely wrecking Hong Jisoo (s/o to @dimplesjae and this fancam)

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someone needs to write the fic where dennis has a tender midgame relationship with the bass guitar-playing church gardener played by p. diddy

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm new to ikon and I was wondering if you could help out. I was hoping you could let me know what I need to. If your busy I understand thank you!

So here are some infos & facts about iKON! :) 


1. They are a 7 member group under YG ENTERTAINMENT (official website)

2. In 2013, they were first introduced through a survival show called “Win, who is next” (watch first episode here) Their group name back then was Team B and not iKON yet. They competed against another group of trainees called Team A, who then debuted with the name “WINNER”. They lost the show but continued as trainees under YG (in 2013 till may 2014, iKON was still a 6 member group and still trainees during that time) They also released two songs as Team B “Just another boy” & “Climax” (live verson with eng sub)  “Climax” (Studio version with eng sub) (which is probably the most important song they’ve wrote so far since they’re talking about their struggles)

3. In 2014 then, they had to take part in another survival show called “Mix & Match” (watch first episode here) in which they focused on rearranging the line up of the members. That for they introduced 3 new trainees. Thankfully no old member of Team B was exchanged but one of the new trainees called “Jung Chanwoo” made it into the group which was called iKON from then on.  The songs they released during that time are “Long time no see”“Wait for me” & “SINOSIJAK”

4. During the filming for “Mix & Match” two members of iKON (B.I & Bobby) also participated in the rap survival show called “Show me the money 3” (watch first episode here!) B.I was eliminated in episode 7 but Bobby won the show and became the champion of SMTM3.

Other pre debut mv’s & activities:

Now I’ll introduce each member to you! :)

The leader of the group is Kim Hanbin aka B.I 

- He is also one of the two rappers in the group, sometimes vocal, choreographer, producer, dancer, composer & lyricist  (part of Team B)

- Often compared to Bigbang’s GD

- He took part in 2014 season of “Show me the money 3″ he was eliminated in episode 7. I highly recommend to watch the season! Here is his song “Be I” ( live performance) + studio version with eng sub

- Out of all ikon members he is the one who was a trainee under yg for the longest time (joined YGE in january 2011 when he was 15)

- Was born on October 22, 1996 (turned 20 in september 2016 / 21 korean age)

B.I was first introduced to public at age 13 as a featured rapper in MC Mong’s track “Indian Boy” (at 2:22) in 2009. He was also on “sketchbook”

- Watch some of his pre debut compilations here & here 

- Also his song “I’m chillin” which is from 2013 (win)

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik high’s “Born hater” (which he wrote the hook melody for) & He also co-composed and co-wrote WINNER’S “Empty” 

- He has credits for 26 songs so far (all iKON songs that were released so far/ Blackpink’s ‘whistle’/ Winner’s ‘empty’/ Epik HIgh’s ‘Born Hater’)

- He was part of the writing, composing & production team for all three NR. 1 songs of the last three YG groups (Winner/iKON/Blackpink)

- According to himself “single for 21 years of his life” -> most of his inspirations for songs/lyrics are from dramas or movies since he never experienced being in a relationship

- He has three tattoos so far. Read more about his tattoos & the meaning behind them  here / here / here 

- He has a little sister (15 years younger than him) her name is Kim Hanbyul

- Trademark: resting bitch face (when in tiger/leader mode), dimples, nose

- Some of his Nicknames: mambin, dumbin, kid leader, tigerbin, mickey, beanie

- Things he likes/fan of: boxing, mickey mouse, animals (especially dogs), twice, the green pringles, being busy & work, Philosophy books, poems, natural food (without seasoning or not much), simple styles like white shirt and jeans, baby powder, oversized clothes, slam dunk manga, love drama (JPN & KRN)

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: bugs, being boring & doing nothing, heavy smells

- Habit’s: Touches his chest with one hand when he is nervous, touches members a lot without realizing (very natural) especially members necks, heart shaped duck face, fidgety fingers

Few Charateristics: really strong & strict leader, perfectionist, knows exactly what he wants, confident, looks scary at first but isn’t, has a really cute, carefree & dorky side outside of the training room, loves his fans & gives most of fanservice, a really, REALLY hard worker, despite achieving so much at his young age he still wants to improve and is never slacking

The next member to introduce is Kim Jiwon aka Bobby!

- He is the second rapper of the group, dancer, lyricist, composer & sometimes also vocal (part of Team B)

- He was born on december 21, 1995 (turned 21 in december 2016/ 22 korean age) was born in Seoul but raised in Virginia US 

- Joined YGE at the age of 16 (in 2011)

- He left his family in the US at a really young age to become famous so he could bring them back to korea someday and build/buy a house for them there (what he achieved in 2015)

- He is together with Hanbin (B.I) and Jinhwan (whom I’ll introduce next) one of the three original members of the group what means that they were (out of all iKON members) trainees under YG for the longest

- He won 2014 rap survival show “Show me the money 3″ here are some of his songs:

- L4L (lookin’ for luv feat. dok2 & The quiett) 

- Go 

- Bounce

- YGGR#hiphop 

- Also his promo song for SMTM4 ‘King of the youth’

- And his solo song that was released in 2016: ‘HOLUP!’

-  GQ Korea included him in their 2014 “Men of the Year” feature”. This feature included “men who have made an impact on culture in 2014 watch video here

- Watch some of his pre debut beatboxing here 

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in epik highs “Born hater”/ Hi SUHYUN’s “I’m different” & Masta Wuu’s “Come here” (all songs released in 2014) and co- wrote (together with hanbin & song mino) WINNER’S “Empty” 

- Was featured in Lee Hi’s 2016 album Seoulite -> ‘Video’ // Was featured in Reddy’s (2016) SMTM5 performance -> ‘Like this’ 

- He is very religious & grew up in church where he learned to play guitar, drums and the piano  

- He has one tattoo on his back “Fear only god hate only sins”. He made the tattoo together with his older brother & father (all three have the same tattoo) Read more about it here  

- He has an older brother by three years named Kim jiun

- Formed a sub unit called MOBB together with Winner’s Song mino in 2016 two sub unit songs were released in 2016 ‘Full House’‘Hit me’

- Trademark: eyesmile, sharp jawline, high tension on stage & bunny teeth

- Some of his Nicknames: Bunny, Kimbap, King of the youth, mood maker, smiley face, eyesmile

- Things he likes/is fan of: Bob marley, winnie the pooh, his fans, fast food, trap music (or just music in general), cats, to wake up early (and eat breakfast), to work out, being/living freely, light fixtures, art, naruto

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: seafood

- Habit’s: smiles even when mad, showing front teeth, high-tension on stage, sleep talking, snores, polite especially to elders (always 90-degrees bow), dabbing 

Few Characteristics: Looks hardcore at first but is a sweetheart, really strong rapping voice and strong image on stage, more than confident, jokes around A LOT, doesn’t fit his age because he is actually 5 years old, sosososo loyal, loves to eat and sleep, is called bunny by the fans due to his cute front teeths.

