play dead; real time

Death twitches my ear;
‘Live,’ he says…
'I’m coming.’
—  Virgil
I just need people to be aware...

This is the translation of the Italian lyrics in the song Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera that is playing when Napoleon rescues Illya from drowning:

Who wants this music tonight?
It brings me back a bit of the past,
The moon kept us company,
I felt you were mine,
Mine alone,
Mine alone.
I would keep you here with me,
Even though between us now, there isn’t anything anymore.
I would hear your soft, sweet words again,
Even though I don’t feel anything when you say them now.
The whole world ceased to exist,
For the happiness you gave me.
What will I do now, 
With all of my time, all of my days,
If I have to live without you?
Who wants this music tonight?
It brings me back a bit of the past,
It recalls to me a bit of your love,
It reminds me a bit of you.

And don’t forget, Napoleon speaks Italian, so he knows EXACTLY what the song is saying when he chooses to rescue Illya.

Oh and the song that’s playing after Illya saves Napoleon from the torture chamber? Il Mio Regno. It goes:

Fairy who didn’t understand,
You were queen of the kingdom
I dreamed of one day.
And you,
My beloved old tree
You were the castle of a kingdom
And not even you knew.
A kingdom,
With a single soldier (note: the Italian lyrics say “Con un SOLO soldato”)
Who sought the witches
Intending to drive them out with stones.
A kingdom,
That in each day he lived,
Of thousands upon thousands
“Once upon a time”
I hadn’t always been told
That fairy tales weren’t true
I would be there now. 

Please note these are the only two times Italian romance songs play in the movie. 

That is all.

Me: oh hey, Xena: Warrior Princess is on Netflix, I should watch that.

Me: I mean, landmark series for lesbian subtext, how can you go wrong.

Me: Heard some people say it’s actual text, more than just Platonic Life Partners tropes as interpreted by shippers with their OTP goggles on, but I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Me: After all, we’re talking about the mid-90s, and Buffy could barely get their canon f/f couple to kiss on-screen in 2001, so

Xena, Season 2: 






When I see your monsters I’ll stand there so brave, and chase them all away.

re: English release, New KHUx Players & Parties

Hey everyone! So as most of us are probably aware by now, the English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained chi is now set for release in a few days! Seasoned players on the jp servers already know this, but parties can play a big role in how well you do in certain events, with the added bonus of being eligible for party rankings + rewards. As a solo player, your deck power will determine how high a level raid boss you can handle, a limit that is much easier to surpass with the help of some active teammates. More info is listed on this page.

That being said, it can sometimes be difficult finding either a party that suits you or players to join your own party. khuxparty is a blog made to help players find, expand, or publicize parties of whatever style and form, and compile them into a neat masterlist for everyone’s reference. Until this point it’s been a source mainly for players on the JP servers.

To put up an advert, players + party leaders can fill out their respective forms here, and it will be posted for followers/others in the tags to see. Of course you can always advertise on your own! but additional listings in one tidy accessible place makes it a lot easier for people to find and choose where they wanna go. Hopefully you’ll be able to meet new friends this way too!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You can only party up with players in the same union as yourself, so if you and your friends want to play together make sure you all join the same union!
  • The union you choose doesn’t affect anything major in the storyline.
  • You can switch unions for a small fee (paid in jewels, not actual money).
  • Depending on the union you choose it may be easier or harder to rank both individually and with your party. This will be dependent on how NA players choose their unions (the largest tend to be most competitive).
  • Maximum capacity is 30 members per party.
  • An in-game chat will also be available to you for communication between party members.

Once Unchained is released and you’re all settled in a bit feel free to drop in a submission through the ask box, submit, or IM! If you have questions about the game I’m willing to help out there as well.

–>Parties/Players already listed for the JP server are welcome to resubmit themselves if they plan on transferring to the NA server.

Reblogs are highly appreciated to help increase the visibility of this page; I hope some of you will utilize and find this resource helpful in the future! Have fun playing!!