play dates and tea parties

Okay but consider this:

Two-Bit and Soda!!
- Always making jokes and laughing together all of the time
- The best pranks
- Eagerly watching cartoons together every Saturday morning
- Gorging on sugar and junk food together
- So many adventures!! So many!
- Sleepovers! They always stay up really late and have super deep conversations
- Venting to each other and understanding the sadness they keep inside
- Two being able to tolerate Soda’s hyper activity and lack of being able to pay attention without being annoyed
- Two reading stories to Soda since he has a difficult time with it
- Tag team buddies in fights!
- Messing with Steve all the time. All of the time.
- Super cute tea parties/play dates with Two’s younger sister
- Two happily watching over Soda and Pony when Darry is unavailable
- Two’s mom absolutely adoring Soda for being so good to her baby girl (and Two, of course)
- Being able to help one another when they slip into a seriously bad mental state
- Soda helping Two with his addiction to alcohol
- Two getting Soda super cheesy presents (that he totally didn’t steal)
- Baking adventures that end in disaster
- Cute pet names!!
- Being able to cover up their relationship by flirting with women/allowing them to flirt back, but never going beyond that
- The absolute best cuddles
- Kisses all the time
- Late night drives
- Why isn’t this a more popular/talked about ship???
Feel free to add on!