The Next Member to introduce is Kim Jinhwan! (no stage name)

- Oldest member of iKON, main vocal & dancer (part of Team B)

- Was born on February 7, 1994 in Jeju his home town (turned 22 in 2016/23 Korean age )

- Often called fake maknae due to his small face and body

- He was, together with Hanbin & Bobby, one of the original three members who joined YG first (shippers call them triple kim)

- His voice is often compared to Bigbang’s taeyang

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2011)

“The voice you want to hear at night” / most sexual member even when he doesn’t look like it

- Listen to him singing “there goes my baby” by usher HERE (from 2013) His vocal improved A LOT! but there is sadly no video of him singing alone in 2015 

- Is a genius when it comes to learning languages (fluent in japanese & korean and learning chinese atm) 

- One of iKON’s best dancers (especially good at acrobatic dances)

- He is currently learning to play electric guitar & started doing jiu jitsu 

- He has an older sister by six years. She is also the reason why he started to realize his dream to become a singer

- His mother is a violinist, linguist & business woman (owns cafe in jeju)

- Trademark:  heart shaped mole, small face, body and hands 

- Some of his Nicknames: jinan/y, 13cm fairy, wine mom, crybaby, entertainer, fake maknae, milky skin

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Red wine, slow music (Rnb, jazz, soul), animals (especially dogs), being for himself, love movies & books

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: mushrooms, sweating (bcs he sweats even when talking), anything horror related, being ignored

- Habit’s: drinks wine to relax, touching members ears, listening to music before going to bed

Few Characteristics: Most emotional little hyung, warm & always listens to his members problems and gives best advices, looks pretty & feminine but is actually really manly, he loves to be called sexy, looks harmless and fluffy but can change very quickly (not innocent at all), knows for being narcissistic, is flirty with everyone around him

Next Member to introduce is Koo Junhoe aka Ju-ne!

- former maknae, main vocal, dancer & composer (part of team B)

- Was born on March 31, 1997 (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 Korean age) 

- Joined YGE at the age of 15 (2012)

- He appeared in “STAR KING” when he was 13 (he actually didn’t want to become a singer but rather a dancer cause he loved/loves Micheal jackson so much

- He was also a constent in KPOP STAR S1 with a group called HIGH PRAIS  watch here (he is rapping), here (yg, daesung, cl, boom & taeyang are the judges) & here

- Listen to him singing “Wedding dress” by taeyang (2013) his vocal cut in “climax” (2013) & his singing cuts in “Mix & match” (2014) Junhoes voice is actual gold

- His deep, strong voice was praised and recognized by young and old singers and even non fans know about it

- Has an older sister by three years named Koo Yeijin 

- Is religious and grew up in church (was in church camp)

- Trademark: thick eyebrows, mole on lips, deep & strong voice, toddler smile

- Some of his nickname’s: living meme, toddler, June, sasshoe 

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Micheal Jackson, dancing, love movies, Rnb music, being the center of the situation, taking selfies, tteokbokki

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: ox blood soup, haunted houses, roller coasters, being alone, sports

- Habit’s: Singing everywhere he goes (practice room, shower, before a concert EVERYWHERE), Imitating his members & other people, winking, taking selfies with fans phone’s, 

Few Characteristics: sassy af, doesn’t care about age if he doesn’t like something he will say it, loves to sleep & to eat, looks manly and loves to be called manly & sexy but is actually a shy 5 year old boy, finds it hard to accept new people, makes weird sounds sometimes, winks a lot, introduced himself as ikons main rapper, vocal god, makes any situation awkward, can’t control his face

Next member to introduce Song Yunhyeong! (no stage name)

- Vocal, visual & dancer (part of team b)

- He was born on february 8, 1995 (turned 21 in 2016/ 22 korean age)

- His vocal voice was the least strongest during “win who is next” & “mix & match” but he improved the most since then! His live vocals are probably one of the best out of the group

- His high notes are the best according to June and hanbin 

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2012)

- His dream was to become an actor or to open a cafe (joined YGE to become an actor but Ceo YG changed the plan)

- Not oldest but still oldest member (bcs of his old dad jokes, his scolding & the way he behaves sometimes)

- iKON’s personal chef cook (loves to cook for his members)

- Has a younger sister by a year named Song Eunjin

- Became endorsement for Nivea lip balm in 2016

- His parents own a BBQ restaurant 

- Known for his funny dancing (according to members the best when it comes to funny dance)

- Listen to a collection of him singing here 

- Trademark: double eyelids, handsome face, wide shoulders

- Some of his Nicknames: Chef song, yoyo, successful fan, passionate man, prince yoyo

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Nivea cherry lip balm, cooking, hard work 

- Things he dislikes/ is afraid of: being made fun of

- Habit’s: To make fun of his members, old folks and dad jokes, pointing micro at fans, cleaning up during cooking, very neat, uses lipbalm all the time, has to plan everything

Few characteristics: Looks arrogant to people at first but is actually one of the warmest & cutest members, cares a lot about his family & friends, his goal in life is to be simply happy, smiles 99% of the time even if he is dead tired, always tries to cheer up everyone, works the hardest, loves to dance like an old lady, can cook, his sexy glare will kill you so don’t look into his eyes. Does everything passionately & is VERY polite (especially to elders).

Next member to introduce Kim Donghyuk! (no stage name)

- together with Junhoe fromer maknae, vocal, choreographer & really good dancer (part of team B)

- was born on January 3, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 korean age)

- He was the last one to join team B and YGE at the age of 16 (in 2012)

- Donghyuk was the winner of JYP’s trainee search contest in march 2012 & also a student in def music & dance academy 

- Was accepted by JYP but decided join YGE instead

- He lived in the US in 3rd grad as an exchange student

- His english name is Ezra

- In school, he was an OSIS manager and later a member of the school organizing committee + president of student council in high school 

- He is a born winner and the cleverest member in the group

- Multi talent who can sing, dance, play instruments & was good in school 

- Has an younger sister who studies in the US 

- Is (just like June & Bobby) very religious 

- Can play guitar, drums, piano & traditional music instruments

- Made the choreo for iKON’s “Airplane”

- His father died when he was 8 year’s old & his mother was against his dream of becoming a singer at first (bcs he was a really good student)

- Can speak korean and english fluently (learning japanese & chinese atm)

- Known for his harmonizing & falsetto’s (people often mistake them for June’s voice)

His voice is really soft and he improved a lot since “win who is next” listen to him singing “eyes nose lips” by taeyang (who complimented him after) together with Junhoe & one of the 3 traines who didn’t made it into the group

- Trademark: fox-like eyes, laugh, thighs, dimples, aegyo, small elf-like ears

- Some of his Nicknames:  Dongaegyo, Candy-chan, thighs, fashionista, dongparazzi, angel, dong dong

- Things he likes/is fan of: Chris Brown, dancing, fashion, children, food

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of:

Few Characteristics: most adorable human ever existed, smiles just like yunhyeong 99% of the time, has so much aegyo that his members can’t take it so they always cover their eyes & ears, probably the wamest member in ikon, loves kids & plays a lot with them even when he is busy (example haru, table’s daughter visits her often), really secy when he starts dancing or becomes serious, his voice will do something to your heart. An emotional, sensitive & caring personality. 

