play fast or dont

humans are weird

ok i have been reblogging a loooot of stuff concerning this topic over the last months, so might as well add to it.

so this is kind of an addition to the post about how humans have muscle memory and aliens dont so when you move all the stuff in a room like 5 cm to the left, humans would bump into everything, while aliens just idk move around it normally

so that got me thinking: how would that affect the aliens ability to play an instrument? because if you have to play for example the piano and it gets super fast you dont think about playing the right notes, your hand just knows where to go.

so if aliens dont have muscle memory, they would probably not be able to play as fast and complex songs as humans


i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

Hanzo MS spoilers

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aight dishonored is fun im really diggin it

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So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


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am I an asshole if when I find out somebody believes in god, I immediately dont trust their judgment? if you play fast and lose with logic, i really dont care for those people. same amount of evidence god exists as unicorns. elliot's speech in robot i related to so much. if you need to believe a lie to live, whats the point? thats religion to me. god = santa claus

Uhhh idk. Idk. I think religion is important to a lot of people to be able to live and that doesn’t bother me as long as their religion isn’t oppressing other people? I believe there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t have the will to live without it and there’s a lot of people who only got clean because they took on a belief system. It doesn’t bother me because it’s not my business, I think it’s a personal choice. It only bothers me when it’s being used for persecution or murder etc.etc. when you start imposing your personal beliefs on other people.
Like when atheists are extremely aggressive with someone of a religion and won’t stop harassing them, that also bothers me.

no but you know what i love? michael’s guitars and how used they look like here

like luke always has those brand new guitars and calum’s TWLOHA bass is from like three years ago but still looks like new but michael’s two guitars are so old and used and there’s something really punk rock about the way he just leaves it be okay i love michael

a racing game that plays lullabies if u dont drive fast enough and if u come in last place u cant play for another 30 min bc u gotta take a nap

Midnight Cinderella Pet Series:

Louis Howard x Lucia

i hate posts on my dash that have STOP SCROLLING or somethin as the title like bitch ill scroll twice as fast i dont play by your rules honey