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On this day in music history: September 18, 1976 - “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the R&B singles chart for 3 weeks on September 4, 1976. Written by Robert Parrisi, it is the biggest hit for the funk/rock band from Steubenville, OH. The song is inspired when the band are playing a gig at the 2001 Club in Pittsburgh, PA when someone in the crowd shouts, “play some funky music, white boy” at the band. When Wild Cherry first record “Play That Funky Music”, it is not originally intended to be an A-side. Around the same time, they record a cover version of the Commodores hit “I Feel Sanctified”, thinking that it is the most likely to be a hit. The head of their label Sweet City Records disagrees, feeling that “Funky Music” is the stronger of the two.The label signs a distribution deal with Epic Records on the strength of that songs hit potential. Released as a single in March of 1976, the track first becomes a hit in US discos before crossing over to radio. By mid-Summer it is on its way to becoming a worldwide hit. Entering the Hot 100 at #96 on June 19, 1976, it climbs to the top of the chart thirteen weeks later. “Play That Funky Music” becomes only the third single in history to be officially certified platinum when it racks up sales of over 2.5 million copies in the US alone. The band also have the distinction of being one of only a small handful white artists to top the Billboard R&B singles chart during the last four decades (Daryl Hall & John Oates, George Michael, Lisa Stansfield, and Robin Thicke among them). The single also earns Wild Cherry two Grammy nominations including Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal and Best New Artist. In 1991, Rob Parrisi wins a lawsuit against rapper Vanilla Ice when he samples “Play That Funky Music” without permission. Parrisi is awarded $500,000 in the suit. “Play That Funky Music” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

I’m so in love with Yuki Behr you can’t believe!

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I was listening to random music playlist on youtube when Uptown funk started playing and one of lines made me think about Gramander (shocking, I know).

Imagine Newt hanging around Tina, waiting for her to check documents for his animals before they take them to mister Graves to sign them. Now, Newt hasn’t met that man yet - not the real one - and he wants to make good impression. Wasting that man time on incorrectly filled forms wouldn’t be too nice.

Suddenly, there are many of “Good morning, sir!” behind Newt. Tina raises her head from above one of forms (it’s the one for nundu; Newt thinks he should be more specific in explaining how Elizabeth’s breath isn’t dangerous any more because Tina doesn’t seem too happy about her) and she stands up, scolding her expression into something more neutral.

“Good morning, Director, sir!”

“Goldstein.” A husky, low voice speaks behind Newt, footsteps of that person getting closer. “And your guest is…?”

Newt doesn’t need Tina’s pointed look to stand up too. He turns around, raising his gaze to look at mister Graves’s face and not his feet and —


Grindelwald pretending to be mister Graves has been good. Great even. He’s been radiating confidence by just standing in one place, his magic so strong everyone around him could feel it. But there has been something almost sinister in how Grindelwald has been looking at people - like at tools to be used.

The real Percival Graves is nothing like that. 

He walks with complete confidence but not like he owns the place, so unlike Grindelwald, but like a person who fully knows his value and capabilities. He keeps his powers tightly around himself yet Newt can feel it and it gives him shivers. Then mister Graves stops right in front of him and Newt’s breath catches in his throat - it’s not fair for anyone to look this fine. Newt can’t help but notice just how good mister Graves looks like in his finely tailored suit, filling it in all right places as if he hasn’t been starved by his kidnapper for a few months. Even his cologne smells more than great.

For a brief moment Newt wonders how anyone could mistake Grindelwald for this man but then mister Graves is speaking again and Newt’s brain turns into a butter.

“Mister Scamander, if I am correct? What does bring you to New York this time?” Those dark eyes focus on Newt and Newt is definitely not prepared for the force of nature which is Percival Graves focusing solely on him. “I hope,” he adds in the most smooth voice Newt has ever heard, ever, “no creature of your is going to break into the zoo this time.” Mister Graves’s lips turn up into a small smile. 

Newt’s legs almost give up under him. No, he’s not prepared at all.

“I-I promise to not cause any problems, mister Graves, sir.” Normally Newt doesn’t use “sir” yet there is something about this man that makes one say it without thinking too much about it. It sounds right. “Tina – Auror Goldstein is helping me with forms.”

Mister Graves looks at Tina and Newt almost sighs in relief. These two talk for a moment about some other reports Tina is supposed to deliver to mister Graves’s today - Newt feels a pang of guilt when he realizes she could be writing them instead of helping him - before mister Graves excuses himself. Only when he walks away Newt feels like he can breath freely again.

“What are you thinking about?” Newt barely hears Tina’s ask. “Newt?”

With his eyes glued to the strong line of miser Graves’s shoulders, Newt says the first line he can think about - something he has heard during the war from one of soldiers trying to woo their nurse.

“He makes a dragon want to retire.” Isn’t mister Graves in fact like a dragon? Dangerous and powerful, watching everything with that intense gaze? In the corner of his eye Newt sees how Tina is looking at him with her mouth open and Newt feels himself blushing. It’s not like im to voice something like that aloud. “You know, he’s… hot?” 