Next & last member to introduce Jung Chanwoo! (no stage name)

- Maknae, actor, vocal & dancer

- Was born on january 26, 1998 in seoul (turned 18 in 2016/ 19 Korean age)

- Often compared to Lee Minho bcs of their similar features

- Joined the group and YGE through the survival show “Mix & match” in 2014

- He appeared as Lee Minho’s child actor in “Boys over flowers”“the heirs” and also appeared in DBSK’s music video “ballons” 

- Has an oder brother (age unknown) 

- Tallest members (even tho he is the youngest)

- Trademark:  big eyes, dimple on the left side of his mouth, double eyelids, height, one sided smile

- Some of his Nicknames: Chocoball, Chanumon, Chanu, evil maknae, Chanubear, master of games

- Things he likes/is a fan of: acting, games, anime & manga (especially one piece), teasing members

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: Ketchup, tidying up, spicy food, crying in front of people, losing

- Habit’s: Playing games really seriously, teasing his members 

Few Characteristics: seems harmless, cute & shy at first but is actually really confident and evil, plays around with his hyungs a lot & can be very cheeky,  loves to play games to a point where jinhwan has to scold him, really hardworking & cute, improved a lot in just a year, brings members happiness with his carefree & funny side. He is according to iKON the member who cares (together with hanbin) the most about iKON. He always sends the other boys messages and asks them if they ate enough & slept well. Together with dong in charge of warmness


You can find a masterpost/list of iKON’s achievements since debut HERE




Most important shows/variety

  • Win
  • Mix & Match
  • Show me the money 3 (Bobby & B.I)
  • The remix (chinese dance survival show)
  • Mari & I (Hanbin & Jinhwan)
  • Father & I (Bobby and his father)

(you can find the links & many more variety appearances and other links in the masterpost above credit: @hwan-tastic )


DVD’s & Album’s

Welcome back Half Album includes:

  • CD (M.U.P is not in the full album) 
  • 88-page booklet
  • Sticker + Photocard sets random
  • usually also a poster but the poster is sold out almost everywhere

Welcome Back Full Album green version / red version includes:

  • CD
  • folded poster
  • 64-page photobook
  • 16 page photocard
  • Randome polaroid set + random photo card + random sticker
  • (the versions have different photobooks, polaroids & photocards)

Welcome Back complete edition (limited) includes:

  • 2CD’S + 1 DVD
  • All pre debut & debut songs in KRN & JPN
  • All MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Behind the scenes of all MV’s (JPN only)
  • Documentary promo days in Japan
  • 48-page photobook
  • usually also with a poster 

Welcome Back Japan deluxe edition includes:

  • 2 CD’s (with KRN & JPN versions) & 2 DVD’s
  • 48-page Photobook
  • iKON fanmeeting in Japan 2015
  • iKON School 
  • Behind the scenes of iKON fan meeting 2015 in Japan
  • MV’s
  • Behind the scenes of MV’s
  • Bigbang Japan tour 2014-2015 X Opening act (collection of best moments)
  • Dance practice videos (Rhythm Ta & Apology)
  • (this is the only version that comes with the special track ‘Just go’ in KRN & JPN)

iKONCERT in Seoul DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s
  • Showtime debut concert
  • iKONCERT in Seoul
  • Special features
  • Welcome Back history
  • 160-page photobook
  • paper holder
  • Random member sticker

iKONCERT in Japan DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s & 2CD’s
  • iKONCERT held at Nippon Budokan on February 16, 2016
  • iKONCERT days in Japan
  • Documentary of iKONCERT Showtime tour in japan
  • Holidays in japan
  • 50-page photobook

Kony’s Island Season greetings includes: 

  • DVD 
  • Desk calendar
  • Photobook
  • Note
  • Polaroid Set
  • Mouse Pad 
  • Poster
  • there is also a JPN version 

Kony’s Summertime Season greetings (limited) includes: 

  • 2 DVD
  • 300-page photobook
  • travel pouch
  • book marks
  • Paper holder
  • folded poster
  • there is also a JPN limited version of this that is slightly different, you can read more about the difference here // the japanese version is mostly sold out tho

Kony’s Wintertime Season greetings (limited) 

  • 2 DVD’s
  • 288-page photobook
  • three stickers
  • a winter pouch
  • a bookmark
  • a mini poster
  • a mini planner
  • a Polaroid set and a photo card
  • JPN’s version here

Dumb & Dumber DVD includes:

  • 1 CD & 1 DVD
  • Japanese version of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Love me (special track, studio version only on this album), Sinosijak remix
  • JPN Mv’s of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Anthem Remix
  • JPN behind the scenes of #WYD

MOBB debut Album / Bobby version includes:

  • CD 
  • 56-page photobook 
  • 1 of 2 random Photocards
  • usually with poster (if not sold out)

MOBB debut Album limited (JPN version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1 DVD
  • All four MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Bonus tracks (like bounce and fear)
  • Behind the scenes (JPN -> only holup & full house & KRN -> only body & Hit me)
  • MOBB live at iKON’s Japan tour 2016 (four performances)

iKON Japan Tour 2016 DVD includes:

  • Japan concert held on october 26
  • Documentary of iKON japan tour 2016
  • Special features
  • two live CD’s 
  • 100-page photobook


You can find a Masterpost of all released & known iKON songs here


Official accounts/SNS:

- Find all informations about schedule ect. on their official YG page here

- Follow them on: facebook, youtube, instagramfan cafe , weibo, twitter & also Melon, ollehmusic, genie, mnet, music bugs, naver music, soribada & itunes and Vapp 


Songs iKON wrote for iKONICS:

Wait for me + MV  (before M&M)

  • A song in which they ask iKONICS, who waited since win for them, to wait a bit longer before they can finally come out and make their debut 
  • was released after first episode of Mix&Match in 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand. But cruelly, I say goodbye.” (jinhwan & donghyuk)
  • “Oh you and me, We’re under the same sky, but we can’t meet, but believe in me, I’ll be there for you.” (yunhyeong)
  • “I want to look into your face under the dazzling sunlight. And tell you, thank you for making me live as the me right now. I’ve missed you, your voice, your face, even your soft breathing. I won’t go anywhere now, I’ll be by your side, even until the moment the world ends.” (hanbin rap)
  • “Wait because I’ll go to you right now. I’ll run against time and go to you, So that my heart can reach her, so that she can remember me.” (june)
  • Time go faster so I can reach her.” (hanbin)

Long time no see + Mix & Match original live version (M&M final)

  • A song in which they apologize and thank iKONICs that we’ve waited for so long 
  • ask us to hold on just a bit longer & tell us to not worry bcs they will stay with us from now on
  • They also explain (hanbin in his rap) why it took them so long & promise that they won’t go anywhere anymore
  • Was released/a performance Mix&Match final 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “I ran all the way, baby, just hold on a bit more.” (bobby rap)
  • “Long time no see. How have you been? You’ve waited too long. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (jinhwan)
  • “Long time no see. I longed for you a lot too. I got lost on the way to see you. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (june)
  • “I made a promise to you, I didn’t keep it, I’m sorry. Why so late, I’ll explain. The pain given by god, I was getting over it (talking about the depression he had after losing win) Brothers that share blood and flesh I was trying to protect (talking about Team B members) My mind filled with emptiness, I drained it. My dreams, I had to keep achieving them (work even harder than before) Very late, my shattered dreams. It was hard to patch them again. Finally I am where I am now (Win & M&M over + iKON official got their name & last member for their debut) And you are still beautiful. Long time no see, I’ve missed you a lot.” (hanbin rap)
  • Oh baby, don’t worry. Be with me, forever. I’ll stand by you, I promise. Where you are, I’ll be there.” (jinhwan)

Welcome Back (in debut Album)

  • A song to thank iKONICs for all the time that we’ve waited for them
  • Welcoming us back after the long time 
  • They opened their debut concert with this song & named their debut album after it
  • First released in their ‘Welcome back debut half album’ in 2015 
  • The last line of this song is really loved & famous under iKONICs 
  • The melody is compared to the other songs written for us rather happy & gives off of a positive and chilled vibe 
  • The song starts off with the sound of foodsteps of someone coming nearer & hanbin cuts it off with the words “Wait a minute, listen! Baby oh! Welcoming you back here.” So the footsteps are probably meant to be iKONICs who are “coming back” to them and he asks us to stop, stay with them & to listen to what they have to say to us
  • At one of their iKONCERT’s hanbin changed & repeated the last line of the song to “Let’s take it slow let’s last for a long time. Let’s take it slow until the end. Let’s stay together until we die.”

Important lines of the song

  • “Seeing you again for a the first time in a while, It feels like my heart that hurt for so long is getting perfectly well again. Your beauty and grace is still the same. Although my life without you was really lacking, I can’t explain it with words.” (hanbin rap)
  • “How were you doing this while? Who did you lean on when you were struggling?” (june)
  •  “It was really lonely, nothing was new. Every day by day was really just boring. What I want to say is thanks for coming back.
  • “Welcome back I’m glad you returned, I’ll treat you better now. Welcome back I really missed you.” (june)
  • “Saying that I’ve never regretted our goodbye, that I felt better being alone, it’s all a lie. Oh I was so lonely I was so bored every minute, every day.” (jinhwan)
  • “I’ll treat you better, please don’t leave me. We’re definitly meant to be. Let’s take it slow, let’s last real long. Welcome Back.” (bobby & hanbin)

M.U.P (make you proud)

  • They promise that even if they don’t have much right now, that they’ll definitely  make us proud in the future & achieve more 
  • First released in their ‘Welcome Back debut half album’ in 2015
  • They thank us for always being there for them & ask us to keep staying at their side forever
  • They talk about their struggles & how iKONICs helped them to get over it

Important lines of the song

  • “Honestly the ‘me’ of as right now has nothing worth seeing. But I’ll promise to you that someday in this life, girl,  I’m gon make you proud.” (jinhwan)
  • “Within the trampled of life, I saw the one and only light (talking about ikonics) that illuminated my world. At those times when I couldn’t bear go on living, you whispered in my ear about the holiness of happiness, about the repentance of these 20 years (of his life) and I’m so thankful for you.” (hanbin rap)
  • “It doesn’t matter that gravity’s pressing down on me like always. As long as it’s  with you, nothing better, nothing better.” (bobby)
  • My goal was always to be your one top source of pride.” (bobby rap)
  • “Your two frail hands that pulled me into an embrace. You make someone like me want to live once again. I’ll be there at the world’s end, you just need to hold my hand.” (jinhwan & june)
  • “When my hands were shaking, you took mine into yours. For holding my hand, I’ll promise, girl, I’m gon make you proud.” (donghyuk)
  • “Just stay at my side, just lean on my shoulder, don’t say nothing. I know that even if you don’t say it, it gonna be something.” (bobby & hanbin)


  • Not a comeback but a special present for iKONICs because iKON had no comeback in 2016
  • first released as a digital single in 2016

Important lines of the song

  • “What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? I miss you, I want you, I want to see you. Cuz I’m lonely lonely.” (june)
  • “Where are you, Are you busy? You popped up in my head. I wanted to hear your voice.” (hanbin rap)


Masterpost of iKON = iKONIC relationship


Relationships between the boys

DOUBLE B (Hanbin & Bobby) aka the married couple

  • or also the annyoing ship since they’re always together & so obvious it hurts
  • They are VERY close, since they’ve known each other for the longest
  • Skinship & touchy 24/7 even on stage
  • Hanbin loves to touch bobby’s neck the most
  •  bob can’t take his hands by himself either even when he denies it sometimes
  • They call each other ‘cute’ or give each other adorable compliments
  • The brought dabbing & inside-out pants to korea
  • They’re iKON’s dream duo & composer-writter team

JUNHWAN (Junhoe & JInhwan) aka the ‘adult ship’

  • They’re always jealous when other members get close to the other
  • Love skinship 
  • They sometimes have late night broadcast on vapp called ‘KJH’
  • They spend all their time together, watch love movies & give each other advices
  • They have the same taste in music, food & their personalities match really well
  • They’re the most shipped members in japan (bcs they look like characters of a love manga)
  • Both are main vocals (June has a strong, deep voice while Jinan has a soft, high voice) so their voices matches just as well as their personalities

Yunhyuk/Yundong (Yunhyeong & Donghyuk) aka the angel ship

  • They love each other the most & give each other safety when they feel uncomfortable or sad
  • Yunhyeong loves to cook & Donghyuk loves to eat, so they’re a match made in heaven (yoyo says it’s the most fun to cook for dongdong)
  • Yoyo is the best dancer when it comes to funny dances while dong is the best dancer when it comes to sexy choreographies
  • Both of them worked the hardest to improve & be accepted by people
  • The nicest & warmest members in one ship
  • yoyo loves to hug dong

Yunchan ( Yunhyeong & Chanwoo) aka evil twins

  • bobby gave them the name ‘evil twins’ since they both love teasing other people & they look (according to the members & fans) alike 
  • Chanwoo teases yunhyeong sometimes by saying things like ‘Chanwoo-yaa, bring me some water.’ or ‘It’s time for bromance’
  • They’re total opposites but roomates
  • According to Chanwoo yoyo is also his servant even tho he is older by 3 years
  • Chanwoo hates tidying up while yun is a super neat person
  • They’re the visual, actor ship 
  • Despite everything, they love & care for each other a lot (yun got the closest to Chanwoo during M&M)
  • Yun is like a real older brother to chanwoo. He scolds him when he plays games too often or doesn’t practice enough & encourages him to do better

Junhyuk (Junhoe & Donghyuk) aka devil and angel 

  • Junhoe is obsessed with donghyuk and always talks about dong’s ‘killer smile’ and about how handsome he looks in only his white underwear
  • June loves dong’s vocal the most & always compliments him for it
  • Dong loves June’s strong vocal the most 
  • They’re both former maknaes of the group 
  • Even when dong is older by 3 month, June doesn’t act like it lol
  • They’re both 97 liners (dong was born in january while June was born in march)
  • June always teases donghyuk but dong only smiles warmly and takes the teasing 
  • Donghyuk can actually outsass June if he wanted to but he is too nice for that
  • Even when June likes attention, he always tries to direct all the attention to Donghyuk (like a boyfriend that wants to show off)

Bobchan (Bobby & Chanwoo) aka natural enemies

  • Bobby calls himself Chanwoo’s natural enemy while Chanwoo calls himself Bobby’s natural enemy
  • Chanwoo is stronger than bobby (even when he is younger by 3 years)
  • Bobby gets teased by Chanwoo anytime and anywhere 
  • They’re both obsessed with naruto & play games together often in bobby’s room
  • Bobby always chooses Chanwoo when asked which member they’d choose as their boyfriend & Chanwoo always chooses Bobby 
  • Even when they have a cat-dog relationship, they care about each other a lot
  • Bobby always asks chanwoo if he wants to eat somtthing and let him choose first and Chanwoo always checks on Bobby 
  • Chanwoo loves to sit on bobby’s lap and to cuddle with him
  • They’re perfect together when it comes to winning as a team
  • Bobby calls Chanwoo ‘Chanumon’ 
  • Out of all iKON members, Chanwoo only ever cried in front of Bobby



- All their songs are written & composed by them (mostly by b.I & bobby but junhoe helped composing “Rhythm ta”)

- YG confirmed that all members are able to write & compose songs + all of them can dance & sing

- Their dancing is really good! watch a dance compilation from “win who is next” and “mix and match” here (also watch The remix & apology & Rhythm ta dance practice) 

- The fandom name is iKONIC & the short version is KONIC 

- Our official lightstick is the KONBAT

- They are named iKON (the K for Korea) because YG wants them to be an icon of their generation that represent South Korea 

- The iKON logo is called ‘iKON slash’ because there are 7 slashes that represent 7 members. And those 7 slashes compared form four letters -> iKON (slashes inspired by south korean flag)

- When you fill up the spaces between the iKON logo, it becomes a trapezoid and one dimensional. It’s a symbol that stands for iKONICs. It means that iKONICs become one with iKON. iKON = iKONICs

- iKON’s introduction always starts with the words “Get ready? Showtime!”