The Auror, to whom mister Graves is speaking, suddenly gasps, looking straight at Newt, her eyes widening. Everyone in the room are looking at Newt and he immediately knows that he has spoken too loud. 


Newt wants to die.

Mister Graves turns around slowly (and Newt’s brain shouldn’t be picking up this moment to admire how that coat is moving around him) and if his gaze has been intense before, now it’s completely devastating. Newt cannot turn away from it no matter how much he wants to. He feels himself blushing and he opens his mouth to apologize, but mister Graves interrupts him:

“Bring those forms after ten. I’m sure Auror Goldstein will have everything ready by that time.” Without further ado mister Graves nods at him and then leaves, his steps loud in the complete silence. 

McDougall, one of senior Aurors, is the first to break it.

“You know, Scamander, that there are easier ways to kill yourself, right?”

Newt slides onto his chair, mortified. He has made a wonderful first impression, indeed.

Newt doesn’t go with Tina to mister Graves’s office with forms for permits. He has had to hear enough of jokes and teasing to not want to spend any time alone with that man. And if he’s lucky then permits won’t be needed at all. The ship back to England is in a few hours, Newt can buy a ticket and never again come back to New York.

Good Merlin, what has he been thinking?

“What that poor sandwich did to you, mister Scamander? You’re looking at it as if it hurt you.” 

Spooked, Newt looks up. He has chosen one of empty rooms to eat his lunch without any interruptions - he is supposed to give a talk about magical creatures to Aurors later and he’s not looking towards it - and he hasn’t expected anyone to find him here.

Mister Graves is leaning against the doorframe, looking at Newt with curiosity, not anger, which is more than surprising. He’s not wearing his coat anymore and Newt wants to bang his head against the wall for noticing how fine those trousers fit him. He should be apologizing, not admire this man more!

“Mister Graves, I…” Newt stands up, forcing himself to look at mister Graves and not the floor, feeling how his cheeks are becoming red. “I’m so sorry —”

Mister Graves puts a finger on his lips, shushing Newt, who doesn’t even think about disobeying him.

(Actually, he’s thinking that he wants to touch those lips and when has he become such a pervert?)

“I was thinking…” mister Graves starts, again in that smooth, rich voice. He walks towards Newt, every step of his echoing on the stony floor. He’s looking at Newt like Newt is his prey and Newt… he doesn’t feel like running away. “I owe you at least a dinner, don’t I, mister Scamander? For your help with capturing Grindelwald.” Newt nods without thinking. 

Mister Graves is standing definitely too close, so close Newt can feel the warmth of his body. He smiles when Newt nods but it’s not like his previous smile; this one is a smile of a predator who captures its next meal. 

“Perfect.” He fucking purrs. Newt wonders if it’s possible to die from feeling too much attraction to someone. “Let’s go right after your lecture.” Mister Graves raises his hand and smoothes wrinkles on Newt’s shirt, looking straight into Newt’s eyes with such hunger Newt would be afraid of his life if his brain hasn’t decided to stop working the moment mister Graves has touched him. “I’m already starving.”

Somehow is turned into “Percival Graves is too hot for his own good” post. I swear it wasn’t my intention orz I kind of run of ideas at the end orz

Anyway, back to the main point: words “Too hot (hot damn)” made me think about Percival and then Newt losing ability to speak the first time he sees the real Percival.

Funk uptown

So, I’m not In band, but I am in audition choir and we share the same music room. Well, one day we were getting ready to send off our sports team, and one of the songs the band learned is uptown funk. They only learned it for one performance, but obviously if you teach high schoolers how to play a pop song, there not gonna stop. Well, it started with the saxophones. Then the trombones, then the percussion, and in 30 seconds the entire 80 something person band was playing uptown funk, and almost all of the choir was singing it. Then, we went out to the hallway, and then the bands conductor came out and, well, we sorta stalled the send off. The song is banned this year now.

latest updates on sims!crowley and sims!aziraphale

(part 1 of the saga here):

- they are best friends now. crowley still wants to kiss aziraphale but haven’t. he gave aziraphale a book called "french toast, french fries and french kissing” tho (which aziraphale read really fast, by the way)

- crowley called aziraphale to cuddle on the sofa (this was all him, i didn’t do anything). so they were cuddling As Friends, as you can see here:

- i made crowley share a secret with aziraphale, and was expecting him saying something like “did you know i like cars a lot??” (like yeah total secret) but what he said was: “you are my best friend.” THE SIMS 3 ALMOST GOT ME CRYING

- they went to a pub and got very drunk. when i checked on aziraphale after a while HE WAS DANCING ON THE COUNTER. and crowley was just sitting there watching with a straight face and waiting to get them drinks lmao. 

i recorded a video of it that ended up being really low quality (and i put sweet dreams funk version playing in the background): you can watch it here

- after that, crowley decided to go dancing on the counter. and a few seconds after he started the pub’s lights were turned off and they had to leave because it was closing. poor boy always trying to be cool and always failing miserably