- The words “iKONIC is my life” & “iKON is my life” are used by iKON members & iKONICs a lot

- Hashtags used by iKON & iKONICs are #TeamiKONIC & #TeamiKON

- iKON & Blackpink’s logo’s combined together makes the South Korean flag

- iKON’s bond is the most amazing & closest bond I’ve ever seen a boy group having. They treat each other like brothers, like a real family and even said that they’re closer to each other than to their real family members (since they’ve lived together for over 4 years & went through so much together)

- iKONICs & iKON have a special bond as well. iKON makes iKONICs cry & vice versa. They seriously care a lot about their fans & always keep updated on us (their official instagram is named withikonic, I think that says more than enough about them)

- iKON has or had endorsement deals with NEPA, Pepsi, Smart school uniform, Nivea (yunhyeong), NONAGON (B.I & Bobby), Shinsegae duty free, Sprite (Bobby) and LG. 

- All members are currently learning chinese & japanese (most of them are already fluent in japanese)



  • iKONICS/KONICs (fandom name)
  • iKONTACT (behind the scenes of their fan meetings) sounds like “eye contact”
  • iKONCERT (concert tour name)
  • KONBAT (official lights tick)
  • KONBAND (bracelet for concerts that changes colors)
  • KONY’S MAS (christmas + two of their vapp broadcasts)
  • iKONIGHT (vapp broadcast)
  • Kony’s island (season greetings)
  • Kony’s summertime (season greetings)
  • KONFIRE (konbat fire combined in a big growd)
  • KONYWATCH (a wrist watch to be closer to iKONICs)
  • Konsnack (snack sold at iKONCERT)
  • KONBUS/KONTRUCK (bus and truck they used for promotions, fan signing days & debut concert)
  • KONNIVERSARY (anniversary)
  • Dancekon (when iKON shows their talent as dancers)
  • Disskon (when they start dissing each other)


PS: You can find lots of info & other things:

  • in OUR TAGS (mostly gifs) or 
  • in our MASTERPOST TAG or
  • I would also recommend you to follow NETKON &  ikon-global (you’ll find lots of old & new information about the members and just the group in general and also their schedule on those blogs)

Okay, time for some inspirational Gambit ideas! These are some of the places that really jumped out at me during my visit, so if you need any ideas for your stories feel free to use any or all! And if you have any questions, my inbox is a click away ;)

1) Pirate Alley runs alongside the St. Louis Cathedral. It actually has very little to do with pirates- instead you’ll find lots of bookstores and unique shops. However, Remy, being the kinky bugger that he is, would probably have paid a visit or ten to the lingerie boutique on the corner.

2) Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo on Bourbon street. Every wall is completely covered with voodoo related charms, pictures and gris-gris, and there’s a ramshackle room in the rear of the building for private readings. Tante Mattie would probably turn her nose up at the touristy-ness, but Laveau wasn’t known as the Queen of Voodoo for nothing.

3) The Business District consists mostly of skyscrapers, a large portion of which are headquarters for big-name banks. It’s a section of New Orleans that’s sandwiched between the French Quarter and the lower Garden District; for a thief, there is a cornucopia of vaults and private art galleries to raid on the way home.

4) French Quarter Veterinarian, located on Royal Street. The doctor is available around the clock, though business hours are typical 8am-6pm. Got cats? Got a bunch of assassins and villains bent on destroying you and/or your belongings? You’ll need the vet’s number at some point, guaranteed.

5) Fischer Gambino’s, also on Royal Street. Just to give you an idea of the price range on their furnishings, I bumped my head on a $30,000 chandelier as I was checking out a $15,000 chair upholstered in 3 types of animal and studded with gold plated buttons. Even if Gambit didn’t steal from here, I’d be willing to bet the place would be one of Rogue’s guilty pleasures. Don’t forget: They both had a substantial amount of money packed away at one point- him from stealing and her via inheritance from Destiny.

6) Court of Two Sisters. Quite possibly the most romantic and charming restaurant in the city, it’s also very, very old.

7) Adventure Traveler on Toulouse Street. Kind of run down, but specializing in luggage and leather. A Cajun who goes through trench coats like a baby goes through diapers could have a contract with such a place for his custom gear.

8) Moonwalk, the riverside promenade of the French Quarter. Overlooks the mighty Mississippi, the docking area for the Natchez steamboat and the Crescent City Connection bridge. Perfect place to mope about and get philosophical or just kick back on a steel bench and enjoy a sunset on a balmy fall afternoon. There are often bums begging for food or change as well as youngsters playing violin or guitar for a spare dollar.

9) Rayne Methodist Church, Garden District. I know it’s not Catholic, but it’s imposing as all get out. For a thief with parkour skills, those majestic turrets would be irresistible- especially with an assassin or two in hot pursuit.

10) The Royal Jewels collection of the Mardi Gras exhibit in the Presbytere. While I think Gambit has enough pride in his hometown that he wouldn’t steal these (they’re also not nearly as priceless as, say, Britain’s crown jewels), I could see it being Thieves Guild tradition for tilling candidates to snatch something during peak business hours. Imagine the exasperated guard who has given up reporting a missing crown because inevitably it’s returned the next day… and it happens every year.

Hope this helps you fellow fans and writers. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

2015.01.26 Monday, Monday Project Vol.16 - Musician interview ‘hyukoh’ Part 1

Disclaimer: This interview is the property of Monday Project. All translation mistakes are my own. Please credit me if reposting or translating into another language. Thank you!

Monday Project, January 21st, 2015. (Lots of photos at the source!)

- Please introduce yourself shortly.
Donggun : I’m Im Donggun who plays bass.
Inwoo : I’m hyukoh’s drummer Lee Inwoo.
Hyunje : I’m Im Hyunje and I play guitar.
Hyuk : I’m Oh Hyuk and I play guitar and sing.

- We know your band name ‘hyukoh’ is Oh Hyuk’s name flipped backwards. Aside from 'hyukoh’, were there any other names you considered?
Hyunje :
'Begging for mother’s milk’?*
Inwoo : 'Begging for mother’s milk!’
Donggun : 'The Shirts’.
Inwoo : Ah, that’s right. 'The Shirts’.
Hyuk : There was 'Oil Money’ as well.

- 'hyukoh’ is the best one. (Laughs) Amongst the names of other bands, has there been a name you’ve thought ‘that’s a good name’?
Hyunje :
I don’t think there have been any really memorable names.
Hyuk : There’s 'Parasol’..
Hyunje, Donggun : You like that name?
Hyuk : I just like that band.

- How did you end up starting doing music?
Donggun :
For me, I think it was after my friend showed me Green Day’s music in middle school.
Hyunje : That’s right. (Looking at Inwoo) Hey you, hurry up and tell us about classical piano. (Laughs)
Hyuk : He’s a music prodigy~
Hyunje : This guy was originally specialising in classical piano. There’s this one really secret hidden video in relation to that.. anyway back to the point, he was really talented in piano, the kind of talent university professors dream of, but he suddenly started playing drums.

- You don’t really match with classical music, it seems like you’re a contradicting guy.
Inwoo :
Back then I used to be really neat. I’d wear a tuxedo as well.
Hyunje : Back in the day I thought ‘should I try guitar?’, and started learning through being in the church band, and I’ve been playing guitar since then.
Hyuk : I also was in the gospel band when..

- Gospel band? (Everyone laughs) You really are contradicting~ What position did you have in the gospel band?
Hyuk : I played violin. (Everyone laughs)

- You could’ve gone with 'hyukoh classic’, though?
Inwoo :
Oh! Should we?
Hyuk : That’s why we like yom.**

- How did you come to form as the band 'hyukoh’?
Hyunje :
Hyuk was looking for members.
Inwoo : Recruitment boards.
Hyunje : Speaking simply, he was playing on his own and thought 'I need members. I want to make a proper band’, and brought the members together.

- When were you brought together?
Hyunje :
We met around April~May 2014.

- Please speak a little bit about your debut EP album [20].
Hyuk :
Amongst the songs I made in the years between being 19 and 21 years old, I picked 2 songs from each year making it a total of 6 songs, and the pessimistic kind of mood they have in common… I won’t call it message, but they all carry that kind of atmosphere.

- Did you intentionally pick songs with that kind of mood?
Hyuk :
It wasn’t intentional, but all of the songs were that way. (Laughs)

- We shouldn’t leave out talking about the album cover.
Hyuk :
The cover was painted by an artist called 'Nemonan’, and things are going so well for him now that he’s even having an exhibition at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

- He’s a person who paints with the kind of feeling that you can feel through the album cover?
Hyuk :
Yes. Our album cover is also exhibited.
Hyunje : It’s partial. Our album cover is part of an artwork, and that artwork is in the exhibit, but all the paintings fill a larger space. It’s a darkroom, so you admire the artworks inside by lighting them up with a flashlight. It’s great.
Hyuk : It’s awesome.

- At first I thought since Hyuk is majoring in arts that is was you who had painted it.
Hyuk :
He’s my senior at school.

- Although you could’ve painted the cover yourself, is there a reason you left it up to him?
Hyuk :
I can paint well for others, but not for myself. (Laughs)

- Did you pick it out amongst the artist’s artworks? Or was it a commissioned piece?
Hyuk :
We picked it. There was a piece by him from before that I was fond of, so I told him I wanted a piece with that kind of feeling, and after sorting out the references we worked together.

- What image did the artist see in 'hyukoh’, and was he readily willing to work with you?
Hyuk :
We had worked together since I was 20 years old. It was a situation where we had decided that when he was having his exhibition I would make the exhibition music, and when I was to drop my album he would make the jacket cover.

- In the album cover there are a lot of diverse people, is there some meaning to that?
Hyuk :
No. There’s no special meaning.

- As you were working on the album, was there something you were extra cautious of?
Hyuk :
I was the most cautious of my health, I think.

- Are you sick?
Hyuk :
Ah, stuff like colds.

- Ah, like taking care of your throat?
Hyuk :

- Were all of the members cautious of their health?
Hyunje :
Ah, for this EP only Hyuk and Inwoo participated in the recording, and me and Donggun couldn’t participate. Since Hyuk was initially alone, he recorded the album with the intention of releasing the album on his own through sessions together with a previous guitarist and Inwoo , and after that guitarist left, me and Donggun filled that empty position. In reality the recording has that guy and Hyuk on guitar, Inwoo on drums, and me and Donggun joined after the recordings were over.

- Is there a reason you decided to make Wi ing Wi ing the title track?
Hyuk :
It’s a simple reason. Because it’s in Korean..

- Was it your decision? Or was it the company’s?
Hyuk :
It was the company’s idea. Originally the company never told us ‘do it like this’, but they begged us to use this song. (Laughs) We were originally planning on using 'I Have No Hometown’ as the title track.

- Apart from the title track, are there any songs you would like to recommend?
Hyuk :
I would like to recommend 'Ohio’. Lately I think it’s the warmest song to listen to.

- ‘Ohio’ is the name of a place, but is the song named after the place?
Hyunje :
The place!
Hyuk : That’s not it. (Everyone laughs) It’s right that it’s the name of a place. It’s a song I wrote when I was in 3rd year of high school, and the classmate next to me in class studied well and got 2380 points out of 2400 on the SATs. After that they*** received invitations from universities in the US, and amongst them was ‘Ohio State University’. The catalogue was really pretty. The catalogues piled up on their desk every day. They gave them all away to me.. and I thought that one was the prettiest, so I kept it, and since I kept lingering around it, that’s what I wrote.
Hyunje : Actually, I also like Ohio the best, but these days the songs I listen to the most is ‘Lonely’ and ‘Feels Like Roller-Coaster Ride’. I think they’re songs you don’t get sick of, and you can continuously keep listening to them.

- Are you saying the other songs are songs that you get sick and tired of? (Laughs)
Hyunje :
No, no. It’s not that, it’s just..!
Inwoo : Are you sick of them?
Hyunje : Somewhat. (Everyone laughs) I think those two are the songs that make you the least sick and tired of them. Seeing as they’re rhythmical.
Inwoo : I want to recommend 'Our Place’. Since the drums are good. (Everyone laughs)
Donggun : I want to recommend 'Our Place’ as well.

- Could it be because the bass is good? (Laughs)
Donggun :
It’s a fun song. Exciting. And very rhythmical.

- Since there’s four of you, do you tend to share a lot of stories with each other?
Hyunje :
Hyuk : We do that a lot.
Hyunje : Yeah. That’s something we tend to do a lot, I think. Since I don’t know how much other bands do that I wouldn’t know in a relative sense, but aside from my girlfriend, I think I speak the most with the band members.

- In regards to music, what do you talk about the most these days?
Hyuk :
Lately we talk a lot about our single coming out on the 21st.

- Is it a song that has reference to your next EP..?
Hyuk :
There’s nothing like that. Is there nothing like that?
Hyunje : There’s nothing like that. (Everyone laughs)
Hyuk : It’s a cool and awesome song.

- Is there a a music-related keyword that the four of you have in common?
Donggun :
Aren’t all of us different?
Hyunje : Something we have in common?
Hyuk : Cool! Cool! Cool! (Laughs)
Hyunje : Cool!

- Do you tend to hear the word cool a lot?
Hyuk :
We say it a lot. (Laughs)

- Is it something you say a lot intentionally?
Hyunje :
Honestly that’s it. Musically, instead of approaching it like ‘we must do it like this, we must do it like that’, we approach it like ‘is it cool if we do it like that? what’s the mood like if we do it like that?’, or approaching it in regards to genres, I don’t think we approach it in a ‘we must play this genre, we must not do this’ kind of way. Whether it’s when we’re playing or jamming, we do it this way.

- What is your song writing process usually like?
Hyunje :
Up until now, Hyuk has been uploading the songs he’s made, and the new songs he’s writing, to our chatroom. If you go to sleep and wake up there will be a new song that he’s written at dawn.
Inwoo : Isn’t that great?
Hyunje : It’s great. Most of the songs that he writes are great. We revise them by arranging or doing other things, while playing them along with songs the other members have written. But even revising, if there’s too much pull in different directions**** it’s difficult capturing those colours, isn’t it. The colours that he likes, the colours that he likes, and the colours that I like are all different, so seeing as if we were to do whatever we like, as a result the tone of the album would be mangled, and we decided between each other that Hyuk would do the final definitive filtering. I think we really need that part. To also capture our individual colours as much as possible, with the intention of now being able to find them inside the band’s colours, it’s a structure with Hyuk in the front guiding us, I think. We work on our songs that way.

- Which artists do each of you like, or which artist influences you? Additionally, do you have any songs you want to recommend?
Donggun :
John Frusciante, the song… (Brings up phone to search.)
Inwoo : The one you said you like.
Donggun : It’s a song called 'Leap Your Bar’..
Inwoo : I want to recommend The Weeknd. It’s hiphop, but all of his songs are great so I don’t really have one to recommend. Since all of them are great.

- Is hiphop a genre you like?
Hyunje :
I like a lot of different genres, but these days the genres that I’ve been listening to and playing a lot is reggae and dub. There’s this agency Kim Banjang has, and I worked with that agency’s main producer with reggae and soul genres. I think that’s how I’ve come to listen to reggae and dub artists like ‘Prince Fatty’ these days. The truth is I didn’t know the genres very well, but doing that I learned a lot and it was really fun.
Hyuk : I have two artists I want to recommend. I really like Erlend Øye, and in December he released an album as a solo artist.
Hyunje : Didn’t it come out in October?
Hyuk : It was December 4th.
Inwoo : It doesn’t matter!
Hyuk : On December 4th…
Hyunje : Isn’t the expression on his face speaking for itself.
Hyuk : Yeah. (Looks it up on his phone)
Hyunje : See, it was October 3rd.
Hyuk : It really was October 3rd? He released an album on October 3rd, (everyone laughs) there’s this song called Garota, I listen a lot to that album these days, and I’m also listening a lot to D'Angelo’s album.

- As time passes, is there a kind of music you want to try doing as ‘hyukoh’, or individually, and if you weren’t doing music what field do you think you would be in?
Hyuk : I want to try doing something big. Something like working with an orchestra. If there’s one thing I want to do, when I went to New York this time a lot of my thoughts changed. I felt I should really walk around a lot.

- What was good about going to New York?
Hyuk :
I just felt that if I write songs there, then there’s no other possibility than for them to turn out good. There, what made me think ‘so there is a difference between a developed country and a developing country’, back in the day I saw some post saying that in our country the criteria of being middle class are to have a car, to have a home and to have an occupation.. we judge it based on things like that. But in France the middle class has hobbies, music to enjoy, poetry to read, art to look at, having pets, and things like that. The basic standards are completely different. At that time I was like ‘moron’ or whatever, but what I felt when I went this time, was that even the beggars carry some kind of Manhattan vibe with them over there. In our country you need some degree of a sustainable income to enjoy art. From there on I think my general awareness has been a bit different. I felt ‘we’re still quite a developing country’.

- Have you considered what you would work with if you weren’t doing music?
All :
Chinese teacher!
Hyuk : (Laughing) Why~ I can’t. I think I would be in the fashion industry.
Hyunje : For me, when I grow older, I want to properly try out doing soul music. And you know, simple kind of music. I think it’s evident that I’ll end up doing music like that. If I wasn’t doing music.. pets and things like that, I really like animals and being with them.. wouldn’t I be working with something related to that? (Laughs)
Hyuk : It’s late, if there’s a cat in the street don’t stop to look at it~
Hyunje : I think I would be an animal keeper or something along those lines. It must be a really joyous occupation. (Laughs)

- I think you’re happier talking about this than when you’re talking about music. (Everyone laughs)
Inwoo : I think I don’t really have a particular kind of music I want to do yet. Since the music I’m doing now is really good.
Hyunje : You would be fine doing this for a while.
Inwoo : Yeah. If it changes it simply changes. If I wasn’t doing music I think I’d be a trainer.

- A trainer?
Inwoo : I used to be an athlete.
Hyuk : He’s skated with figure skater Kim Yuna.

— ➤ Part 2 (Coming soon!)

* '젖동냥’, 젖=mother’s milk, 동냥=begging
** Yom is a band that incorporates classical instruments into their music. They’re also brilliant, do take a listen
*** ‘They’ is used here as a gender neutral singular pronoun. Sorry if you think it reads weird, but there weren’t any gender specifiers mentioned and I didn’t want to make assumptions!
**** 자공을 많으면~, an English equivalent of the full idiom goes “too many cooks spoils the broth”, conveying that too many people in leadership causes confusion.


There needs to be more videos of Kate McKinnon singing and playing guitar.


Seventeen are under Pledis Entertainment, and have thirteen members, despite the name of the group. Seventeen used to have seventeen members, but they were all trainees, and Pledis announced that the final members would be chosen from fan feedback. Because of this, four members were ‘disqualified’.  This was before debut; Seventeen debuted with thirteen members. Some other people say that Seventeen are named this because they have three units (Hip hop, vocalist and performance) and so 13 members + 3 units + 1 Seventeen (As a group) equal seventeen. Their fandom name is Carats. They made a live debut on the 26th of May 2015, but they released their first MV Adore U and debut album 17 Carat on the 29th of May, 2015. The thirteen members are (ordered by individual units):

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[SEP 2015] Wonwoo, Vernon, Joshua, S. Coups, & Mingyu @ SURE Magazine

SEVENTEEN is a rookie boy group who has 13 members with 3 units (Vocal Team, Hip Hop Team, and Performance Team) working as 1, (13+3+1). I’ve met the five members of SEVENTEEN, who are young idols, overflowing with talent and different charms. –editor, Lee Bom


  • Wonwoo. Real name, Jeon Wonwoo. Born in 1996. In the Hip Hop Team. SEVENTEEN’s sloth. His favorite musician is Lupe Fiasco. Wonwoo wants to write heart-moving lyrics like him.
  • Vernon. Real name, Chwe Hansol. Born in 1998. In the Hip Hop Team. SEVENTEEN’s 4D rapper who has his own world. He has many ideas and helped a lot in working on this track.
  • Joshua. Real name, Hong Jisoo. Born in 1995. In the Vocal Team. SEVENTEEN’s gentleman who makes even the members’ hearts flutter through his distinctive tenderness/affection/kindheartedness. He wants to be a cool musician like Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.
  • S. Coups. Real name, Choi Seungcheol. Born in 1995. Hip Hop Team’s leader and SEVENTEEN’s overall leader. In charge of guiding 13 members. His dream is to make music with the members for a long time like their senior group Shinhwa.
  • Mingyu. Real name, Kim Mingyu. Born in 1997. In the Hip Hop Team. In charge of being SEVENTEEN’s visual. His role models are not just singers but sunbae performers from different fields.

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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can’t sleep love [jeongcheol/oneshot]

rating: g

pairing: jeonghan/seungcheol ( + meanie couple, soonseok, & more)

word count: 1533

genre: fluff, romance

summary: jeonghan wants that can’t sleep love, and he keeps seungcheol up all night.

(a/n: based on pentatonix’s song can’t sleep love! i love this song so much, it reminds me of jeongcheol so much. i also incorporated the lyrics into the fic :-) so yeah enjoy!)

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seventeen in high school

s.coups: captain of all the teams, president of all the clubs. is friends with everybody

jeonghan: all the girls love him. the boy equivalent of that girl who says “i don’t hang out with girls because they are too dramatic.” teachers love him too

joshua: the kid who’s always doing volunteer work for the school. everyone from different schools know him because he plays guitar at church every sunday

jun: theatre kid. will never stop bragging that he’s the understudy for the main role

hoshi: that kid who won’t stop whipping in the hallways. also asks to go to bathroom and goes on a half hour field trip around campus instead

wonwoo: everyone is afraid of him but he actually runs a popular blog about baby animals. will never take off his sweater, no matter the weather or season

woozi: honor roll student that gets pissed when he scores lower than a 95. color codes his planner and notes

dk: that really outgoing charismatic kid that everyone wants to be friends with. constantly gets kicked out of the library for laughing too loud

mingyu: literally runs out of the classroom when the bell for lunch rings, he’s always somehow the first in the cafeteria. asks to go to the bathroom just so he can fix his hair

the8: the sweet foreign exchange student who’s actually in a gang. girls love him but he has no idea. always, always brings his own lunch

seungkwan: performs mini-concerts in the hallways. gets in trouble for talking back to teachers. thinks he’s the shit but his best friend is actually the vending machine

vernon: the kid that boasts about how popular his blog is, when he actually has like 2 followers. is always up to date on memes. won’t stop saying ‘swag’

dino: that kid who’s like a freshman but all his friends are seniors. his mom styles his hair everyday before school. actually wears his lanyard around his neck

(article) seventeen’s hip hop team + joshua for ‘sure’ magazine septemeber ‘15 issue

we met five members from younger boy idols, seventeen, which has the meaning that 13 members and 3 units (vocal team, hip hop team, performance team) becomes one (13+3+1) with overfolowing talent and different charms.

young looking boys came into the studio which is full of familiar men. those five boys, being the rookie group, bowed 90 degrees to all staff and introduced themselves. because of their existence itself, the studio became full of spirit. it was their first magazine photoshooting and they might feel nervous, but they act along the music playing and it was really hard to find them feeling nervous. they were enjoying it. seventeen is the rookie boy group who debuted in may.

it is neither that they have 17 members nor that all of thier ages are 17. 13 members and 3 units (vocal team, hip hop team, and performance team). those units become one (13+3+1), with that meaning, they were named, “seventeen.” unfortunately, we couldn’t meet all 13 members. s.coups, vernon, mingyu, and wonwoo from the hip hop team, and joshua from the vocal team. altogether, 5 members were here. hip hop team’s leader as well as seventeen’s leader, s.coups. the way he introduced the group and told bravely about their target seems that he is really reliable. vernon is 18 this year, is popular because his looks are similar with dicaprio. he showed his talents which cannot be owned by idols in mnet’s ‘show me the money 4’ but unfortunately, he failed. seventeen’s gentleman, joshua. he learned to sing and play guitar at church. he is smiling all the time, so he got the image of “church oppa.” wonwoo who got the nickname “sloth” because of his unique slowness. he focused on his gaze more than any other poses. we were impressed by his captivating gaze and it was hard to beleive he was 20.“ self called visual, mingyu. he said that he, himself gave this nickname proudly and then he became shy. it indeed looked like 19 year old boy. boys who had to deal with tiring trainee period, to fulfill their singer dreams. as the result, they appeared with the name "seventeen” in front of the public, but they are stil the boys who have a lot of things that they want to do and lots of dreams. the way that they approach their dreams might be different, but if they keep having the passion and stickiness, the time will come in short time. seventeen, which we wonder how they will come to us with which image, we 'adore you’ a lot!

translation © 17wonkkyu via vanilla sky
take out with full credits

lesliepoly  asked:

have you seen Joshua (seventeen) lately he's been acting so extra i love it he used slang. he even try to dab on the last broadcast. less shy Josh is my fav

xD I love Joshua he’s one of my main biases in Seventeen, it’s hard to just pick one bias, and he’s so funny and extra and sweet and he plays the guitar and he’s a church going man, he’s from Los Angeles, his English is sexy, you know what, I’m done, because he’s not allowed to climb up to the #1 spot, so I need to stop.

All Songs +1: Amanda Palmer And Her Dad Discover Each Other In Song

The story goes more like this: Amanda Palmer’s parents separated when she was about a year old. She saw her father only on occasion. Palmer became a popular and provocative artist with the Dresden Dolls and other projects; her dad lives in Washington, D.C., and sings in a church choir at St. David’s. He also plays guitar, an old Martin he’s had for much of his life. 

Joshua x Suicidal Reader

This one shot will include things like suicide and depression. Please don’t read if you don think you can handle it.

“Hey Joshua,” you and Joshua were relaxing in his shared room at the dorm. He hummed in response. “Remember the time I ran away and tried to kill my self?” He visually stiffened.
“Y-Yeah why?” You shrugged. After your brother died you broke, he was what kept you stable. “Why’d you do that anyways?” He asked hesitantly.
“You know how my family is…” Joshua knew how hard it was for you, he did everything he could to help, but there was only so much he alone could do. You’ve known him for such a long time, the two of you were inseparable, you went to the same church, played guitar together, sang together. That was always the case….

That was it…
Not even a day later you, [Y/n] [L/n] hung yourself. After that conversation, after that evening, you took your own life, leaving everyone and everything, including Joshua.


Joshua was in his room, shut in after he found out. Naturally all of the guys wanted to help. They knew how he must’ve felt, they all loved you, we’re really good friends with you, even thought of you as a sister….but they didn’t know about what was really going on in your life like Joshua did. “Hey Joshy…….how ya holdin’ up?” Jeonghan asked while sitting down on the bed beside him.
“She’s gone.” He said quietly with his head down.
Jeonghan’s heart broke “I know…” Joshua just lost his best friend, he misses you. Everyone misses you.
“The uh, the day before know…I talked to her,” Jeonghan stayed silent. “She talked about the time when she tried to kill her self…do you, do you think she was trying to tell me? I-If I just knew what she was trying to tell me she would still be alive, she wouldn’t be gone…she would’ve still been here, with me.” He let out a shaky breath “I feel like it’s my fault she’s gone, I should’ve noticed before it was too late…” By this point Joshua had hot tears running down his face.
“Joshua, no one could’ve known what she was talking about and no one could’ve stopped her. You know what she was going through more than anyone else, when someone wants to end their life it’s cause they have a reason, and when they really go through with it they wouldn’t dare let anyone find out.”
He shook his head. “I still should’ve noticed.”
Jeonghan sighed, “Think of it like this, you were the last person she talked to. That’s how important you are to her. She didn’t come to me, Vernon, Dino, Jihoon, or Seugkwan. She said goodbye to you. Something we all wish we could’ve done.“
Joshua wiped away his tears before looking up at Jeonghan revealing his puffy red eyes. “Jeonghan I-I was gonna marry her one day.”

Once again his heart broke.